POLL: Are You a Fan of HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’?

The Leftovers HBO

HBO’s new series “The Leftovers,” from producers Damon Lindelof (“Lost”) and Tom Perrotta, debuted Sunday night to mixed reviews. Variety critic Brian Lowry said it “unevenly mixes its universal themes” while EW called the sci-fi drama “oppressive.”

Are you a fan of HBO’s new show?


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  1. Season 1 of the Leftovers was interesting, but not good enough for me to keep watching it. Until someone I know told me the second season was fantastic. I’m so glad I watched the second series; it was amazing. Give it a try if you watched the first year and didn’t bother with the second round. Whatever they did to it made it compelling television.

  2. Terri Klein says:

    Liked the first season of The Left Overs. Couldn’t follow second season. Very confusing and to abstract. Really liked Justin. Theroux . He should have another show on HBO. I love. HOMELAND. Can’t wait for it to continue.

  3. avery says:

    garbage !!!

    • Paytyn C says:

      This is the pattern I’m seeing here: You either like The Leftovers you don’t.
      The Leftovers is my favorite currently airing show right now.
      Does it seem uninteresting, boring, pointless?
      Wait a few episodes.Or even an entire season if you have too. You get mind f****d.
      Everything ties together just to fall apart again. The little deatials that didn’t seem to matter end up changing the entire show and you get angry!
      And no one knows what it really is, but now we’re going into season two, and now we are freaking out because the chain smoking gang is going even more crazy, and loury is crazy, and hdbgdjsh.
      If you have enough patience, you can and will like the show.

  4. mikal says:

    i’m not sure if i like it or don’t. i have the feeling the premise is going nowhere, and i don’t like that the premise has this superstitious flavour to it, just like the ending of lost. for me “the rapture” is just some superstitious bullshit, it’s hard to swallow that premise even though it’s uncertain, but it is the only implied answer. it makes all these characters involved with cults or churches look like idiots.
    production value, character relationsship and development is okay though.
    but the characters are too obviously being dumb, so it’s hard to identify with their stuck situations. also i feel like the whole metaphorical stuff is too obivious and or too pretentious, just like david lynch movies but even worse.
    maybe i should just let it rest, and might give it a try when it’s finished. i m not gonna watch interuped if it doesnt go anywhere. would have been better on netflix, with one season at a time.

  5. rufus says:

    I’ve now watched 3 episodes and won’t waste my time on another. As far as I’m concerned, each episode has been a pointless, unentertaining slog through a depressing, disjointed story with a cast of unlikeable characters. Episode three sealed the deal – time for me to disappear. HBO blew it when they picked up this turkey.

    I guess not every HBO show can be Game of Thrones…

  6. Elma says:

    I can’t decide if it is a good show, tbh, but it keeps me going back. The characters have a lot of humanity, I think that is why. If the storyline starts to make more sense in the next few episodes I’ll definitely keep watching.

  7. waterfalls says:

    It dragged on in the first episode with too much dark mystery. I could not take it, I changed the channel after the first 30 mins. It did not meet my expectations after watching weeks worth of previews.

  8. Dave says:

    I got sucked in…Just like Lost. Enough was covered to leave me wanting more. Criticizing is easy. TV is hard. Give it a chance. That’s why there’s HBO. Unlike network TV that pulls stuff after 2 episodes, HBO will give a show a chance, so should we.

    • Bob Clark says:

      I recently re-watched the first few episodes of Lost. The intensity and drama was there from the first few minutes of the show(even the first time I saw it years ago). After one episode of the Leftovers, I felt no intensity, no drama…by the end I was looking at the clock and could not wait for it to be over…I may watch another episode, but LOST had us locked in from the start. Leftovers falls well short of this IMHO. Very disappointing. At least the disappointment came early in this show, for LOST we had to wait for the finale to be disappointed…

    • davlestev1 says:

      SERIOUSLY??? The first episode of LOST had me riveted within one minute. This was just plain out and out ridiculous. That group of people in white writing out everything they had to say. By the time one of them spoke I was so annoyed with this crap I couldn’t have cared less. And it was less than dramatic why they spoke. Because they bullied a woman into showing up when you knew she would anyway. “oh,by the way, this is the last time we speak to each other”. LMAO…The chain smoking made absolutely NO sense,,,even though i’m sure they’ll give a lame ass excuse down the road. What POSSIBLE excuse could make you say…ohhh…ok …that’s why they chain smoke. NONE!! That seriously unnecessary party game of spin the cell phone with high school kids was skeevy and uncomfortable and POINTLESS…This show was crappy and cliched from start to finish and HBO should really reconsider whoever greenlit this SCHLOCK..VERY VERY BAD TV…AND ON CABLE NO LESS!!!

  9. JoelR says:

    Can’t become a fan after just one episode. Right now, we are seeing everything out-of-context.

  10. Andy says:

    Thoroughly un-entertaining. I didn’t know it was possible to make something more pointlessly moody-broody than the Twilight Saga, but HBO seems to have found a way. Watching the network’s answer to AMC’s The Walking Dead felt like a chore one had to endure in order to find something more interesting on television. The tropes are worn out, (the angry cop with a broken family, the self reflecting stag showing up in random places, and the vulnerable woman sucked into a creepy cult) while the stereotypical characters were under developed and altogether, boring. It’s funny that the show’s characters are so mundane, yet the show’s concept bites off way more than it can chew. Should make for an interesting trainwreck.

    The sexy and ageless Justin Theroux feels miscast as angry cop Kevin Garvey and in the shadow of his Walking Dead counterpart, actor Andrew Lincoln, Theroux is reduced to a second banana. Actress Amy Brenneman plays his blowzy, estranged wife Laurie, who gets sucked into the town’s local chain smoking cult. Their “relationship” is a moot point however, because Theroux looks about 35 and Brenneman looks about 65. Perhaps its all that oat meal, cult stuff, and smoking.

    But what’s funny about the Garvey family (and by funny, I mean stupid) is that all its members are intact and none were effected by “the departure.” They are all separated by their own volition. Cue son Tom screaming in a pool.

    Awww life’s just so hard innit?

    With all this glum television, something sexy, with some glamour and good writing would be HIGHLY welcome. Come on HBO. You can do better. I will relish in the day of The Newsroom’s return, and mourn when it is over.

    • JoelR says:

      “Sexy, glamour, good writing” Starz tried that with a fine series called MAGIC CITY. (DAnny Huston, James Caan, and Olga Kurylenko!) Viewers stayed away and it was cancelled after 2 seasons.

      • Andy says:

        Yea, Magic City was none of those things. It was a failed attempt to be the next Mad Men. It was gratuitously clichéd, violent and sexist.

      • Roshan says:

        Magic City never really made sense though. The whole Judaism angle seemed so forced, and the son’s romance with the mob boss’s wife was just absurd. Wooden acting, too many cliches. Even Boss was ridiculous with the woman who kept having sex in random public places and the mayor who tears off someone’s ear, and the daughter who is slumming and doing drugs. Unfortunately, Boss and Magic City were just “wannabe” dramas, when things are taken to a ridiculous level in an attempt to be the next Sopranos. Other failures include Ray Donovan, Low Winter Sun, Brotherhood and many more.

  11. Mason Betty says:

    Lots of good actors, but a really bad story. I knew it would be bad when in the beginning I saw a uniformed police chief who hasn’t shaved in days. The profanity just didn’t fit the story either. I always watch a least three episodes before I stop watching, but in this case, I’m out.

  12. Kim says:

    I loved it! Reminds me of the first time I saw “Lost”. I was totally confused, but entertained! We, as viewers, are not supposed to “understand” what it going on at this point.

    • Phil Ryan says:

      Really ? Lost was interesting but this is just a garbage even telling a story about people after a war would be more fun to watch instead of this garbage.

  13. JJ says:

    Terrible show!!!!. Way too dark, crappy writing with crappy dialogue. Not a single character of many got me interested in wanting to know more about them. Just pure crap.

  14. Yes I liked the leftovers especially the outstanding performance by Justin theroux. No one can judge a movie by one episode. I will definetly hang in there.

  15. Diane says:

    Too dark and violent for me, I stopped watching after a half hour. I didn’t like the killing of animals and other violence. I don’t know if it followed the book or not, but the show was not for me.

  16. Daryle Gardner-Bonneau says:

    Disappointing. Very disjointed, too many characters briefly introduced, too many inexplicable events. It was a just a mess from my perspective, and very, very dark. Throw in sex, throw in violence, add unexplained cruelty to animals…and it was definitely enough to cause me seek something a little more entertaining just before bedtime!

    • James says:

      Just move on HBO, drop it now. There is no real interested. Good actor but there is no mystery. Lost me after one show.

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