‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Plans Crossovers with ‘NCIS,’ Rob Kerkovich Joins Cast

NCIS New Orleans

NCIS: New Orleans” will feature crossovers with the original series, the executive producers confirmed at the show’s Television Critics Assn. summer press tour panel Thursday.

Plans are already in place for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of the spinoff. “We have a storyline where Michael Weatherly is involved, where Pauley Perrette is involved, David McCallum. That’s the fun of what we have here is having that interaction. As to how often and when it happens … there’s a lot that goes into the planning of that with schedules and making sure that Mark is here and focused on ‘NCIS.’ But we’ll keep the balls in the air and make it work as best we can,” said Gary Glasberg, who serves as an executive producer along with Harmon and Jeffrey Lieber.

“The worlds of the two shows exist in the same place,” Lieber noted. “There’s a lot of cross-pollination of just the world, the places, the people, the history of 259 episodes of the show that come before us. So we are our own thing, but we exist very much in the same universe, which is really cool.”

Actor Rob Kerkovich has also joined the cast as forensic scientist Sebastian Lund, who will be working in the Jefferson Parish morgue alongside CCH Pounder’s character Dr. Wade. “He’s a terrific talent, and I think we’ll have a lot of fun,” said Glasberg.

Glasberg revealed that the show’s inception can be traced back to a conversation between himself and Harmon back in 2013. “This came about a year ago when Mark Harmon and I sat down… I usually sit down with him, and we talk about ideas for the coming season, and setting a couple of episodes in New Orleans was the idea for some sweeps episodes, and Mr. Harmon turned to me and said, ‘Gary, those aren’t the sweeps episodes. That’s a series.’ And one thing followed another, and the next thing we knew, we were making episodes and finding these terrific actors, and I’m writing scripts over Christmas, and here we are. It’s been an extraordinary ride and very, very excited to have a show that’s set against this wonderfully rich backdrop of music and culture and people and all the things that New Orleans has to offer. And then for us to do the kinds of stories that we do — humor, heart, pathos, mystery — to be able to do that in New Orleans, to shoot in New Orleans is a great thing. And we started prep on our first episode just a few days ago. ‘NCIS’ is already shooting. We start shooting ‘New Orleans’ a week from yesterday.”

Harmon added, “When Gary talks about storylines, he doesn’t actually do that very often with me, so I pay attention when he does… We all knew about the New Orleans office. We know more about NCIS as an agency than I did 11 years ago or 12 years ago. So the fact that there was this office that offered this location and the excitement that Gary had and the idea of doing — which we do sometimes on the show — we’ll do a two episode arc, a three episode arc, and him talking about having interest in really highlighting this office, as we talked about it, it was just so blaringly obvious that there was a lot more in here than two hours.”

On the differences between “New Orleans” and the original series, Glasberg noted, “The one thing that will really vary is that Washington handles bigger, large-scope international instances, but that’s not to say that they don’t encounter stories like that down there as well, and then have to call on Washington for input… [But] their jurisdiction literally goes from Pensacola all the way around the Gulf to Texas. So it’s not just specific to New Orleans, it spreads out all over.”

“It’s really about the DNA of the city and the whole Gulf Coast… every story we start to break, you feel that come in,” Lieber said. “So the mysteries are infused with a kind of culture and soul, which is not to say anything about ‘NCIS,’ but you feel the city in every beat and starting to inform the characters as well… [And] as evidenced from the pilot episodes, whereas Washington has all the resources, this office is three, four people really making the best of the interjurisdictional nature of the world down there — it’s New Orleans Police, it’s the Coast Guard.”

NCIS: New Orleans,” a planted spin-off, features Scott Bakula as the head of a dedicated team of Navy investigators in the Big Easy. With its rich setting of music, drinking and debauchery, New Orleans is a magnet for military personnel on leave. And with fun comes trouble, which is when this team is at its best. Pounder, Lucas Black and Zoe McLellan also star.

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  1. So excited about this new show and seeing Scott Bakula again!! More fun with NCIS.

  2. Jan says:

    Bishop is a good actress,for the new show NOT NCIS—– let it go for awhile—bring
    in substitutes—— I think Cote made a bad decision like Rob Lowe did on “West Wing”
    I am not even interested in watching Cote on a different show

  3. waiting for NCIS Duluth. Offda, been cold. Great lake division.

  4. Gary says:

    NCIS Miami??? I’m confused They also tried to keep Ziva with more money and she turned down she wanted to look at other acting choices

  5. Lavonne Tippen says:

    I will watch NCIS Nw Orleans. I have watched all of them so far and loved every one. The thing I hated was taking off NCIS Miami and getting rid of Zeva. I loved her and Tony together. I was hoping it was forever, not Zeva leaving. I hope NCIS New Orleans stays on longer than Miami….

  6. Cindy says:

    I’m not going to watch New Orleans. Saw enough on crossover last season. Not too thrilled with original either! Not just that annoying Bishop; the stories are not good. They need to go back to solving crimes. Been too much drama with Tony and blowing up Deliah was totally unnecessary and cruel. I liked the NCIS Red spin off; it was new and different and would have been very interesting.

  7. JALOPKIN says:

    Adding badly copycatted Shows, in different places all over the Map, is not going to make up for Ziva’s not being there … The reason NCIS-Los Angeles has done so well, is that it has NOT tried to be NCIS DC … and James Todd Smith is a lot better Actor than he ever was a Singer … Surprisingly, Mark Harmon has gotten Gibbs down pat, and has never overdone the part … it is the only thing he has ever done right, on Screen … I love New Orleans, but the New show is going to struggle to get 13 Weeks … …

  8. Linda West says:

    There will never be a show as good as the orginal NCIS. They are just wasting thrie time.

  9. If I can get past “Quantum Leap” I can deal with Scott Bakula, but the “aw shucks” attitude and accent from Lucas Black sounds more like south Alabama or south Georgia than Louisiana, and I’m from Alabama so don’t jump on me! Natives don’t bother me, but his is too fake…rest of the cast is OK. As for NCIS original, Lord please, get rid of Bishop. Took me months to really decided that I couldn’t stand her, I agree with the comment below about Abigail Borin…that would be a good fit. But no one is ever going to replace Ziva and that’s the root of the problem. And as to the “my brother” I have a good friend who is from southwest Louisiana, works off shore, amd actually uses that from time to time…

    • Actually, Lucas Black is from Alabama….so that is his real accent, and he uses it in all the movies and tv roles he’s done. And his character is originally from Alabama….so they have an actual Southern on the show.

  10. nana says:

    I won’t be watching this new show……..don’t care for the actor’s in it and it is all phony

  11. Susan says:

    I do hope that once the new show, NCIS New Orleans, airs they stop saying “My Brother”. I have NEVER heard anyone in New Orleans, much less Louisiana, say that.

  12. Sandy Hargrove says:

    I know they have to come up with new things just in case people are getting tired of old things. My big fear is that Jethro and his crew will be considered old. If they go so do I and many of my friends. I still remember when Murder She Wrote went off the air. I read where it was popular with the older people but they weren’t the ones buying the products from the sponsors that aired the show. To me that is pathetic but I learned to live with it. Mark Harmon and his crew is a different story. Please don’t play with that show and mess it up in any way. Tuesday night was NCIS at 8PM and NCIS LA at 9PM. So now they have messed up Tuesday night and NCIS LA comes on Monday night. Not sure what other brilliant ideas somebody has but why didn’t they put and new NCIS on Monday night? Not sure who the victim is here us or NCIS LA?

  13. Mary says:

    I have watched every episode of NCIS a dozen times. I have become disinterested since Bishop has come on, she is annoying and doesn’t fit the show. I was surprised her contract was renewed with so many negative comments from the viewers.

    • Jc says:

      We just wish they would leave it alone !! I sure don’t like the idea the Our NCIS; LA is going to be on MONDAY NIGHT this fall !! Who’s idea was that. We did not like the new NCIS, so when OUR NCIS IS OVER ON TUESDAY NIGHT we will just find something else the watch. MARK PLEASE STOP CHANGING THINGS. Why do you think the show has gone this long BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE IT JUST LIKE IT IS !! I’m sorry Bishop you just don’t fix it !! You are cute and I’m sure you were good at what you did, but you just don’t have what NCIS has. PLEASE LET THINGS BE !!!!!!!

  14. julia says:


  15. rocky-o says:

    i’m looking forward to the new series…just wish they could get the old one back up on its feet again…(…i’m tellin’ ya…dump bishop and get pam grier in…)

  16. jean says:

    Just get rid of that fake, awful accent Scott Bakula was using in the piot- not sure i can listn t that week after week!

  17. Betty Dunn says:

    Just watch the show and not the color of the people! I would watch it if they were all purple.

  18. Peggy Allen says:

    I am VERY disappointed in the lack of DIVERSITY in CBS shows. CC H Pounder and LLCoolJ not with standing, having NO MINORITY AGENTS in this spinoff in NEW ORLEANS of all places, the blackest city in the US is DISGRACEFUL. I’m a long time viewer of these franchises but I’ve REACHED MY LIMIT, with NO MINORITY AGENTS in NEW ORLEANS. Only 1 in LA and NONE in D.C.? SHAME ON YOU CBS.

    • Fred says:


      Rocky Carrol is the Director of NCIS (Leon Vance) and is located in DC – in case you had not noticed.

      In your words, I believe he would be considered a ‘minority agent’…..

      • Peggy Allen says:

        In case you haven’t noticed, that’s where most cop shows park their minority actors. In the role of boss or medical examiner. When they have them. You know very well the roles of the agents are the main roles. They are seen every episode and affect the story. We see Vance maybe once an episode. I’m talking about having more minority characters as part of the main cast. This NCIS:NO seems to be all white which is especially egregious since it takes place in one of the blackest cities in the US.

  19. Anne Cosper says:

    I just hope the writer takes away the “My brother” from Scott Bacula (who is a great actor) and tones down the accent of the female ME. No one, not even people from New Orleans talk like that. I keep expecting her to break into a Popeye’s Chicken commercial. I’ve lived in the South my whole life and while we may talk slowly, or place accents on syllables differently from someone who lives in New Jersey….we still don’t sound the way these characters portray and it will be a deal breaker for me.

    • Diane S says:

      I agree, Anne. I cringed every time I heard that phrase and the accents. Just a bit too much and I love Scott Bakula.

      • Naomi James says:

        I love the “My Brother” expression. We have started using it here at work in Houston. Sounds southern to me. I was born in Mississippi and we do sound like that. Count on me to watch it with bated breath. All of here at work can’t wait.

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