Sarah Silverman Shows Off Marijuana Pipe on Red Carpet, Wins Emmy

Prior to her surprise Emmy win on Monday night, Sarah Silverman made another contribution to this year’s Emmy’s carpet when she side-stepped Giuliana Rancic’s mani-cam during an awkward interview and ultimately revealed a vaporizer pen for smoking marijuana.

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She told an NBC reporter that it contained liquid pot.

Silverman has long been open about her affection for getting high. During the intro to the nominated show, HBO special “We Are Miracles,” she smokes a joint outside an L.A. comedy club.

She said in a live interview last year, “I have very few vivid memories because I smoke a lot of pot.”

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  1. Jean Bonnez says:

    Showed me Vape at the Cannes Film Festival two years ago…

    Cannabis has gone mainstream.

    Business as usual…no biggie!

  2. King James says:

    You’re alrite Sarah. I like ya.

  3. Dr. Hugh G. Rection says:

    I read that women who smoke weed are also three times as likely to engage in “risky sexual behaviors”, so Sarah Silverman is my kind of gal!!

    Let’s get stoned and get naked, Sarah!

  4. Alan Smithee says:

    Sarah Silverman is so far ahead of most women . She’s with it . You idiots attacking and berating her should just shut the F up . You’re just haters . She is a modern-day goddess . It’s ok for you to drink your scotch whisky and smoke your newport cigarettes but she can’t puff ? What the F ever .

  5. KimM says:

    Actress? That’s debatable.

  6. If you look in the dictionary under white trash Sarah Silverman’s name appears. That’s all that needs to be said.

  7. Anchovy Garbanzo says:

    In stories like this, the pot smokers always out number the crazy Drudge readers. Good luck winning a pot argument.

  8. Snooky says:

    Look everyone, the drudge idiots have arrived!!!

  9. Mary Marie Partridge says:

    Oh wow isn’t that daring,
    a middle aged skank , going through he mid life crises, and menopause at the same time
    About six years ago she was in Ft Lauderdale telling seniors they needed to get out and vote for Obama, because he was such a good friend to Israel ,she got lots of applause
    Be interesting to see what would happen if she went back now

  10. Pablo Koh says:

    Vaporizers are so much better than smoking. No more burning your throat. I truly can’t believe people still buy cigarettes or rollng papers when this technology is available.

    • ArchAngelWC says:

      and she is smoking concentrates which is far far better in terms of “if you are going to inhale smoke”
      almost no particulate matter, little to no tar…yada yada

  11. VillageViking says:

    Clueless and classless…

  12. They should have arrested her on the spot. She is bigoted against Christians and thinks that action was funny. She’s not.

  13. Rob B. says:

    Way to go Sarah, stay classy.

  14. Pyramid says:

    I can imagine what happened. Sarah was on her way to awards show when she suddenly had a panic attack about her attire. She knew to get attention she just had to show a lot of boobage, but she started thinking, “I’ll just be another set of ‘girls’ on the red carpet, and no one will notice me.”

    So, in panic mode, she feverishly searches her little Honda Civic for something she can wear or carry that will grad attention for her. In the glove box she finds here younger brother’s pipe. In desperation she grabs it and begins to plan how to “introduce it” during her three seconds of camera time so they will linger on her a little longer.

    True story. I just made it up.

  15. Hw00d says:

    Silverman is my secret crush, she’s as weird as I am ;) + a pot head….MARRY ME!!!

  16. Harry says:

    Who is Sarah Silverman and Giuliana Rancic?

  17. Alphonzo Mcphuckpuddle says:

    Wow, man, like, isn’t she COOL??? I mean, like showing off, like, a dope pipe in public like that!!!! Like, wow, man, that is like AWESOME!!! She is so, like, COOL, man! Ill bet those photographers were like, “WOW, MAN, we got to get a picture of this!! This is like, RAD!!

  18. busy bee says:

    You Really need to fix your hair. Back to brunette.

  19. FartieStinky says:

    You mean she shows off her stupidity and the fact she is so incapable of acting like an adult she shows up either stoned or drunk. What a “never was” this one is.

  20. Pastor says:

    Don’t care if she smokes weed or not… Who the hell is she again???

  21. clee14 says:

    This is why the government is now after ecigs. Because the ecigs are being used to smoke pot? It’s nothing to do with targeting kids. They want their share of money in taxes. Follow the money

  22. Dr knot says:

    wow censorship

  23. Bradley Yourist says:

    Sarah is an entertainer you idiots. If you don’t like her, then turn the channel. This is American, land of the free, the right to pursue happiness. She’s smart, funny, successful, beautiful and Jimmy Kimmel’s a stud for dating her! Go SARAH, keep doing what you are doing! P.S. It seems the anti-semitics (and there are billions of them, look at the hate against Israel) love any reason to hate on a fellow Jew, what if her last name was Smith?

    • Adam Hirsch says:

      why you gotto go and ruin everything by bringing up israel…come on dude its like seeing a white muslim and pointing out mecca…jews aren’t automatically for israel…on one hand you’re griping about being free and on the other you’re doing the same thing in criticizing the critics of israel…really tho you had me going with home of the free and what not 420 go saraha balalala

      • Adam Hirsch says:

        really than how come you i sarah the author and i are still around? dude there are jew haters i’ll give you that…but this is about pot gods gift to mankind has nothing to do with israel, rachel corey, a 30foot concrete wall, or apartheid state…studies show clearly anti antisemitism got a good kickstart after 1948.

        but lets not change the subject israel has issues as a country like every other country on earth…but beacuse of “antisemitism” no one can actually say anything about israel without having their character assassinated…perfect example turkey the country not the bird has hosted saphardic jews since the we left spain, turkey was also first muslim country to recognize israels right to exist and now bibi is very quick to lump turkey with other terrorist states…i’m not self hating and i don’t think israel is for all jews…only for jews that wont criticize the government…for gd sake read a little and open your mind so people dont want to “kill you” and spare me the islamic terror bs…

      • Bradley Yourist says:

        The world wants us Jews DEAD, period. Look around you….and their is an under-two of Anti-Semitism about some of the comments…but go ahead, put your head in the sand, and believe that everyone loves Jews. Go to Israel, see for yourself. Anyway, SARAH rocks!

    • Lynn in CT says:

      She’d still suck.

      • Adam Hirsch says:

        ha thats so funny i have a bottle of cbd oil right in front of me but its the kind you spray under your tongue. you should try that its better than smoking it. i got it online for $40 wish it got me high
        and i found a really nice ejuice from slim’s ejuices it was 4.50 for 3o ml bottle. i only use virgin ejuice because i still smoke regular cigs but the ejuice taste so good makes my cigs taste bad haha

      • Lynn in CT says:

        @ Adam Hirsch – I don’t care if she uses an ecig. I do as well. I just think she is obnoxiously unfunny. BTW – my vape store sells the liquid hemp in 4 flavors. The store owner says it relaxes you but not not get you high.

      • Adam Hirsch says:

        well we agree on that at least, mine is a better opinion tho :p…but sarah aside you have to make some argument why she is bad for using a v-pen…
        people can smoke nicotine and virgin e-juice but trust me i had a chance to try the tri-blend stuff and i pray every night and morning for pot to be legalized… the sky wont fall but we’ll be flyin’ high

      • Lynn in CT says:

        @Adam Hirsch – you are entitled to your opinion as am I. I am well aware of the concept of a book. I have written two of them.

      • Adam Hirsch says:

        lynn there is this wonderful technology called a book…make your kids read and you pick one up too, its tv and no one is forcing you to watch this, no one is forcing you to give up alcohol and sadly no one is frocing me to over smoke a whole lot of dank tri-blend medical grade stuff and dry heb blends….sarah is sarah leave her alone…she clearly has a great taste being that her v-pen hookah is the same color as mine

      • Lynn in CT says:

        @ Bradley Yourist – I didn’t watch the video. Learn to read now, won’t ya.

      • Bradley Yourist says:

        If you think she ‘sucks’ then why did you watch the video? Go clean up the house now, won’t ya.

  24. Mary J Wauna says:

    That is an e-cigarette. True, you can vaporize the liquid thc with it, but just to be correct, it is not a marijuana pipe. And please, I see a lot of comments on here insinuating that this gal is looked up to as a role model……… If your letting you kids look up to Hollywood types as role models, then your living in fantasy land.

  25. dnhook says:

    98% of the people there were high.

  26. Jimmy Kimmel says:

    B-i-t-c-h stole that from me when she moved out!!! I’ve been looking for that!

  27. YouGotToBeKiddingMe says:

    She has never been funny so she uses shock tactics to get noticed. I can’t understand how she is considered talented when it is apparent that she is not. Her greatest show business achievement was dating Jimmy Kimmel.

  28. Jimmy Kimmel says:

    Am I the only one who finds Sarah SilverMAN irrelevant? I don’t see anything extraordinary with her in any way.

  29. JohnInDC says:

    So tacky. Below white trash.

  30. What a role model for young girls. No talent, no manners, no concern for others. Mayim Bialik is a real role model. Smart, educated, funny and devout.

    • Adam Hirsch says:

      KAREN, Hanna opinions are like @sses in that mine is the BEST

      BUT wait a second why is she a bad role model? she smokes something that naturally grows and she is bad for that reason? really? have you heard her comedy? you have no problem alcohol? your judges and senators love to sip on their drinks but hell breaks loose if someone god forbid smoked something that doesn’t cost have a big carbon footprint like your damn wine and beer…

      I just ego battery at the horduck website its cheaper than a pack of cigs and i can smoke virgin ejuice while i try to quit smoking…

      you can’t judge me…

    • hanna says:

      You got that right!

  31. Willa says:

    Moron, elected by morons, watched by morons.

  32. Fred Garvin says:

    Ha, you have to be stoned to watch the Emmy’s. I could only imagine how wasted you would have to be to attend.

  33. Smoking cannabis for breakfast is the reason liberals are so much smarter than we Americans. Don’t believe me? Just ask one.

  34. suds whynn says:

    No class for her. damages the brain, but thinking like an adult seems out of fashion.

  35. Ferdinand says:

    Sarah Silverman? Oh. Then please just allow me to say BLECCCCH!

  36. stevelargo says:

    Got to love all the conservatives on here having a breakdown over a comedian who smokes pot, but I bet you idiots all listen to Rush Limbaugh right? You remember Rush, the grossly overweight smack head who popped oxy, which is far more destructive than marijuana. The hypocrisy of you drudge reading mouth-breathers is stunning in its breadth of idiocy.. LOL…..

    • Willa says:

      Oh, and pot is still illegal in most places and was when this bimbo started.

    • Willa says:

      What’s Rush got to do with it? You attack a guy who had a problem, but no longer. Somehow that’s supposed to relate to a Hollywood bimbo? You people love to compare pot, oh so safe, compared to other stuff. That’s really dubious. Pot saps your brains as proved by this bimbo. If you people get your way the nation will be full of pot-head zombies.

    • Pocho Basura says:

      ……selfidentiffying psychic liberal.
      Latest PC slur conservative/republican.
      I’m sure you are really for freedom of speech, as long as you agree with what is being said.
      You are sad ……..

      • Deb says:

        Steve Largo….how many years ago did Rush do the oxys and when did Silverman brandish her pot pipe? Apples & oranges buddy….Deflecting aren’t you?

      • stevelargo says:

        Rush Limbaugh popped oxys and doctor shopped which is illegal, that’s not a slur, that’s a fact. I’m a libertarian, one who especially hates moralizing hypocrites. Sorry the truth hurts…

  37. Angus McDonald says:

    “Weed” is a derogatory term.
    Cannabis is far to special to be called a “weed”.

  38. Cheri54 says:

    more clueless remarks from the clueless elite.

  39. Perhaps she should visit the Rehab clinics filled with teenagers who have over-dosed before touting this substance.

    • Howard the.Duck says:

      Perhaps Howard should stop associating with Alcoholic Republican hypocrites that consume the narcotic drug ethanol found in Beer, Wine and Liquor that destroys over 10,000 innocent lives on US highways each year.

    • …….you know you can’t overdose on weed right?

      • Dr. Angus McDonald says:

        There is a lot of ignorance out there
        born f ear and the old propaganda that still holds on.

        Cannabis and Hops (in beer) are in the same plant family
        and have almost the exact same effect.

        So you hypocrites get yourselves “hopped up” on beer
        while you look down on a safer alcohol free alternative.
        Shame on you.

  40. Duude says:

    To be fair, if you had to wake up each morning to the reality that you were Sarah Silverman, wouldn’t you smoke a lot of pot too?

  41. Defiant says:

    Silverman is beautiful…but she’s a Liberal LUNATIC. Who cares if she smokes pot? She just needs to have a little dignity. I mean, plenty of these stars drink booze, too…but even Lindsay Lohan doesn’t stagger along the carpet swinging a bottle of Jack around for the cameras.

    • Lazybum says:

      Silverman is beautiful only if you squint and smoke a lot of pot….she is actually kinda skanky, and word is she has a “patina” if you know what I mean.

  42. Molly says:

    Look at all these lovely comments from the “Christians” from the Drudge report, so much love!

  43. guest says:

    This is the same idiot who said she feels bad that she has never had to have an abortion. What a twisted sick person. No wonder she drugs herself, to get away from the reality she has created where abortion = cool and being 40+, unmarried and a stoner is cool, too.

  44. Arik says:

    It’s too bad she has no memory of being an awful actress and generally not funny.

  45. Enzo says:

    Wow these commenters are ignorant. It is a vaporizer, nothing more.

  46. You know, it doesn’t do the legalization movement any favors when the stoners act like characters in Cheech and Chong.

  47. Charlie Harper says:

    I had no idea how much fun it is being a conservative. Nothing compares with saying nasty things about people you don’t even know.

    • Chuck E Cheese says:

      I have no idea what any of this has to do with being “conservative.”

      I judge books by their contents, not their covers. I have always thought that Sarah Silverman has a very,very attractive cover. Her contents, however, are shallow and lacking.

      As to the matter of pot, I support its legalization, but only because I believe that the so-called “war on drugs” is more damaging to our society than than drugs themselves.

      The damage to body and brain that comes from long-term pot use is well documented, and I think that anyone who uses it for “recreational” uses is stupid. However, in a truly free society, people should have the informed right to do with their bodies as they please.

    • Your best friend says:

      You mean like you are right now?

  48. Leo Cardinal says:

    Only thing more pathetic is the rehab sideshow that follows.

  49. Alma Lopez says:

    She really must be desperate for attention.

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