‘NCIS’ Has Become World’s Most-Watched TV Drama


NCIS,” which has been the most popular U.S. drama for five straight seasons, is now king of the world.

On Wednesday, CBS’ global hit series received the prestigious International Television Audience Award for a Drama TV Series at the 54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival. “NCIS” is distributed worldwide by CBS Studios International.

The annual International Audience Award is presented jointly by the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide to reward programs who delivered the highest ratings worldwide in 2013 across five continents in three categories: Drama TV Series, Comedy TV Series and Telenovelas/Soap Operas.

International Audience Award nominees were pre-selected among the 15 top imported fiction programs in 66 countries, representing nearly 3 billion potential viewers. NCIS garnered more than 57.6 million viewers worldwide in 2013.

Stateside, “NCIS” averaged 18.51 million viewers for its original episodes during the 2013-14 season, with that number swelling to 22.39 million with a full week’s worth of DVR playback included, according to Nielsen.

NCIS star and executive producer Mark Harmon and executive producer Gary Glasberg said in a statement: “As ‘NCIS’ enters its 12th season, we couldn’t be happier to learn we’re now the #1 drama in the world. It’s no secret that determination and teamwork have allowed our cast and crew to continue to deliver a show we’re truly proud of.

“We also know we wouldn’t be here without the support and loyalty of the best fans in television. Thanks to our worldwide audience for helping us start the new season off right.”

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  1. karan says:

    gibbs as director maybe

  2. alan ayers says:

    watch all reruns, bishop must go!!!! on i shut the tv off, dump blonde

  3. alan ayers says:

    ncis sucks without eiva, stopped wachting, get rid of bisbop

  4. I bet Cote DePablo is kicking her lame ass

  5. Mrs j dinan says:

    I watch n c I wall the time but I can’t watch any more god sake bring zeva back that blonde bimbo is rubbish she can do any thing or think for its self I will not watch any more

  6. fetchkitty says:

    ditto,LOVE DUCKYYYYYYY! Bring back Zeva!

  7. rose says:

    I’m loving the show, which I only started watching a few weeks ago. Yeah, yeah, I’m late to the party. I’m marathon binging. I love all the characters, except the blonde girl (Bishop). Ziva and DiNozza’s chemistry was great. Cote de Pablo who played Ziva was great in the role all by herself too. She was badass, the blonde, not so much.

    After all this time, I think Gibbs needs to move on. He loved Shannon, she’s gone. He needs a new lady that he can love. Shannon shouldn’t be forgotten, but the emotional iceberg and brooding needs to stop. I still would like him to maintain his grumpiness with the team and overall personality. Abby is quirky and I like that. She’s more than childlike and everyone humors her. Maybe she could remain quirky, but less childlike. Bringing her a big gulp or whatever the heck that is and the kisses on the cheek or forehead don’t need to happen every episode. Tony is Tony. He has an intimacy phobia lol. Not ready to see him settle with one woman, unless Cote comes back as Ziva. Would be great for them to be in a relationship and still take jabs at each other. McGee is the one who needs to be in an exclusive relationship. The blonde needs to go and be replaced with a stronger woman with a personality that isn’t insipid. Love Duckyyyyyyyyyyy! lol.

  8. Margie says:

    Like I said before the girl is nowhere and it’s up to Michael if she comes back and I don,t think her wants her. It will take the spotlight away from him if she does he should grow up but some people never do. I just hope ncis figures this out before it’s too late

  9. Dottie Byrd says:

    The Bishop character is beyond awkward. It is not sympathetic, not endearing, not cute. I cannot decide if the actress cannot act or if the writers hate her and give her crappy dialogue. Riht now I’m leaning toward she cannot act, unless you count the raising of the eyebrows and the stuttering. My feelings are not a product of Cody separation anxiety as I was not invested in her as an individual, rather the whole ensemble cast.

  10. Margie says:

    I guess it is up to tony and it seems that he dos no want her back that’s cause she shines and tony does not he is jealous he is a big baby and needs to grow up Gibbs think of your fans. When I see the dizzy blond on I shut off the program. I turn to a different channel I like the reruns

  11. Margie says:

    Get rid of tony and bring back diva

  12. donna says:

    get rid of the blonde girl, she dose not put a patch to ziva, she is boring and cant act….bring back ziva please

  13. Jack Rarick says:

    I think they need to bring ziva back its just not the same with out her they need an assassin/special agent and this new chick just isn’t going to make that cut sorry.

    • RitaB says:

      I watch reruns every day , I have watched a couple new episodes, just can not get used to the boring, cross legged floor girl! Get up off the floor and show Gibbs some respect! Don’t be questioning Gibbs all the time! I really am not thrilled with no ZIVA!!!! Guess I will stick with reruns.

  14. toolazytowatchanythingelse says:

    I could understand the award MAYBE for season 10.. NOT for season 11.. and it is NOT because of ZIVA LEAVING.. but, because of the WRITING for THIS past season!!!

    No, Emily is a decent actress, the WRITING is BAD! The Executive Producer along with the WRITERS..seem to have wanted an ANTI ZIVA.. a character that was not ‘structured’, not perceived as HARD, DEADLY.. so they came up with someone who does not look like she can kill an ant.. is disorganized.. and ‘fluffy’.. BUT.. they are trying much MUCH tooo hard!!! I CAN SEE sitting on the floor, up high, etc.. to ‘get another view’.. BUT NOT ALL THE TIME!!! then.. to give this ‘LAME EXCUSE’ of ‘I can’t fill ZIVA’S DESK’!! COME ON!!! She is brilliant! She would have changed desks, changed the desk lineup, color, etc. to make it ‘NOT ZIVA’S DESK’… because it is not really the DESK!!!

    TIM-he has had CRAZYS, KILLERS, as GFs. the show gives him a ‘steady gf’.. and they have ABSOLUTELY NO CHEMISTRY!! I am not the only one who feels this way, and the show has to know this!!! ‘Delilah’ and Tony are a better ‘couple’ and get along better then she and Tim.. She and Abby would be a better couple!! They pair tim up with someone who goes off and makes friends with EVERYONE at NCIS.. Tim, who values his privacy above ALL ELSE!! NO, that would not fly with him! then, they try this EMOTIONAL PLOY of paralyzing her, healing her in a miraculous time .. (still, no chemistry!) and then, she choses her job over him, but, they decide to stay together??? and the show is bringing her back?? I have no problem seeing McGee with a NORMAL, non homicidal GF, but, have one OUTSIDE the Gov’t parameters!! One that does not show up at NCIS.. makes BESTIES with all his co workers!!! (always seems suspicious!)

    The writers have made Jimmy spineless, wimpy this season..(I believe they were trying to make him even more ‘sensitive’.. and him not getting BUN & OVEN ???).

    ABBY, a going on 40ish character.. is acting more and more like a teenage.. maturity wise.. and they are having her dress younger and younger.. which is VERY SAD.. Pauley should put her foot down on that one..

    Gibbs.. well, he is getting grouchier and grouchier.. like turning into an old man.. HE NEEDS a STEADY, NORMAL GF TOO!!!! No redhead to remind him of Shannon (???)

    ONLY TONY has gotten.. all of a sudden.. this maturity.. which he should have gotten a few years ago.. instead of having one night stand after one night stand////

    PEOPLE GET INTO HABITS with EVERYONE in life.. and that includes TV viewing…Ncis has probably remained Popular.. because most of the characters have remained the same.. and it has been on soo long.. as opposed to a lot of other dramas/sitcoms.. Networks only give one or two viewings before CANCELLING THEM.. and if shows make it on for a few years… actors often make UNREASONABLE salary demands that can SINK the entire show.. or them!!! I..E. CHARLIE SHEEN!! got the salary -for a while, but CBS was NOT going to put up with his BS.. as they should not have and fired his addicted butt!

    NCIS will probably remain near the top as long as CBS is willing to ‘fund’ THE SHOW.. and unfortunately, they, the network, the ex. producers, writers.. will ALL think they are doing an Effing wonderful job!!! When, in fact, we, the viewers, just can’t get attached to ANOTHER SHOW!!!

  15. Stephanie Michels says:

    I loved NCIS until Cote left. Once she left I watched 3 episodes to see how the new girl was. She’s a twit. She has no interaction, no chemistry with any of the other characters. And I really don’t care for her acting. Bring Cote back and I and my household will come back. Until then I will watch old episodes on USA.

  16. Grumpycat says:

    Won’t be for long, as this was based mostly on episodes with CDP. People from the UK and France that are finally seeing the episodes without her haven’t been too happy. NCIS without CDP sucks! And NCIS with EW is unwatchable! Ratings are finally catching up to reality-most fans (especially those in the coveted demo) want Cote back and EW gone. Unless CBS acknowledges that and does what the fans want, not what strokes their ego, the show is doomed!

  17. PAUL IRWIN says:


  18. Bernadette says:

    love this movie.

  19. Jennifer V.Sutherland says:

    I’m proud to be a fan of ncis i’m hook but was depress when Ziva left i’m hoping she will be back I love the boss gibb’s so I name my pet after him because he’s very smart.

  20. NCIS has never won or been nominated for an Emmy,Glad to see the world thinks they are deserving

  21. I was on from the first season. I told everyone I knew who never saw it to give it a try. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! ,keep it coming. Looking forward to be able to dvr all 3 N.C.I.S. shows.

  22. Margarete Dekorsy says:

    It is sad that CBS and the producers (especially Mark Harmon who I adored for decades) can’t thank Cote de Pablo for her contribution to NCIS success in 2013!
    Most countries haven’t seen Emily Wickersham as Bishop but she is mentioned! That is so shameful!
    Sending Emily Wickersham to Monte Carlo to accept an award she didn’t contribute to is so inappropriate!
    I don’t like the Bishop character at all but think Emily is a nice person she doesn’t deserve the hate she’ll get for what producers have done wrong (once more)!
    Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly were the stars of season 10 and beginning of season 11, so huge Congratulations to them and to the people who contributed with hard work and less ego!

  23. Ziva/Tiva fan says:

    Many countries haven’t reached S12 yet. Ziva and the Tiva relationship have always been one of the major draw’s of the foreign public (it has always been the no.1 topic in interviews and news articles). Let’s see where they stand when foreign countries catch up. Statistics are already showing a rapid decline in ratings in countries that have reached the episodes of Ziva’s exit.

  24. Celeste says:

    DiNozzo and Ziva are my favorite

  25. Julie Merritt says:


  26. Rose Vera says:

    I have to agree that NCIS is a great show but Ziva is an integral part of it. Bishop does not cut it. If Cote won’t come back get someone with a personality. Maybe Diane Neal?

    • linda says:

      It’s not even about Ziva anymore… Did we like her? Yes… Do we miss her? Yes. But she gone and not coming back. The problem is that Bishop just isn’t a good mix with the rest of the cast. I tend to blame the writers… The story line is really lacking. We need someone who is sassy with some zip and Bishop isn’t doing it for me… I’m just saying.

      • Julie Merritt says:

        Rose the show isn’t about Ziva. They are all integral. Ziva is gone. Move on.

  27. Peter says:

    its like Baywatch. Pretty much mindless tv. White rice. You don’t have to be smart to watch it.

  28. Laurie says:

    All I have to say is, “David McCallum” I still love you!

  29. Linda M. says:

    I use to watch NCIS. I had always enjoyed it,till they added Bishop to the show, after Ziva left. Maybe some enjoy her sitting on a desk cross legged and putting her two cents in,but I don’t. I have stopped watching.

    • seer says:

      Good-bye, Linda M…you won’t be missed.

      • Lina says:

        Linda, a lot of people only watch the reRuns with Kate & Ziva. bishop is utterly boring, a bad distraction ! Plenty of people will agree if, you read the rest of the NCIS fan blogs.

  30. jschaubert says:

    I’ll never understand the appeal in this show. Why do people like such a bland formula over and over and over again?

  31. tlsnyder42 says:

    Apparently, not only Americans, but the whole world, likes popular entertainment with patriotic and conservative or traditional values.

  32. Anita says:

    I hope you do realize that award was for 2013which means Season 10.The season 11 was aired only in US in 2013.Not in Europe or anywhere else.Thanks to Emily for accepting that award…but your headline photo has nothing to do with TV Audience. International Award.

  33. Bill Brennan says:

    What a wonderful tribute! Everyone involved with this drama should be congratulated and CBS should take note about what is required to make a show successful worldwide for such a long time. Too bad Person of Interest and its writers and producers have not subscribed to a winning formula, rather chosing to torpedo the show in favor of nebulous casting decisions and “bait and switch” plot lines that have deteriorated into unrecognizable pseudo sci-fi babble.

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