Showtime Developing Political Drama From Former Obama Speechwriter

Jon Lovett
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Showtime has teamed with former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett to develop a contemporary drama revolving around the breakdown of the nation’s political system.

“Anthem” is described as starting on an Election Day that ends with the country on the brink a civil war, amid the collapse of political institutions and partisan battles.

Lovett (pictured), who previously created the NBC White House comedy “1600 Penn,” is writing and will exec produce with Brian Koppelman  and David Levien. That pair is already in business with Showtime on “Billions,” a drama set in the world of high-finance written by New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, Koppelman and Levien.

“Anthem” landed at Showtime after bidding among several networks for the project. Before shifting to TV, Lovett worked as a speechwriter for President Obama and worked for Hillary Clinton during her days in the Senate and during her 2008 presidential campaign.

Koppelman and Levien are feature vets whose credits include “Rounders,” “Runner, Runner,” “Ocean’s Thirteen” and “The Girlfriend Experience.”

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  1. HoHum says:

    He’s a former Obama speechwriter? Good choice — he has plenty of experience writing fiction.

  2. heyhoe says:

    1600 Penn was dull and annoying. Athem will be just as short lived.

  3. Gees. When did teleprompter’s learn how to write ?

  4. Marc Winger says:

    This doesn’t sound interesting at all, especially in light of the Democrats’ recent disastrous losses.

  5. I stopped watching all political shows due to the obvious indoctrination to one party, one thought, one way, one belief, one truth…. oh which party would that be….I call it the Trendy Party..others call it the Fascist Party, and others call it the Democrat Party be the judge

  6. Tom says:

    I have a feeling this will be a show that I like at first but once I get lectured enough times about how the Democrats are always right and the Republicans are wrong and just plain evil I will tune out…sort of like the West Wing.

  7. Eric Ross says:

    He should include the background story of democratic control of both houses for over eight years, the debt rising trillions of dollars after Obola took office, etc.

  8. Burk Lindsay says:

    He may be pretty good…give him a chance. He wrote fantasies in Washington all the time in the face of actual truth and got people to believe it…they still believe it.

    He’s a good story teller.

  9. Joe Schmoes says:

    I guess Demo’rats are left to their fantasies after the trouncing they experienced from the real electorate on Election Day.

  10. Dpro says:

    More left-wing propaganda from Hollywood. It’s like 1930s Germany all over again. Hey Hollywood!! We know what you are doing!!

  11. ploome says:

    Considering the results of this election, maybe they should have chosen a Republican speechwriter-in case you are not aware, the Democrats are losers.

    The food stamp party.

  12. Sixxer says:

    Well, I guess this guy is good at writing crap for people to say. So why not make a few bucks writing crap for TV?

  13. James Cygnus says:

    “.. country on the brink a civil war, amid the collapse of political institutions and partisan battles.”

    And in the fantasy world of Hollywood/liberal America the “civil war” will be caused by racist white crackers and the “partisan battles” will be the fault of Republicans/conservatives.

    It will make for an interesting historical point in 100 years when the real cause of the coming civil war (special interest hog feeding at the public til and black racism) are put into perspective.

  14. And since it’s on Showtime, most people probably won’t be watching it. And if they want to, they’ll be able do download it a day after it airs.

  15. DaddyO says:

    Newsroom on steroids

  16. Mkelley says:

    I wish I still had cable so I could cancel it. I don’t miss the boob tube one little bit.

  17. cherdash says:

    We don’t have Showtime. Never have, never will!

  18. Dammitol says:

    A show written by one of Obama’s sticky-chinned political catamites? Thanks, but no.

  19. John B says:

    I cancelled my HBO because of too much objectionable original programming. I guess Showtime doesn’t want my money either.

  20. No bias here…..move along nothing to see…..just watch the show and enjoy

  21. Charlie G. says:

    I watched an episode of House of Cards where they had a love scene between “Gay Church Going Women” and a three some with the Vice President and his wife. The middle east hates us because of the crap you in Hollywood foist upon the plant. YOUR AGENDA IS TRASH HOLLYWOOD – when you get done fixating on our sex life the world and your box office may come back to you. IN THE MEANTIME SHOVE YOUR AGENDA.

  22. BeEtLjOoZ says:

    Reblogged this on LouisianaWorld.Net | BattleOfOurTimes.Com and commented:
    “Let me be clear, make no mistake, period.”

  23. This just sounds like their plan for the future.

  24. bob says:

    I love these guys, hilarious. Just one problem is that we are f’d by these “people?”

  25. Brian Smith says:

    As a speech writer for Obama, Jon Lovett is clearly well versed in composing fiction. Showtime is an appropriate venue for him. Perhaps Barack can do a guest shot reprising his role as a narcissistic con man pretending he’s a President.

  26. schm0e says:

    When the Regime owns the media, it’s time to Lock.And.Load.

  27. Joshua Sand says:

    Who would know better the possibility of a failed presidency dividing the nation and pushing this country to the brink of civil war better than one of its own propaganda ministers?

  28. Sean says:

    Have you noticed how many new shows are about women in political power, LOL…Hollywood’s Way of preparing the country for Hillary. It’s so blood transparent it’s hilarious. I’m reading a book entitled Mary’s Mosaic which will give you the real story about JFK, the phony Warren Commission Report, and the hideous lies told by our media concerning his assassination. Makes you wonder why you would ever want to vote.

  29. It will be another in a long line of liberal propaganda — somewhat disguised as “entertainment” — failures.

  30. Rocco says:

    Showtime ought to rename itself Snoozetime — they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

  31. CitizenKane says:

    Oh written from a guy from Team Obama?
    So it will be vacuous, boring, erudite and boorish and focused on those with an IQ less than 110 who think Lena Dunham is a visionary but are annoyed that she is on that “other” cable channel..and when the ratings plummet they will blame Fox?

  32. forrest says:

    They could call it “The Revolving Door” or just “More Silly Democrat Propaganda”. This is exactly why I cancelled cable six years ago.

  33. Another biased show. Like we do not have enough liberal activism on Tv. Duly noted not to watch.

  34. thinkingdownstream says:

    Is this is the series we’ve been waiting for? When the series premieres, will the oceans stop rising? … That’s it. That’s all that comes to mind from the guy’s body of work.

    For Showtime’s sake, I hope the guy is a better script writer than speech writer…

  35. AZWarrior says:

    More in-kind donations to the cult of the political left. After all a hundred years of failure means nothing.

  36. thrstr says:

    people still watch showtime? really? enjoy your government approved entertainment, mindless drones.

  37. PLP says:

    Isn’t it Jon Favreau, not Jon Lovett? he’s the comedian

  38. Mike says:

    I never understand why these lefty companies would put something out that over 50% of the population would have no interest in watching.

  39. BluClw says:

    Showtime Developing Political Drama From Former Obama Speechwriter

    Unless they’re trying to race MSNBC to the bottom they probably should of kept that little tidbit to themselves! lol

    • Chris says:

      HBO and Showtime are refuges for leftists. They have no need for advertising dollars, and they get percentages of everyone’s cable bills, even the ones the don’t subscribe to HBO or Showtime. So they can spew out like-minded shows even though most people don’t like them.

  40. teebonicus says:

    Great. More pinko sublimation on the gullible public. [eyecross]

  41. william penn says:

    It’s hilarious to read this as Democrats are taking the worst shellacking at the ballot box in 80 years.

  42. Why, they couldn’t get Bill Ayers?

  43. Troy says:

    I can’t wait to not watch this

  44. Why says:

    Was this the moron who wrote the “lowering oceans” speech? He should write science fiction.

  45. azschumi says:

    obama unequivocally had / has the WORST speeches in Presidential history.

    If this guy was at the helm for any of them (“you didn’t build that”; “you can keep your doctor”) this show isn’t worth the celluloid or bytes required to even make it happen.

  46. Harry Taft says:

    Let me see…..political speechwriter moving from Washington DC where his fiction has been published for years, to Hollywood, where it will be seen on cable television. Sounds right.

  47. Blandly Urbane says:

    In a sense, haven’t we kind of been watching this show for the past 6 years? We’ve witnessed some his best already.

  48. Kent says:

    Dead before it’s started!

  49. Floyd Lloyd says:

    What’s funny about this article is that Jon Lovett (of SNL fame, when it was funny and relevant), did a character who was a pathological liar. I think he should sue this Jon Lovett for stealing his bit.

  50. TRexLex says:

    This will flop. SHO is wasting its money on this dog.

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