‘Saturday Night Live’ Loses Three More Cast Members

Saturday Night Live” has given the boot to two more freshman cast members, and is losing one of its more recognizable players, sources confirm to Variety.

NBC has chosen not to renew the contracts of newcomers Noël Wells and John Milhiser while Nasim Pedrad, who appeared on the show for five seasons, is leaving to co-star in the new Fox comedy “Mulaney.”

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“SNL” usually trims a cast member or two before its fall premiere, so the terminations aren’t a big surprise.

The news comes after Brooks Wheelan, a first-year cast member, announced on Twitter on Monday that he was fired from the show.

Wells and Milhiser are both veterans of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe and were two of six new featured players that joined “SNL” this past fall.

Pedrad, most known for her impressions of Arianna Huffington and Barbara Walters,  is still in business with “SNL” exec producer Lorne Michaels. The “SNL” creator is producing her new Fox comedy, which debuts this fall.

NBC declined to comment.

The “SNL” news was first reported by Deadline.com.

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  1. grouchyroan says:

    wow, breaking important news, i didn’t even know the show was still on the air, i did accidentally get on the channel it aired on a few times but i thought i was seeing a political show paid for by obama and his henchmen blasting the republican party. i can’t remember the last time i actually saw a funny episode of snl, must have been at least 10 years or so. Its a shame the younger generation, or at least today’s generation, can’t experience the real comedy and enjoy what live acting is.

  2. Peter Orilia says:

    Watching SNL is very much like watching Laugh-In re-runs: it’s excruciating! What I used to consider hip, cool, and very in-funny is now lame, dated, and very un-funny. But at least Laugh-In had catch-phrases like: “Sock it to me”, “You bet your Bippy” and the timeless “Veddy Eenteresting”

  3. thecaldude says:

    Only libtards still waych SNL….and they’re a dying breed.

  4. goatsandmonkeys says:

    yet moynihan, the worst of all will irritate us for yet another season.

  5. This is feedback to the article itself, not commenting for the sake of hobbies;

    It seems a little misleading here and in your other related articles about Nasim Pedrad, by suggesting that; 1) She is not a veteran cast member who in reality happens to be a consistent performer and 2) That she was expelled; she just has a different project. I realize that’s not what’s really being said, it’s just what seems to be conveyed.

    I’m just saying that it’s the way you’ve appeared to have roped her into a category. Not just the picture and titles here but the actual “reportings”. I feel sympathy for the temped cast of course and I’m not personally in psycho fandom of Pedrad; but overall I think she should be shown on here as given a little more credit for her contributions to SNL.

  6. shrona says:

    I am 54 and have been watching SNL since its inception, when it was unique. It was appointment television in those days. Often, you’d be at a party and it would stop for 90 minutes so everyone could watch. I lived in a college dorm where, if you had a date Saturday night, you’d come back early to catch the show. If it was a good date, you’d sign him in so he could watch in in the TV common room with you; not-so-good, you’d tell him you were tired and watch it with your girlfriends.SNL is not the phenomenon it once was because entertainment has changed.The viewer has so many more options as do performers. Personally I DVR the show every week and fast forward through what I don’t like. Yes, it’s not the same as the original. Guess what else has changed? Phone calls aren’t a dime any more (that’s if you can even FIND a pay phone), candy bars are more than 25 cents, and there are a lot more 6 channels on TV. It’s unfortunate that SNL (and TV in general) has no patience with performers and shows and often pull them before they get a chance to prove what they can do. The reason people who don’t watch post to complain is the same reason dogs lick their privates- BECAUSE THEY CAN.

  7. People on here who have no clue how SNL works, no surprise this is Variety after all. All the cast members write sketches/skits during the week. The guest star pitching their new movie or album comes on the show, the cast members show them the sketches/skits. The guest star picks the ones he/she likes. They do a run through with the chosen sketches. Then they cut down even more sketches and perform it live.

    If as a cast member, you don’t write any funny skits, you’re skits don’t get chosen, or the skits you are in simply aren’t funny. Dr. Evil hands you a pink slip.

  8. John Mullins says:

    I think Nasim is probably best know for her impression of Kim Kardashian. She will be missed. The show is still an unfunny mess, though. A complete overhaul is needed.

  9. zyggie says:

    Nasim is good. Sorry she’s leaving but glad she’ll have another tv show. Why don’t they get rid of Strong. she is NOT funny at all.

  10. Chad Rutherford says:

    SNL has and always will be the same. I’m not old enough to remember the original cast. But what I do know is this; every time the cast turns over, everybody thinks the same thing: this cast sucks, will never be as good as the last cast, who are these people?, they’re not funny. But then, after about 3-4 seasons, without you really even realizing it, you like them. But you don’t fully realize how much you like the cast until they leave and another new cast cones in. Then the cycle repeats. I remember thinking there would never been anyone better than Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz and Kevin Nealon. Who are these guys named Spade, Sandler, Farley? They’re awful! Then they left. Oh these new guys suck! Chris Kattan? Jimmy Fallon? Will Ferrell? They’ll never be as good! And it keeps going and going……5-7 years from now we’ll all look back after this cast has moved on to other things and say “wow, that was a pretty solid cast. Way better than this one they have now……”

    • grouchyroan says:

      chad, as you say you are not old enough to remember the original cast, but the problem is not all cast, its the premise of the show that changed, i see someone also posted about viewers not understanding how the show works, the problem is the show used to be funny, jimmy fallon is just a political and insult oriented jackass, or my opinion anyway. it wasn’t just the original cast, for years the show was offbeat and funny and silly. it let us get away from some of the misery of the days events, then it changed to a political agenda and insulting anyone the cast member didn’t like. why not take the time and watch some of the old shows and see what it was like, you might see why so many are disappointed the show changed.

    • tsicby says:

      The show has been a laugh wasteland for years. The writing is just so bizarre it’s pretty clear that when the writers can’t find a laugh they hide their writers block with something completely unintelligible and bizarre to trick you into thinking you’re just too dumb to get the joke.

  11. reisley says:

    How are they not firing Mike O’Brien?. He was just bad in a lot of the skits he played, not a natural actor and a very niche sense of humor that;s not that funny. I am starting to think its more about connections within Lorne Michaels empire and NBC than anything else. I’m not surprised by John Milhiser, although I wish he had gotten more of a chance. Nasim Pedrad was just starting to get annoying. I feel bad for Noel Wells though . . . plus she was cute.

    • Matt Foley says:

      Mike O’Brien’s pre-filmed pieces were definitely some of the most original stuff this season.

      He should not be booted.

  12. XaurreauX says:

    I rarely watch the show and I don’t care if anyone cares that I comment on a show I don’t watch. If you don’t care, I still don’t care.

    • Smooth. says:

      But why bother to tell us that you don’t watch it, we don’t care that you don’t watch it. I think an Ego Check is needed.

  13. Alpha says:

    Yeah I got curious to see who got the boot and looking at it now, I’m totally not surprised

  14. Roberto Rodriguez says:

    In all the years of SNL… (more than 30 years) has there ever been any cast members with a name like Garcia, Gonzales or Rodriguez? Zero! Wonder what the reason is… being that’s what launches careers, etc.

  15. Susan says:

    SNL is terrible for the last few years. Jokes are terrible, not funny or smart at all. They use either too much sex (disgusting kisses) or violent (rudeness, cutting limbs etc). Noone is watching SNL.

  16. RDLC says:

    When ya’ suck it’s expected !

  17. pete says:

    Wells, Wheelan and Milhiser were probably the three most worthless cast members in the history of SNL. How they even got the job is beyond me. Must have involved oral sex. Nasim Pedrad was quite funny and talented, but the fact that they didn’t use her much this past season made me think she was leaving. The show is pretty bad these days. The news is just awful. They need completely reinvent Weekend Update like when they had Norm MacDonald take over.

  18. SFBOB says:

    So many people who claim not to watch weighing in that the losses are nothing to cry over.
    The internet is so full of psychics!

  19. johnnyrock30 says:

    Honestly it’s not the actors that need to be fired…. it’s the writers. The best comedians on the planet couldn’t make half of the jokes they push on that show funny.

  20. Greg says:

    ax kate mckinnon as soon as possible

  21. Paul says:

    Nasim was great and then they pulled her out of skits so that untalented hack kate mckinnon who I have no idea why she gets so much attention

  22. Nunya says:

    Gonna really miss Nasim-she’s talented, hilarious, and gorgeous. The two newbies-not at all. They were the exact opposite.

  23. Bill B says:

    I’m so tired of their high-brow, inside-joke, upper West-Side-style, hipster humor. Pompous, arrogant, “we-know-what’s funny and u’ll like it” attitude. Lorne Michaels — Please study your successful past with SNL. Find similar personalities that are naturally funny, not those who try to be funny or think they are funny.

  24. mestes1999 says:

    Could you please get rid of the fat black guy from Good Burger? He hasn’t been funny in ever.

    • Joe says:

      i have been saying that for years now you know youre show is in trouble when the main black guy is the guy from Good Burger

  25. Sigh says:

    “SNL” usually trims a cast member or two before its fall premiere, so the terminations aren’t a big surprise.

    Yeah especially when this cast sucks gigantic cargo-ship-sized donkey balls. It’s like watching paint dry except more painful. They should just start over from scratch.

    • Bill B says:

      Haaaa!!1 Funniest, most-accurate comment ever. I, neither anyone else, could have said it more eloquently.

  26. COMEDY GUY says:


  27. srvwp2013 says:

    I am a throwback to the first generation of the “SNL” cast. With very few exceptions I never got much beyond that. The first generation, the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players became household names and memories and to some extent “brand names.” Some of us will go to our graves (and some already have) remembering those skits. Time moves on and change and evolution happens. Perhaps through no one’s particular fault, or maybe just because I am an old fuddy-duddy, I could not tell you who has been in the “SNL” cast for not only these past years, but for these past decades. These folks will survive, and if they can make it in New York, they can make it anywhere. The entire entertainment industry has become so fragmented that no singular group or individual makes an impact any longer. The focus now is continuously on the “next big thing,” or the hoped for “next big thing.” The planet is largely a slowly spinning sphere of lost souls. We strut and fret a very brief time upon any stage.

    • Lisa says:

      There’s definitely a thing with SNL where new cast members seem to think it’s a guarantee to be successful elsewhere. That was never the case in the early years, because who knew if it would do well or not. I will say, though, that there have been some fantastic cast members recently that seem to get automatically written off because they weren’t part of the original cast, or whichever decade that critic was personally fond of. It seems a shame. Then again, the show’s still going after 30 some years despite the personal opinions of some. The show has changed as needed, the haters haven’t.

  28. Aaron says:

    How is Vanessa Bayer still on this show?

  29. This just in: Show you no long watch loses three cast members you’ve never heard of.

  30. What they need are some decent writers! They should let the Good Neighbor cast (Kyle and Beck) take over for an episode. Theirs have been the only skits I enjoyed this last season.

  31. I stop watching SNL back in the ’90s when all the good ones left the show. So i really don’t care about who gets fired or who gets hired for SNL now a days

  32. Doug Nash says:

    I’ll miss Nasim as well. Her school girl character Shallon is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

  33. I’lL miss Nasim. S.N.L. needs to do something. I turned it off a couple of times. It just wasn’t funny. I used to look forward to watching it. Not their best year.

  34. Bill Graff says:

    I’ll miss Nasim’s dead-on Arianna Huffington.

  35. Michael says:

    I thought Noel was great. She’ll be fine.

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