‘How I Met Your Mother’ Creators Apologize for Racism in Recent Episode

How I met Your Mother Racism

Showrunners took to Twitter to respond to the backlash

The pain of Marshall and Barney’s ongoing slap bet in “How I Met Your Mother” is nothing compared to the fury of angry Twitter users, the creators have learned.

Monday’s episode put the show under fire when Jason Segel’s character continued the slap bet with Neil Patrick Harris’, threatening the “slap of a million exploding suns” that he learned from three masters. The cast’s Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders and Josh Radnor served as said masters, dressed to make them look as though they were Asian.

Viewers immediately flocked to Twitter to voice their aversion to the use of “yellowface,” and even created the hashtag “#HowIMetYourRacism.” Co-creator Carter Bays responded Wednesday, apologizing for himself and fellow showrunner Craig Thomas.

He continued to say that they try to make a show that’s “universal,” but fell short this week. Thomas also chimed in on Twitter to agree.

“How I Met Your Mother” is in its final season, and the finale will air in March.

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  1. It’s certainly good to know that the professionally offended are still employed.

  2. John Neumann says:

    It was filmed in 2013, not 1950. They couldn’t find an Asian actor to play the role?

    • David says:

      It’s not about having an Asian play the role. If you’ve ever watched the show, they always use their main characters to also play the characters in the stories they tell.

  3. randy says:

    Hey! I’m offended by something I saw on tv!!!!! [Yell, screech demand apology]

    Why don’t you change the channel or just turn it off?

    Wait – That’s an option?

  4. Brian Shea says:

    Yet the show makes fun of Canadians and Canadian culture and Neil Patrick Harris’ character is a sexual predator and shows no respect towards women. Where’s the outrage in that? Oh… I guess we only care about race issues now. By the way, I’m being completely sarcastic. I’m a big fan of the show and those that are ‘outraged’ can choose to tune into something else.

    • sino-american says:

      said right. i watch the show because it’s offensive, misogynistic, and often borderline racist. but it’s all done somewhat satirically and provides a counterpoint to the poignant parts of the show. this show is brilliant because it makes me feel human in good and bad ways, makes me think of my own experiences how i met people throughout the years. i won’t down people who aren’t down with the show, i guess it just doesn’t speak to them. though it makes me want to slap them as hard as possible in their stupid face…

  5. art says:

    Isn’t this show finally past its prime and time to end it.?

  6. Dang says:

    Lighten up. Some people these days seem to think they’ve won a prize if they spot something that could possibly, remotely be in some small way kind of offensive to the most fragile and delicate members of the population, who, because of their weaknesses, must be coddled. They don’t understand they weaken those they are trying to “protect”. They become like an arm in a sling for a long period of time. It atrophies and becomes more and more weak. Pathetic. People really need to stop apologizing for this stuff. This nanny culture thrives on apologizes and is addicted to them. Cut ’em off. Cold Turkey. Toughen-up, buttercup.

  7. Tim says:

    I am Asian and part Chinese. Let’s stop the political correctness crap or else we will just stop talking to each other.

  8. New golden age of television???? Television died at the end of the 70’s. Life was alot more open and fos laughed at each other more when archie bunker was alive and well.

  9. CWW says:

    This new rule is going to put shows like Saturday Night Live off the air.

    No one will be allowed by the Race Police to portray any character unless his DNA is on file & approved first.

  10. afbevil says:

    Reblogged this on Stuff BQ Knows and commented:
    Really, racism. I guess it is now around every corner. Please don’t watch television, there might be something offensive on. All these people screaming racism for every little thing just sound like thin-skinned pu–ies to me. Get a life.

  11. Kevin Conlon says:

    I think it’s pathetic that anyone could be offended by this. We are becoming a country that you wont be able to say a thing on TV or int Movies without double checking with lawyers. Just laugh and move on!
    They never should have apologized, they should have just ignored the few that were upset.

  12. Dssssd says:

    Lighten the hell up. The worlds going to get awfully when liberals and the their “racist!” cat-calls reduce our acceptable grounds of humor to that “Orange you glad I didnt say bananna” knock-knock joke.

  13. ounceoflogic says:

    I am offended by the apology.

  14. The Oracle says:

    Somebody actually WATCHES this mentally-vacant garbage?

  15. Good grief. Chill, people. It’s a sitcom.

    Now if only it was funny.

  16. Dr. Van Nostrand says:

    Really? Get over yourselves idiots. It’s a TV show!

  17. sum ting wong says:

    this show sucky more plicks than neil patlick hallis.

  18. Mee Suckyoulong says:

    Me also luv Gay Mafia – day fuck like june stinkbugs in july – anytime, anywhere

  19. Mee Suckyoulong says:

    Confucius say “Man who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with Near Patlick Hallis.”

  20. joasis says:

    Haha, this is awesome. The left is eating its own now. Keep it up, libs.

  21. Mee Suckyoulong says:

    Dem chinks is touchy nowadays.

  22. Dave says:

    If you’re offended then don’t watch the damn show you pansies. Shut up whining!

  23. Hack Stone says:

    If they really wanted to be racist, Ted would end up marrying an Asian mail order bride, and the show would be called “How I Met Your Mama-San”.

  24. Joey Donuts says:

    Unbelievable! I’m so offended that everyone is offended by me being offended by their defensive response to this obviously offensive offense! I’m so victimized that everyone needs to watch my video at the following link to console my offended soul. http://youtu.be/ENULgnzzlss If you “LIKE” it after watching, I’ll be that much less of a victim. (sniffle sniffle)

  25. DB says:

    I stopped watching when Neil Patrick Harris wouldn’t shut up about his sex life.

    • Mee Suckyoulong says:

      Me no likey Near Patlick Hallis – he discriminate against asian man ’cause he no have weenie long enough to ram up to his duodenum in park after dark ….lacist…

  26. jenii says:

    This is exactly why shows like ‘All In The Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons’ — as groundbreaking as they were in their day — could not be greenlit for production today. Everyone is offended by the smallest thing. If you can’t laugh at yourself (intentional or not), then don’t look at TV.

  27. “Co-creator Carter Bays responded Wednesday, apologizing for himself and fellow showrunner Craig Thomas”

    Let the groveling begin. The “sensitivity” crowd has spoken.

    This is what happens when you run your personal and professional life by referendum.

  28. Millionsix says:

    This show is offensive to anyone that likes comedy.

  29. Paul in SC says:

    People need to freakin’ lighten up! There’s so little real racism in this country any more that they have invent new definitions for it. I’m sorry, but three white characters paying homage to Kung Fu cinema does not qualify.

  30. Chris Parker says:

    Professional race-baiters are ripping this country apart with their hateful hallucinations. There is NOT a racist hiding behind every bush, you thin-skinned crybabies.

  31. Brendan says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Racist? This show, and I watch it quite often, is one of the LEAST offensive. But while we’re on the subject, Throughout the whole series the character “Barney Stinson” is portrayed as a misogynistic womanizer who only uses women for sex. Where are the cries of sexism? And “Marshal Ericson” as the typical white guy from Minnesota with all the odd quirks of his and his family members in a caricature of the average midwesterner? Honestly, to portray this as racist is a slap in the face to everyone who’s had to endure REAL racism. Some people should try looking up the definition before they start making accusations.

  32. C W says:

    Next up a demand that Lawrence Olivier come back from the dead to apologize for his racism of playing Othello in black face…

  33. C W says:

    How I met your society’s political correctness

  34. John says:

    Ridiculous, I’m Asian and I actually thought it was the best episode this show has had in years. Complain about more pressing things.

  35. milestocode says:

    If I’m offended that the show really sucks now and is unwatchable, will I get an apology from them too?

    Stop with the damn apologies already. Nobody ever apologized for All in the Family or Blazing Saddles did they? Man up Hollywood!

    • FL says:

      Sam: “the sheriff is a ne…….”[loud crash during second syllable} / crowd responds: what? Sam: ” the sheriff is a ne…..” {loud crash} too funny Blazing Saddles is 5 stars.

  36. Who cares? These people are self important buffoons at best. Irrelevant.

  37. Gervais says:

    Just because something is a stereotype does not mean it’s an insult. Lighten up.

  38. Tony Martin says:

    More crying about nothing… Soon no1 will be able to laugh smile or make a joke again… everyone now wants to play the poor victims..

  39. Art Sack says:

    As an Asian (cauc-asian) I’m certainly offended. I’m offended at the writing and the acting. You want to apologize? Burn it all and never allow it into syndication.

  40. RobertKarl says:

    Oh, pleeeez! Do we have to be so friggin sensitive? There is a reason “offending” isn’t a crime. Slap yourselves back from neurosis-land and just enjoy life and all it’s little insensitive jokes, or else turn the channel and watch documentaries.

  41. Frank Z says:

    Geez! What a bunch of pansies! Thing can’t be raw and funny anymore. Archie Bunker would have never made it to the airwaves in this hypersensitive environment. I’m black and I loved Archie!

  42. rastus@myself.com says:

    Who cares.? All types of People are made fun of all the time. Does anyone remember the sitcom “In Living Color”? It made fun of every the culture of every race. It was hilariously funny.

    • Chris Tomlin says:

      So true. In Living Color once even rolled out a “wheel of color” I think it was called, maybe “wheel of comedy,” which Marlon Wayans would spin to determine which ethnic group they’d make fun of that week. It included the whole rainbow of colors but, of course, the biggest wedge on the wheel was “white folks!”
      It was hilarious
      Seriously folks, get over your small selves. And no that’s not a crack about anybody’s physical stature.

  43. jz says:

    my wife is chinese and she thought it was hilarious… give it a rest people! let people have fun!!

  44. The only victims here are the victims of political correctness.

  45. This whole things is so silly! I’m Korean and I don’t see anything offensive about what they did in the show. Nor do I see anything offensive about the term Oriental. I mean, come on. The “Orient” refers the continent of Asia, which is where Asian people come from! Jeez people, get a life.

  46. BeBe BooRay says:

    Good publicity. Keep it up.

  47. harv1981 says:

    They provided their audience an opportunity to be outraged, the very thing for which it yearns, so they’ve served their community well.

  48. Ari Gold says:

    That show is so stupid and mindless, who really cares what was said or who said it?

  49. Mike says:

    Lame show to begin with. I’m sure the phoney outrage will end soon.

    • big daddy D says:

      Watch your back, mike..your comments are being censored/deleted. I realize you were being deliberate with your comments.

  50. B Da Truth says:

    I’m offended that they’re offended, that everyone is offended over such stupid petty little sh–t on a stupid comedy show. How stupid and petty this nation has become, tweets twitters and anonymous hate filled emails, get a freaking life for God sake.

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