Syfy Acquires ‘Bitten’ for Season 2

laura vandervoort greyston holt

Syfy has acquired “Bitten” for season two, the cabler announced Friday.

The series, hailing from Entertainment One, will return to Syfy in 2015 with 10 new episodes.

Chris Regina, Senior Vice President of Programming for Syfy, said of the pickup, “’Bitten’ is a fast-paced and edgy series which has found a growing and passionate fan base on our channel. We’re delighted to bring the series back to Syfy next year.”

Said Prentiss Fraser, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Acquisitions, eOne Television International: “We’re absolutely thrilled with the tremendous support and enthusiasm from fans across social media since the debut of ‘Bitten.’ We look forward to working with the talented cast and crew on another compelling season and continuing our partnership with Syfy in bringing the series back to viewers in the U.S. next year.”

“Bitten” averaged 1.1 million total viewers during its first season run on Syfy, based on Live +7 data. Production on season two begins this summer in Toronto.

“Bitten” is based on the “Women of the Otherworld” novels by New York Times best-selling author Kelley Armstrong, and stars Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels, the lone female werewolf in existence. The series also stars Greg Bryk, Greyston Holt, Steve Lund and Michael Xavier.

“Bitten” is among a number of Syfy’s international and domestic acquisitions, which include “Lost Girl,” “Continuum,” the upcoming basic cable premiere of “Spartacus” (bowing June 26) and “The Almighty Johnsons” (July 11).

The series is executive produced by J.B. Sugar for No Equal Entertainment, John Barbisan, and Patrick Banister for Hoodwink Entertainment, and Tecca Crosby, John Morayniss, and Margaret O’Brien for Entertainment One. “Bitten” is produced by No Equal Entertainment, Hoodwink Entertainment, and eOne in association with Space and Bell Media. Daegan Fryklind serves as showrunner. eOne is the worldwide distributor for the series.

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  1. Deadra says:

    Why is bitten on at 11pm? It was better at 9pm. I love the show. I didn’t care for it with the witches. Please consider changing the time for those of us who are not up at 11PM. hanks.

  2. Hi everyone, I sure love the SYFY channel, and watch it all day. I’m retired, and handicapped. I love the new show BITTEN. I love everything about it. Actors, story, action, love, family, and true science fiction. I would like to ask you to take the sports off the SYFY channel. I have direct TV and I hate sports. These should not be on our only wonderful channel for sharks , ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and lots of other great shows, like twilight series, and keep it SYFY. NOW, TONIGHT, FRIDAY MAY 22, 2015, I SEE THAT BITTEN HAS MOVED TO 11PM AT NIGHT???? WHY…. did you do this???? I don’t stay up that late due to my health. I love the marathon on bitten where I watched it all day and evening on a Saturday. Same way with other shows but Twilight series has never been put on for an all day hang-out. Thank you so much for letting me send in my thoughts. God Bless..

  3. Jessica says:

    When is season 2 going to be on netflix I enjoyed season 1 so much and would love to watch season 2 I just missed it in tv so please let it be on netflix soon.

  4. les says:

    New season of bitten starts April 17….

  5. Robin says:

    I love Bitten and Lost Girl and Defiance, can you please give a date, I see where you said The Almighty Johnsons come back in July yay! Could you at least give the month then? 😀 I can’t wait to watch the other shows

  6. Nikki says:

    Just finished watching season one and I’m addicted, has anyone heard anything when season 2 is playing cause I would really love to watch it!

  7. I thank you for picking up bitten for us , USA followers. I only have found it ( and by chance). BUT it only is on fri and sat at 5 am and now only on sat at 5. Is there going to be a ormal time and wil be be able to find it????
    Please respond dont want to miss this

  8. jenny says:

    When will season2 of bitten air on sci-fi? As it is already playing in Canada. I have been waiting.

  9. Sharon says:

    I’ve noticed that Season 2 of Bitten started Feb 7th on Space in Canada. When is Bitten starting on Syfy here in the United States? Has anyone found out the release date yet?

  10. David Nunez says:

    It is already february 2015 and yet no sign of season two for Bitten on the SyFy channel. I would like to know when the Syfy channel will be showing season two of Bitten. I know Bitten season two is showing in Canada but why not here ? I need to know an exact date

  11. Pat says:

    When is season 2 coming back on! I keep checking the schedule and I don’t see it… It is a really good show with a great story line…

  12. Bailee says:

    when will season two premiere though in the U.S?

  13. Marty Reise says:

    Excited to see season 2 yay !!!

  14. Chelle says:

    Hi I was wondering when bitten 2 comes out

  15. Kathleen Cox says:

    When is Bitten Season 2 coming to the SyFy channel in the US?

  16. diane says:

    I think Bitten should have been showing all year. Good show!!!

  17. Kia says:

    Absolutely love this series! Bitten has a great storyline. Season 2 is taking entirely too long and only “10” episodes is just not enough! We need more!!

  18. Ken n says:

    I’m so happy I could howl!

  19. Mindy says:

    I’m so thrilled Bitten is coming back for season 2. I love that show. I couldn’t wait for the next episode!!!

  20. Love the series Bitten from beginning. Can’t wait to see the series begin again. Love the actors and the complete story line. This show is my cup of tea. Very outstanding.

  21. Sherry says:

    Love the show Bitten hate it took so long for season 2. Keep it coming love it one of my favorites. Since you cancelled Being Human

  22. Robin Rein says:

    I love your show Bitten!!! It is my most favorite show to watch! Please please please keep it going it is great! Good job!!

  23. Hey, bring it on already!!! This Bitten is a great story line and were wanting to see how you will make the family stronger!~ Thanks SYFY

  24. Jenni Eisennhardt says:

    Awesome! This is exciting. I just now got hooked on the show. Im so happy if they start it on a network I can watch.

  25. Rudolph says:

    Great show, but it has been of for so long I had to Google under a few different references because I couldn’t remember what it was called. Only thought about it because I’m watching a werewolf movie now. All this wait/down time for a show is not a good move. In this case absence isn’t fondness it’s amounts to forgetfulness. Out of site, out of mind.

  26. Sharon Harrington says:

    I love bitten but 2015 for season 2, that is not a good move people forget fast. You have to keep a good show coming and not wait a year then put on half a season.

  27. jolene says:

    I love this series! I am so tired of productions who have tv shows made of gold and not using it to full worth. You are making us wait almost a year for only half a season? Why???? You what to know why people stop watching think about this is a very fast pace world people aren’t good at waiting! They move on! Personally I am tired of waiting and when we love it you make us wait and wait.

  28. Alex says:

    Only 10 episodes for season 2??? They must be stupid… Bitten is a great show made off the great series, I don’t understand why wouldn’t they made a FULL season 2 with about 22 or 24 episodes!!!

  29. Darby says:

    I loved the show. The acting on this one is better than most syfy shows. Was hoping for more than 10 episodes. A lot of stories to tell based on the books. If everything goes well and the money is put into the show as it should be then the fan base will only grow.

  30. Kayla says:

    I love this show I watched it like 3 times in a row lol!!! But they need to speed it up I’m excited to see what they are bring to the table for season 2 hope fully Elena and clay will be together through the whole season and Elena get revenge for Phillip

  31. nancy says:

    Yes, I loved the show. Hurry and please put it back on.

  32. wish they follow the book a bit more. Tony didn’t die in the book but Logan did. why did they change that? and Jeramey dad doesn’t show up until book 12 or 13 here another change i didn’t like.

  33. Rick clark says:

    When is season 2 going to release on netflix
    Or amazon??cant wait to watch the new seasons..
    Best movie ever

  34. Nicole says:

    I really like this show also. It should have more than 10 episodes

  35. rindy says:

    Yah, Why only 10 shows? Not long enough I agree with Chip.You cut way too many of you’re programed shows.IE “Sanctuary” “Eurika” “Warehouse 13” I herd that “Haven” will be it’s last season. Why do you only seem to keep a show for 4 to 5 seasons? What’s up?

  36. Chip says:

    Good show and interesting chemistry with the cast. Will watch, but still very pissed that you cut Warehouse 13, very foolish not only because it pushed people way from your excellent network but because you seem to find a good cast and program then cut it, whats the point??

    • jarin says:

      It’s because they can usually get between 3 to 4 seasons of a new show at a low price but then after that they have to renegotiate actor salaries and things like that. That’s what happened to being human. Instead of paying more for a good show Syfy would rather cancel it and pick up a new one. The Syfy channel is cheap and greedy.

  37. Shaleece M. says:

    I haven’t read the books, but have loved the TV series. I couldn’t get enough of it. I watched the whole first season on Netflix in just a week. Really wondering what will happen next with Elena. 2015 can’t come soon enough. ;-)

  38. Kaya Harber says:

    I love the books and glad that the tv show has a big fan base already. Can’t wait for season 2!!!

  39. leslie davis says:

    Y only 10 New episodes? This is a great new series I hope continues for awhile. The final was awesome!

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