Carlton Cuse: ‘Lost’ Return Is ‘Inevitable’

Lost reunion

Carlton Cuse has said it before and he’ll say it again. The “Lost” co-exec producer and co-writer is confident that the show will find new life in the near future. Ten years after the show’s premiere on ABC, he’s gone as far as calling its return “inevitable.”

In an interview with Digital Spy, Cuse said someone else will surely tell another “Lost” story.

“I think it’s inevitable,” he told Digital Spy. “I don’t know what it is or how it would work, but I can’t imagine something else won’t be done with the franchise.”

And although Cuse and co-showrunner Damon Lindelof may not be a part of any future hypothetical projects, Cuse, who’s worked on a reboot of his own as the co-exec producer/co-writer behind the “Psycho” TV show prequel “Bates Motel,” said he’d like someone else to revisit the series.

“Disney owns the franchise, it made them a lot of money, it’s hard to imagine it will just sit there idly forever,” he said. “Damon and I told our story in that world and I assume someone will come along, hopefully having been inspired by our story, or our version of the story, and want to tell their own story.”

Because of its complicated mythology and multilayered universe, Cuse said the hit series is akin to C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia.” Others could re-imagine the “Lost” island from various vantage points.

“It’s like the ‘Narnia’ chronicles,” he said. “There are seven books, they were all written by C.S. Lewis, but they all visit Narnia at different times and different configurations and different ways.”

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  1. AlexV says:

    I really have been waiting for this time . I just love the show.Probably the greatest I have ever seen !!!

  2. Debby says:

    By far the best TV show I have ever watched … Please give us more

  3. Duder NME says:


  4. Jacques Strappe says:

    LOST remains my all time favorite television show. I was exhausted and depressed when it ended. That being said, some great television should never be rebooted but I also know how creatively bankrupt television has become. Borrowing from the past is now the norm, including former television stars who should have never been brought back. LOST is incredibly rich in mythology but any new attempt will never match the original’s freshness in story telling. Please don’t give us LOST 2.0

  5. connie says:

    Yes, yes, yes!. The narrative and compiling story from episode to episode is addictive. So where there is a will, please bring back the way!

  6. In this thread. People who prefer watching telenovelas

  7. Mikey M says:

    The show started out good, with mysteries and interesting ideas but those mysteries were abandoned which made it a horrible payoff. Ending ruined what became before.

  8. rob says:

    show was interesting with all the bunkers and signs. then they got stupid with vanishing island and then they are dead the whole time? dumb dumb ending , shoot the writers.

  9. Matthew says:

    Lost: The Next Generation: They’re *Definitely* Not in Purgatory This Time

    (It turns out that they’re in purgatory again.)

    • DigDoug says:

      Much like the other commenter Rob, you clearly have a limited attention span and would rather regurgitate what countless others with limited understanding have said on said topic. They were not dead the whole time, and were not in purgatory. Purgatory implies a hell, which is not where they were. They ALL led lives in full, even if that meant dying young. But after death, chose to hang on to the idea of life instead of going to what ever is after death, in order to meet the people who meant everything to them, and affected them the most. And that is when they all met again. For the record, I’m atheist and don’t have an investment in afterlife stories etc.. But it was very clear that this was the case, and I was totally cool with that. Thought it was pretty awesome.

    • Duder NME says:

      How can Gilligan meet up with the Harlem Globetrotters, but not this crew?

  10. Str8Shooter says:

    Inevitable? My aren’t we cocky Mr. Cuse. Maybe if you told a coherent story which actually explained most of what was going on in your show there would be an audience.

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