History’s ‘Texas Rising’ to Premiere Memorial Day 2015

history channel

History’s “Texas Rising,” detailing the Texas Revolution and the rise of the Texas Rangers, will premiere Memorial Day, May 25.

The eight-hour event series from exec producer Leslie Greif (“Hatfields and McCoys”) stars Bill Paxton as Texas legend Sam Houston and follows his fight for Texas’ independence against Mexican general Santa Anna. “The Killing Fields” helmer Roland Joffe directs. Greif’s previous series for History, the Paxton and Kevin Costner-starring “Hatfields and McCoys,” set ratings records for the channel.

“We’re ecstatic with what we’ve seen so far from production,” said Dirk Hoogstra, History and H2 exec VP and general manager. “I can’t think of a better way to kick off summer than with a big television event that’s sure to resonate with our fans.”

The series cast includes Kris Kristofferson as Andrew Jackson, as well as Brendan Fraser, Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Thomas Jane, Olivier Martinez, Chad Michael Murray and Jeremy Davies. “Texas Rising” is produced by A+E Studios and ITV Studios America in association with Greif’s Thinkfactory Media.

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  1. David Kautz says:

    I thought that the History Channel was concerned with history not fiction. It seems that Texas Rising has more fiction than historical fact. Cheap footage showing the escapade with Emily West and Sam Houston- didn’t happen. The Ray Liotta character surviving the battle of the Alamo to become a Texas commando – you should have used Chuck Norris. Texas history is more exciting than most other states because it’s real and doesn’t need cheap story lines like Texas Rising.

  2. Jay says:

    It is comforting to see in a world of change that the American public is as stupid and brutally ignorant as ” it has always been.

    Whether is “Bushwhacker 1” inviting you to “read his lips” regarding new taxes or “Bushwhacker 2” swearing to high heaven that there where “Weapons of MASS DISTRUCTION!” lurking in the woodpile, whatever is shown on “the TeeVee” must be true.

    Nobody will spend even 10 minutes to find out the truth of the “Republic of Texas” and the “brave souls” who “gave their all” for “Liberty”.

    Well, just so that you can’t say you were never told, here’s the truth:

    This program is a disgrace! It portrays the “Texican’s ” as a noble few fighting for “freedom”. They were not fighting for the “freedom” of any man or woman!

    They were fighting for the “freedom” to own, beat, murder, rape, oppress, buy, and sell Black human beings and their children as slaves in perpetuity!

    The War With Mexico began because the Mexicans held a much higher ground; that higher ground being that they would not allow the “Texican’s ” to enter Mexico to re-capture escaped slaves!!!

    The “Texican’s ” were Monsters! In-human, venal, soul-less, vile beasts that would condemn generations of men and women and their children un-born to lives of misery, pain, suffering, degradation, and hopelessness just so that they could obtain free laborers.

    To show them as anything else or anything more is to trivialize the sacrifice of the Mexicans that fought and died to stop them and the suffering of those they had sought to continue to enslave.

    There are no “hero’s” of Texas in the struggle. Just as there are no “hero’s” of the Nazi atrocities. No “hero’s” among prison rape gangs, no “hero’s” among child molesters. Just violent criminals working out their lusts and depravities, believing that they will not have to give a just account.

  3. Its sad the history channel is so PC they portray Houston sexually with Emily rose. They had to get one half black woman and make up a ridiculous story in order to make her relevant. Then they had to include a mixed race relationship in true Hollywood fashion. This is such nonsense. According to real historians Emily Rose was captured by Santa Anna and not sent in to his camp by Houston. Congradulations History Channel, you ruined what could have been an otherwise historical and entertaining documentary. You disgust me with nonsense.

  4. Only in Texas where the school board refusues to allow history books repudiating Texas folklore. One of the main reasons “texans” revolted was because they refused to give up slavery. Many african american slaves escaped and fought with Mexico.(Matamoros) Even after “freedom” Texas was the last state to inform their slaves. Make a movie about that History Channel. Instead you continue to perpeuate Texas Myth for a profit. It’s sad, “History Channel”

    • Jack says:

      Texas is just that popular. All over the world, the outline of the state’s boundaries are recognized as a symbol of the popular state.

  5. curly says:

    Would be nice if the true history could be told rather the fictional version popularized in the 20th century. The Texas Revolution was fought by Texas Mexicans rebelling including most of the soldiers and commanders.

  6. Coyo Munoz says:

    This is by far one of the biggest, most impressive productions in TV history. I am so anxious for May 25th, 2015 to arrive!!! Yeyyyyyy!!!

    • The Viewing Public says:

      and my crush Trevor Donovan is in this playing a lead, young gun slinger Kit Acklin Texas Ranger. I’m very much looking forward to this. #TexasRising hashtag we used way before this miniseries was even a thought

  7. Gough says:

    This was partially filmed on our Ranch El Tule in Durango. It was amazing and the actors were down to earth and humble. My kids were even extras!!!! Everyone watch!!!

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