Michelle Obama Plays Along With Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell in Crazy ‘Tonight Show’ Sketch

Michelle Obama Hollywood Veterans Speech
Alex Wong/Getty Images

First Lady Michelle Obama, appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” during its premiere week, went a step further than merely a sit down interview and appeared in a sketch where Fallon and Will Ferrell appeared as adolescent girls hosting a TV show called “Ew!”

The first lady mainly played it straight as Fallon and Ferrell, in drag, spoofed teenage girls’ quirks. When she appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last year, she danced with Fallon, in a skit called “Evolution of Mom Dancing” that became a viral hit. She also danced in Thursday’s sketch, albeit briefly, while devoting many of her lines to promotion of healthy eating and exercise. Her Let’s Move initiative has been one of her signature campaigns as first lady.

Later, when being interviewed by Fallon, she talked about their daughters’ own adolescence, quipping that even though their father is president, “they want nothing to do with us. I am so serious.”

The sketch is below.

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  1. Mari Johnson says:

    This type of activity in demeaning to the position of First Lady. Appearing on a talk show with a true message is a different story. There is a certain behavior that goes with the position and these antics cause the world to look at us and wonder what is going on here.

  2. Shela says:

    What a juvenile, ungracious and self centered way for the First Lady to act. Can’t imagine what the rest of the world thinks.

  3. G. says:

    I LOVE Michelle Obama. Good for her for going along with the skit. I would have loved a longer interview though, she’s so much fun and her answers are never cookie-cutter. There’s something quite sincere, witty and delicious about her.

  4. Patti Stephens says:

    I didn’t watch the show, just bits and pieces of it. I don’t know why everyone is making such a fuss. I like Michelle, don’t agree with the Prez but I like her. The things she’s done makes her seem more real and down to earth. Get a grip, it’s all in fun and also educational. Oh and I also like Jimmy.

    • G. says:

      You and I both. Not a fan of her husband’s, but I do like her a lot. He comes across as calculating (studied), sly and manipulative.

  5. ryry says:

    Low info voters, so you mean Fox News watchers?

  6. DH says:

    NO class!! LOW class! How could the First Lady appear in something so stupid?. Jimmy Fallon acts and looks like he’s lacking a few marbles. What is his show turning into….SNL? He’s taken the Tonight Show and created a ludicrous joke. In my opinion, he is NO Johnny Carson! Carson was funny, Conon is funny, Leno is funny, Craig F. is funny. Jimmy is so stupid and idiotic. He’s lost me as a viewer!

    • lori says:

      Jimmy Fallon is trying way too hard, and appears desperate. This skit was NOT funny, and I am shocked the first lady agreed to do this. He is behaving like an amateur. Having said this, I think Mr. Fallon can pull this off but just REIN it in a bit for gods sake, yikes…

  7. CWW says:

    Thanks, Variety. Without your reporting, I would never know just how gross this NBC crap show is.

  8. Ann Marie says:

    I love that our first lady is bold enough to promote her message of healthy living in all avenues. She is an intelligent rennissance woman.

    • DH says:

      I doubt that any message was promoted in that skit, other than “how low can you go” for attention and votesl. An “intelligent, Renaissance woman”?!!!! You must be joking!

      • Shela says:

        Couldn’t agree more

      • J says:

        I knew it wouldn’t be long before the “Haters” came out. Y’all are still driving yourselves crazy because there is an African American family in the White House. Tisk, tisk tisk. Don’t worry your racist little head, Obama can never run again to your delight. So that statement about needing “votes” was totally unnecessary.

  9. Sorry but i thought it was in bad taste – She was fine but really you guys !!!!!

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