The CW Continues To Mull ‘Supernatural’ Spin Off

Supernatural Ratings

Supernatural” must have magical charms. It has lasted on two different broadcast networks over a period of nine years, and even survived a period in which it was exiled to  Friday nights, one of primetime TV’s less robust evenings.

Now, the CW is considering a spinoff for the veteran drama, which centers on two brothers who hunt ghosts and demons.

The studio behind the show, Warner Brothers Television, is aware of the CW’s desire for a spinoff, said Mark Pedowitz, the CW’s president. “What it is, what it isn’t, is up for discussion,” he said during a conference call with reporters to discuss the network’s new fall schedule. Network executives will consider possible ideas next June or July, he said.

A spinoff of the show has been on the consideration list for some time. An episode in the series’ recently completed ninth season was supposed to serve as a backdoor pilot of sort for a potential series, but does not appear to have moved forward for the fall.

Even so, the network’s interest in the concept is a remarkable, given its time on the air. After all,  the series launched on the now-defunct WB network in the 2005-2006 TV season. The show then migrated  to the CW when the owners of the WB and rival UPN, Time Warner and CBS Corp.,  decided to merge the two entities in 2006 after running into challenges finding ad support for both outlets.

Yet upon its arrival at CW, “Supernatural” found itself somewhat out of sync with the infant network’s new central theme of providing buzzy content that skewed toward young female. “Gossip Girl” and “90210” were given roosts during days of the week more fertile for viewing, while “Supernatural” –  paired with “Smallville” in its waning years  – hung out on Friday night.

When Pedowitz arrived at the CW in 2011, he immediately took an interest in the show, even taking pains to visit its set. “Supernatural” has since returned to the middle of the week on the CW’s lineup. In the fall of 2014, it will have the much-anticipated super-hero drama “The Flash” as a lead-in.

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  1. Reblogged this on Fashionwidget and commented:
    I’m still reeling. So many highs (everyone being forced to take a stand, Gadreel’s big scene) and lows (the quarreling between the brothers, Crowley being…well Crowley) and that huge cliff-hanger. Wow! Just wow! How will I survive the summer?

  2. how about a show based on the book John Winchester’s Journal?? hell i would even settle for a Bobby & Rufus’s Super Amazing Demon Hunting Adventures over bloodlines.

  3. gordon says:

    hello Charlie and Dorothy tailor made for spinoff

  4. Tabaqui says:

    Totally agree pasunepomme: there are a *lot* of women in the Supernatural world who could be the lead in a spin off. Even a MoL spinoff with ‘Grandpa’ Winchester and Josie Sands (possessed or not by Abaddon, though pre and post possession would be awesome) discovering the supernatural world, fighting the good fight back in the fifties….. Just – so many options that *don’t* start with a woman dying so her boyfriend could get revenge and another woman being called/calling herself a ‘bitch’ who ‘doesn’t matter’.

    Listen, live and learn, show runners.

  5. Emily G says:

    How the hell do you do a spin off when every other quality character is dead? LOL

    • Lynn says:

      Is anyone ever RERALLY dead? I think they could do a spin off and we find out where GOD ios and has been for the past 9 seasons. Kind of a snarky send up, like using Alanis Morissette in Dogma! Hmmmmmmmm?

      • big daddy D says:

        Yes..Bobby-dead/dead..Ash-stone cold dead..ellen and jo harvelle-hellhound bbq meat…the list is endless.

    • Abed Nadir says:

      By introducing new characters in a Supernatural episode set up to be the back door pilot of the new series. At least that’s what they tried to do with Bloodlines but it failed because of the negative reaction towards it. The reason it failed is because they assume that the average Supernatural viewer watches the other teenage drama soaps that the CW is mostly made up of. If they want to do a spin-off that does justice to the show they have to stick with the type of show that Supernatural is. Also they do actually have options when it comes to past characters…The first non deceased character that comes to mind is Garth. The actor DJ Qualls stars on a show called Legit that just got cancelled so his schedule just cleared up enough to make that possible. Also they could always do a prequel of John training Sam and Dean…Also Sherriff Mills (Wouldn’t really care for a spin-off with her but it’s still possible)
      Personally I wish i could see them do Supernatural: The Animated Series season 2. I’d honestly prefer that to a spin-off

  6. Lisa James says:

    As a long time fan of Supernatural I wish the execs would compromise with the CW. Bring back Ben and Chrissie. They are young adults familiar in the SPN universe as well as hitting the targeted demo. It seems so easy to solve both issues and still remain true to Supernaturals roots.

  7. jhs39 says:

    The WB was aimed at teen girls as much as the CW. Anyone remember Gilmore Girls? It’s not like it went off the air 50 years ago. How about Charmed? Buffy the Vampire Slayer? When Supernatural first came on it was X Files for teen girls but it’s been on for so long people forget what the original target audience was.

  8. lotrfan says:

    I’m glad the cw passed on that horrible garbage! Tribes/bloodlines or whatever the hell it was called. It was terrible!

  9. big daddy D says:

    Ummm..Charlie Bradbury in Oz?? Giving Felicia Day her own show is a no-brainer. Why hasn’t the Supernatural big wigs gone this route for the last couple of years? Everyone loves Charlie..and now that she’s hanging out with Dorothy…

    • jhs39 says:

      I like giving Charlie her own show but definitely not in Oz. It would be too much like Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. I would much rather have her in the real world (more or less). Some previous characters from Supernatural who are still alive could also pop up that way and maybe end up with substantial roles.

  10. voiceswriter says:

    Reblogged this on Voiceswriter and commented:
    That just sucks, the show looked promising.

  11. pasunepomme says:

    Bloodlines faltered because it didn’t feel like Supernatural at all. It felt like Supernatural-lite for the TVD-set. They should probably also move away from a show focused primarily on male leads, because there’s a certain protectiveness around the Js and what they’ve built and I get the feeling folks aren’t gonna support something they see as a pale imitation (so no male lead with daddy issues drawn into the hunting life by a dead girlfriend – Sam and Dean have that covered between them).

    Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, and Lost Girl (and heck, Buffy before all of them) have demonstrated there’s an audience for a female driven genre show. So why not go that route? We have Tracy Bell, a young hunter who saw her parents killed by demons celebrating Sam’s release of Lucifer, we have Jody Mills who was drawn into the Winchesters’ world by the lost of her son and husband, we have Krissy Chambers whose hunter father raised her like John did Sam and Dean, we have Claire Novak who no one knows what she’s up to, but who is the only other host Castiel has ever had, and who lost her father forever when he agreed to be Castiel’s vessel in order to save her that fate…the recently introduced young woman from 9×19….and so many others I’m not even thinking of. Surely there’s a premise to be built out of some of their stories that would speak to the CW’s target demo while bulding on the promise that exists in all of the characters we’ve already been introduced to and have connected with.

  12. MaryAnn says:

    Bloodlines was a great show, it just wasn’t Supernatural. Thus the Supernatural fans hated it and those viewers who would have loved it never thought to watch. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t edit out the brothers and present it as an independent pilot.

  13. Jerry says:

    They should go with the 1st spin off they where planning about Samuel Colt and the Demon Killer 6 gun.

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