‘Sherlock’ Premieres to 9.2 Million Viewers in the U.K.

'Sherlock' Premieres 9.2 Million Viewers the

BBC's detective drama draws highest audience ever for a season opener

LONDON — The opening episode of the third season of “Sherlock” in the U.K. drew an audience of 9.2 million to the BBC on Wednesday, which repped a 33.8% share.

This was the highest ever audience for a season opener of the detective drama, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Season one’s launch in 2010 attracted an audience of 7.1 million, which repped a 28.6% share, while season two’s launch in 2012 was seen by 8.8 million, which repped a 31% share.

However, it is not the biggest ever audience for the show. Some 9.78 million watched last season’s finale, which saw Holmes, played by Cumberbatch, plunge to his apparent death.

Steven Moffat, “Sherlock’s” co-creator, exec producer and writer, said: “Thrilling news on overnight ratings for ‘Sherlock.’ A tribute to the team who work so hard, and with such pride, on the show, and of course to the genius of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s proof that audiences will show up if you give them what they want — though we can’t throw Benedict off a roof every week.”

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  1. nomino says:

    I think it was brilliant, it was not the episode I was expecting but lemme tell you, it blew my mind away. The think is, they didn’t just show how the puzzle of Sherlock’s fall fit they also highlighted some of the most underrated characters to show what they are really made off- like Anderson for example. How Sherlock belittled him and opposed him in the first episode and how Anderson hated Sherlock but in this episode they show us a different Anderson- founding a club that still believes in Sherlock, losing his job trying to prove Sherlock is not dead and saying sorry because he thinks he drove Sherlock to his death even thought no one actually thinks so. And guess what? I think Sherlock’s fall is /still/ a mystery. That’s what’s so good about it too, because they gave us so many scenarios about the /how/ but it still feels like there’s so much more, it makes you think and isn’t that what amazing detective shows should make you? There’s more, I cant help noticing but, Sherlock was a bit off. He’s like a boy who’s scared so he’ll make everything funny, like John’s mustache, he keeps saying ‘are you keeping those’ and smiling when he knows and saw how John was that two years so it makes you think again, ‘is he shooting up?’, ‘is he high?’, or ‘is he just happy?’. then Tom, oh the fiancee of Molly Hooper. Doesn’t he look like the Shooter? But didn’t Sherlock say ‘Mycroft took care of him’? I love this episode because Mark Gatiss gave such a large room for fans to interpret and isn’t that amazing how you’ll feel like unlocking it and being a detective yourself?

  2. G Reid says:

    I realize that I am probably brain dead. I love the Sherlock show and the two main characters. But how many different versions of “what happened” do we need to fill an hour and 28 minutes? While I enjoy the “Sherlock banter” it does get totally confusing — as it did last night — hopping between subway cars and reruns of the “jump.” Sometimes shows like this are best watched after all episodes are played on air — and one sits down with some popcorn and spends the requisite 5-6 hours to watch the entire season’s output. Otherwise how can we truly keep track of the nuances that are put forward to us every episode?

    • Maura says:

      I think the different versions of it are amazing.. the reason being that Moffat knew he couldn’t please us with one version… so he created a bunch of choices and we could pick which ever one we wanted to believe. Or just be satisfied with well, not really knowing which was the correct answer :)

      Which is why he stated to Anderson that everyone was such a critique.

      BRILLIANT I tell you!!

    • therealeverton says:

      Sorry, can’t say I Had any problems with having some of the different ideas for ‘the faking’ in the episode; especially when you get something as delicious as the ‘gay faking’ The tube train (carriage/car) scene was fantastic and the banter, (between all of the characters) was just fine, if not quite up to the show’s

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