LAPD to Investigate Cosby Accuser’s Claims of Sexual Assault

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Judy Huth, the woman who is accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault when she was a minor, met with Los Angeles police detectives on Friday along with attorney Gloria Allred.

After Allred and Huth appeared before reporters at a press conference on Friday evening, an LAPD spokeswoman said that an investigation has been opened after “a possible victim of sexual assault met with detectives in the robbery homicide division.” The spokeswoman, Office Jane Kim, declined to comment further.

Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, on Thursday filed a notice of demurrer to dismiss a civil suit that Huth filed earlier this week. He claims that Huth and her attorney in the civil litigation, Marc Strecker, tried to extort money from the comedian before filing the civil suit. He called her lawsuit “meritless and unsupported” and is also seeking sanctions against her and Strecker.

Los Angeles Chief of Police Charlie Beck told reporters on Thursday that the department would investigate accusations against Cosby, even those that are outside the statute of limitations period, in part because it may assist in civil claims. But as of Thursday, he said, no possible victims had come forward.

Huth, now 55, alleges in her lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles that Cosby assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974 after having met him on a movie set.

Allred declined to comment on Huth’s civil suit because it was filed by another attorney. Huth appeared with her at the press conference but did not comment.

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  1. Bill Cosby, King Comedian that you are, surely you must remember that timing is as important to truth-telling as it is to igniting a comedian’s hit punch lines. It quite appears that you have a serious case of truth decay. The longer you wait before coming forward with “your” story, the less credence people will accord you, and the less of a following you will have, not to mention the capsizing contracts already destroyed like sinking like river rats on a submerged vessel. Bill, I hate to go in depth about a tragic event in your family and your past, but since the nearly two-dozen women coming forward with allegations of rape and other forms of battery (drugged drinks) have opened that window, why not tell us what else the window pane contains: Your closely-held secret, even from your family, about who really killed your precious son, Ennis? Maybe you’ll share what father, husband, brother, uncle or boyfriend you insulted and caused immeasurable harm to by raping their daughter, sister, niece, fiancée? Is that why Ennis was killed, to get at you by plucking the apple of your eye right from you and your family? You’ve got more clown masks than you do wardrobe, Bill. What’s really behind the most visible and easily presentable? The lawyers and publicists who owe both their careers and bank accounts to you, can protect you for only so long, Bill. The clock is ticking and “Fat Albert” has got to fall like Humpty Dumpty. Ever wonder why he’s never called “Sir Humpty Dumpty”? Bill, please come forward. The longer you wait, you will have this ignoble distinction: Of being the nation’s most well-known yet non-incarcerated rapist in history; and, equally important, often billed in the past as the “therapist” when, it now turns out, you were THE RAPIST. Nothing but space, like time, separates the two words. Your time, Bill, is fast drawing to a close. Come forward and reveal the pain and abuse you yourself surely suffered in your childhood. Why else would you grow up hating women and seducing them with your most used and most soiled clown mask? Five basketball teams (almost 25) of women have come forward, Bill, to tell their stories about who you really were and what you did. Why not donate some money for the new construction of the “William Cosby Pavilion” at the Hospital for the Criminally Insane in each of the following states: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, and California. Your silence, Bill, and your virtual hiding, is not funny. It is time for Fat Albert to pay for his crimes. Unfortunately, THE RAPIST that you are never got the help you so desperately needed from [the] THERAPIST.

  2. BillTed says:


    And if they dont find anything I hope he sues each one of his accusers for slander and defamation of character.

    Oh BTW, did you hear about rolling stones big expose story about rape on college campuses?

    Turns out they deliberately didn’t check any facts in the story before printing it and had to print a short passive aggressive apology.

    But no apology by the author (more then a few excuses) or accuser to the fraternity that was vandalized or its members who were smeared in the national media.

  3. griffm60 says:

    Gloria Allred is an ambulance chaser, her clients are usually without validity, how is it that all the 15 are of the same mindset, I’ll wait for 30 or 40 years and then sock it to him, there is a smell here I don’t like

  4. Cunt whore says:

    What a waste of resources on the part of LAPD! I hope the civil court can’t find Cosby guilty and show all victims of any crime that if you do not report it when it happens you can’t open it later except in cases of being a minor. In those cases you have until your 21 to come forward otherwise move on or kill yourself

  5. Alex says:

    Allred is involved? NOW I fell sorry for Cosby

  6. Jacques Strappe says:

    Free Jello pudding shots for all those aspiring young actresses whose careers need a boost.

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