News Anchor Confuses Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne

Samuel L Jackson Laurence Fishburne

Whatever you do, do not confuse Samuel L. Jackson for someone else.

A KTLA entertainment reporter made that fatal error when he tried to congratulate Jackson on his recent Super Bowl ad — only to realize too late that the actor featured in that spot was actually Laurence Fishburne. When the reporter turned sideways to get some help from off-screen personnel after realizing his faux pas, Jackson caught on and made sure the reporter pays the price for his error.

In the segment below, Jackson proceeds to chew out the reporter saying things such as “We all don’t look alike” and “You’re the entertainment reporter?”  Jackson continues to drill into him even after the reporter tries to segue into talking about Jackson’s newest project, “Robocop.”

Watch the video below to find out the rest of what happened to the KTLA reporter.

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  1. Zaidi Ademeit says:

    That’s right! Racism is only racism when a rope is being strung around your neck; and not the little innocent things like white women clutching their bags when in the presence of a black man; or standing with their backs against the elevator wall, when alone with a black man in an elevator; or being followed around department stores, all the way into the dressing rooms, when shopping, or being shot dead for playing your music too loud! But you will deny all that, because 1) you don’t know what it’s like to be black in America; and 2) you don’t want to know, because to empathize with people who look like me is to give up on some of your precious “white privilege”! Despite being in countless movies, with his big, black face plastered on countless, football sized billboards all over America’s landscape, for the past 20 plus years, and you’re an entertainment reporter, and you can’t recognize who Samuel L. Jackson is, should invalidate your status as an entertainment reporter!!! You just INSULTED the man on national t.v., and it’s funny to you. I assure you, it was not funny to Samuel L. Jackson, and he, rightfully let it be known that he was insulted!! Yet you think he’s making too much of the issue, or “can afford to be nice to those in subservient positions” (whatever that means), or–and this one really takes the pot–that he “could have been more gracious”?!!! What you’re really saying is that Mr. Jackson, despite his name and face recognition, fame and fortune, and reputation, should have just bend over and graciously TAKE IT UP THE ASS, and thank the reporter for doing it to him?!!! Or, where you frightened by Samuel L. Jackson’s rage–acting as any self respecting human being would act, and be justifiably angry and outraged?!! You, obviously, have a problem with his display of a healthy self esteem from your ardent defense of the blind reporter at Mr. Jackson’s expense! You must find it troublesome that Mr. Jackson does have self-esteem; otherwise, why does his anger trouble you so? You’re probably hunted, in your dreams, by THE ANGRY BLACK MAN AND WOMAN!!! Perhaps, that is your problem. I won’t say the R-word; but from what you’ve written, it’s seems to moving in that direction.

    p.s.: You’ll probably accuse me of playing the so-called race card; and if you do, it’s only because you’re use to holding the deck, called WHITE PRIVILEGE!!! I’m sick and tired of having to bear the burden of making you “white people” feel safe, privileged, and superior, by pretending I have no pain receptors in my body, or a history of your ancestors and peers continually taking black people for granted, telling us what we should feel, how we should act, what we should have said and done, as you did to the esteemable actor, Samuel L. Jackson, STOP WALKING ALL OVER US AND CEASE DISRESPECTING US FOR EXERCISING OUR HUMAN RIGHTS AS SAMUEL L. JACKSON DID, BUT WHO WAS CALLED OUT FOR IT!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  2. James Thompson III says:

    KTLA Reporter Sam Rubin is not in a subservient position. He makes hundreds of thousands a year. I’m sorry to point this out to you, but you’re the one taking it all too seriously. Mr. Jackson was having fun and everyone thought it was a funny situation. In addition, you are wrong. Entertainment reporters do not confuse actors. This was a particularly egregious case as Laurence Fishburne was in the commercial for an entire 90 minutes. And he doesn’t look anything like Samuel Jackson except to folks who think all blacks look alike. Samuel Jackson was just having fun with Sam. Me thinks you protest too much Penelope.

  3. Penelope says:

    For heaven sake, people confuse movie stars all the time, this is not a racist thing and acting like it is diminishes actual racist behavior. Leave the poor reporter alone, I wish we all could make such minor mistakes in our lives. Samuel Jackson should and could have been more gracious, he’s a wealthy movie star, we don’t all have to kiss his rear. He can afford to be nice to those in subservient positions!

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