Fox News Hopes ‘Outnumbered,’ With Four Women and One Man, Offers Both Sparks and News

Fox News Hopes 'Outnumbered,' With Four

When “Outnumbered” launches on Fox News Channel today at noon, viewers may tune in solely to see whether argument erupts along gender lines created by the program’s eyebrow-raising central conceit of four female anchors and one male guest holding forth on the issues of the day.

But executives really just want audience members to stick around for the news.

“It needs to be a news show first and foremost,” said Jay Wallace, the network’s senior vice president for news. “We needed to have a show that would be nimble enough to deal with the news, having journalism at the heart of this.”

Even so, it’s hard not to look closely at the way “Outnumbered” is packaged. The show is unlike anything else on the cable-news daytime schedule. At the same hour, MSNBC features veteran correspondent Andrea Mitchell at noon while CNN offers “Legal View” with Ashleigh Banfield. Fox News will sport a five-person panel that is likely to be different every day and that, if you focus overmuch on the title, has the potential to break out into a he-said-she-said (times four) sort of discussion if someone is passionate enough about a particular topic.

“There are going to be some natural spark points,” said Harris Faulkner, the Fox News weekend anchor who will be a member of the rotating “Outnumbered” panel.

Even so, Fox News executives suggest that the prospect of on-air squabbling may be more of a hook to gain viewers’ interest than daily reality. “It will obviously first start out with the news of the day. There could be political. There could be social, man versus woman, you never know,” said Bill Shine, Fox News’ executive vice president of programming. During recent rehearsals for the program, he recalled, a segment about a high school that was looking to ban yoga pants prompted ”a broad spectrum of opinion” among the panelists, especially those who had kids. Yet the warm-up efforts also focused on such topics as the crisis in Crimea, March Madnesss, Katy Perry’s definition of feminism, the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 270 and even deliberation on whether women should go to college to find a husband.

The 21st Century Fox-owned network is trying to find “new and interesting ways to present the news,” said Shine, who includes the opinionated panel show “The Five” and Megyn Kelly’s new primetime show on the network as other examples of that mission. Shine said the initial idea for “Outnumbered” came from Roger Ailes, the network’s chairman and chief executive.

In addition to Faulkner and Fox Business Network’s Sandra Smith, other female members of the rotating panel will include: Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros, co-hosts of the “The Five,” and Fox News Channel contributors Jedediah Bila, Katie Pavlich and Kirsten Powers. Each of the panelists will keep their other duties on Fox News or Fox Business. The sole male member will change each day.

The “one lucky guy” – as Faulkner refers to the male guest – will initially come from within the Fox News ranks, said Shine. As the show develops, he said, “I could see a time when, in coming months, there could be a large number of outsiders who happen to e in town and want to try to be ‘Outnumbered.’” If an actor or author is making the rounds to promote a book or push a movie, he said, the network might ask, “Ok, instead of doing four minutes, why don’ t you sit in for the hour?”

To accommodate the new show, Fox News will split “Happening Now,” a show anchored by Jon Scott and Jenna Lee that was running from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., into two one-hour blocks that will air before and after “Outnumbered.”

Fox News was already trumping its competitors in the noon hour. According to Nielsen, Fox News Channel delivered more than 1 million viewers overall and nearly 200,000 in the advertiser-preferred demo of viewers between 25 and 54 year to date as of April 18. Now executives will have to see if “Outnumbered” delivers even more advantageous math.

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  1. Roy Bishop says:

    I wanted to send a home designed coffee cup to Mrs Harris Faulkner, as a gift from a retired, { Green Beret,10th Special Forces),but don’t know how to mail it, as to ensure that she will receive? Assistance on this would be greatly appreciated,

  2. donna ogle says:

    Please stop screaming and talking all at once. Never thought I would rather watch CNN.

  3. Rick Toot says:

    I am a republican and Trump supporter. I generally try and watch at noon but have stopped as I find Megan McCain ignorant and her comments not worth my time. Other than her father what are her qualifications? Get rid of her and I’ll watch Fox at noon again.

  4. George W. Heywood Jr. says:

    As long as you want to bring in the ignorance and condescending comments towards the American people of Juan Williams , I will change the channel.

  5. I watch Fox one lucky guy daily. The host do a great job. However the one lucky guy is usually a Fox contributor or host of another Fox show. Their remarks are sometimes redundant or predictable. It would be of value to have some lucky guy from middle class America who follows political news share his comments on the subjects being discussed on any given day. I therefore request this privilege
    Thanks Joe.

  6. youze guys need to contact judge nepolitaino and have him talk to d.trump on hillary on all the laws she has broken thanx a bunch i remain walter p.

  7. Tom Fischer says:

    Just a thought, may be if these cop killers would help patrol their neighborhoods things would get better, double digit shootings in Chicago each week, help the police protect your families, rather than blame the police, help them find the punks you are killing black men, women, and children.

  8. Judy Vandergrift says:

    I agree with all the ladies disgusting dress code! It is embarrassing to look at 2/3 of their bodies!!!
    You must realize that women watch these shows too. Men would like to see even more if they had their way especially Joe and his comment.I do not like to look at the cleavage they display. This is not a cocktail party! Harris Faulkner dresses like a professional news woman. I really appreciate her.

  9. I don’t watch as I get disgusted at the dress of the women! The dress code should be revised . If hems are that short just show waist up and watch cleavage.

  10. Kris Anderson says:

    the women on the outnumbered program are ( I feel) sending the wrong message that women have to “sit” in such a awkward position. I mean if you look at their posture on those couches are very “tilted” backwards and then have to have dresses up to their thighs. Really ? why not just wear shorts or hot pants if they need to display themselves that way !!! Come on “girls ” you all have smart heads on your shoulders…. knock off the vanity and dress smart !!!

    • Judy Vandergrift says:

      Why can’t somebody figure out the real story about Andrea Tantaros’s absence from Outnumbered? Is it just the contract, or is there more information?
      I miss seeing her on the show. She brought so much to the table!

  11. Glenna Lawson says:

    I always enjoy the discussion on ‘Outnumbered’, but it seems the ladies’ dresses are getting shorter every week. Wish they would take a close look from a ‘VIEWER’S’ standpoint and see what we see. It is distracting at times, from their comments and their beautiful dressed.

    • joe alice says:

      If their legs are distracting you must be looking pretty hard. Perhaps your jealous? I love the legs and love all the women show. Hot is hot, and they are all sizzling!

  12. Arlene Keeley says:

    One of your guest was treated badly, they wanted to know if she would vote for Mr trump after what he (Trump) said about her father, a wonderful American hero Sen. Mc Cain. I would like to know if Mr Trump owns part of Fox News.

  13. mary barmer says:

    the show is great but the women should show more class than legs

  14. J. Mac says:

    I take issue with Geraldo Rivera primarily for his remark that Obama should have ‘ just gone to the Damn funeral’. That was truly appalling, and the remark went unchallenged. ‘clearly’ Geraldo has a lot of nerve to call himself a Republican, when he defends the democrats and Obama at every turn. I’m especially appalled by his views on benghazi. Wake up, Geraldo.

  15. Nancy Galbraith says:

    How dare you for make fun of Hillary’s yoga poses or any other women for trying to improve their health. SHAME ON YOU

  16. CJH says:

    I am usually a fan of this show. However today (Feb 2), I was appalled at how Andrea Tantaros(?) became so combative with the guest Rich Lowery regarding the GOP Iowa primary. She also bashed the National Review. Andrea, please let your guest talk. I would have liked to hear what he said.

    Andrea appears to be such a Trump apologist that she wouldn’t let Lowery make his points about Trump not being a conservative. Calm down Andrea!! Trump doesn’t need you to be his cheerleader. He has Sarah Palen and the liberal media to help him!! Also, you don’t need to sound like paid staff for Trump.

  17. This program looks like Play Boy. Trashy !!

  18. john spalding says:

    Mitchell and Banfield are not hired for their ability to sport diamonds and flash thighs. They appear to be professionals who came to work to increase viewer knowledge and understanding. Both work for channels where opinion is clearly identified. Both are appropriately dressed for the workday. At Fox, the guy usually chimes in to support the republican tea party conservatism of the women, who riff off of each other rather than explore alternative ideas, The chorus of shouts sometimes gets louder than that of CNN’s discontinued Crossfire series. No illegal Mexican immigrant ever did as much damage to this country as an Australian millionaire who sought citizenship to spread his views by owning American broadcasting stations.

  19. Joe Marine says:

    Tell the raging Liberal on there that In God We Trust first appeared in 1864 on US coins so her Liberal talking papers should be up dated been there over 150 years

  20. oops sorry for the typos in my comment

  21. I have learned from a Russian girl friwnd that she has come home from Moscow in a plane full of pregnant women to have their babies here to gain American citizenship for them…..Why? Anchor babies IS the corrent term…perhaps they see a por future in a Russian society as my friend’s father says is racing backwards! ash also says that Russia doesn’t want people with another passport are not welcome back to Russia! Something needs to be closly watched in that country that never intended to asmit that the cold war ended. My husband and I lived and worked n almost all former soviet republics (Ukraine 7 years from 1995 to 2002). Russians think Ukraine belongs to them…..Ukrainians believe years of slavery is enough. the treaty of Perioslov in the 1600’s ws to protect Ukraine from Polish agression for 20 years…..Russia seems to have forgotten and continued to enslave Ukraine ever since….Ukrainian say Enough!

  22. Bonnie Doles says:

    Hi, taking children on vacation is about becoming closer and teaching children. The group is very important for bonding and the children need the secure knowledge of belonging.

  23. Patsy harper says:

    What does all the woman showing there hind ends have to do with the News!! It’s not very respectful!!!! Fox woman are a Disgrace!!!

  24. How lovely Harris Faulkner looks today in her over-the-knee, full skirted, sleeveless dress!
    She makes the other girls look trashy!

    • I regret saying “trashy” in my former comment! That’s a bit extreme. I was really thinking that it was easy to single out Harris Faulkner because her dress made her look so classy.
      Seeing a LADY in a pretty dress is always refreshing; but, I don’t think well of women who wear skin tight, short dresses that leave little to the imagination.

  25. pedro bundol says:

    The shorter the skirts, the more intelligent and well informed the discussions the better. Liberal women are just butt plain ugly if intelligent, and dumb as a bimbo if beautiful Only most conservative women has brains and beautyl

  26. The women should wear longer skirt lengths or be more aware of how much is being shown. I am pleased not to be seeing cleavages,!
    I usually like show but watch something else when skirts are so short
    Also speaking at same time

  27. I have become addicted to Outnumbered….the women on the show are extremely bright, and love to hear their slant on issues. The men guests have been top-notch too – – however, I have just turned off Outnumbered, the first time ever…..I do NOT like the outnumbered man, he looks gruff, and brings up Jesus Christ in all of his answers – – – do me a favor – – – let him remain out on the streets chasing the bad guys,

  28. Mary says:

    Why aren’t the male guests required to show a near crotch shot like the women have to do?

  29. Kay Golden says:

    spelling — bill

  30. Kay Golden says:

    To Andrea, Kennedy, Harris, Ainsley — Do you think that the persons arrested for supposedly targeting FBI agents and the President (OBAMA) could be just a distracter or scare tactic for the Homeland Security Funding Bell to get passed? I think that.

  31. Kathy Hazlett says:

    Who is the man guest hosting on Outnumbered today?

  32. Andy D'Urso says:

    Kerstin Powers has got to be the best liberal guest host you have on the show!!!!!

  33. Trish says:

    First day I watched .the show. I also can not understand the rude habit of trying to speak over someone. Absolutely no way to hear ANYONE! I am a follower of the judge, but he did not have a chance to get much in and he is not trying out for Hollywood as the “Ladies” seem to be..Other than that, you get a 6 out of 10 on the pain charts.

  34. Richard gerhart says:

    Obama’s release of five of the top leaders of the radical islamist’s is treason, giving aid and comfort to the enemies, etc. why is no one brining charges of treason against Obama?

  35. carlos says:

    Is a TBI the same thing as PTSD?

  36. Garland Bishop says:

    I have been a fan of OUTNUMBERED for many months now. But on the 30th or 31st of December ’14, I was furious at the remarks of Dagen McDowell. The subject was SUH of the Detroit Lions purposefully stepping on the ankle/leg of Aaron Rodgers. The comments and opinions of others on the show were acceptable, but when Dagen said “I saw nothing wrong with SUH doing what he did; I hope he does it to Romo this Sunday—I hate the Cowboys!!” I find that remark well beyond an opinion or free speech; what she said was definitely over the top, inappropriate and totally unprofessional !!! I think she owes a lot of people a strong apology op; she definitely lost the State of Texas with her comment. Her opinions and comments are vitriolic and deprecating. I wager that she is a great deal of fun to be around!!
    Garland Bishop

  37. Gena Carter says:

    Te hosts on this show are intelligent women. Why then, does the network have them dress in short. Tight, low cut dresses which totally brings their professionalism down? It becomes confusing some episodes as to whether the point of th show is news and intelligent presentation OR just sexy eye candy for men to raise ratings. Disappointing.

  38. The president weighs in on the Ferguson incident because he is getting closer to declaring martial law and taking ocer our country.

  39. R. Proctor says:

    Adding ‘Kennedy’ to the OUTNUMBERED show is like adding a dash of trash to an otherwise good salad. Might as well be watching the VIEW.

    • Brian W. says:

      probably to boost ratings since she used to be an MTV VJ!!!! Keep her off!!!

      • Brian W. says:

        This new show has turned into a dolled up version of the View and the Talk. This is just another example of how Fox News is treating its female personalities, who are supposed to be smart and professional, as vixens in order to target a male demographic to boost ratings. If I want to see women dressed in tight short dresses and high heeled stillettos, I’d rather go out to a nightclub rather than watch that show. Good thing I don’t watch the show since we don’t get Fox News here in Canada.

  40. I am from Kansas City, MO, Please make Harris Faulkner permanent on the show!!

  41. Thomas J. Nolan says:

    The darker-skinned lady (I don’t know her name) with the olive-ish green outfit on “Outnumbered” (on May 19, 2014) certainly doesn’t seem to project the type of professionalism I am used to seeing on Fox. Her delivery is weak and her dress wear seems very inappropriate for a news-talk show. The skirt is way too short and the top reminds me of someone vying for sexual attention. The focus should be on the issues, not on the interviewer.

    • Bil Carter says:

      “Darker skinned lady”? You mean “black”? Just say “black”, it’s all right. Nobody will judge you here. By the way, a recent survey of “black” people showed that 99.8% of them actually knew already that they were “black” so there is no need to whisper. Only Stevie Wonder showed surprise when he was told. And Bryant Gumbel.

    • Gene says:

      I will no longer watch Outnumbered. I removed it from my DVR. With that said, I do not know who the dark-skinned lady is you are referring to. Would it be Harris Faulkner? If so I find your observation somewhat off key because she has always been one of the more modest and professional women FOX has.

      I will no longer watch Outnumbered because the program itself is too wishy-washy, no real serious content. BUT, the straw that broke the proverbial camels back happened Friday when Bob Beckel was on the show. That guy is so disrespectful and downright rude I will turn off anything that has him on, yes, that includes The FIVE.

      • gene says:

        I checked it out and you are right. She is way over the top. Maybe she just came from the night club?

  42. Mary Jo says:

    UGH!….another Fox show where everyone wants to talk at the SAME TIME again!! Won’t be watching.

  43. virginia says:

    This is just an awful show. I change channels from 11a.m.cst until 2p.m. cst. Too much like The View which I never watch. Put Bill Hemmer back on! It is bad when I have to switch to RFD!

    • Ron says:

      This program is way off track for why I watch Fox News. It is too talk-showish and giddy and I personally cannot see who this might appeal to in a news channel audience.

  44. Ann Hughes says:

    I hate this show. Too much like The View which I wouldn’t watch if you paid me. Put the news back on and get rid of this boring drivel. Now I have to find something else to switch to for an hour.

  45. Peggy says:

    Please, please, please take this show – “outnumbered” off the air! I want news – not mens underwear and high heel shoes! Garbage! If I wanted this sort of thing there are many others I could watch. I want the news – not gossip, and ridiculous subjects! Get rid of it!

  46. Gwen says:

    Usually have Fox on but this new show is so boring I had to stop working and turn it off. Gossipy and boring. Just like Kathie Lee and the other gossip cutsey shows. CNN, Weather Channel, most anything is better. Too bad. I looked forward to this; kind of hoping it would be more like The Five. I don’t care about the talkers sisters, children, husbands, personal stuff.

  47. Rosemary Burbaum says:

    If my TV is on, it’s usually on the FOX channel … unless I’m watching golf. However, this week I have had to turn my TV off when your new program came on. Such loud, shouting, and carrying on. It is offensive to my ears !! Please do “something” about Four Women and a Man.

  48. gene says:

    The leg comment, I agree. It is a little over the ‘top’. Even to the level of disrespect. I do really like seeing an attract woman, trust me.

    • gene says:

      Let me clarify, I agree with the leg comment. What is over the top and even perhaps disrespectable is the way the women are dressed. Although, let me add, Bob Beckel the perv. on the Five would be foaming at mouth.

  49. Dewey says:

    Why do they have to show so much leg?? Why not just from the waist up? Some of us cant really take seeing so much leg from four FOXy women!!

  50. sandman says:

    yea the show is not very good, reminds me of the view. the show is not very informative and rather boring, seems like it should be on as a soap opera

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