‘Supernatural’ Season 10: Mark Sheppard Promoted to Series Regular

Mark Sheppard Crowley
The CW

Mark Sheppard has been promoted to series regular status for season ten of “Supernatural,” The CW announced Friday.

The English character actor has seen his role as Crowley, the cunning King of Hell, expanded in recent seasons of the cult drama, and played a major part in the events of the season nine finale, which ended with Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) being transformed into a demon under Crowley’s watchful eye.

A genre TV staple for many years, Sheppard has appeared in everything from “Battlestar Galactica,” “Doctor Who” and “Firefly” to “White Collar,” “The X-Files” and “24” over the course of his career. He has recurred on “Supernatural” in various capacities since his introduction in season five.

Sheppard’s promotion comes days after it was announced that Misha Collins, who plays the angel Castiel, has also been tapped as a series regular for season ten. Collins had a recurring role in seasons four and eight, and was a regular in seasons five, six and nine.

“Supernatural” was among a number of CW shows to receive an early renewal this year. A spinoff was in contention at the network but ultimately did not go to series. The CW is reportedly considering other spinoff opportunities as the show enters its tenth year.

Sheppard is repped by Gilly Sanguinetti at The Artists Partnership and is managed by Matt Luber at Luber-Roklin Entertainment.

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  1. John Gregorowicz says:

    Good to hear both Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins getting the nod to be regulars in the upcoming season of Supernatural. They not only play rivals but both add another dimension in the fight against evil.
    Mark Sheppard who plays the”King of Hell” has been a character both hated and needed by the brothers Winchester. His role helped the brothers defeat the Leviathons, a man eating monster banished to Purgatory by God. His counterpart, Misha Collins, plays an angel in which the Leviathons hitch a ride into the world. Both he and Sheppard teamed up to break into purgatory to use the souls to power their battle against rival Angel Raphael. While salesman” Crowley” (Sheppard) needs souls to tighten his grip on ruler of Hell.
    The love, hate, need of Crowley greatly adds to the mystery of Supernatural. Misha Collins character also adds dimension to the show as the Angel that is most wanted for the closure of Heaven and the falling of the Angels.
    Season 10 has millions of viewers in suspense wondering how main character,Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles ) fits as a demon after his life long battle of a demon killer.

  2. spnlit says:

    Mark Sheppard is a good actor- glad to see him on SPN. BUT…… I hope this does not mean that our beloved Dean will remain a demon. Dean is the heart and soul of this incredible show and Jensen Ackles excels at his craft. We endured the long season of jacked up angry Dean, no POV Sam, and bickering disconnected brothers. Please give us the payoff of a redemptive arc for Dean.

  3. I’m so thrilled! I LOVE Crowley AND Mark Sheppard!

  4. Mike says:

    The key is to make him a terrorizing fiend AND an ally to the guys, not defang him most of the season.

  5. Gma1958 says:

    Laura .. Congrats on your new job and promotion .. Have to say I was absolutely thrilled to find you writing for Variety. I was always a loyal follower of all your Supernatural reviews with The Huffington Post. Will be looking (and counting on) for your reviews for Season 10 … Once again, Congrats on the new job !!!!!

  6. I adore Mark Sheppard and am thrilled to hear he’s going to be a regular on SUPERNATURAL for season 10. He’s deliciously evil as hell’s king, and it will be a blast to watch him teach novice demon Dean the great powers that go with his black eyes. Sheppard is an excellent actor, and makes every scene crackle with smarmy humor and crassness. Sam is going to freak out when he learns his brother is a demon, and there are going to be some powerful scenes between Crowley and Sam, Crowley and Castiel, and oh, boy, are we in for a great season 10! Is it October yet? Love, Robin

  7. I am BEGGING you to NOT take away an episode of SUPERNATURAL to show your spin off. I think we were so disappointed that our show WASNT OUR SHOW that nobody really paid attention. I kept cking the channel cuz I thought I accidentally hit the button and wasn’t watching Supernatural. I love the show and you guys lost me in that episode. I felt cheated. :/ Sorry. CROWLEY is a Fantastic choice!! Of course we love Misha!

    • MIndy says:

      STRONGLY seconding this motion, season ten is so brilliantly set up, PLEASE don’t waste any screen time on anything else!

  8. Jessie says:

    Great news!!! Mark is a talented actor! I loved him in Leverage, BSG, Firefly, but Crowley is my favourite character. Season 10 looks good!!!

  9. Kimmy says:

    Can Charlie and Dorothy have a spin off in oz? Hunting flying monkeys? That seems fun. Or Kevin and bobby trying to get get the people who couldn’t cross to heaven there now that the veil is back. The Kevin and bobby show. There is potential for some great spinoffs I think that’s why what they gave us wouldn’t work. I’m happy mark will be here, I think he shined this season.

  10. JW says:

    If they want a spin-off, then they should build one around Castiel. He and his angel buddies could make for great scripts. I’m tired of Crowley, although the actor is great- loved him in “White Collar”.

  11. Cat Ruiz says:

    Sometimes I think the writing staff is not sure how to write for women.

  12. Cat Ruiz says:

    I do wish Abaddon was still around she and Dea n would have made a charming couple

  13. Cat Ruiz says:

    Will it be Dean and Crowley vs Sam and Cas ? Will Sam come back to find an empty bed? Will Dean hide what he has become from his little brother? It is going to be a hard summer

  14. Disappointed As Usual says:

    Congrats to Mark Sheppard, but boo. Crowley deserves to die already, and to be frank there’s way too many white guys as is. Should have been a lady character like Charlie, or Jody, or Meg, or Naomi, or Abaddon; which seem to have been shoved aside and their stories taken over by white dudes. Supernatural has only had a regular lady character in season three. Even “Two and A Half Men” has series regular ladies. Or if the misogyny is just too great to allow a lady to have a story, why not one of the super rare men of color, like Kevin or Gadreel? Let’s be serious, the demon Dean plot is going to be resolved in two episodes anyway, or shoved to the back and forgotten for the majority of the season like all the other season finale plots have been. Either way, it’s stupid to have Crowley handholding.

  15. Chiefraz says:

    Will be interesting to watch the dymamics in the bunker now. So, will Cas still be the love of Deans life, or will Crowley be his ‘mistress’?

  16. Patti Wojtas says:

    So happy for season 10 I LOVE Supernatural. Now, they need to figure out a way to bring back Bobby!

  17. Anna says:

    Honestly I don’t know what to think about it. As much as I love Mark (and I really do) the writers this season didn’t do Crowley justice and in my eyes reduced someone who was once the King of friggin’ Hell to a joke. (that and I’m angry because last year Misha Collins was a series regular and yet he still had less on screen time than Mark which makes me afraid for his role in season 10)

  18. Jack says:

    Hmm, figured as much

  19. sue s says:

    This is good news – I just wish there was a way to bring Bobby Singer back – I miss Jim Beaver!

  20. Mary says:

    THIS IS FABULOUS NEWS! I’m beyond excited, and this is a welcome addition to the SPN family!

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