Three New Cosby Accusers Come Forward at Press Conference

Bill Cosby: New Assault Allegations from

At a Wednesday press conference in Los Angeles, three more women came forward to accuse Bill Cosby of assault while attorney Gloria Allred challenged the comedian to waive the statute of limitations and stand trial. Allred proposed that alternatively he could establish a $100 million fund to settle with the victims, with retired judges ruling on the awards.

“The ball is in his court,” Allred said.

Beth Ferrier, a Colorado resident, says she was an aspiring model in the 1980s when she had a relationship with Cosby. “He drugged me and sexually assaulted me,” she told the crowd at the press conference, explaining that he slipped drugs in her cappuccino after the relationship had ended. Ferrier was known as Jane Doe No. 5 in the earlier Andrea Constand lawsuit. “I want Mr. Cosby to face justice for what he has done to me and so many other women,” Ferrier said.

“His behavior was like that of a predator,” said the second accuser, Northern California resident Helen Hayes, describing how Cosby followed her and her friends around in 1973 and grabbed her breast.

The third, Chelan, was 17 years old at the time she met Cosby in 1986. He gave her a blue pill in a hotel room, she said, and she passed out while he was lying on a bed with her, giving her $1,500 after she woke up. Allred said that at this point they would not comment as to whether Chelan, a California resident, has already brought her case to law enforcement or whether she plans to go to law enforcement with the charges.

“Under no circumstances would I ever give advice to Cosby,” Allred said, but “I did make some proposals which I think he should consider seriously.”

“There are many people who are suffering out there,” she said, predicting that many more victims will continue to come forward.

Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But his office has previously released statements contending that the allegations are “an unprecedented example of the media’s breakneck rush to run stories without any corroboration or adherence to traditional journalistic standards.”

At the press conference, each of the women fought back tears as they read statements. As Allred answered questions afterward, she embraced Chelan.

Ferrier claims that when Constand filed her lawsuit in 2005, she saw a story about it in the National Enquirer and contacted the publication to tell her story. She said they told her they would only publish her story if she took a lie detector test, which she says she did and she passed.

But the Enquirer did not run her interview and instead ran an exclusive interview with Cosby, in which he denied the allegations. “I have recently learned that Mr. Cosby admitted in his deposition in 2005 that he did not want the National Enquirer to publish my story because ‘it would make the public believe that maybe Andrea was telling the truth.'”

Allred said that her proposal would give alleged victims an opportunity to “have their allegations dealt with on the merits” and for Cosby to address the allegations “in a court of law and the victims and Mr. Cosby would have an opportunity to have a judge and jury decide who should be believed.”

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  1. Ratasha says:

    So let me get this straight every woman suddenly got a headache around Bill Cosby and needed medication right?
    What about going to police hospital remember people in the 70s a white woman would have definitely been believed a black man stood no chance every woman kept quiet for 30 years and far as Janice Dickson being a recovered drug addict she obviously got her start back then so let me guess this is Cosby’s fault too women be accountable for the decisions you make what did you expect a grown man to want sorry no payday today

  2. Fortheloveofit says:

    Are you all dam crazy ????! It’s scary that people actually exist as sick and delusional as most of you on here. WOMEN DONT LIE ABOUT BEING RAPED AND ASSAULTED WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT ! THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN BY COMING FORWARD EXCEPT TRYING TO HEAL AND SUPPORT ALL OF THE VICTIMS. Anyone on here who has posted ignorant comments about making up stories ….HAS NEVER BEEN ASSAUTED AND DOESNT KNOW THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HOW IT AFFECTS A HUMAN BEING …….. Were all those men lying about the catholic priests molesting them ????OH ITS BECAUSE THEY WERE MEN THAT YOU MALE CHAUVENISTIC IDIOTS BELIEVED THEM ! …… It’s crazy psychos like you people why those women never told anyone ….. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THEY DID !

  3. Clara says:

    Is that so easy to accuse without any proof of sexual or rape? Why now?

  4. Yeah right…right or wrong the chances of Bill Cosby setting up some fund for actions that took place 40 years ago are none to negative slim. He has nothing to lose and if Gloria Allred thinks that Bill Cosby will take 100 million of his hard earned dollars for any other reason than himself then she’s really lost her mind.

    You will hear a total of zero from Bill Cosby. He will admit no wrongdoing because such actions as in setting up some fund will only bring more women out in the open to make a few bucks. I’d send my sister to Gloria Allred in a heartbeat to lie about being with Cosby.

    Case…well closed.

  5. Bill says:

    The more “accusers” come forward, the lower their credibility as there’s no way anyone harassed this many women for so long withoutt one coming forward for decades.

  6. Dabora B. says:

    I hope Crosby gets taken to the cleaners. How many more women are going to come forward? I’m shocked this took this long to be brought to the for front. I hope he gets fried. Crosby have you ever heard of carma?

    • smooth says:

      What a jealous idiot you are, you have no proof of any wrong doings, just the word of a bunch of deadbeat old hags trying to convince morons like you that they couldn’t find a cop or judge in the 60s,70s,80s, 90s, 2000s who would go after a black Cosby for rape, you live in America idiot where cops will kill a person for selling single cigarettes. Don’t say Bill’s star power, that B S. Do you honest think that racist cops back in those times wouldn’t go after a black man no matter who he was. They would have loved to bring down Bill, just like you would now. But it won’t make your obvious miserable life any better. You’ll just feel better, because misery love company.

  7. And the money will be in ambulance chaser Alred’s wallet! or Cayman Island account!

  8. Andy Mott says:

    Gloria Allred said:
    “challenged the comedian to waive the statute of limitations and stand trial.” and
    “establish a $100 million fund to settle with the victims”
    I wonder how much of that $100 million Allred would receive for her services?

    If any of these decades old allegations had any merit or legal standing, Cosby would have been arrested without all this witch hunt shenanigans.

    Gloria Allred is just as sharp as Benjamin Crump, the 2 time loser attorney for the Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown families.

  9. daniel says:

    If he’s guilty- he is an amazing example of a type 1 sociopath. If not- tragic- either way- tragic.

  10. JOE S HILL says:

    This scandal is both bullshit,and a damn witch hunt! and without the most solid proof and evidence to
    back up these rape charges,then all this crap is hearsay! the most outrageous thing here,is why all
    these women chose to come forward,30-40 years after these alleged crimes! if they were victims of rape
    by Bill Cosby,then they should’ve reported that WHEN it happened,not 40 years later! so without the slightest piece of evidence to back-up these accusations,and until the REAL facts are known,then all this
    stuff from the court of public opinion is conjecture and bullshit! destroying an actor’s career is dirty business,,and when a person of Bill Cosby’s impressive acting history is destroyed by such gossip and
    accusation without REAL proof here,then that’s wrong! i’m certainly not condoning rape,because scandal or not,that’s still a nasty crime,,and these women,victims or not,still had the responsibility of reporting
    these crimes when they happened-not waiting decades later! this has all the makings of a serious Money Shakedown,and a scandal without proof and facts to back it up,is nothing more here,but a nasty tabloid!

    • Sherry says:

      Who says some of them didn’t report it or try to talk to someone in law enforcement over the years? Even the one who tried talking to the National Enquirer didn’t get her story told because they chose to go with Bill Cosby’s interview/statement instead. I imagine there are quite a few women out there who were abused by someone famous and got dismissed or ignored by the police and told to just “forget about it.” When you are scared and young and don’t know what to do, it’s VERY difficult to stand up and be heard, especially when the other person involved is one of high influence in society.

      • Andy Mott says:

        If any of these decades old allegations had any merit or legal standing, Cosby would have been arrested without all this witch hunt shenanigans. Gloria Allred and her tired clients have had their 15 minutes of fame. Cosby is doing exactly as he should, keeping quiet and refusing to make statements.

        Whatever the former or new accusers have said about the “alleged” sexual assault has become yesterday’s news.
        Bill Cosby with an estimated net worth over $300 million, is 77 years old. Does he need to perform and will these sexual misconduct allegations impact his career. At 77, do you think he cares ?!

  11. Smooth says:

    Next up, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Then Lassie, whom I hear was a male, so then people will say Bill is a closet homosexual.

    • That is so much bs that all 20 women were too scared, intimidated, or ashamed, to tell the authorities. Last I knew the Enquirer has always been a bird cage liner, NOT an authority!

  12. carlos zebraknight zedukes says:

    Well….well…….we all need money…why not wait 20 to 30 years to get paid from a senior citizen…who happens to have a lot of money……maybe its time to donate this money to the charities that really need it…….what took so long to expose all this? Its time for Bill to move to Europe…but make sure yoU leave all or most of your money to your family…friends and even some enemies …

  13. Marty Singer needs to set up a $100 million fund for all of his victims over the years. Thank God for social media. Despicable pigs like Singer and Cosby can no longer pay to bury their victims with lawsuits and smear campaigns. AMEN!

  14. Mercedes McQueen says:

    Cosby you got away with Rape a long time
    The Gig is up. Admit your wrong doings & pay up!

    • Smooth says:

      Now prove it, never mind. I know you’re just another jealous hateful celebrity stalker spouting off about stuff that you can’t prove. Now go outside and anchor down the trailer, the weatherman says there’s a storm coming.

  15. rmarcus8 says:

    I wonder if he got a call of “support” from Tiger Woods.

  16. Lisa says:

    I wouldn’t take the money, I would push for a trial. Otherwise, we’ll never know whether he’s innocent or guilty.
    I think if a woman claims to have been victimised at seventeen, then this absolutely has to go to court.

  17. TJ says:

    *please tell me you did not intentionally write “statue” of limitations

  18. RL says:

    Anything associated with Allred is tainted

  19. Kenmandu says:

    My advice to all women meeting with Cosby; don’t take the blue pill.

    • Smooth says:

      I doubt very seriously if you’re connected to Show Business in anyway, and if for some strange reason you are, it certainly isn’t comedy since you’re not funny. If you’re not in the business why are you even on this blog, Oh I forgot you’re probably a hateful celebrity stalker.

      • Kenmandu says:

        No. But your lassie remark is a pathetic attempt at humor and my remark is offensive. Do they have your picture next to
        Hypocrite in Webster’s.

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