Lena Dunham May Quit Acting

Lena Dunham Acting

From her HBO series “Girls” to her feature “Tiny Furniture,” Lena Dunham’s works feature no shortage of the woman herself as the star, but the multi-hyphenate may put acting in the backseat soon.

Dunham told Glamour for her upcoming cover issue of the magazine, which comes out March 18, that she’d rather the spotlight be on other women.

“I don’t know if I’m going to want to act anymore,” she said. “I’m always relieved on the days I don’t have to. I’d rather give parts to other women than be the woman having the parts.”

The 27-year-old Golden Globe winner created, writes, directs and stars in HBO’s “Girls,” which is currently in season three.

Dunham has also been busy recently with other endeavors, including hosting the most recent “Saturday Night Live” and speaking at SXSW, where she said she’s trying to change the role of women in Hollywood.

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  1. Eric says:

    Oh, look! The YouTube trolls have found a Variety thread. I’m sure Ms. Dunham is all torn up about anonymous comments from dull thinkers.

  2. TMalatesta says:

    Lena Dunham is a treasure, both as a writer and as a performer. There is a beauty, an intellect, and a depth to her and to her art that is sorely missing and needed in our time and in our culture. That others don’t necessarily recognize it, or that some may actually become openly hostile towards it does not surprise me. It illuminates less upon the worth of the art as it does the character of the critic. I hope she continues to share her talents with us, in all its guises, for many years to come.

  3. mickrussom says:

    She is an actor? She seems to act like an undisciplined pig she comes off as in real life in every role.

  4. socal71 says:

    I don’t get her… her show, after 3 seasons has abysmal ratings. Almost 30 million people subscribe to hbo in US alone and she can’t draw more than a few hundred thousand. .. she’s a hack that appeals only to liberal losers and rejects in the media who give her awards. All the while America is not interested in her at all… If she quits entirely no one will notice or care… and why should they, they don’t care now to begin wiyh.

  5. filmsharksd says:

    One can only hope…

  6. That’d be sad if she stopped acting. Like Tina Fey, Lena’s a keeper.

  7. Alex says:

    Wait…she *acts*?!?!?

  8. Bugboy says:

    As the song goes: Don’t go away mad, just go away!

  9. Mister Salty says:

    Now if only we can get her to quit writing.

  10. loren says:

    I would be quite pleased if Ms. Dunham never acted again.

  11. jasker says:

    We should be so lucky.

  12. lisa says:

    She writes the script of Girls and make her irritating character filthy naked all the time, especially in unnecessary scenes, and now she’s saying she’d rather give the roles to other girls? Give me a break, Miss Lena I’m-so-narcissistic-I-can-be-naked-all-I-want Dunham.

  13. Mike says:

    Did she ever start? Showed no talent at all on SNL. And why is it when you do nothing but promote women you’re a great person, but if you do the same for men you’re sexist?

  14. Steve says:

    OH NOOOOO! HOW WILL SHE SURVIVE?!?!?!?! Oh, yeah. Rich parents.

  15. D'Daquan Q'Kwazzawandoquan™ says:

    Fugly white gurl, need ah blak man, take hur tu nation o’islam… marry hur, den she has blak babies! she she she won sad gazpacho gurl! d’only knice look’n blak mann save dis fugly b* * ch!

  16. kendrick says:

    thank god. GIRLS suchs. The only reason she gets to act and write is all thanks to pure nepotism. Other than that, she would be as pathetic as the girls on her shitty show.

  17. redrum2211 says:

    I really hope she doesn’t stop acting, although you have to do what’s in your heart. She my fav. Her character is so comfortable with herself, so real…so perfectly imperfect. I love ‘Girls’!

  18. shaun says:

    She is right. If she doesn’t want to do it she should use her status to allow someone else the opportunity. That’s a mature, productive way to go about it.

  19. Jennifer Fraunfelder says:

    You are a brilliant actress and writer. You will sadly be missed if you decide to quite your career as an actress. However, I totally get your stand to continue writing and change the face of Hollywood and give other women a chance by changing the face of Hollywood … thus you have totally done so with all that you have done thus far and I can not wait to see what you do in the future. If you are looking for a non-experienced, college educated, 40 something Mom type, plus size gal from the South, then give me a call. I will certainly change the face of Hollywood for you. LOL.

  20. Memphis Jackson says:

    Not a hater by any stretch. Just not that impressed. “Look, I’m taking my clothes off – again.” Meryl Streep she’s not (Oscar-winning actress). Nor Callie Khouri (writer-producer). Nor Niki Caro (director). Nor Ida Random (production design). Nor Kristi Jacobson nor Laura Silverbush (independent film). Are these the women she’s talking about? You’re naked. We get it. Now can we move on.

  21. Melba LaRose says:

    PLEASE NOOOOOOO, Lena, don’t quit acting. Even though your other talents and skills are equally impressive. I can understand taking a break from some of your roles (I never thought I’d burn out, but it happened 3 years ago). You might just write or direct and give other women a chance to perform, but what you have as an actress is truly groundbreaking for our time. I would be very sad if I never got to see you again. And, this comes from a very jealous older actress, who wishes she could do what you do so easily.

  22. Mary says:

    Very sad news.

  23. Courtney Steacker says:

    LENA— all I want to say is that you’re awesome. I love how real you are, it’s inspiring.
    Do what you do!

  24. Oh, is that what she does? I thought dropping trou and making mean faces when we express our dissatisfaction at her build, was what she did? Fancy that…

  25. sissy says:

    Huffing and Puffing and Whining between seasons is NOT acting. and also Yuck

  26. Gene of Aquitaine says:

    Oh boy…another one “to quit acting”…a constant headline for folks needing one I guess…google ‘to quit acting’ for a long list of folks (some I have never even heard of) who claim to have decided to pack it in..but are still seen quite regularly in film and tv…a little taste…ashley olsen quit acting, amanda bynes quit acting, jennifer connelly to quit acting, viggo mortensen quit acting, Jack Gleeson to Quit Acting
    Johnny Depp to Quit Acting, Ben Stiller Quitting Acting For Good?
    Mary-Louise Parker considers quitting acting, Jennifer Lawrence is planning to quit acting for a year when The Hunger Games finally concludes.
    Ariana Grande planning to quit acting after Sam & Cat comes to an end.
    angelina jolie quitting acting

  27. India says:

    One could only hope. This girl is so pompous I just can’t stand her. I really liked the show when it first started, but after seeing and hearing her in interviews I won’t even watch anymore. I don’t want to support her in any way. She claims in other interviews to want to make Hollywood more accepting and yet she is one of the most polarizing and judgmental people I’ve ever seen in Hollywood.

  28. SFSolstice says:

    Give me a break! Just a publicity stunt to draw attention to yourself once again. First time I have ever seen an actor whine about having to actually work. ROFLMAO @ your transparent EGO !

  29. Andy says:

    Personal taste’s put aside – It’s quite a sensible and mature decision to come too. 3 seasons of a show is enough to know if it’s your bag. Maybe Directing and writing is where she should focus.

  30. portlandfore says:

    First you should become a big actor for this to have any impact…Just telling…

  31. Apollo says:

    I am confused. When did she START acting?

  32. Thank god,couse if that was acting I don’t want to watch movies anymore

  33. danielkeane says:

    It didn’t air it’s season finale on Sunday, it doesn’t finish until the 23rd of March.

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