Fox News to Launch ‘Outnumbered,’ a Noontime Panel Show, April 28

Here’s an interesting cable-news concept: Fox News Channel will launch a panel program, “Outnumbered,” featuring a rotating crew of four female hosts and one male.

The hourlong program will debut April 28 at noon Eastern Time. As part of the show’s premiere, the daytime program “Happening Now,” co-anchored by Jon Scott and Jenna Lee, will become two one-hour blocks airing weekdays at 11 a.m. Eastern and 1 p.m Eastern. Previously, “Happening Now” ran from 11 to 1 p.m.

Fox News said the dynamic of the gender-weighted panel would result in a “fresh take” on news of the day. During each segment, the panelists will examine the top news of the hour, and deliberate the leading pop culture and relationship issues dominating the headlines that day, the network said in a statement.

” ‘Outnumbered’ combines a distinctive group of Fox talent with unique experiences and insights that will make for compelling news programming,” said Jay Wallace, senior vice president of news at the 21st Century Fox-owned outlet. “We look forward to once again pushing the envelope with the addition of this new show and are confident the revised line-up will only strengthen the FNC brand.”

Harris Faulkner, a weekend anchor for the network and Sandra Smith of Fox Business Network, will serve as two of the rotating members of the show’s five-person panel. The solo male panelist will vary each day. Additional personalities to be featured include: Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros, co-hosts of the Fox News late-afternoon program “The Five” and Fox News Channel contributors Jedediah Bila, Katie Pavlich and Kirsten Powers. Each of the panelists will keep their other duties on Fox News or Fox Business.

Leading up to the debut of “Outnumbered,” FNC will continue to present “America’s News Headquarters,” which has served as a temporary replacement for the 1 p.m. ET weekday timeslot since last September.

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  1. L.A. (Les) Moschuk says:

    Wow …Wikileaks emails and other emails continue to reveal more corruption, more cronyism, more dishonesty, more lies … how can Hillary supporters continue to support her for the Presidency. Is this the person that Americans want to be their President?

    Trump’s crude language and allegations about kissing (Georgy Porgy) several women pale in comparison to lying to the FBI, Congress and the American people, corruption at the highest levels of Government involving the Clinton foundation, cronyism, blatant dishonesty … and now the continuation of a criminal investigation by the FBI into Hillary Clinton’s Classified Communications.

    Hillary Clinton and her Transition Team, Podesta, Tanden, and Palmieri have created a culture of corruption at the highest levels of the US Government.

    Julie, Juan, Geraldo, wake-up, smell the coffee, and stop defending the lying, dishonest and corrupt Clinton machine!

  2. L.A. (Les) Moschuk says:

    Outnumbered needs to discuss the most recent Clinton Wikileaks revelations, their impact on the country and the American people. Donald Trump was right on the mark when he called Hillary Clinton a Nasty Woman. Donald Trump’s instincts and judgement about the players in this election have been exceptional.

    The Wikileaks emails show that Hillary & Bill Clinton are filling their pockets and feathering their nest at the expense of the American people. Donald Trump wants to change this and help the American people.

    Whistle-blowers are protected in the United States when they reveal fraud & corruption. Wikileaks is a whistle-blower revealing the dishonesty, corruption, greed and ambition of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton machine!

    Julie, Juan, Geraldo, wake-up, smell the coffee, and stop defending the dishonest and corrupt Clinton machine!

  3. L.A. (Les) Moschuk says:

    Outnumbered could do more to show the comparison between Hillary and the Donald. If voters compare Crude Language and Sexual Allegations to Corruption (Haiti, Colombia & Morocco), Dishonesty (33,000 deleted emails, lying to Congress & the FBI), Criminal Acts (ignoring subpoenas, destroying Government property to prevent archiving), etc., then there is no contest as to who should be President.

    Guests like Julie, Juan, & Geraldo need to wake up, smell the coffee, and see their Candidate for who she is. The Donald has solid instincts and called Hillary crooked right from the beginning. Hillary has experience with no results, all talk and no execution. She has been a monitor for the past 30 years. The Donald has been a builder who has provided thousands of jobs and beautiful structures and resorts throughout the US and Internationally.

    This shouldn’t even be a contest among intelligent voters!

  4. L.A. (Les) Moschuk says:

    Where is FOX News guy Juan coming from. Can’t believe a guy his age can’t see the forest for the trees. Hillary’s dishonesty, corruption, greed, and incompetence has been on full display for years and now Wikileaks has sealed the deal. Calling Trump a puppet was ridiculous. Hillary is the puppet for Wall Street, Special Interests, rich Middle East countries and those around her who are pulling the strings. Trump has both the instincts and judgement to be a great President. He sees Hillary for what she is!

    Juan get your head out of the sand!

  5. L.A. (Les) Moschuk says:

    Agree with Marian Martin … julie is way over the top! Lacks logic & rationality for an intelligent person. Obvious her judgement is clouded by her fanatical democrat position. Interesting that Hillary’s dishonesty, corruption, greed and aversion for National Security is overlooked by democrat fanatics!

    “Outnumbered” is a really great show … fairness & honesty is paramount!

  6. get jule off of your show she gives me a headache

  7. Carl Lamb says:

    how can gary johnson and jill stein just jump into the presidential race this is a rigged election when no one voted for them but with less then 100 days left these 2 are aloud to jump in the race what good is our votes when these 2 are aloud to just say I want to run they should of done it before the first debate I am talking to people about suing the government for election fraud or something it would be like me jumping in the race now I watch your show 5 days a week so I would like to hear you 5 talk about this election fraud they did not go to the debates we did not vote for them they are doing this because they dont like Trump I will be watching you and so will all my friends

  8. Carl Lamb says:

    you all are morons and so is your one lucky idiot in no way shape or form did I take it as a death threat it was a threat at the voting boot you just keep twisting his words around just for a story against Trump and I am sick and tierd of your shit now I am missing your show to write this letter to you now insted of going after HRC you think you will get bigger ratings by going after Trump so sad we know what Trump is saying he dont have to correct what he has said to us because we know what he said but he has to for you morons



  10. carl lamb says:

    mr. Trump asked why Muslim DNC speaker Khizr Khan’s wife did not say a word how was he to know that after 12yrs his wife was still to upset to talk and what is wrong with that ? and every one is jumping on Trump for that ? but Hillary called the family’s members of the men that died in bengazy liers and you are not saying any thing about that why? get on that lieing bi##h’s but and cut her down for that do your job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. michele cordell says:

    I am so tired of hearing about if the voter did not go to collage that we do not understand. I did not go to collage and I know more than many on your panel or guest. It does not take collage to understand what is happening in the world. I am way more educated in history than Watters world collage kids who are completely uneducated in history. I see the agenda obama wants to make the usa a Muslim country hillary will continue this agenda and it was obama who started this race war with sharpton. I think all who are for hillary are deaf and dumb. Juan has every excuse he can come up with for hillary, and your far left idiots are either waiting air time but I would hope when time to vote, many of these hillary fans will vote for trump in private you can do that juan.

  12. Rita Herron says:

    You people on Fox better get to the young people of America. They have become so ignorant to what is happening to our country. The women want history with a female president. I am all for a female president who has not dropped the ball while being a part of our political leadership. I have talked to women older than myself who just want to see history happen with a woman as president. I am so unhappy about this. It shows me they do not keep up with the news. How many people, in this United States, know how a socialist government works.? I know people who travel here for medical attention. Why do you they do that? A socialist government does not provide proper health care services. How do I know this? I know many who left socialist countries. WAKE UP REPUBLICANS. COME TOGETHER AND STOP LOOKING LIKE A BUNCH OF FOOLS.

  13. James Glinsky says:

    PLEASE DO NOT bring “JULIE ROGANSKY” on Outnumbered. My husband and I always watch Outnumbered but when this idiot democrat is on your show he changes channel. She INTERRUPTS people and she is an absolute liar and thinks she knows better than any of the others on the show.

  14. John Kay says:

    What disqualifies a person for running for President? With all that Hillary Clinton has on her plate, how could anybody think she is a candidate for the highest office in the United States. If she has broken laws, and it’s pretty evident to me and others that she has, who tells her to withdraw, or that she is no longer a participant?.

  15. Do any of you remember What Trump said concerning Sen. John McCain a year ago? I’m a USAF ‘Nam
    Veteran. Can Trump survive 6 years of darkness & be tortured every day, not knowing if it’s day or night?

  16. James Bower says:

    I get on beyond disgusted when Out# has that damned Left Wing Liberal Julie Roginaky on their panel. She over talks the rest to make her points, as most Liberals do, especially when she is wrong, with the typical know-it-all Liberal smirk, as most of them do on all the talks show. She ought to join Isis!

  17. Donzella Kumler says:

    If Hillarys had no classified mail during her Scerarty of State position then where did she get classified mail? Surely she received classified mail during her time in this position. No one has asked this question!

    • Rhonda says:

      I am so offended by the so called ladies on this “Out#” news show. Why do the women wear the short dresses and then come out and sit down in their chairs and then crosses their legs. What’s with that. I take it none of you are married and this must be your way of advertising. Very offensive.

  18. haron Dobson says:

    if the server was used during Hilary’s husband’s time in office–what damming things frrom that period could still be there

  19. John Dunn says:

    y be able to help in the case. If you do this I will send 2 tweets.

  20. Gail Warnock says:

    Ladies do you have to have your dresses soooo short? I love the show but truly dislike the show of so much leg and sometimes more. Don’t you know that many people are laughing at you. When that happens (like everyday) your talking points are lost. All you guys should sit behind a desk. Some of you have children would you want them to see how much leg mom is showing? I cannot believe Fox is letting this happen.

    • tonyome says:

      I agree, they lose their credibility when they show off their legs and feet like that. Most men aren’t listening to a word they say, including me.

      • John Kay says:

        You can’t please everyone. Legs are nothing compared to what some of the programs on television show. Are you complaining about them? I know other programs are not news broadcast, but, I think these ladies are very smart and up to date on the current situations. Credibility has nothing to do with their legs, and I hear everything they say.

    These shows drive me crazy because the hosts continuously TALK OVER EACH OTHER. This is one of the most annoying things that multiple hosts do. It is especially true on “outnumbered”. I am sure that a majority of viewers feel the same way. It gets so frustrating that I always change channels when it gets bad. It is a violation of good manners and good journalism to talk over one another. STOP IT!!!!!!!!JERRY JOHNSON

  22. Rita Gayle says:

    I will never believe the allegations against Bill Cosby. These women have shown no proof. I wd have liked to have seen one person of the Outnumbered speak in his possible innocence.

  23. Barbara Whitecotton says:

    I am really disappointed in Outnumbered today not asking more serious questions about marijuana to Tommy Chong. It really is telling our young people that it is okay to smoke marijuana. Marijuana is a gateway drug to other things..It sounds like all the moderators were okay with his justification. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Fox News stays on all day at our house, and I agree with your stance on almost all things, but this takes the cake.

  24. Bill LEHR says:

    T must say that at one time Fox News was on my tv all day long. However I have really reduced the programs that I watch. Who ever came up with this show needs to be fired. This show is not up to par with other fox’s shows. Does not rate very high maybe a 2 on a scale of 10 . Better delete the show now before you lose a lot of vewers.

    While I am talking about fox’s shows fox and friends needs new blood need to get rid of Brian K and Steve D. The other show that was a mistake is Greta Carlson . She is repulsive to watch. Rate the show when she is on it no more than a 3 . When she is not on the show her fill ins do a great job rate show an 8 to a 10.

    To me as time goes buy and some changes are not made soon fox will lose the market share.

  25. RedInDenver says:

    I’m not a fan of this new Fox show. Way too much silly info-tainment topics covered (i.e. the segment on high heels a week or so back). It appears to be a show geared to women; but, being a woman, I’m fast-forwarding through many of the inane segments.

  26. Sharon says:

    I was just about to send a comment to Tucker Carlson about how great he was doing on Outnumbered because I generally think his thinking is great—-BUT then he opened his mouth and opined about the teacher who molested the 15 year old boy in front of the entire class; and my opinion has changed drastically. When a person in power uses that power sexually or otherwise to force a person not in power to do something; that is molestation. Whether Tucker thinks the boy enjoyed it because he is 15 and has sexual dreams and needs is irrelevant. That is only in the mind of Tucker Carlson and any other person who has a small mind. Molestation is what it is–molestation. That woman should be fired,get no pension, never allowed to EVER teach again, reported to the police, and be labeled a sex offender. What in the world was Mr. Carlson thinking–certainly his head was not on straight at the time he spoke.

  27. Frank says:

    Great people speak well and educated.. Fox news programs are the best.

  28. Sharon Cannoy says:

    First of all, I would LOVE to see Bob Beckel appear on Outnumbered. I don’t always agree with his views as I am a conservative, but I still love him anyway. I am looking forward to seeing what this new program is all about. If it’s anything near what The Five is, it’ll be a success. Good Luck to all of you.

  29. Jenny says:

    God Please Don’t let the man but that fat moron Bob Beckel. If they have him on one more show I am going to pass out. He’s a lying bigot whose claim to fame is trying to bribe the Electoral College in 2000, managing Al Gore’s failed campaign and lastly let’s not forget him being extorted by a Muslim prostitute.

    • Sharon says:

      My sentiments exactly! For the life of me I can not figure out why Fox is so enamored of this bigoted, misogynistic, snarky man who spouts nasty comments with no facts to back him up and never misses an opportunity to insult 1/2 the world with each sentence. Bye,bye Bob I say……….

  30. JohnTX says:

    This should be a great addition to the Fox News line-up. These ladies are as smart as they are gourgeous. John Scott, what a great choice for this program. I can’t wait. I’ll be sure to set it up to record.

    • says:

      oh gawd, I hope they aren’t “gourgeous”.

      • Johnny Dio says:

        That’s what the one male host wished for but then he took the job anyway even after finding out that all four of his co-hosts would indeed, be gorgeous!

  31. says:

    why would you let anyone, male, female, or undetermined tell you what to do or think? Are you particularly weak-willed?

  32. tonyome says:

    I like Fox, but are they going to put super mini skirts on them and sit them in high chairs like they do all the other women on Fox? It’s hard for me to take them seriously when they dress most of their women up like prostitutes in 8 inch heels and parade them in front of the camera.

    • says:

      As a former t.v. anchor, I have to tell you, there is absolutely no gender-specific quality that makes someone a good journalist. You either have an instinct for the jugular, or you don’t. Very often the avuncular male anchor has the brain of a pea.

  33. Rusty says:

    It’ll be a “never-ending” argument, and the show will just be cancelled.

    • says:

      Well I do know one key thing about it…They are only acknowledging women in this way , because they are terrified of the next President of the United States….

  34. roger says:

    Rather see 30 minutes of Dennis Miller.

  35. Joe Drager says:

    Beautiful and smart. A combination found und on TV nowhere else.

  36. Pepe La Phew says:

    What a concept: Hot chicks with brains who can deliver the news! Years ago, female news hens were marginal, eye-wise Now, after I get the news, I turn the sound down and just WATCH! Yum, yum! Deep cleavage and thin thighs are a bonus!!

  37. JohnTX says:

    I’ll certainly set it to record. If it’s a Fox News Show it’ll certainly be good and easy on the eyes!

  38. eewf rests says:

    Go ahead FOX, destroy yourself..lipsstick and skirts does not equal Fair and Balanced

    • Fred says:

      It’s the CONTENT. Something against women? They can’t have educated opinions and be smart cause they wear ladies clothing and makeup??

      I’d guess your single? If not… with talk like that, you will be.

  39. Ra says:

    Jedediah Bila, Kirsten Powers & Megyn Kelly are the most interesting females on this network.

  40. Duude says:

    Going after the audience watching “the View”.

  41. JohnS says:

    Just further evidence that FOX is less and less abour real news and ALL about fluff, distraction Nd supporting the NEOCON Establishment Republican beltway croneys. Look elsewhere for real news
    ? ‘Chickafying’ the news will fail as REAL women willmsee thi for the condescending propaganda it is.

  42. Mike says:

    Are you implying they’re stupid? Never watched the Fox News Channel I take it… Too bad for you. Okay, now reply telling me how you watch it just for sh@ts and giggles. Nobody will believe you.

  43. Mike says:

    @Zimtrim – And you’re basing this on what?

  44. toc7 says:

    You have a problem with intelligent, attractive women who have a solid and accurate view of politics and economics??

  45. toc7 says:

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait to watch it and will probably record it. The View is so lame!!

  46. sandy says:

    I’m sure it will be taken as seriously as any Fox pseudo-News program. Sure it will be good for a laugh.

    • Fred says:

      Taken seriously?
      Uh, seen the ratings for the past….. 10 years?

      Maybe You should take them a lil more seriously too. Try Watching them, Then decide.

    • JohnS says:

      But there should be no doubt that the NETWORK policy is to support the NEOCON Republican Establishment. When have you seen then discuss global govt or the NWO.

  47. Jack Inmanz says:

    Like “The View” only more angry. If that’s possible.

    • Mike says:

      I love Fox News, watch it all the time and have never seen the anger your talking about. I’ve also watched the View years ago. Talk about anger, how about Joy Bewhore, the militant lesbian and Whoopie – now there’s some anger for you!!!

      • Lucille says:

        Mike, typical man, calling the woman a whore. You need to watch those anger issues you obviously have.

    • Mary says:

      And honest.

      • Tiff says:

        More intelligent and more beautiful to look at, since most democrat liberal females look like ugly boys.

  48. eric says:

    Perhaps a better name would be “Outmanned”

  49. ImJustAGuy says:

    What you have proven is you have NEVER watched a Fox News show. It is a fact that Fox News women tend to be very well educated, very intelligent, and very attractive.

    It is what it is.

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