Isaiah Washington Returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Isaiah-Washington grey's anatomy
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As “Grey’s Anatomy” prepares to say goodbye to one original cast member, it is welcoming back another: Isaiah Washington will reprise his role as Dr. Preston Burke for one episode, set to air in May.

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Washington played the cardiothoracic surgeon (and love interest of the departing thesp Sandra Oh’s character, Cristina Yang) before famously leaving ABC’s long-running nighttime soap in 2007. Series creator Shonda Rhimes said bringing him back now allows for the “full-circle moment we need to properly say goodbye to our beloved Cristina Yang.”

“It’s important to me that Cristina’s journey unfolds exactly as it should,” Rhimes said. “Burke is vital to that journey.”

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Since departing “Grey’s Anatomy,” Washington has worked on films including “Blue Caprice” and “Go for Sisters.” He appears in the new CW show “The 100.”

“Grey’s” is produced for ABC Studios through Mark Gordon Company.

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  1. SandyT says:

    I think they are going to kill off her character and Burke will come back for her funeral, to tell her goodbye. Other than that, I see no reason to bring him back for one episode.

  2. Lyndzi says:

    I thought Burke was sacked because of the homosexual comments he made about the guy who plays O’malley.

  3. URNot Ready says:

    I loved Dr. Burke!!! Bring him back!!!! He was one of the BEST characters on the show!!

  4. MCK says:

    Shonda has already said that Cristina will have a “Sliding Doors” type episode. I would bet any amount of money Burke will be involved in that episode.

  5. Alli12 says:

    Could someone tell me what happened with Burke why he left the show in the first place. I never knew or heard that there was a story behind his leaving. I always thought he left for personal reasons or he found something else he wanted to do.

  6. Iagree and Christina and burke were a great couple. But we have cested so much in her and Owen these past 6 years, I hope that Burke offers her a job i can’t believe that after jsut one episode she just goes back to him like that.

  7. marcy says:

    bring him back for good!

  8. Geri J. says:

    It’s more likely that Rhimes is hoping to stir up controversy & hopefully improve the shows declining ratings by bringing back Washington. That character has been gone for so long he is mostly forgotten by any remaining audience from back then. His return will not add any interest to the show for me. Certainly the current evolution of Cristina is not the least bit interested in repeating an old mistake. Surely she is looking forward into her future and not wasting time looking backwards. But on the other hand I no longer really care as I rarely ever watch it anymore. However if they brought Izzy back, that I’d watch!

    • Beyoncedog says:

      Why would you watch the show if Izzy came back? She is just as bad as Washington. I guess when it’s a black man that makes statements that are true it’s a problem. I wish you people would get over it. Burke is a person on paper that is brought to life by Washington. The paper person didn’t say anything that wasn’t written and approved by Shonda. It’s a T.V. show. Remember T.V. Show!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Alli12 says:

    I have always wanted Dr. Burke to come back in Greys Anatomy. I only wish that his stay would be longer than one episode.. It would have been interesting to see how Burke and Hunt got on full time when Christina was there fully… Not im left wonder if he is back because of a case or _______… Dying for that episode to come cant wait. Im going to miss Christina like crazy.. Christina, Callie and Meredith are my favourite characters from Greys Anatomy… Beautiful show I tell you. I am forever a GREYS ANATOMY fan.. Best Medical and Gossip show ever…

    <3 <3 <3

    • kate says:

      Totally agreed Alli12 , I stinkin’ love the show and think Christina is freakn’ awesome I’m so sad she’s leaving…Grey’s Fan all the way!!!!

  10. Kevin says:

    Being a homosexual isn’t a choice. Being a pig who makes vile comments about anal sex in an article about an actor is a choice.

    • Alli12 says:

      Could you tell me what happened with Burke why he left the show in the first place. I never heard the story. I always thought he left for personal reasons or he found something else he wanted to do.

  11. Good maybe I will start watching again… I missed Burke

  12. Maria R says:

    Oh god I feel like she’s going to die suddenly. Owen just left and lost his perfect woman who wants children for Cristina and she’ll die and he’ll be left alone. God I want to be apart of Shondas creative writing team so bad!

  13. Loren says:

    Calling someone a slur for homosexuals doesn’t just mean they “disagree.” Would you be saying the same thing if Patrick Dempsey had called one of the black cast members the N word?

    • smfuruichi says:

      That’s the thing though. Actor have said those god awful things and STILL do not get half the punishment this guy got. He has been practically shut out the business. Your ‘double standard’ example doesn’t work.

    • Inell Beverly says:

      I will watch the show again I stop watching when I. Washington was written off if he return so will I.

    • Ynnass says:

      I don’t think they would care. They are hypocritical. How many racist comment have been made about blacks.

  14. CJ says:

    Well, African Americans have been called worse and those who have discriminated and made racist remarks against African-Americans are still on television and radio. Where’s the outrage there?

  15. Carla says:

    People can change.
    I think he deserves a second chance.

    • kate says:

      True, he made some very horrid comments that I don’t at all agree with, but call me an optimist …I think people can change and learn and grow from there mistakes, and I think maybe the Greys creators see a difference in him, also I’m still do sad about Sandra Oh leaving, that bring said I couldn’t stand the whole mer and christina fight as an ending story line, lame! Also glad she isn’t getting a plane dropped on her I don’t think I could handle that, at least this way she gets to come full circle :)

  16. It’s like everyone’s forgotten his homophobic remarks that got him kicked off in the first place.

    • Judy says:

      I agree. Just because people are gay doesn’t mean everyone has to accept their life style. People can do what they want. Their choice but we don’t have to acccept it or think its ok

    • Linda says:

      Yeah, because no one has ever made a remark about another race, lifestyle, etc. Come on people, he apologized. It seems that remarks can be made about anyone else in the world, but if you make one related to homosexuals you are vilified for eternity. Get over it.

    • mdmax says:

      My thoughts exactly.

  17. duffer says:

    So what who cares about Burke? We want Izzie!

  18. Floozy says:

    Hmm. I really hope Cristina’s “full circle” journey doesn’t involve suddenly having feelings for Burke again and riding off into the sunset with him! She’s better than that

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