‘The View’ Faces Highest Turnover Ever as Whoopi Goldberg’s Clout Grows

The View Hosts Shakeup

ABC’s “The View” has famously had plenty of comings and goings of co-hosts during its 17 years on the air, but never has the panel turned over quite as thoroughly as the shuffle in the works for the show’s 18th season.

“The View” was already preparing for its post-Barbara Walters chapter, after bidding an emotional farewell to its founder and exec producer in May. But now Whoopi Goldberg will be the only returning player at the table when the show’s 18th season begins Sept. 15 after word hit Thursday that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are leaving the show.

The overhaul of hosts raises questions about other possible changes in the works. Despite rumors to the contrary, sources say exec producer Bill Geddie, longtime producing partner of Walters, is expected to remain at the helm as showrunner for the coming season. But Goldberg (pictured with Walters) will undoubtedly have a bigger say in creative decisions and in determining the makeup of the new panel, industry observers said.

Walters hinted in an interview with Variety in April that a permanent male co-host is a possibility in the interest of shaking up the show’s femme-driven energy. “The View” has long had male guest co-hosts, and some of its recent regulars, Will Cain, Jesse Palmer and Ross Mathews, are seen as contenders to land a regular chair. Also rampant is the rumor that “View” may try to bring back Rosie O’Donnell, who had a volatile season with the show in 2006-07.

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Shepherd’s decision to announce her departure in a statement caught ABC by surprise Thursday. McCarthy chimed in shortly afterward with a tweet confirming her plan to follow Shepherd out the door. All of this made for a long night in the “View” PR department.

ABC had hoped to keep Shepherd on board but had been unable to come to terms with reps for the comedian who joined the show in 2007. The network had decided to part ways with McCarthy, who joined the show last summer. Discussions with reps for Shepherd and McCarthy came to a head Thursday afternoon, spurring the statement from Shepherd.

Shepherd and McCarthy are expected to remain on the show for another month as “View” wraps its current season. Friday installments of the show are always pre-taped, so today’s edition was in the can prior to the news of the departures. “View” will be on a previously scheduled production hiatus next week. It’s expected to return with live telecasts on July 7 and continue through Aug. 8. (Shepherd will not be on the July 7 telecast as she had requested it as a day off earlier this month.)

The network has yet to confirm any details about changes to come for the show, and it’s clear that execs are still working through the post-Walters reinvention process. It’s a safe bet that one of the new panelists will be in the millennial age range in an effort to bring that perspective to the daily discussions and to lure viewers of that age group to the screen.

Like virtually every other network and syndicated daytime TV program, “View” does not draw the audience it once did. It has new network competition from CBS’ “The Talk,” but ABC’s 11 a.m. staple has held its own this past season with an average of 3.12 million viewers, compared to 3.17 million in 2012-13. It’s off 4% year-to-year in women 25-54, to an average of 704,000.

Here’s a handy scorecard from ABC of “View” co-hosts and their tenures on the show:

  • Barbara Walters (1997-2014, Season 1-17)
  • Meredith Vieira (moderator, 1997–2006, Season 1–9)
  • Star Jones (1997-2006, Season 1–9)
  • Joy Behar (1997–2013, Season 1–16)
  • Debbie Matenopoulos (1997-1998, Season 1-2)
  • Lisa Ling (1999–2002, Season 2–6)
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck (2003–2013, Season 7–16)
  • Rosie O’Donnell (moderator, 2006–2007, Season 10)
  • Whoopi Goldberg (moderator, 2007, Season 11–Present)
  • Sherri Shepherd (2007-2014, Season 11–17)
  • Jenny McCarthy (2013-2014, Season 17)

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  1. Stev says:

    Great, the most ignorant of the panel is retained. Whoopie is an idiot, and the cause of the most problems. Yet that is who they decide to continue with. The purveyors of stupidity in this country right now is at an all time high. Why is stupidity so popular? This generation is killing this country.

  2. Lori L says:

    One more comment about the view …….I would like to say atleast something nice about Rosie O’Donnell, you can see a change in Rosie from her health scares ect……she still is not right for the view, however….Rosie does have a big heart for children, perhaps why she gets so worked up about so many things, maybe she should find something new that would be fun and helpful for children and it would be good for her health too.
    Also tried to end my last comment saying the ladies of The Talk, are also very kind individuals as well!

  3. Denise says:

    Maybe you could consider a retired football player I love the mix of Michael with Kelly. Someone like Deon Sanders someone who has a sense of humor. The way the world is now throw someone in there who does. Have a since of humor. Just no one like Sheryl Underwood I don’t even want to watch the talk because she is so vulgar. Its always about how many men she has slept with plz no one like that

  4. Lori L. says:

    New thoughts….It would be a good idea to include a bi racial woman on the view or someone who is involved in a bi racial relationship/marriage, that way they have a great view from both sides, a non macho equal opportunity type male…a normal not over the top extra dramatic gay or lesbian personality all middle age, so we could have a all around respected opinion being given and view to give us a admirable perspective that we could all as human beings grow and learn from, now there’s a great show…anyone agree with me, reply to Lori L…..

  5. Ellie says:

    How about Ali Wentworth – she’s funny and controversial. As for Rosie, she tried her comeback with Oprah and that didn’t work – so…

  6. Ruth Morrow says:

    Love Whoopi and Rosie and would love to see Leah Rimini or Tabatha Coffee of Salon Takeove or Jackie Warner Starr of Work Out, maybe jenny Pulos of Flipping Out or Carolyn Manzo of NJ Housewives. Why have a guy join as it has always been women. I think we have plenty shows already with men hosts. I have nothing against men but it started out with women and think it should stick to women. Love all these strong great ladies.

  7. mea says:

    Please dont bring that Rosie back to daytime TV…she is not interesting she’s broad an rugged like a man….

  8. mea says:

    Hi I really like the views last cast members but u have dissapointed me with the ones that left an only Whoopi stayed .
    ..I gotta say if she stays with the new shows makeover then Whoopi should have a full makeover also..I can’t keep watching her sense of no fashion on national tv…
    Get with it her fashion statement makes no sense it distracts from the show. Think about a new style for Whoopi…that will keep me interested……thanks…..

  9. TV101 says:

    I will not be watching DVR-ing the View with Rosie on it. She’s too angry when someone doesn’t agree with her and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. Unlike Whoppi who is cool as a cucumber most of the time and actually a great moderator who cools everyone down — I just see Rosie clashing again. I know ABC yearns to shake things up but it’s a bit disconcerting when bad behavior is rewarded again. Then again – welcome to Hollywood. I hope they’ve done their research on Ms. O’donnell’s return because to me, it feels like the wrong move completely. At the very least could someone muzzle her so we don’t have to read about her stupid feuds with Donald Trump or whatever else is about to happen with her there? Dumb move ABC.

  10. I am an avid watcher of

  11. Anne Jordan says:

    My vote? Ross Mathews and Bill Rancic. Bill is the voice of reason and is a MALE point of view. Ross is funny, but can get too shrill and over the top. Bill would be a nice counter-point to the silliness. He’s nice, considerate, moderate, and passionate. A

    Whoopi, Ross, Bill and Rosie? Would be a great mix.

    As a side note, there are 3 men and 2 women on The Chew and it is very successful. And not a lot of politics! Who wants a political debate everyday?

  12. gail kohr says:


  13. Sparkey says:

    PLEASE…..anyone but Rosie she has proved herself to be unprofessional, egotistical, self centered, and unwilling to listen. That is not “The View” you can do better than that.

  14. Adrienne McNulty says:

    Should probably cancel the show. It has run it’s course. If you bring men in, it will not be the same. Most of the men who have recently guest hosted are nothing but egotists who think that we care what they think. Barbara’s vision was for “women from different ages and walks of life”. Stick with the initial concept or cancel it.

    • I agree with Adrienne M. Initial concept or cancel it. Bring diversity – single, married, under 40, over, with kids, no kids. I am a huge fan of Oprah “Love in the City” and found Chenoa Maxwell at Essence who stars in it. Love the message of empowerment. There was a huge panel of very capable, interesting and entertaining women at Essence Empowerment. The View think out of the box to come back with a more dynamic conversation

  15. I am so glad the VIEW is getting foggier and foggier! It’s getting harder and harder to see a point to the whole messy conglomeration of ideas they express . Barbara is loosing her luster, Sherrie is shameful, l, personally think that Whoopi lets her “raisin’ in the sun” ferment and that leaves her drunk with her own conclusions. I was very shocked to learn that Joy had a college degree in, of all things, teaching innocent children. No wonder our society is going to “hell in a handbasket.” And one last thing I did learn from the, I shall always vote Republican as long as people like that vote Democrat.

  16. Ann Young says:

    Yah, for the changes to come. For the last few years the hosts have tried to influence the audience on our political choices, elections, and what is excepted morals and behaviors, rather than just giving their own views on topics. It just got to serious , and too deep in the weeds, by those who should stick to entertaining, not preaching and dictating. That is my VIEW

  17. Meredith Jones says:

    Why anyone would watch this piece of trash is a mystery to me. I didn’t even know that Joy had left the show, but what “joy” I feel to know that she is gone. And putting Rosie back on the show would assure the View’s demise. Wake up America – there are so many more rewarding things to do with your time, i.e. relining the bird cage with new newspaper.

  18. Roe says:

    Let’s go Ross Mathews

  19. Roe says:

    Glad whoop is staying. Best of luck to Sherri and Jenny. May have not agreed with Sherri often and Jenny was still learning her roll but this is why it’s called the view. Everyone has a view. Let’s go with the male co-host and would love to see Ross Mathews.

  20. Anita Tash says:

    So glad that Sherrie and Jenny are leaving. I have not appreciated their religious comments. On the show when they were talking about Madonna Sherry saying well because her name is about the mother of God. That about ended watching the show again I always thought Sherry was not very sharp and that Jenny less so. The only great hosts are Whoopi and of course Barbra Walters. I loved the show when the topics were thought provoking but when those two were put on as hosts the show became as dull as they are.

  21. newsdee says:

    Sorry to see Sherri and Jenny leave. I wish them both success. I didn’t always agree with either of them, but I’ll continue to watch the show.

  22. Ruchel says:

    Glad to see Sherri go. She upstaged everybody on the show and wouldn’t put a cap on her mouth! If she wasn’t talking,she was shoving food in her mouth or she was dancing in place. She had to touch the legs of all the co-host men while htey were sitting.. She is so into herself, aside from being racist! When hosting a cooking display, she’d sneak eat the food while others were talking, even tho she has diabetes!…No Manners!! This last show, the Co-Host overtalked her while she was interrupting him and didn’t even want to sit near her and she mentioned that he didn’t want to sit next to her. After awhile, they all caught on to her ways! Also, always talking about Jeffrey. The show was “The View” and not about Jeffrey!!! She barely gave the co-hosts a chance to talk!!!! You’d think it was her show..

  23. S Schultz says:

    So glad to see McCarthy go. She is AWEFUL.

  24. The View is Not Looking Good From Any Angle says:

    Time for the revolving door to be locked shut……..and the key thrown away.

  25. musayayaha says:

    You are welcome

  26. Clare Gaszak says:

    Just sent a complaint to ABC the other day about Sheri Shepard! Didn’t realize I had so much clout! Bill Rancic is my choice to replace her!! Hoping they choose and he accepts as new male host on the view!! May be difficult as he is moving to Chicago. But NY is closer than LA!

    • Anne Jordan says:

      I agree. I think Bill Rancic is the man to put on The View on a permanent basis. He’s the voice of reason. Funny, handsome, smart, and moderate. He is absolutely the ideal host.

  27. Fre says:

    Uh…. hello?
    Whoopie’s clout Grows?
    She should be gone too!

    • Lori L. says:

      I agree, not that I don’t like whoopi, but she’s just not as interesting as she use to be, its time for a complete change for the view and my feelings about Rosie coming back…BIG! Mistake…Been there done that..TV101 comments we don’t need to see her clash with everyone then get angry when others don’t agree with her, not the example of an intelligent woman we need to tune into every day!

      • Lori L says:

        Its me Lori L again ……its been months now and as we see Rosie O’Donnell did not work out.
        The Whole panel needs to be new! Nicole is o.k, but she just is not that interesting to listen to or watch, neither is Rosie Perez, and Whoopi……….
        The whole panel needs to change!
        The Talk has an perfect group of woman…so fun to watch…
        Julie, classy, intelligent and funny …….
        Sharon Ozborn The mature mother of the group, but also funny and experienced with alot of the celebraties that are talked about so she has experience for her insights ………
        Ieasha, some great insights and funny, in a long term bi-racial relationship so she has great perspectives as well….
        Sarah, in a same sex relationship also long term also very intelligent……
        Cherly Underwood, so funny, but also smart and sweet, actually they are all also very people as individuals in general
        Thats the combination your going to need to find to keep the View Alive…Whoopis great, but she needs to also move on or retire for awhile or make a movie she was great in movies

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