‘Meredith Vieira Show’ Renewed for Season 2 on NBC O&Os

Meredith Vieira Talk Show
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

NBC’s O&O group has given a vote of confidence to “The Meredith Vieira Show,” the freshman daytime yakker distributed by the Peacock’s syndication arm.

The show has had an uphill climb ratings-wise since its September debut. But the host is well-liked and the lifestyle-centric show has been generally well-received, so NBC is inclined to be patient and hope that the audience will build. The Peacock’s 11 O&O stations, covering top markets including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, have given the show plum afternoon time slots.

The harder test for the show will be the renewal verdict among its non-NBC-owned station affils. But without much in the way of options on the horizon for fall 2015, it’s likely that “Meredith Vieira” affils will stay the course for at least another year, barring a dramatic ratings downturn.

“We are proud to have Meredith Vieira on our stations for a second season,” said Valari Staab, prexy of NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations. “Meredith is genuine, smart, warm and funny, and she has our strong support to help her continue to grow her show in this very challenging day part.”

“Meredith Vieira” in the most recent syndie ratings for the week ending Oct. 19 logged a 0.7 rating in the women 25-54 demo that is key for daytime shows. Warner Bros.’ new roundtable show “The Real” has narrowly outpaced “Meredith Vieira” among freshman talkshow strips for the season to date.

Disney/ABC Domestic Television has unveiled plans for a fall 2015 talker “The Fab” featuring Tyra Banks and a panel of lifestyle and pop culture mavens. That could be competition in some markets for the time slots held by “Meredith Vieira,” or for Queen Latifah’s yakker, now in its second season.

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  1. D.Edwards says:

    I like the show wished it wasn’t the last season and kinda like the vibe of the show. The down side was “The Real ” came on the same time and I like that one two. After the table talk I most time switch over to “The Real”. My advice new host or Merideth could warm up a bit. I like her tell it like it is but can be too cold at times too. I love the talk table and the other cast,this is where I get my info and at the same time I’m intertained. But after that a little boring.

  2. Angie Asbury says:

    I use to like the show but it has gotten to much like the View and I can’t stand that show either! Lance Bass needs to go! He gets on my last nerve! I am a lesbian but he really needs to tone it down! Get a grip! We all know you are gay!

    • It was time this was said about Lance Bass and thought it was cool who the person was that said it and how they said it.When I first tune in I thought Lance was one of the funniest one and really liked him.But hear lately he seems cocky and defensive like. So back to the original comment… Tone it down,you are being seen and definitely being heard.

  3. Deb says:

    I tried. But all liberals at the table, so I am done.

  4. Vince says:

    I enjoy the show, but I get really fatigued by the VERY left leaning panel. Merideth, please bring some objective balance and opinions to your panel!!

  5. Anita Buchanan says:

    I wish they would cancel the show. She acts nasty on it and the Hot part of the show is stupid. They all try to out talk themselves. Please get something else on NBC.

  6. Sandi says:

    Your show was a delite to watch last year.. Now you have a show that isn’t worth my time of day!!! Get rid of the side show table navigation talking!! Please go back to just you!!!

  7. Eric says:

    In Atlanta, Meredith is seen in late night hours on Cox Media Group’s WSB. With season 2 coming up, it would remain to be seen if the owned station keeps her show and continue airing her in the undesirable late night hours… or if Tegna’s WXIA or WATL can pick up the show… or Meredith Corporation’s WGCL. Let’s Ask America game show, The Better Show, and Queen Latifah are among the daytime shows not coming back for 2015-16 season.

    Daytime cancellations don’t really surprise me… as long as it isn’t the soap operas being canceled. I still miss shows, like Another World, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, All My Children, and One Life to Live… how come the networks couldn’t shorten them back to half-hour in length, we may never know.

  8. Gary says:

    This show is the worst. It’s plain silly and stupid. Why is Meredith always making sexual references? She acts like a little middle school girl when a good looking male guest is on. And don’t even get me started on the band. Is it really necessary to “sing” and repeat in song everything she says? It’s boring and the guests are boring as well. It’s like she’s trying too hard. The games are so silly as well. Can’t believe this was signed for another season. Hopefully, it’ll be the last.

  9. Idele Ports says:

    I got on this to tell Meredith how much I Enjoy the format of her show. After reading lots of the comments below, I wonder what kind of people we have in this world. It seems lots of people don’t have an open mind to learning about what is going on in this world.
    Please keep the Meredith Vieira show on for the people who like to see the world in a different light.

  10. Why all of the sexual connotations and undertones used in the Meredith Vieira Show?
    Seems like the sexual jokes and innuendos are forced into the writing and editing. A little bit is okay. A dash of color and spice.
    It’s like placing unnecessary lines in a painting. They detract from an otherwise beautiful work of art.

  11. Mary says:

    We use to love Meredith Vierira until 3.20.15 when Rachael Maddow was her guest. Rachael was explaining about Hillary Clinton email issues, but as soon as rachael brought up JEB Bush private emails , meridth abruptly ended Rachael’s interview. I don’t think rachael was on 5 min. But Meredith can spend 15 min. on nonscence. I will not watch Meredith’s show any longer. Good Riddence.

  12. Sandra says:

    Cancel this show and bring back Katie and Queen Latifah!

  13. So much promise – so little payoff! Who are the idiots that decide this show should appeal to younger women? NONSENSE! The appeal should be to Meredith’s own age group – where the money is! Advertisers (albeit, different ones than babyfood & diapers) are missing a ton of cash by forgetting about baby boomers. With all the TV we watch – how can they miss this bandwagon? We don’t want to hear her stupid sexual connotations – they JUST DON’T WORK – someone is giving her bad advise – enough for me to turn the channel. There are so many things us younger boomers are active in that no one is taking the opportunity to explore. Right now, the show is a poor copy-cat of too many others, and Meredith comes across as quite desparate to get our attention. Act your age Meredith – it’s not a crime – it’s a privilege! Embarrasing as it stands now…

    • Sandra says:

      I agree. I’m the same age as Meredith and I’m embarrassed for her, especially when she dances on the show with her legs apart in tight jeans – it looks so vulgar!

  14. I really liked Meredith on the Today show, actually wish she was still on. This talk show just doesn’t jell…the band, why? The games, stupid? The interviews with some of the male guests, ridiculous and pathetic. Her dog, good….
    No one has done talk better than Oprah, no band, great guests, interesting stories, hated it when I missed a show…can no one duplicate???

  15. Jo says:

    OMG…Take her off!!
    She is horrible and thinks she is funny.
    Retire please…worst site EVER!

  16. Taylor Parton says:

    We wish the Merideth Vierra show on NBC would have a Q&A segment and a pets are people too. Featuring people that have a pet that does tricks like dancing, or Singing. because I know Meredith loves Animals, and she could have Animal advocates and more endorsements from animal product companies…

  17. pamela wiemers says:

    First of all the Band is annoying!! And generic!! She is not as funny as she thinks she is. Seems most of her comments are sexually related. She acts like an old woman in heat! Not good for a day time talk show!!! She needs a fashion designer!! The games they play are ridiculous!! What more can I say….show needs to be taken off the air.

  18. Jen F says:

    This show is so ridiculous and pathetic. What is with those que cards. No other talk show host has them. Please get this show off the air. Meredith is so lame. Can’t stand her annoying giggling and facial expressions. I turn off the tv when she comes on and put it back on when Steve Harvey comes on

  19. Becky says:

    So love Meridith ! Glad I recently discovered her show!

  20. tedcohen says:


    I “knew you” once as a respected, cutting-edge journalist.

    Now? You “host” a joke of a TV show – and I underscore show – designed to appeal to the base celebrity-craning instincts of the average uneducated women who crowd your studio to ogle and giggle at the latest ridiculous sympathy-provoking, tear-jerking tabloid tales.

    Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to give short shrift to your yuck-it-up girls studio pratfalls and onion-dicing lessons.

    Time to get honest with your soul.

    Go back to your roots.

    This daytime TV thing is pathetic.


    Ted Cohen

  21. ROBERTA GARIAS says:

    Topic suggestion: Little, if any, discussion has been noted regarding Virginia Graham and her talk show, Girl Talk. It might be a good time to acknowledge a woman who was ahead of her time.

  22. I would miss her show if it was not on the morning CBS channel. There is some crazy on the show but she balances that with current issues that can affect the listeners. Maybe a little less crazy more focus on issues of the day.

  23. Emily Seal says:

    I cannot for the life of me understand how she has a career on television

  24. E Haire says:

    So sorry that this program has chosen to follow the seeming norm for talk shows – with racy subjects and language. This program airs in this area at 11 a.m. and there are impressionable people available for watching at that time of the day. How I wish Meredith had chosen to follow the High Road and not taken the dive into this type of program. I had thought better of her — so disappointed!

  25. K. says:

    This show is so annoying. As soon as it comes on I change the channel. That band and those drums gets on my nerves. Why is she always swooning over all the good looking men that come on? Too many sexual references, stupid games and audience screaming in the background. I agree…it’s just a silly, stupid show. Get rid of it.

  26. Lynne Nelson says:

    I can’t believe this show was renewed for even one season, let alone two. I’m no prude, but Ms. Vierra can’t get through even ten minutes without making some sexual innuendo. To what point?? It could be laughable, if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Get a life, Meredith!!!! Give us something of worth to watch or find a new job.

  27. Wendy says:

    I felt embarrassed for her when she kept saying (arguing) with guest Pierce M about the t.v. wife of Cosby Show …that everyone has a right to their opinion and kept refering back to help defend Cosby’s t.v. wife’s (forgot her name…and glad I did) loose statements as if there was some form of doubt in the matter. Says a lot about her moral compass. Do not renew her show….I find this Meridith at best sacrin sweet/ dipped in psychosis. Doesn’t seem to have much of a grasp on situations or her viewing audience. .

  28. Pattyhiguera says:

    Hi. Meredith. Watch. Ur. Show. All. The. Time. Our. Daughter. Does. Day. Care. &. Her. &. Her. Husband. Are. Raising. 3. Girls. They. Are. Getting. Another. Girl. They. Are. Awesome. Parents. She. Does. Day care. Her. Husband. Works. Out. Of. The. House. They. Live. In. Great. Falls. Mt.

  29. Manny says:

    Saw Meredith jump on the racial turmoil bandwagon while interviewing Robin Roberts. Did Meredith ever think that the reason she never had to have a talk with her boys about an encounter with a police officer is because she tought them to respect the police from a very early age. I’m tired of seeing Non-black people on tv talking about this “conversation” that black people have to have with their kids. I was tought to respect everyone at a very early age. Family values, good parenting, and education are the answers to the problem. Listening to the BS spread by the 3 reverend traveling circus only fuels the fire.

  30. Can’t believe this, that show is just plain boring. She is definitely NOT talk show host material.

  31. Lue says:

    This is the worst show ever. I like Meredith but the show leaves a lot to be desired. Stupid games and she looks uncomfortable. Too bad they didn’t cancel it and put us out of our misery.

    • barb cranfield says:

      Her show in a NO SHOW here in Washington State as of the first of the year! I frankly feel she is to old and hope the show will be cancelled elsewhere. She is not that popular….just dont like her humor

  32. Betty Rhoton says:

    I am happy to see The Meredith Vera show has been renewed. It is a very enjoyable show to me. Laughter, fun, and everyone these seems to enjoy themselves. She, the show, others are always helping others. No violence, backbiting, hollering, screaming or hateful remarks heard on this show. I am happy. If people don’t like her show, don’t watch her, turn to something else. There is enough violence on TV now. There are many other options to choose for that time, tape something one wants to watch at that time. If she were at another time, I would watch at that new time or tape to watch when convenient for me, I see that as no problem for me! Thank you for renewing.

  33. TC says:

    I absolutely dislike this show. I can’t believe it is renewed for a second season. I agree that it is too silly, too many games (I hate watching her run all over the stage in her high heels during these games). I don’t like all of her sexual innuendoes. She has the most annoying laugh/giggle and she is always laughing/giggling. It is a total turn-off. Why does she dress the same way every day? Tight jeans, high heels and her blazer. I almost feel that when she is interviewing someone, she is just waiting for the interview to be over, seems uninterested and doesn’t get into it. I just can’t put myself through it any longer. I enjoyed Queen Lattifa in that slot.

  34. marion says:

    Love your show.congrats glad that we can watch you another year.

  35. linda clark says:

    If I wanted to watch a game show I would, stop with the games. If I wanted to hear a band I would watch late night, get rid of the band. Her blue jeans with heals everyday looks silly. Every other word has something to do with sex, not necessary on day time shows. This show is not informative at all. You have an hour show so use the time interviewing guests not playing games. And I am the biggest animal lover alive but I don’t want to see her dog all the time. Wish Katie would come back she had the most informative show and she has class. She’s someone you want to see on tv.

  36. Merrideth , Please please , I have a major wish for my son , he is the greatest kid . I’m disabled , I have hydrocephalus , legally blind, and deaf . my son Anthony has saved mylife countless times , he is so giving . I’m on social security and only get 720. a month , we live in a state apartment and he takes care of me , in 2012 I had brain surgery again and we lost our apartment and car because I can’t work . in 2013 I had 4brain surgeries , now still with out a car and still struggling .. My son became a marine , then he had to have surgery on his back now he can’t be a marine so he got a grant for school but he only got a grant to pay for classes , not for any thing else . Please please , I was hoping you could help me help him .. I’m begging. I’ve never been able to get ahead to give him a really good life , and this wish would help him so much and this kid is so giving , he would give his shirt off his back if it helped someone else . it’s like this holiday I used 200 out of the 700 money’s and bought groceries because our cub board were bare, now no money for gifts , funny he told me that was ok .. but I feel like such a bad parent .. PLEASE PLEASE GRANT ME A GIFT TO GRANT MY SON A SPECIAL GIFT SO HE DOESNT HAVE TO WORRY … Thank you..

  37. T. says:

    If you use “yakker” one more time, I am going to punch the nearest wall out.

  38. Kennedy Sam says:

    I really like Meredith, but just can’t watch this show. This is a time I’ve started letting the kids watch their cartoons. Sorry I really wanted to like her show :(

  39. Patti says:

    I like Meredith very much but don’t care much for her new show. It’s a little to silly for me and I miss Katie’s class!

    • Joan says:

      I agree with Patti. I like Meredith a lot too, but I also find her show a bit silly. I miss Katie Couric’s show. I thought she was an excellent host and although Meredith is as well and she is very likeable, her show is just annoying at times. Liking her is not enough of a reason for me to watch every day. I also think Katie’s show was way better than Steve Harvey’s show and can’t understand how he has won awards for his show. It’s the same ‘ol same ‘ol every day. His show is like watching the Dating Game. Katie’s show was both informative and entertaining. I really miss it!!!

  40. Theresa johnson says:

    Your show brightens up my day EVERYDAY…. looking forward to many years of excitement and joyous shows. You’re the best♡♡♡♡

  41. meg conway says:

    Meredith Vieira’s show is a breath of fresh air. It’s as much fun as it is serious. She can switch from a tough topic to one with gravity in the blink of an eye.
    Her band is also fresh-I noted the negative comments-Vieira’s show is just like Meredith-different-some people will get it and others can choose to watch the usual.
    Meredith’s interview with Barbara Streisand was exceptional-both women’s strength, intelligence and humor were right there for all to see, along with genuine warmth.
    Then again I also can appreciate Jasper. Meg

  42. Cathy says:

    Meredith Vieira is the worst show ever. Her laugh is so annoying and she really should not try to dance! She has absolutely no grace or rhythm! She might be okay if she didn’t dance or giggle!!!

  43. cyx says:

    Disappointing show. Tried to like it but it is not good. Doesn’t flow well; hate the annoying band and drab set; too many silly games. Meredith went from serious journalist, good game show host to horrible talk show host. This show does not deserve a second season.

  44. Cindy says:

    Not a fan.

  45. sharon knight says:

    I like Meredith show. I watched it Friday 12 th. She really needs to tone it down some. There is a lot of sexual talk. It is anyways about Balls, orgasms. Something all the time. I like the guest she has and I know she is trying hard. But come on. Dont think she has to be so nasty talking. You dont have to do that to fit in or be GOOD as a host. I do look forward to watching her show more. My best wishes go to her. Thanks for your time.

  46. Marvin Harriman says:

    What time is Meredith Vieira’s show on and what channel on dish is it on?

  47. Linda Grandelli says:

    Was at the show today and must say Meredith is a great host. Have been to many talk shows and found her to be the best talk show host,she doesn’t come off as rude, nasty,snobbish, she mingles with the audience even from her chair on the set,she gives it her honest all.She is a real down to earth person.I expected to see Barbra Strisand was greatly disappointed,but as soon as Meredith came out and started talking the disappointment went away.I would definitely like to come back to see the show again, and again.

  48. brian mentzel says:

    love Meredith, fan for 20 years, why pants every show, we guys love your great legs!! brian

  49. l carreiro says:

    Love Meredith and the show. Soo funny and such a wide range of topics keeps it moving so smoothly.
    So glad she’s back on TV.

  50. Lucy says:

    Total snoozer….Tivo’ed it for the first three weeks…unwatchable even with FFW

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