Howard Stern Fan Prank Calls MSNBC During Malaysian Flight Coverage

One of Howard Stern’s fans caught MSNBC off guard Thursday during the network’s coverage of the Malaysian Flight tragedy in Ukraine.

Pretending to be a witness to the crash of flight MH17, the man called MSNBC’s Krystal Ball a “dumbass” on live TV after she failed to pick up on his description of the incident.

“It would appear that the plane was shot down by a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s ass,” the man said.

Watch video (above).


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  1. peterdzoghi says:

    That call was as real as her name. LOL

  2. howard says:

    so damn funny.

  3. Mike Smith says:

    Howard who?

  4. rlapix says:

    I never accused Howard Stern of having any class before, and this is a brand new low. There is no part of that plane going down that should be used to get a laugh. Stern is horrible.

    • cadavra says:

      Well, Stern didn’t make the call himself, but he DOES need to put his foot down and tell these creeps to stop doing this; it wasn’t funny before and it certainly isn’t now.

  5. ilovegspot says:

    This person exposes how unreliable news sources really are. They don’t vet are screen anyone. How unprofessional and its all Howard Sterns fault. So many dumbshits out there.

  6. stevenmillan says:

    Howard Stern is irrelevant and very ancient history,for he’s lucky for his devoted fan base,his Sirius radio gig,and his current AMERICA’S GOT TALENT judge gig otherwise he’d be out on the streets with his multimillions.

  7. Twason says:

    Lucky for Howard Stern that no one current even knows who Stern is now. 80,000 listeners a day on average at Sirius (Hollywood Reporter, April 2014), and by the time Howard is back in live studio (works 2-3 days a week only) to even replay or comment on this, no one will even remember anything about it. We use to laugh with Howard, now everyone is just laughing at him.

    • ilovegspot says:

      You missed his birthday show. Check it out and the guest list. I guess you know more than Sirius exec’s desperate to resign him again or go out of business. Nice that you are still interested enough to read and comment although you come across more as a jealous troll that can’t afford a quality pay service.

  8. Bob Johnson says:

    Captain Janks strikes again! Haven’t laughed so hard in weeks. Nice to know MSNBC has such skilled producers and call screening policies .

  9. joe says:

    and this is a news station I want my news from

  10. Some MSNBC producer is rightly jobless today.

  11. JOE S HILL says:

    The sick bastard who pulled off this prank,needs to be seriously jailed,and bull whipped! people’s lives
    were taken in this Air disaster,and hindering the media with pranks like this,is both offensive,and dangerous! is this what our country has turned into,,mischief minded people like this,who think jokes
    like this are funny? what if this was a 9/11 scenario,and some sick mind indulged his humor in this
    manner? i know,that the fist thing on my mind,is to have people like this severely fined,and/or jailed! if
    this is the kind of sickness that Howard Stern represents or encourages,then he needs to be punished
    heavily,because this kind of thing crosses the line! people died in this disaster,and our country is falling apart,and THIS is what people here resort to? only assholes and cowards do stuff like this,and i hope this
    sicko is punished to the full extent of the law,,joke,or no joke!!

    • ilovegspot says:

      So the media isn’t responsible for vetting or screening sources? You are a fool.

    • jpinz says:

      No, it’s the media that’s the joke. Wake up you brain-washed fools.

    • Twason says:

      His real name is Thomas Cipriano who is known as Captain Janks on Howard Stern’s radio show. Feel free to turn him in.

      No one really listens to Stern on the satellite radio any more. Stern probably paid Cipriano to get Stern’s name buzzing on the media since no one knows who he is any more, and he likes taking advantage of peoples tragedies. 80,000 listeners a day, 2-3 days a week, 2-3 hours at that.

      Did you see Stern’s new bathroom at his new mansion?

  12. Alan D. says:

    Typical Howard Stern fan.

  13. Ideation20 says:

    Always use a delay or record the conversation in a commercial break.

  14. The second I heard the guys voice it was obvious he was not military and I turned the channel. Turned it back right at the end. If an average viewer can tell how the heck do the producers, knowing how often this happens, not understand.

  15. Captain Janks out of Prank Call Retirement!

  16. She left herself wide open for this kind of nonsense. This is an awful tragedy. However, the additional travesty is letting these damn so called journalist give the ‘people’ any sort of info without one iota of gd info!!! Shame on both of these jokers!!!

  17. terry johnstone says:

    and that remark is funny,please these people where killed here

  18. brian says:

    Wow, someone just became the most popular guy in his trailer park…

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