Louis C.K. on Latenight TV and the Fun of ‘Fallon’

Louis CK

In a year when tectonic shifts have occurred with departures and arrivals of major talents such as Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler and David Letterman, veteran comedian Louis C.K. was asked for his take on the changes and where it’s all going. Besides, one of the best episode arcs on his FX comedy “Louie” was a wildly funny if often rueful riff on his own possible suitability to take on a latenight TV show of his own.

“The reason that latenight TV persists is pretty basic,” the comedian said in a recent interview with Variety. “Whether it’s Conan or Letterman or Kimmel, a lot of it is practical. It takes about 100 people to produce a show, and you have guests who you pay nothing and the same with your music guests, and you just pump them out and make a profit.”

C.K. said latenight TV is “where the national conversation is happening. It’s where we all talk to each other and feel we’re in the stream with the community.”

In assessing the latenight personnel who’ve come and gone, C.K. noted that “what’s interesting about all the changes taking place is that even though Jimmy Fallon is the most different, he’s still the guy with the skyline, the desk and the band.” C.K. said Fallon has garnered his attention because “his voice is so smart and he’s such a sweet guy, and he is the guy who has totally changed the tempo and the feeling of latenight.”

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  1. wjm980 says:

    Love the whining from the anti-Kimmel crowd. His ratings are higher than anything else in that timeframe, so clearly NBC couldn’t care less what you think.

  2. Brian says:

    I think the best interviewer is Craig Ferguson. His interviews often touch upon deeper topics than just trips that the guest might have gone on or the film or television program they are there to promote. His monologues are also different too in that they aren’t just a series of headlines and a joke. He often devotes an entire monologue to a single story.

  3. David Kaye says:

    Jimmy Fallon brings a LOT to TV: He can sing, play guitar, write songs, mimic, dance, act, and do jokes. The only other late night talkshow host who can do all of that is Craig Ferguson. Letterman is a lamer; he can talk and do jokes. That’s it. Same with Kimmel, same with everyone else on late night TV. I’m happy that Jimmy Fallon has the Tonight Show now. He’s fun to watch.

    • Island Planet says:

      Did you notice what you did not mention? Interview. He cannot hold an interesting and engaging conversation with a guest. That is his job. Not all that other shit. He’s tapioca pudding.

    • Chuck says:

      Can Fallon REALLY do all those things? Just because he does them doesn’t mean they are good…90 percent of his persona is stolen from Mike Meyers too…and his format is stolen from SNL… he even stole bits from Conan when he took over.

      He’s terrible.. people are going to realize that eventually. He’s the white Arsenio Hall…

  4. Tam says:

    Fallon is a comic, a good one, but still a comic doing a talk show , just like Jay Leno ,with no interviewing skills what-so-ever. Leno never got comfortable doing interviews but he tried hard. Letterman is a master at interviews, whether one can stand him or not he has the ‘chops’ to deliver solid interviews with mainstream and unusual characters (like cher and Madonna). Fallon is painful to watch; his newly acquired fake laugh is punch-worthy in my view. The dearth of his original comments is sickening (ie; “oh, he’s a good guy(or man); “You’re the best”,etc.),over and over he uses the same exact wording. His interviews just ‘suck balls’.

    • wjm980 says:

      No one watches Fallon’s show for the interviews. You can find interviews all over the web. The days of Johnny Carson interviewing guests is over – move on.

  5. Jacques Strappe says:

    Fallon is nice, safe, inoffensive and bland as they come—sort of the Muzak equivalent of late night talk shows. For aging hipsters who think Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the cat;s pajamas, he’s your man, even though Kimmel was really the first to exploit and satirize social media with his “Unfriend” campaign and “Mean Tweets”, etc. Fallon’s show is perhaps the easiest of late night talk to fall to asleep to..

  6. Debbie Kelly says:

    I love Jimmy Fallon but in movies. His show doesn’t draw me to watch it. It is just too over the top. I love him in Taxi with Queen LaT

  7. Fallon in a putz. As for Louie C.K., his show was not funny this season. He has gone all Woody Allen and become way too artsy.

    • Kat says:

      Funny comes in all shapes and sizes and Louie was hilairious this season.

    • Mary Belliotti says:

      How can anybody not love Jimmy? When I watch the tonight show lately, I’m amazed to find myself smiling throughout the entire program! That just doesn’t happen to me in prime time viewing anymore! I enjoy all the late night talk show hosts, especially Craig Ferguson and David Letterman. But not liking Jimmy is, to me, like not liking Johnny Carson! What’s not to like?

      • Tam says:

        “…But not liking Jimmy is, to me, like not liking Johnny Carson! What’s not to like?

        You lost all credibility with the ignorance of your last sentence.

      • rocky says:

        where to start Jimmy Fallon has no talent all he can do is mimic He has so many annoying ticks he cant stop clapping his hands and pounding on the desk He is a terrible interviewer Bursts into laughing fits for no ryhme or reason Not funny at all

  8. Sharron Knight says:

    I do not watch any of the late-night shows. But, if someone came to their senses and brought back Mr. Jay Leno, I would, again, watch only his show. Miss you Jay!!! As mentioned in Chuck’s comments, Jimmy Fallon is talented in a limited sort of way. He does not, however, have the scope that Mr. Leno shared with his audience. Sorry, Mr. Fallon–nothing personal. Just out of your element.

  9. Carolyn Trombley says:

    Jimmy Fallon is the Best! I am addicted to his show!

    • Tam says:

      You must be about 15 years old then.

    • Chuck says:

      Jimmy Fallon is awful. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s some kind of mass delusion. If you want to know why Fallon is successful it’s because of Lorne Michael. For whatever reason Lorne took Fallon under his wing… this is obvious when DeNiro was Fallon’s first guest taking over after Conan and it went on and on with all these big name guests Lorne setup. SNL took over late night and Fallon’s show is like SNL spread out over the week… he is just the figurehead.

      • taragatcha says:

        You’re seriously going to reference his first show from 2009 as proof? That’s ridiculous. He’s come a long way since then, and many who once thought like you have given him a chance and been pleasantly surprised. Lorne gave him the opportunity, it was Jimmy and his staff’s responsibility to gain an audience to keep themselves on air.

      • Ken from Toronto says:

        Fallon’s not awful…but he lacks authority; he’s a tad too ingratiating, and his interviewing style is so-so at best. For all of his reliance on hip social media, he still comes across as fairly juvenile. What’s made David Letterman so interesting over the decades is the varying levels of discomfort and trepidation his guests appear to exhibit when they sit next to him on stage. At his best, Letterman – who was truly innovative, who introduced an element of danger and spontaneity to the late nite format – knows how to smoothly conduct an entertaining interview. He never came out of the SNL factory. Fallon is still Lorne Michaels’ boy.

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