‘The Bachelorette’ Finale Sex Secret Shocks Live Audience

The Bachelorette” contestant Nick Viall stunned his former TV flame on Monday Night by revealing to a live studio audience that he had sex with her during the 10th season of the popular series.

In discussing their brief relationship on “After the Final Rose,” an emotional Viall, who earlier tried but failed to talk to “Bachelorette” star Andi Dorfman, said the two were intimate before she decided to accept the marriage proposal of Josh Murray.

“If you weren’t in love with me…I’m just not sure why you made love with me, either,” Viall said softly.

The visibly stunned “Bachelorette” quickly gathered herself.

“First of all, I think that’s below the belt,” Dorfman said, “that’s something that should be private and kept private.”

Read the Letter Nick Wrote to ‘The Bachelorette’

Viall, still obviously heartbroken, tried backtracking but it was too late.

“I’m not trying to put you below the belt…”

“You already have!” she snapped.

Host Chris Harrison, looking as startled as the giggling audience members, let Dorfman explain her rejection to Viall for a few minutes before taking the show to commercial break.

Dorfman appeared more at ease later in the broadcast when discussing her future with new fiance, Murray, who is a former professional baseball player.

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  1. Michael C says:

    Can’t understand why anyone would consider the comment “below the belt” since the majority of people watching think that most of the “private suite” dates result in sex anyway. After all does anyone believe any of these folks (male and female) are virgins? The entire concept has turned marriage into nothing more than a sleazy game show.

  2. Francoise says:

    I agree with Julie. Nick was wonderful and she deliberately played him. Andi should be ashamed.

  3. julie joyce simms says:

    I can’t believe she wouldn’t talk to Nick privately. Then she comes on the show with a attitude and bitchy look on her face when she faced Nick. Give the guy some respect. He was heartbroken. He loved her and she played him throughout the show. She said she loved Josh when he got out of the limo. What a waste of time for all the other guys. They didn’t have a chance.
    Nick was great, he was real. What wonderful qualities in a man.

  4. LaVerne says:

    For all of you who say that you are above watching this show, get a grip, Liars. If you weren’t interested then you wouldn’t be leaving comments about it. You all watch so just cut the crap. You won’t see me leaving comments about sports because I NEVER watch them

  5. a says:

    show is dumb and sooooooooooooo fake,,,hated it..in my In living color voice

  6. FrancisChalk says:

    She picked the Alpha over the Beta. When Josh stops giving her “the tingles” she will most assuredly sleep with another–it’s in her DNA.

  7. lily says:

    Nick is and ass h.

  8. I felt that Andi Dorfman acted in a cheap manner by submitting to someone she didn’t love to begin with. Why lead someone on. I hope her fiancée didn’t see that part of the show. Josh may have second thoughts about marrying her. Marriage is based on trust and honesty, not lies and deceipt. I liked Sean and Catherine’s behavior by waiting for marriage to have sex. not a one night stand like Andi had with Nick. I lost respect for both of them. The Farmer Chris didn’t go in the Fantasy Suite with Andi, She eliminated him before anything was to happen, in which she should have done with Nick, since she didn’t love him to begin with. She mislead him on which was not fair to begin with . To me she is a tramp., considering her educational background. Nick should have kept his mouth shut to begin with. I don’t advocate one night stands.,Respect and dignity goes a long way, not cheap behavior.

    • Michael C says:

      Not really a big deal because most of these “couples” break up in less than six months. Too many of there are only on the show in hopes of furthering some kind of media career. It’s not about love it’s about attention.

  9. Ricardo Queso says:

    Seems pretty obvious that his prowess didn’t match up to the other contestant’s.

  10. Turbo says:

    GIrls try before they buy just like guys do> Must have had a week bedroom presentation.

  11. B Da Truth says:

    No one buys a car without a test drive, good for her and to hell with all these hypocrites here calling her names.

  12. Jasonn says:

    Sounds to me like whatshisname failed his audition, eh? Remind me never to get arrested with that guy.

  13. tom says:

    Why would that be kept private when the entire idea of the show is to televise the intricacies of their relationship? You don’t get to pick and choose lady.

  14. Donald Welch says:

    when can’t be called out but men can?

  15. Ben Gauzzi says:

    Gee, Are you ashamed and embarrassed? Trust me, you just affirmed our suspicions.

  16. Sammie Jo says:

    Sorry, but anyone who goes on this show, and thinks they are really going to fall in love in a few weeks, get married and live happily ever after, already has a screw loose.
    They want the fame of being on the show then get all butt hurt because someone outs them?
    I’m trying to muster up some sympathy for her, but, as far as I’m concerned, she embarrassed herself when she signed up for the show.

  17. traderron says:

    Oops!! Big time. Oops! Or was it a mere slip of the tongue?

  18. Whyme? says:

    If you were a good catholic, you wouldn’t be watching this crap on TV

  19. ray says:

    I cannot believe I missed this important tv event.

  20. meme says:

    Holy COW! me too!

  21. donttreadonme8 says:

    My money is on the marriage not lasting two years.

  22. Ruthie says:


  23. Susan says:

    This comment on TV reveals Nick’s real character. I know he was hurt but if you love someone you do not hurt them. He knew exactly what he was doing. It was a matter of if I can’t have her I’ll break up her engagement. As far as her new fiancée, it is probably touch and go because most men cannot tolerate being told that their girlfriend had sex with another man when they are seeing them. You can bet Andi didn’t tell him. Even these days, men are still ravenously competitive when it comes to women. In real life it is not wise to marry someone before you are intimate. And women use this to help reveal a man’s character and what sexual chemistry exists between them. Many things are revealed in the act. She needed to know since she had to make a decision. In any case, I’m sure she has had sex with several men, just like most women over 18 these days. I don’t understand the lack of understanding on the part of the viewers. It’s really dumb.

  24. Staged for all the nimrods who waste their lives watching this pulp…

  25. He must not have been very good.

  26. morals were created for good reason, this is a great example of pain caused by no morals.

  27. Kulbreeze says:

    Men should realize that putting women on the pedestal leads to the pain and betrayal this guy felt.

  28. PLM says:

    Someday down the road, this guy will appreciate that he just dodged the proverbial bullet….

  29. LaVerne says:

    For all of you who say that you are above watching this show, get a grip, Liars. If you weren’t interested then you wouldn’t be leaving comments about it. You all watch so just cut the crap. You won’t see me leaving comments about sports because I NEVER watch them.

  30. Ric says:

    Let this be a lesson to you. Go on Jeopardy next time.

  31. Josephine says:

    You mean like it is wrong to consume and partake in gossip? Stop watching this faux “reality” and start minding your own business.

  32. Maria says:

    Bogus “shock”. The show could have easily edited this out as they did with 90% of their footage. This is what they wanted.

  33. Jon says:

    Look at the bright side dude. You hit it before the other Dude. Hit it and quit it. Kudos. I would have replied to her, “No, it was you with the blow below the belt”.

    • houx says:

      Jon you are spot on with that little woman. It that guy marries her he is crazy. I was glad to hear about the going ons in that fantasy sweet key exchange. I never guess anyone ever did it. Now the cat is out of the bag. Maybe they do serve real booze on the show too. That was real reality TV.

  34. diane says:

    Yes. She’s tough.

  35. MIKEPGH says:

    Obviously the women commenters saying this guy came up short just further proves that MOST women today are the true pigs. What happened to real women believing in love and holding back when emotions are involved? This is what 40 years of feminazism brought. If it’s as big or bigger than a 20.oz bottle of soda they just spring those thighs apart! Do what they want who they want and when they want. Women wonder why men treat women like meat. It’s not rocket science. Too bad for the few percent of good women out there.

  36. EOTWAWKI says:

    Viall should have looked at Josh and said, “So, Josh? how did I taste?” -LOL

  37. Cable Critic says:

    Andi is human. What’s done is done.
    But Nick just confirmed that she made the right decision. Nick is a jerk.
    If Josh loves her he will not have a problem with this at all. Everything they did or didn’t do in the past is done. From the moment she took the ring and said yes is all that matters now is going forward.

  38. Sherry says:

    Vulgar and low row, all those that compete on this show should be ashamed of themselves!

  39. The world is going to hell in a SUV and this is what some people care about?..Jesus you can not get here soon enough..

  40. PS says:

    Reading this reminded me of this:

    “Right now, there are thousands of intelligent teenage boys who dream of becoming a rock star instead of a doctor or engineer. There are teenage girls uploading selfies to Facebook and Instagram in the hopes of gaining attention instead of seeking out a good man in her prime fertile years. There are morbidly obese individuals stuffing their face with food made dense with sugar and fat even though their body does not require it. There are men whose lives revolve around the accumulation of material possessions or status badges to impress women who have been trained to become drawn into anything that shines or sparkles.

    The foundation of America is held up by the five pillars of lust: money, food, fame, power, and sex. These vices have been monetized by multi-national corporations to ensure they get a slice of the pie in your destructive journey towards moral abasement. There is no other country in the world that makes lust such a daily and all-encompassing feature of life than America.”


  41. Jim says:

    The country is being invaded at the southern border and this is what is important? Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Keep playing we aren’t there yet!

  42. Mary says:

    Sorry, Nick. You came up short.

  43. carlb says:


  44. jColes says:

    I’ve never seen the show … and probably won’t, but where were those girls when I was young enough to enjoy them?

  45. Susannah says:

    But your hypothesis doesn’t work in this situation as Josh is far more ‘manly’ than Nick — no comparison!

  46. c.a.lee says:

    truth hurts?
    If it was below the belt – maybe you shouldn’t have Done it to begin with.

  47. Carl says:

    Also, it’s a lesson to keep sex sacred, until marriage.

  48. lol! Well the winner is either chuckling or asking himself “What the …?”

  49. natxlaw says:

    I’ve actually heard it is the other way around. Think about it. Hollywood throws the various actors out there and we buy the tix. I saw one study blaming hormonal birth control on making women more attracted to less manly less threatening guys and shifting the Star power from the Kirk Douglass’s to the Zack Effron’s.

  50. Webber says:

    So he slept with her because he was in love? Oh pleasssse..poor lil feller, let this be a lesson…lolol..what a dolt

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