It’s Official–Rosie O’Donnell to Return to ‘The View’

It’s official–Rosie O’Donnell will return as co-host of “The View” next season, according to ABC.

O’Donnell will join moderator Whoopi Goldberg.

ABC execs are in the midst of a extensive search for new producers to take the reins of “The View” as the show prepares to replace panelists Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, who recently exited the daytime program.

Sources also confirm that Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, is in serious contention to join as co-host.

McCain is the co-host of Pivot’s “Take Part Live” and is confirmed to guest co-host “The View” on Monday, July 14 amid rumors.

McCain would take on the Republican voice of the day-time talk show, which was previously held by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Although, McCain has spoken against some of her party’s views, such as gay marriage and abortion.

O’Donnell’s last attempt at a talk-show gig was short lived. Her multi-million dollar deal with OWN only lasted 6 months with low ratings.

Sources say “View” is casting a wide net for prominent women to bring a culturally conservative perspective to the panel, as well as women versed in politics and comedy.

O’Donnell will add a strong liberal voice to the panel.

Shepherd and McCarthy will remain with the show through Aug. 8 and the new season is set to begin Sept. 15.

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  2. Sue says:

    Please take. Jenny McCarthy off NOW, it is an embarrassment to myself as a woman to hear her recent radio interview regarding how to keep your man sexual satisfied…..she adds NO entertainment at all….regards to Sherri, I really don’t know why she was fired, I found her funny and also informative… to Rosie…..we shall see……

  3. Lori L. says:

    No Offence……to Rosie ……..BUT…has anyone ever heard the expression…BEEN THERE…DONE THAT!……Well what else done one really need to say other than that…there are so many other intelligent…fresh perspective..kind of ladies out there that should have gotten this spot, what was the rush..or was it a budget thing..did the Rosie who ain’t worked lately take the job for a low salary or….was someone on the hiring staff..having a who cares Im sick of my job anyway kinda day…like I said no offence Rosie…but really people, I think The view will retire with the great lady who started it!!!!….”Been there done that”…….not a smart move…

  4. Constance says:

    They should also bring on at least one – preferably both – of the airheads, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, on the 10 AM hour of the Today Show. They’d be perfect straightmen for Rosie.

  5. Lori L. says:

    I was already losing interest in the view, especially after Barbara Walters left, she truley was a lady, intelligent,manners. she had all we needed to learn from…Rosie, sorry loud mouth push, going through hard times is admirable, but…Rosie shoved it down our throat…Good Luck Woppi….bye to the view, The Talk has a great group of Ladies..really great!

  6. Cozet Johnson says:

    I will not be watching The View anymore when Rosie finally arrives there. It is ridiculous and absurd. Doesn’t anyone remember the way she acted when she was on before? Whoopi is wonderful but I already miss Sherry but I cannot stay to be upset by Rosie!!!!

  7. Linda Bullock says:

    OK, why not have a woman from the real world .I feel you need a woman that knows what it is to struggle through life and still struggles each day but lives each day with a smile .In 2012 I wa crowned Ms.Senior Pennsylvania .A different kind of Queen ,sort of a Cinderella Queen..When I won I was cleaning 33 rooms a day in a nursing home and had just got out of an abusive marriage but i picked myself up brushed myself off and started all over again.
    Go to you-tube The People Chronclies Storied Women (LINDA BULLOCK) a show I was interviewed on

  8. Gloria Hillsgrove says:

    I’ve long thought that Brad Garrett would be a perfect “regular” for “The View.” His visit this past year was intelligent and mostly very funny. He’s a natural!

  9. Jan says:

    I am looking forward to some intelligent political conversation. Sick of the current celeb gossip etc. It is good to hear both sides of an issue and make up one’s own mind. If you have legitimate reasoning to your views you should not be afraid to hear another viewpoint.

  10. sue says:

    Who the hell cares who is on or off this show. I have never watched it and I never will. It is a bunch of no talent gossips who love to fight and bicker and in return they get paid millions of dollars. Nothing better to Rosie? Gotta come back for you 6 or 7 figure deal. I can’t stand Whoopi. She is some supposed actress yet she is the host of a talk show? I hope the damn show is pulled so they can put something of value on tv.

    • meg conway says:

      Whoopi won an academy award for her performance in Ghost. Whoopi makes sense when she speaks, wants to know what others think, and above all can observe and comment on irony and inconsistency.
      Having a social conscience, speaking up for others when they can’t for themselves, hearing that from both Whoopi and Rosie when we don’t even hear it from many in our congress is heartening.
      Give them a chance if you can.
      ps my favorite Whoopi movie always will be Jumpin Jack Flash-

    • Tom says:

      If you’ve never seen the show, how then can you really comment about it?

  11. meg conway says:

    trying to comment here but not showing up

    i think rosie and whoopi would be a couple of talented, strong women who would respect one another and do well together-i love their humor and their social conscience.

    which is another reason i’m posting here-i’d like to inform the tv and film industry about safety issues in north carolina-i began commenting after the death of Sarah Jones in Georgia

    north carolina has an archaic discriminatory common law that corporations without conscience take advantage of-in my case biltmore farms, jack cecil and heartford insurance liam mcgee- it essentially limits most financial liability for injury on their property-please read about this law and the two corporations who took advantage of it and me at this safe link

    again, i think meghan mccain might be a great addition-i’d ask whoopi and rosie which conservative woman they respect and would like to have there everyday

    • sue says:

      those two would in fact be horrible together. they are both loud both opinionated yackers who would fight and fight till the claws came out. Whoopi would never back down and neither would Rosie. there are going to be major blowouts and ABC is counting on it for ratings. This show is horrible no matter who hosts it.

  12. MaryL says:

    Yuck! I cannot believe that the viewing audience prefers verbal attacks and ludicrous statements in the morning. What a mistake. I hope the viewers tune-out, and the show is cancelled. I liked much of the format; just not all the over-talking. It made me switch to NBC’s Today Show. I have no desire to listen to a bunch of disrespectful women. And, if they bring the Ross guy on; I will never watch again. YUCK. This type of programming makes our society look stupid.

    • B M Johns says:

      0ddidididiididididiididiidiidii how stupid is abc. OLD trash mouth Rosie is just a hair above ole lady Joy Bayhard…I didn’t watch when she was here before will not ever watch again …i bet more will not watch this trash, than does why don’t you take a pole of this.
      Thought Disney had family values

      • Lori L. says:

        calling Joy Behar ole Lady is just plain mean! Joy was funny and intelligent, who & what are you to make such a comment!!

  13. Carolyn Dupree says:

    Time to close the doors Get rid of Whoopi and start with a new group will never to as good as it once was on second thought I don’t care haven’t watched much in over a year

  14. So glad Rosie is back, I couldn’t stand all the other people they have had. As for McCain, now that’s a mistake.

  15. Diana says:

    Rehiring Rosie O is like a dog returning to its vomit. Before a month in, Whoopie and Rosie will be at each others throats. Neither one will back down. McCain is a lousy rep for the conservative view.

  16. besspaula says:

    i think its not a terrible thing bringing her back. just need a less in your face rosie. maybe she should have done couple days for trial run to see how she does there now. looks weird and awkward for two fired women to still be on panel.hope they do pick meghan. have to have different point of view and opinions. This show has really seen its better days and might need a cancel anyway.

  17. Susan says:

    I have been a loyal viewer for many years. With Rosie O’Donnell coming back to the View , I don’t feel like I want to watch that train wreck again. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Whoopie and the other ladies on the show. But I cannot tolerate seeing and listening to Rosie. Best wishes to the show.

    • Cecilia Ladda says:

      I agree, Sue! What is ABC thinking? Talk about a lack of integrity on their part. I feel for Whooping, too. I believe she can co-exist with anyone and be the strong, sensible, funny, caring woman she is. But I think ABC is certainly giving her the short end of this deal. Contrary to the comment that she doesn’t listen to others and talks over everyone–she’s the sanest person on the panel right now. Just watch her interact w the others and guests. I think I’ll be changing my viewing habits.

  18. I don’t think the paring of Whoopie and Rosie will be good for the show,i love both women but I think they have similar views and might at sometime clash but good luck ladies, i’ll still watch.

  19. marcia says:

    Well as for me Iam looking forward to the new line up.Best to Whoopie and Rosie . I’ll keep you girls in my prayers. I feel the show will be getting a shot in the arm. ( a good thing ),,,,,, Luck to you Ladies. And unless they are a guest I do not want to see a man as a regular on the show….sorry guy’s it’s just how I feel.

  20. Broadwayfan says:

    When I saw the headline I thoought “There’s a free hour every weekday.” As liberal as Whoopi is she’s shown respect and professionalism with conservatives (except Bill O’Reilly). I thought she and “the R woman” would disagree on some things. If Meghan McCain came on…they would be like watching pit fighting. Meghan can really make an argument. I would love to see an aggressive conservative face down “the R woman”.

  21. Wait – hire me I can do her job so easy – watch me: “I hate Republicans, Republicans are so stupid.” Dead on!!!

  22. Jacques Strappe says:

    Generic hate comments are meaningless. If you hate Rosie O’Donnell or anyone for that matter, please be specific. Do you hate large frame women, lesbians, opinionated women, liberals–all or some of the above? If you are going to the trouble to express your hatred of someone, I say be brutally honest and specific. Rosie O’Donnell seems to elicit from conservatives the same degree of passionate hatred Sarah Palin elicits from liberals

  23. Marlo Thomas is an even bigger fool than I could ever have imagined…

  24. Ashlyn Rose says:

    RO’D is repulsive and disgusting. You might as well put Joan Rivers. They deserve each other. I will never watch it.

  25. Tammy says:

    O…M…G. (Which stands for “Oh My GAG!”)
    Her attitude is… nasty!!!
    (I guess the show’s execs learned nothing from the first time she was a co-host and got into the whole Donald Trump-bashing meltdown. Didn’t she trash her dressing room when they fired her?!)

  26. Jayne webster says:

    Rosie is smart, funny, and well informed. She will be the reason to stick with this show. Get Joy back and maybe Susie Essman. Now that’s a show

  27. The View is Imitation "Jerry Springer !!!!!" says:

    More reason not to turn on the television…….
    Why not just feature reptile houses at zoos or sewer cleaning projects in major cities?

  28. Denise Miller says:

    I will not watch The View as long as this thing is appearlng on the show

  29. Another burned out has-been. Could we not find anything new, or original? A healthy role model even?

    Nothing is worse than yesterdays news and views.

  30. SFSolstice says:

    TAKE THAT Lizzie Hassel and people of your crazy ilk! LOL :-)

  31. Roxanne Santoro says:

    Not that overbearing loudmouthed cow Again! Why? Wasn’t Joan Rivers available!

  32. Nanny Mo says:

    It’s been said that the mark of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That should be the definition of Hollywood. Same ole same ole, but this time it will WORK, I know it will Lassie!

  33. wjm980 says:

    O’Donnell has been unsuccessful at everything she’s done since her first talk show (to show how long ago that was, remember when Time magazine called her “The Queen of Nice”? She’ll be no more successful with this venture. At some point, producers will finally realize that like Joan Crawford before her, O’Donnell is “box-office poison.”

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