‘Intervention’ Revived for New Season on LMN

'Intervention' 14th Season: Show Revived by

Intervention” is coming back.

The show has been revived for a 14th season by A+E Networks group sibling LMN, the network announced Monday. It previously ran on A&E for 13 seasons before getting canceled last year.

The docuseries profiled those who were brought the the brink by an addiction to drugs, alcohol or compulsive behavior and documented the ensuing intervention. It won an Emmy in 2009 for outstanding reality program.

“Over the course of 13 seasons on A&E, Intervention wove itself into the fabric of pop culture and brought global awareness to addiction and treatment options,” FYI & LMN president Jana Bennett said in a statement. “The stories profiled on this series are profoundly powerful, and we are proud to continue it on LMN.”

Original interventionists Jeff Van Vonderen and Candy Finnigan are set to return. It will be produced by the original producers, GRB Entertainment. Production will begin this summer, with the series slated to air in the first quarter of 2015.

Gary R. Benz, Michael Branton and Jeffrey L. Weaver produce for GRB Entertainment. Laura Fleury and Jen Wagman produce for LMN. The series was originally created by Sam Mettler.

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  1. Patty says:

    the show is amazing. how does a person get on there ?

  2. K says:

    Will the show be back in 2016? I hope it will be, I think it has paved the way for many families to address their problems. Lee Collins, I truly hope someone helps you and your brother. May the Lord bless you and keep you til then.

  3. Otis Lee Collins says:

    Hi my name is Lee and i have a very serious problem, my brother is hooked on roxicodone, percoset, hydrocodone, methadone, Lortab, lorset, oxycontin, Adderall, vyvanse, oxycodone, oxymorphone, and morphine. My brother has asked for help on many occasions, and we have had no response. Ive seen your show, i live in the state of indiana, and im an alcoholic as well. I would like to get help as well. My brother and i have lived very hard lives, we have chosen alcohol and pills to cope with the pain and stress that happens everyday. My brother michael is at the mercy of the city in fortwayne indiana, and im an alcoholic in waterloo. I wake up everyday thinking about my next drink. I saw my brother tonight on saterday november 29th i was drunk and he was high on pills. We have lived a life of alcohol and drugs. We dont know how to get away from it, and we are asking THE TELEVISON SHOW A&E to intervene in our lives. My brother Michael doesnt know anything about this. Im posting his post to try and get national notoriety of our current situation. We are brothers that have a father thats a severe alcoholic who does pills. Myself i am the alcoholic my name is otis lee collins the second. My brother and i have been neglected as much as we could take it. WE ARE ASKING A&E TO INTERVENE AND HELP MY LITTLE BROTHER MICHAEL OVERCOME ALL THE ADDICTIONS THAT HE HAS. Yes im an alcoholic and i understand that my family, my children, the woman i love are all suffering because of my actions. Having said all of this i ask the TELEVISION SHOW A&E INTERVENTION TO COME AND SEE ME PRIVATELY AT MY HOME. IM DESPERATELY SEEKING YOUR HELP FOR MY BROTHERS LIFE AND MINE AS WELL
    Sincerely Otis Lee Collins.

  4. Amber says:

    I need help myself but no one in my family would ever do this for me. Please this mother wants her life back n take care of two kids, one with special needs. Please!!!!!!!

  5. Sandy armes says:

    My sister has tried calling many x. My niece her daughter is a heroin addict, she oded before from pills, been to hospital 2x from shooting up heroin, she is so bad on it with her boyfriend! They now rob people, she has 12 yr old daughter, all these lose’rs in house shooting up! If she doesn’t get help she is going to die soon, please I beg you to get her/us on t.v. show to get her help, please help save he R&D daughter, I beg you, HELP!!Thank you! sandy armes

  6. shanna says:

    Am looking for help with intervention with youngest daughter she has 3 children. We don’t know what to or how to help her. She says she needs help but doesn’t know how or where to get it. If possible if a person has the time could someone reply with advise or information. We surely don’t want the children in foster care Or anything bad happen to her. Was trying to reach intervention the series they have a phone number at the end of there show to call. But I’ve been unable to locate it on any website. Thank you for your time

  7. Marcos Castillo says:

    My son needs an intervention

  8. Wanda Wynn says:

    Thank you for continuing this show. It is needed to continue to bring awareness to the enormous problem of addiction and its consequences to the individual as well as the family.

  9. sherry padrigo says:

    I have a sister who has been on every drug that you can think of since she has been 15. She is now 43 and has lost so much weight and the whole family has basically given up on calling her. We call her and she will not call us back or won’t answer any of our calls so we don’t know what to do. She lost her job a year ago and has went down hill ever since. Her grandma died at 44 to alcohol and her cousin lost his life at 38 to alcohol too. We do not know what to do so please help us. Thanks.. sherry padrigo

    • K Kennedy says:

      Sherry, you should contact the TV show “Intervention” on LMN. This is news article about the TV show Intervention being brought back to TV. They have a format for you to apply for help for your sister. God bless.

  10. Bobbi says:

    How do I find out more about this program I have a family member who had a bad addiction & need to find help for him I’m afraid one day I will get a call stating he has passed I want to save my son

  11. Rob says:

    The addiction community thanks LMN. These episodes can be powerful anti relapse tools.

  12. sab says:

    i saw this and was looking forward to it so much, but the ones i found online that say they came out in 2015 are just Canadian episodes that ran years ago. Are they just re-airing Canadian ones and claiming they’re new, or did it say somewhere that this is just a re-run? Confused.. i was hoping it was new episodes

  13. Lyndsey says:

    Please help my brother is on the verge of death due to meth or who knows what else. He has a 5 yr old son and a wife who is about to leave him. He’s struggled with addiction for many years now, and is has made my father’s health go down hill due to worrying about him. We really need some help someone to interven!

    • leti barrera says:

      hi just surfing the web and I saw ur comment.Please try and contact the show directly. I think they run contact info after the show but ur best chance is probably to go through the networks website. You may to try Dr. Phil also,not sure if u like him or not but help is help. Good Luck, hope all turns out well

  14. Deborah Carver says:

    Please help, i have a son with a drug problem, he’s married with a nine month old and has a baby on the way, I had to put him out just to keep the peace in my home. I dont want to lose him nor does his wife and his babies need him. Everyone in the family has tried talking to him and reaching out but he doesn’t hear us. What can we do ?

  15. T. Bagwell says:

    I’m not sure where to turn or whom to talk to bc it seems that I am the only person that cares. My boyfriend has an alcohol abuse problem, with popping pills, smoking marihuana. Now its lead to taking liquid Nyquil and anything else that could possibly get him high. He doesnt seem to care what its doing. Bc of these issues he has landed himself in the hospital w severe vitamin B12 deficiency vitamin d also and magnesium. The 13 meds that he is prescribed dont seem to help. He isn’t suppose to be drinking or smoking cigarettes bc of some of the medicines. He has permanent nerve damage from his waist down bc of this.

    Please what do I do or whom can I turn to for help bc he doesn’t care that its killing him.

    Please help.
    Thank You,

  16. This is the most powerful show ever. It is so ugly to look at, yet the message always comes home to LOVE. Love powers the families to save their addict and show them the way to love themselves. Should win an Emmy every year!

  17. Mel says:

    This show is the best show on television. I was just shocked when A & E cancelled it last year. I actually was really angry that the Kardtrashians had a show and this show which gives addicts a huge opportunity for help was cancelled. It did not make sense at all. God bless the people who help turn around the lives of the addicts featured. Jeff and Candy are the best. I saw the first episode with Tammy it was just as powerful as the ones in the past. The interventionist was not my favorite. Im used to the no nonsense of Jeff and Candy. Thank you for bringing a show to Television that actually offers these people a chance at life.

    • mike says:

      Did anyone else notice the rehashing of 2 year old Canadian episodes? That’s not really new, is it?

      • E. B. says:

        I was wondering the exact same thing!! These episodes aren’t really new just old Canadian episodes now being shown. Is this really the “new” season?? I hope not.

      • yes, at first thought that the new season was just shot in canada. then, when i saw the sober dates, i realized the episodes were filmed concurrently with the last 2 seasons on a+e. every once in a while a+e would include a canadian location. now, i realize they had been filming consistently. once this “new” season is over, wonder if the whole series really be over.

  18. Becky Deloach says:

    I have a son that has been on every drug out there. He is 35 years old and has never had a fulltime job. I had to distance myself because he is causing me health problems. He has no insurance and I am far from rich. I pray that you will please help me help him. I want my son to be happy and live a good life. He messages me when he is hungry but this time I turned him a way and told him to figure it out. Please help me.

  19. I’m sitting here despartly looking for any information on how to get in touch with someone to help me get intervention for my son. I wactched this show all the time when it was on. But I thought my son had stopped his drinking. He went through a 30 day treament plan at kaiser Permanete out patient. All this time I thought he was sober. He got married last year in Oct.5 and his wife just left my house after she told me she was leaving him. I have already had two heart attacks now one more will be my last. Peggy Hamblin

  20. Tyler says:

    So glad they’re coming out with new episodes. This is one of the best series of all time. Seen every episode and cant wait for more!

  21. Heather Losinger says:

    I’m happy to hear ‘Intervention’ is starting up again.I couldn’t understand why A&E canceled this show…Why cancel something that helped so many people struggling addiction and pain?The pain and deep sorrow within their mind,body and spirit is what brought them to addiction.This show dealt with that so they could then deal with the addiction.Not only did this show help many addicts but family members as well…How many people did they actually help then if you include the family members as well???Very happy!!!

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