‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Reboot May Come Online in Not-Too-Distant Future

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Shout

On the heels of the 25th anniversary of its premiere, the cult comedy series “Mystery Science Theater 3000” may be rebooted in the not-too-distant future.

Show creator-writer-producer Joel Hodgson, who hosted the sci-fi series from 1988–1993, told Wired that he plans to revive the show online this spring. “MST3K” was cancelled in 1999 after 11 years on the air. Comedy Central dropped the show in its seventh season and the Sci-Fi Channel picked it up after audiences fought to keep the series alive.

“I’ve talked to a bunch of fans about their lives and what ‘MST3K’ means to them,” Hodgson told the magazine. “I’m overwhelmed by how people took to that show. It really affected them. I thought, if enough people still love it, maybe we can bring it back.”

The resurrected web show will feature a new host and cameos from “MST3K” alumni.

“Even avid viewers sometimes don’t realize that every major role in the show had been swapped out over time,” he said. “So in my mind, the show is built to be refreshed with new people and new ideas. It’s like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle as it applies to ‘MST3K’: If it doesn’t change, it’s not the same show. And fortunately for us, as long as there are movies, there are always going to be cheesy movies.”

The “MST3K” team “reunited” earlier this month to bring the “RiffTrax” show to the National Geographic Channel. “Total Riff Off,” a three-hour April Fool’s special, found the gang overdubbing nature shows that included “Honey Badgers,” “Unlikely Animal Friends” and “Swamp Men.”

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  1. No Mike? Won’t be interested AT ALL

  2. robthom says:

    This would be awesome!

    I became familiar with MST3K at first through the later Mike episodes.
    But after getting hooked on them and working my way back through the catalog Joel was really funny too.

    It would do the world a service in these troubling times to have Rifftrax AND MST3K again.

  3. Torgo says:

    Been a huge fan of Joel’s creation from the start.

    Followed it through all it’s incarnations and off-shoots, both on-screen and live. Have met every cast member, and am a much better person for it :-)

    Whatever Joel decides to do is just fine with me (got a kick out of his “TV Wheel.” WAY ahead of its time)

  4. Jim says:

    The recent Nat Geo “reunion” was not quite that. Actually, it was the Rifftrax crew, who’ve been quite successful on the web, and live shows over 5 years, that were behind it. Since Hodgson’s Cinematic Titantic has quit touring and has broken up-it’s possible this is his way to get back in the “game”. It should also be said that he had issues with more than Mallon: Weinstein admitted that while he would never “work for Joel, working with Joel” was okay; not a huge endorsement. There’s also words around the campfire that Kevin Murphy also had issues with him. What that means is, the major comedic talents other than Joel probably won’t be contributing.

    • Matt says:

      Source a direct quote that Murphy had “issues” with Hodgson, otherwise it’s just hearsay. I’ve always read nothing but praise for Hodgson by Weinstein in interviews, unless you got a direct quote for that, too. The Hodgson-Mallon feud boiled down to the Mst3k movie and a clash of egos. Hodgson saw himself as the creator and leader of the show, while Mallon demanded creative control over the possible film (at the time) and to be sole director of it. Hodgson bowed out at that point to preserve the longevity of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Jim strikes me as being money hungry and controlling. Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu left the show to pursue other projects because they thought (which has been quoted) Best Brains was creatively stifling and not conducive for new projects outside of Mst3k. They also have never received any residuals/royalties from the show after all these years.

  5. E Cheung says:

    You’re the only one who should host this!!!!!!
    Anyone else is, and has been, a PRETENDER!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Toyland Chairman says:

    Yes and No. I would love to see this show return in someway, but it has to be a reunion series or even just a really good reunion film. I want the whole cast back together. Joel and Mike must go into the theater together with the robots, or they could take turns. Or just Mike.

    If Joel can bring back MST3K, despite the scuffle with Jim Mallon in the past, I think a reunion film is long overdue. Save the reboot for another time.

  7. You'vegottobekiddingme says:

    Please leave this concept in the graveyard where it belongs.

  8. RS says:

    Hopefully whomever they get to host is as awesome as Joel was. I never cared for Mike J. Nelson, because to me he wasn’t nearly as funny as Joel. Thanks to Netflix, I’ve been getting my fix of MST3K. I still have the theme song memorized, and when I was a kid I was a member of the fan club. Hope they keep the same robots, and even bring back Dr. Forester and TV’s Frank. Can’t have the show without the bots, TV’s Frank and Dr. Forester. Gypsy, Tom Servo, Cambot and Crow were so hilarious.

    • Torgo says:

      Mike was never meant to be Joel. Where Joel was the ‘bots’ “father,” Mike was more like an older brother or beloved uncle.

      Joel was the creative whiz, where Mike knew nothing about putting things together and getting them to work (notice how the “Invention Exchange” disappeared after Joel left?

      I found Mike funny in a different way than Joel. And Mike WAS the Head Writer. A lot of what made Joel funny can be attributed directly to Mike’s material.

    • E Cheung says:

      Major ditto, my friend. Joel Joel Joel. His laid-back attitude made the funny hilarious, and the kinda funny…funny!

    • While the show did go through a lot of cast changes, from Season 2 onward it was Mike Nelson who was the head writer. This is why the show maintained a relatively consistent voice and (aside from the silly seasonal plot stuff dictated by the sci-fi channel) level of quality. Joel’s similar project since the end of MST3K, Cinematic Titantic, is at best mediocre and has gone completely unnoticed (this article didn’t even mention it) meanwhile Mike’s “Rifftrax” has been extremely successful.

      If MST3K is bought back without strong writers like Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy or comparable replacement then any reboot or reunion is likely to be quite bad.

      • Torgo says:

        Oops! “Titanic,: I mean.

        Oh, poopie :-)

      • Torgo says:

        I was lucky enough to attend a live performance of “Cinematic Titatanic” and have never laughed so hard in my life.

        As a long-tome Mistie, I say we wait and see what Joel comes up with.

    • guest says:

      Hmm, I found this Joel episodes lacking and Mike to be much funnier.

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