Nat Geo Wild Sets New Cesar Millan Series

Nat Geo Wild Sets New Cesar

'Cesar 911' to bow in March with simultaneous run on Nat Geo Mundo

Dog trainer Cesar Millan has cut a deal for a new series on Nat Geo Wild, “Cesar 911,” which will bow simultaneously in March on the Spanish-language Nat Geo Mundo channel.

New skein plunges him into the heart of communities as he answers their call for help with unruly hounds. Skein debuts simultaneously March 7 in the U.S. and internationally on Nat Geo Wild under the title “Cesar to the Rescue” in April. Nat Geo Channels will unveil the series at the Television Critics Assn. press tour today.

“I have a much bigger audience outside of the U.S. now” thanks to Nat Geo’s growing reach with overseas channels, Millan notes.

The launch of his latest series caused Millan to reflect on how far he’s come as the nation’s best known dog trainer. Some 20 years ago, he was an in the U.S. as an undocumented, homeless immigrant who lived under bridges and was unable to speak a word of English.

“Cesar 911” is produced by ITV Studios America in association with Leepson Bounds Entertainment. Each episode will include two stories within a community.

Millan first meets with the people who’ve complained about the dog or dogs and then makes impromptu visits to the locations where the dogs display their problematic behavior. He then evaluates and gives rehab advice to the owners on the spot. In more serious situations, he relocates the hounds to his Dog Psychology Center for more in-depth rehabilitation or invites owners to his new Home Learning Annex to hone their dog training skills in a controlled environment.

Millan, David Leepson and Jordan Roberts serve as executive producers. Nat Geo Wild’s Janet Han Vissering and Geoff Daniels exec produce for the cabler.

Millan got his start on TV with Nat Geo’s “Dog Whisperer” which had a nine-season run that ended in 2012. Reruns are still widely seen in the U.S. and abroad. Millan’s most recent Nat Geo Wild series, “Leader of the Pack,” bowed in January 2013.

There is talk of developing international editions of “Cesar 911” for Asian and Latin American markets.

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  1. pedro bundol says:

    Does Cesar have branches of his dog centers in Europe or Asia ?

  2. StarrShine says:

    I’ve lost count of the number of dogs whose behavior caused them to be threatened with loss of life, who were saved by Cesar’s work with them. I adore him & am very grateful for his shows, books & most importantly, his loving heart. Sadly, there will always be haters. I wish them peace.

  3. Chantel says:

    To Eileen Kerrigan,

    Why don’t you take in a red zone dog and rescue them. Since, you seem to blast your mouth all over the place here.

    This guy is great and his techniques work. Will you walk right into a case were the dog is going to bite you. Lets here your know it all response.

  4. Chantel says:

    To Eileen Kerrigan,

    If you think Cesar millans ways is bad and absolutely horrible to the community to veterians and people with degrees. Then you would think he would of been caught by now. Actually, some of his training has worked for a dog of mine that is shy and nervis around kids. Just because some people don’t have degrees does not mean theory and logic works in every scenerio. Real life experiences is the best.Take your self centered post down

  5. Chantel says:

    To Eileen Kerrigan, if you think Cesar millans ways is bad and so absolutely horrible to the community to veterians and people with degrees. Then you would think he would of been caught by now. Actually some of his training has worked for a dog of mine that is shy and nervis around kids. Just because some people don’t have degrees does not mean theory and logic works in every scenerio. Real life experiences is the best.

    Take you self centered post down down you sound ignorant

  6. Eileen Kerrigan says:

    Yan Badilio, you could not be more wrong. And I assure you, the vast majority of the people objecting to CM’s cruel, archaic methods are VERY deeply involved in the world of dog rescue, dog training, behavior modification, etc. His supporters, on the other hand, seem to know next to nothing about learning theory, training and behavior; they simply parrot what they hear on his TV show or read in his (ghost-written) books. He got the job at NatGeo because he had a friend there who thought CM was entertaining enough to draw a crowd … which he did in spades. Because, of course, he’s an ENTERTAINER. Not a TRAiNER. And absolutely not a “behaviorist” (which requires an actual degree/certification) or “psychologist” (ditto).

    As for CM not acting out of “frustration or anger” … well, if he’s kicking/choking/jabbing/shocking dogs in a calm, unperturbed manner, I can only assume he’s a complete psychopath who enjoys abusing animals.

    There’s a reason CM and his methods have been condemned by veterinary, behavior and animal welfare groups WORLDWIDE. Please, read some of the following and educate yourself about the dangers of CM and similar “entertainer trainers”:—dont-try-this-at-home.html

  7. Yen Badiilo says:

    To all those CM haters., instead of posting all this kind of comments, why dont you prove yourself , go out there and save dogs. Walk the talk.! This man , Cesar, has already proven himself, he already helped and save dogs, even those cases where the dogs have already have a death sentence in their heads, that even vets. or other dog trainers wont even take them in , and suggest that the only way is for them to be put down. He is the man that walk straight towards a dog that is wanting to bite him and say ‘ i’m gonna help you ‘ . As we can see CM Milans is using conditioning method, he rewards a dogs when the dogs do the right thing and he address the negative actions too but never with frustration or anger. I know for some people it is painful to watch but we must understand that there is a specific tool for each and every dog cases, even Cesar admits that dogs is under psychological challenge , they can be under stress but that doesn’t mean we should stop, cause it is really important for them to go through the process and so they can get over it and move on. Our minds should be open to the needs of our dogs , we should understands the way they think and not just judge according to what we think. As far as I’m concern Cesar have done a great job, it is not only the dog he have help but many humans too, and if you think you can do better that him , it’s okay too, as long as we dont stop helping dogs or any animals, because in the end thats all we want.

  8. Tamara Eijke says:

    As long as NATGEO keeps airing CM, I refuse to watch ANY programme of theirs. Fullout boycot apparently is the only way to make them understand it’s not acceptable to show this abuse.

    • It is hard for me to imagine that Tamara Eijke, has watched one show all the way through and not realized that calm assertiveness can’t possibly be abuse. Cesar never yells, never hits,.. or anything I ever considered abusive. Is standing up straight and tall exuding sweet peaceful energy,… abuse? How come the dogs come up to hjim and lick his hand or lie down near his feet and roll on their backs playfully exposing their bellies? I would think it difficult to find this long queue of complainers that array themselves below. What they are doing is abuse. It is abusive to Cesar, and to all the people and dogs whose lives he has made better, or saved (lots of dogs). To me Cesar is one of few people of celebrity that has true integrity, vision, and an ability to get through to people lovingly and peacefully.

      • jay thompson says:

        I have watched his show and the man is an idiot. I wouldn’t let him near any of my dogs. He’s NOT a dog trainer, he’s NOT a behaviorist – he has had no formal education in either. He does abuse dogs physically, it’s subtle but it’s there – don’t you ever wonder why he gets bitten so often? He abuses dogs mentally as well. Repeatedly dragging a terrified dog across a slick floor, until the dog shuts down IS NOT TRAINING, nor is it behavior modification. That’s like locking a kid who’s afraid of the dark in a dark closet until he’s catatonic and then declaring that child cured of his fear. I am severely disappointed in NatGeo for putting this charlatan back on the air again.

      • Eileen Kerrigan says:

        “How come dogs … roll on their backs playfully exposing their bellies?”

        That’s not “playful” — it’s dog-speak for “OMG, you’re scaring the crap outta me, please don’t hurt me!”

        Even ihs own dog, Junior, flinches and cowers when Millan reaches for him. Ever wonder why?

        Again, please EDUCATE yourself in canine body language before offering an opinion on Millan’s abusive techniques.

    • Eileen Kerrigan says:

      Yep, same here. I also cancelled my magazine subscriptions (one “regular” NatGeo, two kids’ magazines) AND wrote to tell them why. No reply, of course :-/

      • Eileen Kerrigan says:

        Rose wrote: “I am a trainer and animal behaviorist of over 30 years” … and apparently haven’t bothered to keep up with the changes in the field of animal behavior OR dog training :-/

        Just a few notes:

        1. There is no such thing as a “red zone dog.” It’s more crap that CM made up to make himself look impressive. There are dogs who are over threshold and unable to learn/respond/maintain self-control … but a GOOD trainer/behaviorist never lets a dog get into that state, and certainly never FORCES the dog into that state, as does CM. (By the way, that information comes from people who work on his shows, who have stated that CM gets the dogs “riled up” before filming, because it makes for better TV. After all, he IS an entertainer (and NOT a trainer or behaviorist).

        2. Do not assume that because someone take the time to respond here on the Internet that they are “doing nothing” in real life. I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. However, even if I was someone who was “doing nothing,” that still wouldn’t make you — or CM — any less clueless.

        3. Finally, if you truly are a professional animal behaviorist, I find it very odd that you aren’t charging for your services. It’s a profession, just like any other profession … and speaking of which, if you were a true professional, you’d be earning CEUs and making an effort to stay up to date on current research in the field — but clearly, that’s not the case.

      • Rose says:

        I am a trainer and animal behaviorist of over 30 years ( M.A and B.A) YOU are wrong!Like most people you are not reading the language of the dog Please educate yourselves Have any of you done the work this man has done in helping Red Zone dogs Would any of you do what he has done? Have your ever worked with a 130 lb dog that wants to take your head off because he has been abused by his owners or worse? AND found a new life and home for him so he is not KILLED? You have no idea what you are talking about Please walk in some ones shoes before you show your ignorance Its sounds to me like you are very envious of his natural talents and if that is NOT the case then you need to stop complaining and go out and save lives -save the dogs that you say you love and want to help Work tirelessly and help owners who have no idea what it is to have a dog nor do the understand the animal Get off the computer and do something I have a feeling that most of you are all talk and NO action! Its easy to complain but harder to DO something And before you ask why I am on the computer-I help people whop have questions with “” Help Why is my dog doing this or that” and no I do not charge Do something and if you know what your doing then go help others!!

  9. John Craft says:

    Thx for info! Also checkout this great dog training website

    • Eileen Kerrigan says:

      John Craft, anyone who recommends a web site that states “A dog is an instinctively aggressive creature.” has clearly done NO research into canine ethology. In fact, the exactly opposite is true: Dogs have a vast array of communication devices all designed to AVOID aggression.

      Please educate yourself before spreading such dangerous misinformation. You can start here:

  10. Muriel Nally says:

    I long for the day when this abusive bully & his horrible TV shows are removed from the public eye. NG – PLEASE start televising programs with dog trainers who use modern, science based force free methods. It may not make for such dramatic TV but dogs worldwide will thank you for it.

  11. Canadian Dog Trainer says:

    I echo the comments of Anton Ramos. National Geographic, when will you get the message? Please stop propagating the unscientific and violent methods of Cesar Millan.

  12. Anne Marie Jodoin says:

    I would like to know if there will be subtitles for the English speaking I watched his show & learnt a great deal Good Luck on your new venture………………….

  13. Anton Ramos says:

    National Geographic should be ashamed of themselves. By once again collaborating with Millan they make it clear they have abandoned all pretense to scientific accuracy and have lost all credibility.

    NG has aired informative programs like “Working Dogs”, “The Secret Life of Dogs”, “And Man Created Dog”, “Dogs Decoded”, “In the Valley of the Wolves” and “Hidden Life of Wolves” – all these programs refute the idiotic nonsense promulgated by Millan. If NG cared about science, they would never air another episode of any of Millan’s shows.

    By exposing viewers to season after season of Millan’s mis-informative and often abusive style of dog training, NG will do more damage to dogs and dog owners that Michael Vick did during his dog-fighting period.

  14. calmassertive says:

    After working with such great producers on the “Dog Whisperer” series, Cesar’s last 3 attempts at a series (Leader of the Pack, two one-off “specials”) have come up way short. While Dog Whisperer was a true reality show, without staged dramatic pauses or game-show speeches or advertiser-provided prize packages, the post-Dog-Whisperer producers have unfortunately resorted to gimmicks that insult the intelligence of the viewer. I hope this latest producer collaboration results in a return to the informative, plain, documentary-style approach that made the Dog Whisperer series so inspirational and educational. Cesar is a most impressive trainer of people as well as rehabilitator of dogs, and both skills were showcased well in the Dog Whisperer series but not so much in the follow-ons. I’ll of course be watching the new shows either way, since even a badly done Cesar Millan show is an opportunity to learn Something new, and a well done Cesar Millan show can often be a joy to behold.

    • Eileen Kerrigan says:

      “Dog Whisperer was a true reality show” — Um, you’re kidding, right? Even people who have worked on the show have admitted that it was usually staged: They would spend hours getting the alleged “red zone” dogs “revved up,” so that by the time The Dog Kicker came on the scene, things were looking REALLY ugly. What’s truly revolting is that they seemed to find it amusing to take troubled dogs and work them into a frenzy … which is a pretty twisted thing to enjoy.

      But then, the whole idea that you have to physically and mentally abuse dogs in order to train them is pretty twisted all by itself.

  15. Andrew says:

    I’ve had enough of this dude… All smoke and mirrors and (almost) 0 skills. Only good he’s done is made people aware that dogs need exercise and you need to be calm around them. Everything else is horseshit advisewise :-/

  16. Eileen Kerrigan says:

    Why, why, WHY will this man not go away??? Hasn’t he ruined enough dogs’ lives yet? I’m appalled to see NatGeo once AGAIN promoting Millan’s outdated methods of “training.” Given that Millan routinely uses violence and aggression in his treatment of dogs, I can’t think of anyone LESS qualified to provide advice on dog training and behavior. Although he attempts to hide it, Millan uses shock collars, prong collars and choke collars on dogs, as well as “training” techniques that incorporate kicking, hitting, poking, strangling, slamming dogs to the ground, and other abusive methods. NatGeo, are you aware that his “training” methods have been condemned by humane, veterinary, behavior and training groups worldwide, and actually banned in some countries (not, unfortunately, in the U.S.)?

    And his pretense of being a “dog psychologist” and “behaviorist” is truly laughable: Millan has ZERO understanding of canine body language. He routinely labels terrified, shut-down dogs as being in a “calm submissive state” (something that doesn’t even exist — just more mystical nonsense that he’s made up). His entire “method” is based on old “dominance/alpha/pack leader” theories that were disproven decades ago. Even Dr. David Mech, who famously used the term “alpha” in regard to wolves, quickly realized that the dominance theory was incorrect and retracted it … but tragically, money-hungry people like Millan have used it as a get-rick-quick scheme, preying upon naïve dog owners who are looking for a quick fix for their dogs’ issues.

    Millan and his “dog psychology center” have been sued for the injury and death of dogs in their care, but of course since the cases have been settled out of court, you won’t hear about that. Ever wonder why Millan’s clients are forced to sign waivers promising not to talk about what happens during training sessions, or about the outcome of the training? Any REAL trainer would be thrilled to have clients discuss their success … so what’s Millan got to hide?

    Shame on NatGeo for giving this charlatan more air time .. AGAIN.

  17. Bev Inglis says:

    yuck……………………… yuck
    Worse dog trainer EVER

  18. Berke Zane says:

    To dogs….Caesar is the MAN!!!

    • To the dogs, Cesar is a bully, who scares them into submission, and fear of doing anything. Sort of like when a parent stands there with a stick or belt in their hand, waiting for a chance to smack their kids. Bullying is bullying. He has no, or at least displays no understanding of dog behaviour, or their social structure. Hint here…. dogs are not a pack animal, with a strict hierarchy contrary to Cesar’s belief.

  19. Mustang says:

    Loved ‘Dog Whisperer’. Sorry they ended that concept. We’ll see how this new one goes.

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