Fusion Taps Ryan Nerz as TV’s First Chief Cannabis Correspondent

Fusion Taps Ryan Nerz TV’s First

At first blush it sounds like something out of a Cheech & Chong movie, but in fact it’s a serious effort. Fusion, the startup cabler run by ABC News and Univision, has named  journalist Ryan Nerz as its chief cannabis correspondent.

Given the spread of legalized marijuana availability in the U.S., Nerz will cover the  growing market for pot, examining economic and cultural impact of the shift in public policy.

As a contributor to Fusion’s digital and TV platforms, Nerz will explore all aspects of cannabis culture and the business it is generating as states such as Colorado  legalize its sale for recreational use.

Nerz has written for NPR, Esquire and cabler History. He’s reported extensively on marijuana issues as the author of “Marijuanamerica: One Man’s Quest to Understand America’s Dysfunctional Love Affair with Weed” and “Eat This Book: A Year of Gorging and Glory on the Competitive Eating Circuit.”

Fusion has also ordered “The Cannabusiness Report,” a limited series of half-hour specials to be hosted by Nerz. He has spent the past several months developing the program through segments on Fusion’s morning show, which now airs in primetime as “Fusion Live.”

“Marijuana legalization is an issue that is taking on increasing relevance – politically, economically and culturally – and requires the kind of coverage that only someone with Ryan’s expertise can deliver,” Fusion CEO Isaac Lee said in a statement. “Ryan’s reporting is a great example of how Fusion is uniquely capable of providing news, information, and opinion on topics that matter to millennials, especially in situations where the mainstream media can’t keep up.”

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  1. Eilene says:

    I am a 63 yr old female, live in Fl. I have watched several episodes of Cannibusiness report! The impression it gives me is, the rapper crowd is how it will be with legalized weed! Find the people who NEED it with chronic pain, prescribed OxyContin but is Leary taking it because of the addiction it causes! Those are the people u need to interview!

  2. WilliamPenn says:

    Maybe Ryan’s success will encourage more stoners to come out of mom’s basement and get a job. Nah!

  3. Vasco DeGama says:

    Good morning, my name is,..uh…oh yeah Ryan Nerz and we’re gonna, um…..what? dude are you gonna eat that cookie?……….

  4. ImJustAGuy says:

    This whole obsession with pot is a source for my amusement!

    I used to smoke pot back in the day, but then I grew up. Because I’ve had experience with it, I’m waiting for the stream of unintended consequences! …preparing to be amused, over and over!

  5. tericrosschetwood says:

    I guess Tommy Chong turned them down?

  6. tweed54 says:

    When the The Food Channel needs a cannabis correspondent, I’ll be there and you can count on that. Just like the Anthony guy. Not that bizarre stuff…..well, maybe?

  7. 100% correct, the potheads are too far gone but hopefully the rest of the country will wake up. Drug the masses, control the masses

  8. joe says:

    People have been tuning out for hundreds of years. I am quite capable of fighting off Chinese invaders while stoned. Actually it might be easier.

  9. azgirl says:

    Definitely don’t want to miss the nightly Doper Report.

  10. dumbasrocks says:

    are you dumb

  11. Pastor Russ says:

    Pot is the new tobacco, but its going to be treated differently. I predict there are going to be no “Smoke Free Zones” for pot and its second hand smoke.

  12. Dam says:

    Fusion? Where is that, somewhere around channel 10,000? Probable draws the Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Ronan Farrow crowd.

  13. Minfxbg says:

    What’s next , a liaison for the Man-Boy network?

  14. JWS says:

    “.. … I’m on TV? … I’m on TV… … far out…”

  15. dutchuncle says:

    Whether is it Legal is NOT the issue,,It’s what it does to PEOPLE is what we Should be talking about. Drugs, ANY street drugs should be taught OUT of our kids. They have NO use in our society if we want to stay a free people. What drugs do to people and the family is what we SHOULD be discussing,,,not whether or not to make this substance legal. George Soros just Spent $80 Million to promote the legalization of Pot…and we all know he is a Great American and VERY interested in keeping our nation Strong…tongue in Cheek.

    • Aaron Burns says:

      Some of us truly do have more respect for Soros than your comment. I think a person can smoke weed and defend this country. The 2 are not mutually exclusive.

      “if we want to stay a free people.”

      So to stay a free people we need to lock people up…. some logic there.

  16. Azznerak says:

    Strange. Weed is creating jobs, entertainment, and tax revenue. How odd…

  17. Justin Case says:

    America’s drug policy is a prime example of what happens when the government no longer fears the people. Cannabis is not, nor has it ever been a drug and current drug policy is used by the government with the intent to steal property, and curtail personal freedom in the so called land of the free. Before we can ever again have a government of the people, by the people and for the people we first must have a government that is deeply afraid of the people.

    • Cloudy McNogggin says:

      HA. Ok. So what are YOU going to do about it tough guy?
      Specifics now tiger. No more chest beating.
      What are you going go DO?

      • Cannabis America says:

        We are Drafting Referendums, Voting and Legalizing Marijuana across America to say F.U. to all the Hypocrites and Conservative scum who don’t understand what Freedom really means.

  18. John Campbell says:

    When your 15 year old daughter jumps the public school wall to get out of class, then gets a ride on city bus to a part of town where gang violence and drug abuse is rampant, goes to some guy whom she’s never met in her life because he looks like he’s been using marijuana, gives him $10.00 that she saved up from daily school lunch money to go get her some, and then sneaks back into school, tell me how safe that is. Tell me how there’s nothing to worry about. Tell me you wouldn’t be devastated to find out it was your own daughter. Then tell me how you make it stop.

    • joe says:

      How is that any different than 10 years ago.? Your 15 year old knows how to get pot. 15 year old have always been able to get pot. They can find it way easier than you. She doesn’t need anyone to legalize it. Legalizing it is for the 20 and up crowd

    • Cannabis America says:

      We are Drafting Referendums, Voting and Legalizing Marijuana across America to say F.U. to all the Hypocrites and Conservative scum who don’t understand what Freedom really means.

    • Mark G says:

      Aye, so true, and keep playing that kikass Bass for LoG brother

    • Justin Case says:

      Make it stop by legalizing Cannabis. Make it legal to posses, grow, sale and use freely. As a parent you may want to consider letting your child use cannabis in a controlled environment with friends and family where he/she can be safe. Teach them that there is a time and place for everything and that smoking during school is not the time or place.

      From another perspective I would place the blame on the school. School is a complete waste of time and money for everyone. Beyond basic math and English skills most people need not attend more than 6 years of school.

      Honestly, look at the state of our nation and tell me how school has done one damn bit of good in the past 30 years? The American school system is nothing more than an indoctrination camp run by perverts, communists and all other sorts of deviants.

  19. Disgruntled says:

    Ironically, he had to pass a drug test to get the job.

  20. I don’t think that’s what they intended when they coined the term “Talking Head”.

  21. Jon Goodwin says:

    Nice, I am glad cannabis is taking to the mainstream media because its certainly not the big bad boogie man that some agencies like the DEA make it out to be. Far less harmful than alcohol, has medicinal benefits, okay when used in moderation for your body and all around shouldn’t be a schedule one narcotic on the same level as heroin and cocaine because that’s just asinine. I use pot every other night a few hours before bed and I live quite the normal life, actually somewhat of a simple life. I go to work in an office, never been charged with a crime, I think I have had one ticket for something hanging from my rearview mirror and I pay my bills and am a responsible caring adult like anyone else. Now tell me how pot is bad for me? The DEA really needs to stop because everyone sees through their agenda pushing actions and its so obvious they want to continue this never ending insanity of locking people up and ruining lives over pot, how can you throw someone in a cage for the rest of their lives for pot? That’s an atrocity straight up, a non violent American citizen sitting in a cage for the rest of his life for providing someone with a flower that makes them silly and hungry. What monster does that?

  22. Jack Inmanz says:

    Congrats, Nerz. Now kiss your career goodbye.

  23. Duude says:

    ….and in this evenings cannabusiness report….. Frito-Lay is up 4.9%

  24. Bob White says:

    Year 6 of the Obama Nation and the deterioration continues.

    • Kru Satyr says:

      Obamacare sucks so bad, hippies are turnin to ganja for a cure-all and gay tv is hirin not a gonzo but a ganja journalist.

      The WH derelict let Assad keep Syria, let Iran develop the bomb, took away missile defense, gave Putin Crimea, is givin world autocrats the internet stick to roll us with, and if Putin enters the Iditarod, we’ll know Alaska is Obama’s next lap dance on Putin. That leaves New Mexico to give to the Cartels, provided they promise the community organizer on the phone to start givin back to the ‘communities’ they prosper in.

      Now the poser who’s stainin our history is gonna bong bhang in a hooka cause he’s been workin sooooo fkn hard takin the USA apart.

      What a punk.

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