Stephen Collins Cut From ‘Scandal’ Amid Child Molestation Investigation

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

One day after reports surfaced that the NYPD was investigating “7th Heaven” actor Stephen Collins on suspicion of child molestation, reps for ABC have confirmed that he will not be featured in an upcoming episode of “Scandal’s” season four.

“We can confirm that we will not be airing any footage with Stephen Collins,” a rep for ABC said.

Collins had previously appeared on the drama in a 2012 episode as Reed Wallace.

“Scandal” is only the latest in a series of fallouts since the reports surfaced. On Tuesday, when the allegations first came to light, Collins was fired from “Ted 2.” Later on Tuesday, UP TV pulled reruns of “7th Heaven,” saying in a statement that the network was “deeply concerned for the families that are potentially affected by these disturbing allegations.”

Collins has also resigned from the SAG-AFTRA board.

The child molestation investigation was made public when TMZ posted an alleged taped confession of the actor, in which he described lewd acts with children ages 10 and 12 years old.

“There is a formal complaint on file and the incident is being investigated by the Manhattan Special Victims Squad,” a law enforcement official told Fox411.

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  1. Patti Dean says:

    BRAVO to both KarenDee’s & malibujd44’s comments. Does anyone recall that wisp of paper sitting in D.C., a.k.a. The Constitution? I worked in Marketing & feature film Publicity for a major motion picture studio for several years. Trust me, believe me when I say that ANYTHING, & I mean ANYTHING, can be twisted & manipulated by the “press”. I won’t even charactertize what filth is done by the Papparazzi. TMZ “leaked” this. Let’s not tar & feather a man who, heretofore, has never had a blemish. Also, remember that ALL forms of communication can be manipulated. It’s called EDITING, people…
    So what motive does an angry, pissed off nearly ex-wife have, to do this is? Cash & damnation on her ex! Anybody out there have an “ex” spouse? Why does everyone go NUTS when something purportedly “bad”, i. e., negative, crop up? Small, tiny mindless cretins, the lot if you for stringing someone up without CAUSE. Leave him alone, & echoing the other commentors, “SHAME ON YOU”, studios especially, for jumping the gun. Mr. Collins is known to me, he is NOT A PEDOPHILE!!!!

  2. KarenDee says:

    I have a friend who’s a father and 37 years earlier he had fondled his 13 year old daughter’s her breast one night and he said he thoroughly regretted doing it and never did again. He’s not a child predator, he’s just a man who did a very irresponsible thing. I respect him and don’t doubt his word of apology.

    • mheister19 says:

      Karen – That’s not what Stephen Collins admitted to doing. Your friend did this once. Collins admitted to exposing his privates and having girls touch his exposed privates on multiple occasions.

  3. Michael Anthony says:

    That famous “innocent until proven guilty” is still alive and well. Most people would lose their jobs or put on unpaid leave once allegations surface. Collins US treated no differently.
    And fir Mslibujd44: out doesn’t matter whether it took place yesterday it in 1972. Of course it matters in criminal court, but not civil court. Your statement implies that if you get awAy with it for several years, all should be forgotten. That’s outrageous! If anything, there should be no statute of limitations.

  4. KarenDee says:

    The media again is prosecuting a person before he can explain himself or prove his innocence. I’m getting tired of this media behavior and talk shows who do it in hopes of raising their ratings, it needs to stop.

  5. David says:

    Innocent until proven guilty? Not in today’s social media hellscape

  6. Jamiekins says:

    A world full of illiterate Judge Judy’s, welcome the new world order…. it’s nice to know that in the end the gossip mongers are going to have their tongue’s ripped out. HAHAHA !

  7. malibujd44 says:

    WOW!!!! What a democracy we live in…he has not been charged….he has not been convicted…leaked illegally by a crazy nut job almost X wife…sicko people all over his house hoping he killed himself when they think they heard a shot…AND it happened in 1972 a couple of life times ago. It seems Senator McCarty and his fans still live and giving yet another generation of ball less studio heads overreacting cause they think they might lose a dime of there billions. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!! Democracy at its best yet again…

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