FX Cancels ‘The Bridge’

FX Cancels 'The Bridge'

FX has announced that it is not moving forward with a third season of “The Bridge,” the crime drama starring Diane Kruger and Demián Bichir.

The series, developed by Meredith Stiehm and Elwood Reid, explored the tensions on the U.S.-Mexico border centering on two cops from each country (Kruger and Bichir) working to catch a serial killer.

“We thank our partners at FX for their tireless efforts in developing and launching ‘The Bridge’ with us. From its fresh, unique voice to its deep and diverse ensemble cast, this is a series that we are all very proud of,” said Shine America, which co-produced the series, in a statement.

Producers say they’re looking for other options for the series.

Though it was among television’s biggest DVR playback gainers by percentage, “The Bridge” was never a big ratings draw. It returned for its second season in July with 1.5 million same-night viewers but consistently fell under the 1 million mark in the back half of its season.

The drama did nab a Peabody in 2014, though it was never nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe.

“The Bridge” was a co-production of Shine American and FX Prods., and based on a Danish/Swedish series called “Bron/Broen.”

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  1. Love the Bridge! It takes quiet and patience to watch the Bridge! I love all the actors! It’s not for children!
    I hope they continue!

  2. Bre says:

    The fact that FX had 7 seasons of the absolute shit that was Sons of Anarchy and would cancel The Bridge, one of the better crime dramas on telivision, is truly pathetic.

  3. Joe says:

    I loved this show. It was one of the best.

  4. romero says:

    We found this show by accident, and were captivated! We download Season 1 and anxiously awaited Season 2. Now, we have discovered to our disappointment this outstanding series has been cancelled. Please, please reconsider bringing this show back!

  5. Cpnnie DeFehr says:

    So here we go again. Another one bites the dust. Longmire. Now The Bridge. 2 of my faves. Netflix just picked up Longmire. Maybe they should be approached and offered The Bridge.

  6. Randi Preiser says:

    very sad that they would cancel such a great show.

  7. Cat Landess says:

    I swear! It seems like every show I get really, truly, almost addicted, involved in.. some damn Producer gets all $$ crazy & WHAM! It happened every season w/ Twin Peaks, FRINGE, etc.. On & on. With all the fans popping up & bitching about how very intense they found each episode carried so much information, I agreed that EVERY FAN thinks if U miss 1 epi..U r totally lost! I can’t say it more often but I’m surely saying it now. I really wish that the true fans could totally control what goes on the t.v. or not. It can only be tracked by so many means, granted that # has gone way up, it is IMPOSSIBLE to know how many folks rented it, traded it, got it from a pal/family member.. etc. I got the tip from my Family over a dozen xs & when I finally cave in.. my Hubby & I go on a MARATHON BRIDGE WEEKEND! I want answers when some1 gets the hint that losing this was a monster boo-boo! PLEASE some1 let me know when the BORING folks get off the true entertainment train.

  8. Plum says:

    My husband and I love this show and we’re already anticipating next year’s season. There are very few shows that have an interesting story line with complex characters. The battle against drugs in the United States and Mexico is timely and mirrored actual events in the media. Very disappointed about the cancellation. Good quality television is becoming harder to find.

  9. Lovegrittyrealityshows says:

    I loved FX’s The Bridge, and I liked the second season because I always felt the the charectors would grow from their adversity. Detective Ruiz would get past his pessimism and move forward with the friendship of Sonia. Please FX, if you don’t want this, give it to Netflix so we can see season 3!!!!!

  10. wayne warner says:

    The Bridge was the best show on television,and I’m very disappointed in cancellation. Hope another channel pick’s it up!

  11. FX your dropping one of the best shows that has been on this network. Love it and Justified ,,guess there won”t be many reasons to watch FX

  12. vanessa says:

    “The Bridge” is a great series! I really hope the options the producers find is to continue to show on air because this show is really good! I think the writing is great and intense! I love the actors as they each play their rolls well and love the diversity in this cast!

  13. ida says:

    Such a great show and FX decides to push it aside. I hope another network picks it up. I would like to see it continued.

  14. Mary Pearce says:

    Another good show bit the dust. FX please be sure to replace it with another reality show. Maybe you can do your version of Honey Boo-Boo. Get a life and do not cancel this show. One of the best on TV.

  15. badbillygoat says:

    Sad, sad, sad! Intelligent writing, superb acting and a gripping storyline, all set in a real-life “this is how it is” place. Poo! BBG says “Baaaaaad!”

  16. Luis Paolini says:

    The canceled shows must have a final chapter, always leave a unfinish story.

  17. Mary Richards says:

    Watching more and more NETFLIX. Loved this show. Love Justified. Loved Copper BBC. Absolutely adore HELL ON WHEELS AMC. Come on FX, stop joining the dumbing down of America on Network Channels and keep on offering the best series on CableTV.

  18. John says:

    A real shame. One of my favorites! Longmire was too! Hope some other network or netflix picks up The Bridge. Excellent show and very good cast. With Justified and Sons ending this year, not sure why FX would pass on such a quality show.

  19. Nunya Bizzness says:

    Good riddance. Anything that glorifies El Paso is BAD!

  20. Nora P Krolak says:


  21. nancy says:

    I love this show. Wish it wasn’t cancel

  22. Mariana Dabadie says:

    I want to see you again.PLEASE!!!It¨s wonderful…

  23. Lucai Milla says:

    Please find a way for this TV show to comeback and have a 3rd season. Its has a good story line. This is the second TV show that has to do with Americana and Hispanic Drama (Gang Related) that is being taken off the air. I understand that Gang-Related is with FOX and its a completely different network, but still please find a way to bring back The Bridge. Im a fan and I would just hate to see another good show be taken off the air. So many other shows are on TV that suck so bad.

  24. maria says:

    It is a great series! real quality!

  25. cathy says:

    Nooooo, first…Necessary Roughness
    third…The Bridge
    This real SUCKS!!!

  26. Val says:

    I watched the original Swedish/Danish version of the Bridge when I first moved to Malmo for a job to learn some Swedish. It was, to say the least, what you expect from Scandinavian TV; dark, gritty, fascinatingly depressing, and yet so addicting. It certainly touched upon issues that pertained to my biweekly commute to Copenhagen. I found the US version of the bridge to be the same thing. However, it’s not exactly something that I think the average American enjoys. It’s simply an entire new field. Such a pity.

  27. NOOOO. this was one of the best shows on TV. it was getting great reviews. the biggest problem was the total lack of advertisement. this show was gritty, intense, so suspenseful. what a mistake cutting it is, what a horrible loss.

  28. Brian Green says:

    First “Longmire” and now “The Bridge” is cancelled too. I guess it’s time for another paint by numbers procedural about government super agents.

  29. Carol says:

    What a terrible shame to allow a show such as The Bridge to be cancelled. The storyline and acting are among the best. I hope someone will have the foresight to pick it up later this season.

  30. Jan says:

    Unique, well-acted. One of the very best series on TV. Let’s hope someone else picks up this excellent show. Since this is the last year for Sons of Anarchy and Justified, looks like there will soon be no reason to watch FX.

  31. john says:

    This is not cool. Really liked this show. Hope someone picks this up.

  32. Dave says:

    That’s a real bummer. My whole family loves watching the show. I sure hope some one picks it up. Its a great story and being in Arizona it follows stuff we hear about on the news all the time

  33. Marian says:

    This is/was a good show! Sorry to see it is ending. More like a political reason instead of a ‘not watched’ tv show.

  34. wayne says:

    not knowing how to speak spanish, i found myself going back to read the subtitles so i could follow it more closely, it became a pane in the butt and hard to watch !

  35. Dee Kelleigh says:

    Boo to Shine America and FX! A poor decision indeed!

    • Richard says:

      You’re not so good with English, either, Wayne…”a pane in the butt”? That is a ridiculous rationale to dislike the show. I happened to love that a U.S. TV show was confident enough to feature characters speaking in Spanish….

  36. Brian says:

    I am SOO bummed that FX has not approved a 3rd season 😔 I LOVE this show! There was so much potential for it but this season it just kind of limped along without any sort of direction or purpose.

  37. Sherrye Chandler says:

    Drop the Bridge?? Why??? Not Pc ?? We are dropping FX if the Bridge is gone!!

  38. Susan says:

    I would like to think another network will pick it up, it was a good series!!

  39. Debra says:

    Well, ok this is the last season of JUSTIFIED too….so your probably thinking about putting on some stupid unremarkable show….Thanks

  40. annamarie says:

    WOW , that stinks !! Loved that show . As others have pointed out , there are toooooo many reality (fake) shows on TV . This was a breath of fresh air and truly creepy at the same time. I hope it finds a new home and we are able to see it . I’ll be watching if I can .
    Shame on you FX.

  41. Pa says:

    I cannot understand how they can cancel The Bridge and leave some of the truly ugly shows such as Grimm and the Stain and the Last Ship. Wow.

  42. A wonderful cast. The series was superb and will be missed.

  43. Ashlyn Rose says:

    I am so sorry/shocked to hear The Bridge was cancelled. I found the series realistic in its presentation of government politics/relations/ethics regarding the profitability of drug trade. This was a superb series with outstanding actors. I hope another network picks it up so I can continue to watch an original exquisitely written,and magnificently acted production

  44. joe swope says:

    Another great tv show is cancelled-what a shame. hope someone picks it up. Too many so called reality shows-sure real-with cameras all over-but cheap to make=little writing needed and plenty of commercials for profits-little talent and creativity.Shows cancelled-but also great- 1- The Killing- 2-Unforgettable – 3- Tomorrow people 4- Memphis Beat – 5- A Gifted Man 6- Pushing Daises 7- Longmire 8- The Glades – 9 – Rake 10- Rubecon.

  45. mark says:

    The Bridge may or may not find another outlet but it was so different in its take on the players in the Mexican drug wars and some extreme personalities that it was not produced to find a mass audience like the Walking Dead. We should just be glad there was a second season on FX and that the character Helen’s capture was finalized. Imagine her knocking on your door Halloween night.

  46. I have no words…..what are cable networks thinking? First Longmire, then Dallas….now The Bridge. It truly is the dumbing down of America, We know what sells….and it’s CRAP REALITY shows. Sad day for the Educated.

  47. Terry S. says:

    Is FX out of their F…..g minds. What an outstanding show with an outstanding cast.

  48. J Sailian says:

    I was a slave to The Bridge. Very sad to see it cancelled. Some enlightened network: Pick it up! I’ll be there, for every episode. Watched it live AND DVR’d it.

  49. TonyaM says:

    Please bring back The Bridge! My family and I watched every episode. Never knowing what twist and turns would pop up made this show very unique. There are so many more stories that could happen. Please, please, please re-think the decision!

  50. melba says:

    Liked the show a lot. So many typos in this article.

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