James Franco, Seth Rogen Address Sony Hack on ‘SNL’

James Franco, Seth Rogen Address Sony

James Franco didn’t shy away from Hollywood’s biggest story of the week on his third “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig, tackling the Sony hack attack with help from his “The Interview” co-star Seth Rogen during his opening monologue.

Franco jumped right into it as he began, bringing up the hack that resulted in the leak of employees’ personal information and international business documents. Franco’s “The Interview” is being released by Sony, so the actor figured the leaks would eventually target him, and he decided to get ahead of any reveals by dropping his own personal information.

“My email address is ‘cuterthandavefranco@aol.com,’” he said, “and my password is ‘littlejamesiecutiepie.’”

Rogen then showed up to let him know that “it’s much, much worse than we thought.”

Rogen let Franco know that personal photos — including a picture of the two trying to imitate John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic Rolling Stone cover, a photo of France sleeping on the toilet and the duo’s Christmas card — have leaked.

“The Interview,” which focuses on Franco and Rogen’s mission to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, has been at the center of speculation around the hacking. Many wondered in North Korea was behind the cyber attack. North Korea’s top military body, however, denied the allegation, but called the hack “a righteous deed.”

“The Interview” is set to be released Christmas Day. Watch the clip below.

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  1. Dr. Philip C. Lang, Ph.D. says:

    you are a thoughtless, nasty little ignoramus – crass, with “fraternity boy” humor. I am a 40 year active member of ACLU and believe in absolute freedom of the press and expression. But your advocacy, even in “humor” of assassination, especially considering the US history of political murders of other heads of state – is outrageous. Your “toilet humot” is also infantile and mindless. Grow-up – and start by feeling ashamed of this crap!

  2. 2 worst actors in Hollywood no doubt. James Franco standing there with the dumbest look he can give. Not one bit funny.

  3. “Many wondered in North Korea was behind the cyber attack.”

  4. nothingbutlies says:

    False flag to take control of the internet.. sad franco and rogan are such traitors and get off brainwashing the public.. come a long way since freaks and geeks boys.. way to sell out your fellow man.

  5. Jay Parks says:

    Sony, come on. Stand up to the scum dictators in North Korea. I’ll watch the movie and buy extra popcorn. Never give in to terrorist thugs!!

  6. Swiftwynn says:

    “Rogen let Franco know that personal photos — including a picture of the two trying to imitate John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic Rolling Stone cover, a photo of France sleeping on the toilet and the duo’s Christmas card — have leaked.”

    I watched Saturday Night Live and don’t recall a picture of France sleeping on the toilet.

  7. person says:

    Why would anyone release this on Christmas?

  8. i really feel bad for anyone who works at sony and has their personal information leaked thanks to these 2 talentless hacks having a good giggle.

  9. Sarah says:

    Ah, good ol’ SNL, always bringing up the important topics in a most funny way. Your article was funny too, but could not access the SNL clip, as it played a loop of “hulu” and would not go further. Oh well. Thank you for the article, none the less and the transcription of the script of the skit. :-)

  10. Messy57 says:

    That variety is publishing the private, stolen emails is horrendous.

  11. ezekiel says:

    unbelievable that some idiot would permit such an incendiary movie be made.

  12. Mason says:

    “Many wondered *if North Korea was behind the cyber attack.”

  13. Yellowstone says:

    Disgusting! 47,000 social security numbers and countless personal pieces of employee information exposed and these two clowns go on television to make light of it.

    • uh huh says:

      You guys have got to be kidding me. Everyone knows what happened is bad. Comedy shows always make like of current events. This isn’t any worse than anything you’d see on Colbert or Stewart’s shows. If they didn’t say anything about it, that would make it better? If you didn’t like it, it obviously wasn’t meant for you. You probably also don’t find anything Carlin, Murphy, or Pryor said funny, either.

    • Ross ODowd says:

      Really, that’s the disgusting part? Get the stick out of your butt. It’s not their fault some losers break the law and hacked Sony.

    • June says:

      That is exactly what I was thinking. I guess when you are a millionaire who does not have to bother about anyone stealing your identity, then you can get a cheap laugh at the expense of the little people who have to freeze their credit. :-(

  14. tyler rice says:

    Remember when people were funny and didn’t have to read off the teleprompter every second?

  15. Arnie Tracey says:

    The leak was not complete.

    We know the stars were paid 6,500,000 each up front.

    But how many points did they get on the back end?

    Also, we know the ethnics were paid 1/65 th or less, of the stars’ salary.

    Anti-Asian Discrimination?

  16. Kind of feel sorry for the kids who will think that’s it’s his REAL e-mail address…kind of.

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