Fox’s ‘Rake’ To Exit Quietly With Two Episodes on Saturday

Rake TV Show Canceled

Fox, looking for ways to generate higher ratings on Fridays, has swept “Rake” to Saturday for its finale.

The first-year Greg Kinnear series, which opened in late January on Thursdays behind “American Idol,” was shifted to Friday in March due to low ratings.  Now, instead of airing its final two episodes on Fridays, the show is getting a two-hour sendoff this Saturday.

Last week, “Rake” mustered a mere 0.4 rating/1 share in adults 18-49 and 1.9 million viewers overall opposite college basketball on CBS.

In its place on Friday this week will be a repeat of last season’s finale of “Kitchen Nightmares,” which will serve as lead-in to the one-hour series finale of “Raising Hope.” Two-hour installments of “Kitchen Nightmares” will then air for a few weeks.

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  2. Sean says:

    This show is awesome and if it is canceled it has nothing to do with the fantastic entertainment value Rake brings to evening television, but everything to do with poor marketing by FOX.

  3. Terri says:

    Great show, very clever…I am sooo disappointed to hear this news. It seems as though, the better shows that are clever or different never get a chance. Are we to be forced to watch nothing but reality shows???

  4. Mark Harris says:

    My wife and I totally loved this show. Please don’t cancel it. I’ll some products from whoever will renew this show.

  5. Robert says:

    Please renew this show. Not a good move to give up on it.

  6. Jackie pimentel says:

    Love this show. I really don’t even like television and this was the only show I looked forward to watching!,, don’t cancel it

  7. Dawn says:

    such a clever, fun, funny show!!!! Why, oh why are you cancelling this!!!! Not so smart, FOX

  8. Patrick says:

    This sucks! The problem with Nielsen Ratings: they choose the worst sampling possible. The only people who have time to follow the Nielsen rules are people with NO LIFE whatsoever. i.e. those who watch “American Idol”, “Survivor” and other worthless programs. Finally Fox gets a good show with a great story line, and puts it on a night where nobody watches TV except kids… and my kids can’t watch this show. BAD MOVE FOX!

  9. Laura says:

    So upset, forgot to say the cast was great and LOVE Kinnear!

  10. Laura says:

    I’m so disappointed, please bring it back! Finally, a show worth watching and they cancel it! Maybe if you gave it a better time slot to begin with, this would not be happening. Then they kept changing it, the only way to find it and see it was to DVR it! UGH!

  11. Pat says:

    I got a real kick out of Rake. Greg Kinnear is fabulous.

  12. Skwow says:

    A perfect example of life imitating art. Whereas Greg Kinnear’s character was always in someone’s crosshairs, this show was also being targeted by someone at Fox. Why else would they do everything in their power at assure this show’s failure?

  13. ed jackson says:

    Rake should not have been cancelled by Fox—what a shame! Compare it to so much silly garbage still left on TV. We had the show recorded and loved it.

  14. Susan Abrams says:

    I have enjoyed this show but have had to watch it on demand. Too bad it’s being cancelled. The acting and writing were great.

  15. Duane Ruth says:

    Fox must have lost what little mind it has left! This show is awesome! AMazing writing, funny, and great acting. I can only imagine what kind of blind metrics they are using to gage the popularity of this show, I watched every episode, but all on DVR and if it weren’t for my Prime Time feature on the Hopper Joey system from Dish, I would have never known this show was on! This show would be a giant hit if they just gave it some publicity and some time. They just suck.

  16. Chris says:

    Rake is one of the few shows on TV I watch, With them moving the nights around I missed an episode, but did mange to see the double one. Hilarious!! With all the garbage on TV I quite enjoyed this humorous show where it looked like Rake was becoming more self aware. As usual any show that leaves you thinking after Just can’t do on Fox.

  17. Maria says:

    Bea, that is the problem with Rake, the show. It was an INTELLIGENT program.
    Kinnear played the part so well because as much of a scumbag as he could be he made us pity his character in some crazy way.
    The cast was wonderful. The stories and how everything worked out, or not, at the end was wonderful.
    Fox, like NBC, doesn’t get its audience.

    • Tami says:

      That’s a darn shame to take this show off the air…… is one of the better shows of the season, and Greg is wonderful in the part. And I totally agree with what Maria wrote………please keep the show!!!!!

  18. Bea says:

    What??? I thoroughly enjoyed this show!! Intelligent, witty, loved all the characters. Greg Kinnear is entertaining to watch as Rake. Figure this out and bring it back!!

  19. svb says:

    Great show. Humorous, witty with good plots every time. Greg K. fit the character perfectly and I was so happy to see him get a chance at a series. I can’t figure out why good shows like this get cancelled and stupid ones like Kitchen Nightmares are on for years. Really disappointing.

  20. babyboater says:

    Why is it that good shows get cancelled and the crap shows return season after season? Rake is both entertaining and hysterically funny.

  21. Trisha pennington says:

    I loved this show. Wish it could hang around!

  22. Reece12 says:

    Sorry it was cancelled. One of very few shows I watched weekly.

  23. PatC says:

    So disappointed!! Looked forward to watching Rake every week. One of the few intelligent comedies on TV! Great acting. Greg Kinnear is great in this role and the story line was fun and interesting. I hope it comes back on another network.

  24. lindsey says:

    So sorry Greg Kinnear, my husband and myself loved the show! It was witty, sexy, a little thrilling and funny… we will miss Rake. But your keeping Dad’s? What’s that about? Just saying.

  25. gordon s. says:

    Rake is a good show,much better than a reality show , this only shows that Fox is not interested
    in building a following for a good funny show, the characters are very good.

  26. Britt says:

    Rake should NOT be cancelled. Great show. I looked forward to watching it every week and I do not watch a lot of television.

  27. Catherine says:

    Looked forward to the show every week. Very entertaining. Cast was wonderful.

  28. jed says:

    What a giant bummer. I’ve been looking for this show for two weeks. I’m a disappointed fan.

  29. STEPHEN says:


  30. AlmaJean says:

    Too bad Rake was cancelled. Very good show…..funny and Greg Kinnear is an excellent actor. Bring it back!

  31. sandra says:

    I can’t believe Rake is being cancelled! My husband & I both enjoyed watching this show, it was funny & couldn’t wait to see what the next episode would bring

  32. I knew from the first episode Rake would have a tough time making the cut. It is not absolutely ordinary legal drama. It is not a formula CSI, Law & Order. Nor is it a smart cracking, melodramatic legal drama. If you watched you know that Kinnear was a brilliantly flawed lawyer. Was he a good lawyer and a bad human or a good human and a bad lawyer? Excellent writing of ambiguity in a smart funny forum. I hope the writer, producers, directors, cast/crew read these comments. You have fans. Thanks for a great ride. BTW, what was in the brown paper bag??

  33. ramona says:

    Awful news…sure hope another network picks “Rake” up…and keeps it in ONE time slot!! Love this show!

    • Isabel says:

      This show is too smart for FOX network. It should be moved to TNT or AMC where more mature viewers will appreciate it. Greg Kinnear is one of the most talented (and under rated) comedic actors on the scene.

    • Lori says:

      Very disappointed that Rake is being dropped. Great Show–fabulous cast. Greg Kinnear was terrific as always.

  34. Judith mackenzie says:

    So disappointed it was cancelled. Just found out when looking for more episodes. Fox kept changing the nights. no wonder they thought viewership was down….who could find it. Greg Kinnear was fabulous…
    Part made for him. Clever writing and plots. All the characters were so believable, albeit a little quirky.
    The only show I would actually sit down and watch without getting up to do laundry or make lunches.
    We don’t need anymore reality shows, singing competitions, gruesome forensics. The bosses at Fox
    should be demoted. Bring it back. There was a show called Murphy’s Law starring Kathy Bates a few
    years back, and it took a few seasons to pick up viewers, it went on to receive numerous awards after
    also being cancelled. Makes me want to cancel my cable vision subscription !!!

  35. Albert says:

    Great show! Excellent plot twists every week. Thanks FOX for removing a show that is very
    fun to watch!

  36. Suzanne says:

    I don ‘t understand TV execs. I loved this show, but I had to search all over for the last few episodes. Finally, watched them On Demand. But, how do you expect a show to succeed if you keep moving the air dates and time slots???

  37. snxpflash says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, however.. the only reason it’s ratings are low.. is because people just download/watch episodes online. I have followed the entire season but, only watched on hulu+. If I did that, then so too did millions of others. Kind of retarded to end such a great series because of their stupid ratings system.

  38. Bonnie says:

    What a great show. This was the only show on the Fox network that we watched. Kinnear’s character was a hoot and the whole cast was great. Had to look it up on the internet to find out that it was canceled! Please bring it back next season.

  39. Pip Rogers says:

    Loved this show!! Really smart and funny. Please, somebody pick this up!

  40. Kim says:

    Greg Kinnear is great. This was absolutely my favorite show and about the only one I even cared if I missed.

  41. Dennis Bost says:

    This was a great show! I hope it’s not gone forever

  42. Linda says:

    Please don’t cancel thi sShow! Give it a chance

  43. Teresa says:

    This was a fantastic show. I had to search for it when it moved to Fridays. Then tonight, I wondered why it wasn’t recorded on my DVR. Greg Kinnear was made for this role and played it to perfection. Shame on you Fox for cancelling a great show.

  44. Michele says:

    I loved the show! I love Greg Kinnear. I can’t believe it is cancelled.

  45. kate says:

    I LOVED this show. i thought it was fresh and very funny. there is so much old, done before tv on this was refreshing. I finally had a reason to watch nighttime tv.

    what a shame!

  46. Joan Hagle says:

    I LOVE RAKE! I laugh just looking at Greg Kinnear.

    • Me says:

      Someone planned this series to destruct. In order to watch it you had to keep searching for what day and time each and every week. Greg is great – and always will be in whatever situation he’s put into. I think the person who pulled this series should be FIRED! Please bring back Kinnear!

  47. Mike says:

    Please tell me Rake is returning next season. Best show on FOX. The Saturday slot is not a place for Rake. Ratings tell the story.

  48. Liana says:

    I’m not surprised but I am disappointed. From Greg Kinnear to John Ortiz, the cast was fabulous, storylines, although sometimes a bit much, were mostly hilarious but the typical American putz prefers to watch revolting, STUPID shows like The Bachelor, Kitchen Nightmares, American Idol…UGH…also Fox should perhaps LEARN HOW TO SCHEDULE A SHOW SO IT HAS A CHANCE TO SURVIVE! WHY would you schedule RAKE opposite a major sports event???? What a waste of talent and a missed opportunity to see something different. Shame on you.

  49. R. junokas says:

    My family loves this show. We all get together and watch it as a family like in the old days !!!

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