Josh Elliott Leaves ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ For NBC Sports

Josh Elliott Leaves ABC's 'Good Morning

Josh Elliott is leaving ABC’s “Good Morning America” for NBC Sports, the second defection from TV’s number-one morning program in recent months. Longtime meteorologist Sam Champion left the program in early December.

In a memo to staffers, ABC News President Ben Sherwood said Amy Robach would succeed Elliott in his role as news anchor. Robach has sparked a significant amount of attention since revealing on the show that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer following a mammogram she got for an October report on the show.

ABC had been in contract talks with both Elliott and fellow news anchor Lara Spencer in recent months. Spencer decided to stay. “As many of you know, we have been negotiating with Josh these past several months.,” Sherwood said in his message to staff. “In good faith, we worked hard to close a significant gap between our generous offer and his expectations. In the end, Josh felt he deserved a different deal and so he chose a new path.”

Robach began her career as a general assignment reporter in South Carolina and moved on to become a morning anchor in Washington D.C.  She spent five years at NBC where she was an anchor at MSNBC and co-host of “Weekend Today.” Robach, said Sherwood, “will be a fierce and formidable full-time addition to our GMA team.”

Any change in the show’s on-air team will be of intense interest to those who follow the ongoing morning-show battle between “GMA” and its current second-place rival, NBC’s ‘Today” show. The ABC sunnyside show has spent more than  a year as the most-viewed program, but part of its appeal is its on-air team. After Champion left in December for a new role at The Weather Channel, ABC replaced him with Ginger Zee. With Elliott leaving, “Good Morning America” now operates with 40% of its main five-person team having changed over since December.

Co-anchors Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos remain as the leads of the show.


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  1. Zouka says:

    When he comes back to GMA so will I. I miss that amazing smile.

  2. Beverly J, French says:

    Losing Josh Elliott was a sad thing for the GMA audiences. He is a GEM. Miss him.

  3. S.Hager says:

    The show needs to replace George S.—
    What a bore, he adds nothing to the morning show.

  4. Donna Cicero says:

    I meant new York sorry, GMA is too overproduced, to complicated, to contrived, boring, and these staff changes have been all wrong. Try channel 5 Fox at 7am. I’m telling you new Yorkers you will love it.

    • Ali Faison says:

      In the immortal words of Share……If GMA would turn back time….You should take back those words that hurt Josh, n he would stay. Yall had a star…n he was all for me, n about 30 mil other people! Texas hates you fools, except for Ron Claiborn, n Sara Haynes, n miss Z……please children.

  5. Donna Cicero says:

    If you really want to enjoy an awesome morning show, tune in to Rosanna Scotto and Greg who are so real, funny and interesting I laugh all morning, its a great way to start the day. The show is on Fox, channel 5 in new tork

  6. Lee Baldwin says:

    Very disappointing and I find it troubling.
    Sam departs and is replaced by Ginger Zee
    Josh departs and is replaced by Amy Robuck.
    I am not trying to be sexist but if 2 women were replaced by 2 men, feminist would be up in arms.

    Keeping a little balance on the morning news would be nice.
    I think Josh and Sam kept things balanced and made watching Good Morning America enjoyable.
    It was a good formula that brought up ratings.
    Josh was very entertaining.
    Others may differ but I find that Amy is a nice lady but she is not as entertaining as Josh was and I will miss having him as a part of the morning programming.

    Of course as they say, if you don’t like it, change the channel.

    • mrwalrusq says:

      I agree. Sam & Josh balanced things out. I still haven’t found a replacement morning show. I don’t like Gail King on CBS and I can’t stand Lauer on NBC. Fox is banned from my television. I would watch Sam on TWC but Direct TV took that away and replaced it with a lame version of a weather channel. I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe just read the news on my phone.

  7. Albine says:

    I enjoy watching GMA every morning but I miss Sam and Josh. I like Ginger and Amy but it’s not the same. I would prefer Sam and Josh instead. Of course I like George.

  8. Hilary says:

    After starting each week day for the past 30 years with GMA, I’m GONE!!! They could not have had a more loyal viewer who stayed through ALL the changes but the last two have been off the wall !!! This is the most unbalanced, most difficult thing to watch and whoever is making these decisions should be committed by Disney’s shareholders!!!

    • Michael Anthony says:

      If u read the article, seems like Josh wanted alit if money to stay. So, you blame corporate for not throwing money at him? Look how much NBC threw at Lauer! Think that was a wise investment?
      I just don’t understand people who moan over news readers who leave. It would be different if it was a TV series and the main lead.

  9. Charlene says:

    What a loss. He was one if the main reasons to watch GMA! Don’t be surprised if ratings go down!

  10. Tam says:

    Good riddons to Josh Elliot. He overvalues his contributions to the show. JE’s attitude really grates after a while watching him . I doubt any real loss of viewers w/this defection by JE. Lots of young folks want a shot at TV, GMA will do fine.

  11. Jay says:

    Amy’s a babe! Now that she’s in permanently, I’ll be watching even more now.

  12. Cindy says:

    It was enough that GMA let Sam leave, now they let Josh leave. I think this is going to be a real problem for this show.

  13. mrwalrusq says:

    I too, instantly switched the channel. I can’t stand Lauer but I’m so done with GMA. What were they thinking?

  14. Mark K says:

    Yeah, Josh and Sam really contributed to making GMA #1. George is a great newsman, but not in his element on a morning show, and Robin- an extremely nice person- is just that, too “aww shucks” sweet for me. I’ll now have to surf to make up my mind for where to park my morning coffee.

  15. Aj says:

    We have watched GMA for a long time… With Sam going and now Josh.. Goodby GMA.. I just chaned the channel to the today show.. George,,, hurry get out while you can…

  16. I instantly changed the channel to Today. Josh and Sams chemistry is what kept me, then Josh alone. There is obviously something else going on behind the scenes for them to have 2 powerhouses leave back to back. Either that or the Managment are idiots. ABC’s loss will be NBC’s gain. Fools Gma management, Fools!

  17. doctahw says:

    Ill-advised move by Josh — especially since, it appears the money is more the same or less in the offers on the table at the two alphabets. Position-wise — he has much more visibility, spotlight, variety and fun at G-M-A, where, essentially, he’s allowed to be the “alpha-male” and at 6-foot-5, an imposing figure with presence (although his voice is not memorable) but in personality, he outshines the more cerebral George S. Now — the move for Josh makes sense, IF there is a clause in his NBC contract that gives him the chair on TODAY when Matt Lauer goes. Maybe — just maybe — that’s at play here — otherwise — what’s he really going to do at NBC Sports that he didn’t already do at ESPN?? 5 Million is a hell of a lot of cheese BUT it just didn’t seem ABC would pay this guy near north of what Diane Sawyer gets. I guess some are just not as, er, grateful, as they should be!

    • Sencho says:

      I read that he was asking for $10 million a year (up from the $1 million a year he’s been making). He definitely overvalues what he brings to the table. Glad to hear he’s going to some sports show that I’ll never even mistakenly watch.

  18. dsirk32 says:

    We love Robin and Lara but there are major elements of chemistry, humor, and originality missing without Sam Champion and now Josh Elliot. These four are why ABC’s Good Morning America is #1 over NBC’s TODAY Show. George is okay but he is mostly quiet and take a back seat to the others. Ginger Zee, Sarah and Amy are beautiful and very talented and we love them too! But Josh and Sam added that special ingredient that is now missing. I believe the TODAY show ratings will begin to increase due to these changes at ABC. We wish Josh the best at NBC.

    • cindy-in-tx says:

      I prefer George over Josh. The rest are okay, butI switched from Today Show for George with thidea it wou focus more on hard news than fluff. Since Josh got there, it’s been the opposite. I won’t miss him.

  19. Bill N. says:

    This is an interesting move. CAA, which reps Elliott as well as Champion, are really making some major missteps. NBC is clearly trying to steal away ABC’s talent in order to prop up TODAY against GMA. Champion’s show on The Weather Channel is seen by about 16 people every morning. And, as THR just reported, “But sources there stress that [Elliott] will not replace any of NBC Sports’ current on-air analysts and talent.” So NBC Sports stole him away with a big paycheck just to try and damage GMA. Whether or not it will have an effect remains to be seen, but it’s clear that CAA – their NY group of Wattenberg and Metzger – are just playing into NBC’s hands. Yes, perhaps they’re getting their clients a bit more money, but these moves are clearly not in the best LONG-TERM interest of the talent.

    • ernestine dean says:

      I will change to a different morning show. The powers to be are crazy to not keep Sam and Josh.

      • Fred Bar says:

        Loved Sam and George is the best, but glad Josh is going. GMA is morning news not entertainment. It is silly can’t stand Ginger she talks to fast and doesnt really do the US weather. Ginger is silly. The blonde with long hair is awesome. Robin nice Lady but she only interviews blacks? GMA needs to stay Off the Red Carpets. We have Kelly & ?, Entertainment and Joan to do the the Red Carpet. Robin was nice but Dancing with the Stars don’t need part time Judges. To distracting of the Dancers.

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