Fox Cancels ‘Almost Human’

Almost Human

J.J. Abrams may have hit a home run with his “Star Wars” announcement Tuesday morning but the multi-hyphenate’s new Fox drama “Almost Human” wasn’t quite as lucky.

Sources confirm to Variety that the sci-fi series has been cancelled after one season.

“Fringe’s” J.H. Wyman exec produced and created the show, which starred Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as a cop and a human-like android partner in 2048, .

“Almost Human” debuted last November with solid opening numbers, averaging a 3.1/8 share in adults 18-49 with 9.1 million viewers overall. Though ratings dipped after that (the sophomore episode brought in 6 million viewers), it’s finale in March averaged 5.63 million viewers and a 1.5 in the 18-49 demographic, holding steady with the network’s Kevin Bacon series “The Following.”

While there were hopes for a second season, Fox has left little room in their upcoming slate. The net has greenlit several series, including “Backstrom,” “Hieroglyph” and “Gracepoint,” and renewed past series including “The Following.”


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  1. Tina says:

    OMG I Love this show………please please bring it back if not hoping another network will pick it up. Don’t cancel this show…… I’m so tired of the Reality Shows.

  2. Dave says:

    I only watched 4 shows regularly the past year … Almost Human was one of them … and one of the few shows recommended to me, and that I recommended to others … the lead characters were fun and interesting to watch, and the near futuristic setting incredibly thought-provoking with all the technological implications … the production value of the show was very high, which maybe was its true downfall; good sci-fi shows can cost too much for the bean counters …

  3. Nina Collins says:

    Some other network must pick this show up! Please. All of the characters have depth and charm. The male leads are gorgeous and funny. They play well off each other. The premise is interesting. I will really miss this one.

  4. Mark Orris says:

    This was my favorite TV show, Might could have used a few tweeks, but it was a fun and exciting show. Boo on you.

  5. aMUSEinMO says:

    Unfreakin’ believable that they would cancel the reason I finally started watching Fox network again. Well I guess I will get back to my HBO, CINEMAX, STARS/ENCORE. Goodbye Fox.

  6. Mel says:

    Another stupid, stupid move by the network. Remember, these are the same morons that cancelled Firefly. Almost Human was actually really good, but like every Monday night slot, it was bounced, delayed,etc…. same thing us happening to Agents of Shield. Much easier to produce more crappy, scripted “reality” t.v. I hope SciFy picks it up..

  7. Rohnn says:

    Again standard FOX procedure: for some reason the premiere an innovative (by TV network standards at least) Sci-Fi type show, then cancel it to make room for something more “conventional’ w/ no apparent regard to quality, and sometimes ratings. Shows that were doing fine are bounced around, i.e, reschedualed to a “kill-zone’ slot, then cancelled because 1) viewers can,t find them, and b) they cost more to produce than a “normal” (often inferior) alternative alternative. This is probably the kind of treatment planned for SLEEPY HALLOW; thankfully it was too well received to dismiss.
    At least w/ Fringe, there MIGHT be the rationalization that those “Bad Robots” were pushing the reset button WAY too much (standard J.J. Abrams procedure), but ALMOST HUMAN had stayed true to its own story- line and was building on it. Hopefully someone, somewhere will give this and certain other cancelled-too-soon-shows a chance to live up to their potential, But don’t bet the house on it (*sigh*)

  8. Bernie says:

    One of the best shows in a long time. CBS should pick it up !

  9. Timmy says:

    If Fox would re-air this series from the beginning, they would find out they made a mistake. I don’t think it was promoted enough, barely saw it advertised. It is a very good show and I would recommend it to anyone I know or meet. They did the same thing with “Terra Nova” and I was so disappointed in them. I really wish they would reconsider.

  10. Joe says:

    Here is a great show that the wife and I look forward to seeing each week and we’re in our 60’s I’ll have you know. Everything about the show was great. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy made a great team. We would record the show just in case we were out and couldn’t make it home in time.We couldn’t wait for the second season. Now I read the show has been cancelled. What a let down. Fox finally got a great show to replace Fringe and they just let it go. You should cancel The Following, that show is crap! I don’t know who’s running Fox or this Bad Robot but I think they should be fired. Nothing but idiots that run that place. You didn’t give the show a real chance. I won’t be watching Fox any longer. Thank you for nothing Fox.

  11. Luke says:

    Fox is full of fools.

  12. Charlie says:

    Are you kidding me???! ‘Almost Human’ gets the shaft while that tripe ‘The Following’ keeps its “let’s make the FBI look like fools” TV series. We don’t have any Star Treks, X-Files or Sliders on any of the four major networks. I’m 59, and grew up on this SciFi stuff. When ‘Almost Human’ came out with Karl Urban, I thought this is great. There is finally something with a science fiction background back on one of the major networks (I’m not nuts about the SyFy network). Now I’m stuck with watching crap like ‘The Following’ and ‘Hannibal’ if the wife is watching these shows and I want to spend time with her.

  13. Bob says:

    Man, at this rate they should start putting shows on the “Green Mile.” Yes the show is going to get cancelled, but it will have one more season to wrap-up the story line due to popular demand.

  14. Ken says:

    Fox was too hasty with this, Firefly, and Alien Nation. I wish Netflix or someone had seen its potential and picked it up. I am sorry to see it go. I also think ABC messed up canceling The Neighbors.

  15. Pat says:

    Too bad, we liked the show. They had the groundwork laid for some interesting episodes, and the characters were not 2 dimensional…even the villains had depth and purpose. Remember when tv shows were sometimes given a pass because they were good not just “popular” in a given demographic.

  16. Theresa Pobanz says:

    One of the two reasons to watch Fox and they cancel it. All that is left is Sleepy Hollow and they will probably dump that next year for more zombies or some more ‘reality” shows. CRAP!

  17. Arlene says:

    This show was one of the “good” ones – We loved it! Hannibal and the Following gets renewed – boy are we a sick country – or maybe the network execs are just psychopaths.

  18. Rick says:

    Im so sad to hear this show is Cancelled.
    It was the next 24.

    Can you imagine more Monday night’s with Almost Human and 24.

  19. William says:

    this is a horrible shame same thing happened to firefly as a brown coat i know this doesn’t have to be the end due to foxes short sightedness

  20. Patti Dean says:

    I’ve just read each comment, and I agree with everyone who HATES the fact that FOX so dissmissively “ended” another new show, which, at the very least, deserved a fighting chance. Like a fine wine, or a great marinara sauce, these things simply take TIME to develop. Having worked for several years at a major studio, I have seen this come down to two things:
    1. If you do not market a series or a feature film correctly, you are over before you start.
    2. The younger the executives in charge, the bigger and more costly the mistakes. Why? Their paycheck costs the studios less, irrespective of the fallout. That’s why there was only ONE Aaron Spelling, for example.
    I too, thoroughly enjoyed “Almost Human.” The inter-play between the two main characters was quite a kick.
    Hopefully, another network shall give AH a very deserved second chance. I will sign the petition, as I’m sure more who read this article shall, too.
    FOX, c’mon, how many shows must you cut in order to pay Ms. Lopez, Mr. Urban, & Mr. Connick, Jr.?

  21. bella418 says:

    Damn. I thought the show as good, just needed a couple of kinks ironed out, some of the acting was a bit forced. but i liked the overall concept of the show and the relationship between the main characters. this show and the following are the only Fox shows i liked. those stupid reality shows are disgusting, cheap to produce and horrendous to watch.

  22. gunchick357 says:

    I am really going to miss Almost Human. I love that show! :-(

  23. vikster says:

    I wish someone would cancel Kardashians instead.

    • Robert Pociatek says:

      Boy Amen to that. People like pukey shows. Fox though is the biggest puke.Urban was great. The show had a great story line.Had lots to build on for many seasons

  24. vikster says:

    DARN IT. I though Almost Human was good and loved the actors

  25. The actors were so bad they couldn’t play themselves

  26. Lori says:

    That’s awful that almost human was cancled. We lived that show. Hick it’s better then some they show now. How sad

  27. Advantus says:

    Another great show cancelled while they keep cranking out reality show garbage for the masses. #SAD

  28. Siobhan says:

    This is crap… every she I like these stupid stations enough up canceling….

  29. cipher0x says:

    Almost Human
    Ok, there are some minor “hokey/awkward” elements in terms of stylization & presentation, but with such a strong conceptual foundation, talent, & inspired creative direction-this show could be A Real Sleeper in a relatively brief time span. Another casualty in an extensive list of excellent shows that have
    been prematurely terminated without a chance by FOX.
    Boycott Fox!

  30. Susan says:

    For fans of Almost Human, there is a petition circulating to get the show picked up by the SyFy Channel. Over 4000 signatures and counting:

  31. Aaron J. Schroeder says:

    Boo! Boo! I say. This was a great series with very interesting characters and a solid foundation for endless plot shifts and twists. It just goes to show that Fox really does cancel everything, even if it has success and a fan base. Such a shame. Sci-fi channel would be a good fit if a season two is possible. Hopefully enough fanfare exists to make it happen.

  32. mary beth says:

    Noooooo! This sucks. I loved this show. Damn they always cancel the good ones. Great cast and story. Ugh this blows. I hate Fox.

  33. Rob says:

    I am tired of investing in new shows and then they get canned I am going to wait until they are two or three seasons in before I start watching them.

    • Rea Perry says:

      I could not agree with you more. Its so frustrating. I really liked this show. I like your idea of waiting a couple of seasons before committing to the show.

  34. One of my favorite shows! Hate to see it go!

  35. Seriously, how in the world does The Following get renewed when this doesn’t? Even if this was merely average as a formula buddy-cop show, it was far more intelligently written than The Following and appealed to a crowd of viewers that are mostly overlooked.

  36. Leslie says:

    Noooooo! FOX, change your mind! What can we do to get you to change your mind? This was my favorite show, I liked it better than CSI when it first came out. Arrrghhhh. Put it on FX if you must, just don’t kill it.

  37. Dawn says:

    That totally sucks. That was a really good show. I don’t understand why you leave garbage like
    the following on and take off a good program that was very enjoyable. I hope your ratings go into
    the dumpster!!!!!!!

  38. christy priske says:

    noooo I love that show!!!!

  39. Jackie says:

    I hope almost human can transfer to other channel cuz fox channel sometime not good closed caption not clear. Just flash closed caption short. I like their show almost human and I hope still on. I suggest to u and u should fix it.

  40. stylinred says:

    That’s one of the reasons I hate FOX they never give their shows time to flourish
    1/2 a season – 1 season doesn’t cut it for a lot of series to gain traction

    It’s a shame FOX doesn’t pass it on to a smaller network of theirs like FX

  41. James Cates says:

    First Firefly, now Almost Human. I think it’s time to start boycotting anything Fox shows until they hit DVD. Then maybe they’ll keep things around longer than 1 Season.

    • Ron Meagher says:

      “First Firefly”? Fox’s history of cancelling really good really well written shows goes back a heck of a lot farther than that (although admittedly Firefly is the crown jewel of the collection). Ever watch “Brimstone”? “Strange Luck”? “The Tick”? “Drive”? “Profit”? “Tru Calling”? (admittedly, Zack Gallimaufrey-whatever-there’s-a-K-in-there-somewhere-I-think never did like the show), “Briscoe County, Jr”, “Arrested Development”? The list is absolutely epic. Imagine if you will a network that had all of just the shows above on throughout the week – would your DVR record anything else?

  42. Jason says:

    This was a great show. I hate that the best shows seem to get canceled.

    • tempogames says:

      As a friend said, “2002 called. They want their Fox executive team back. Seems airing a new sci fi show out of order because they know better than the writers and producers then cancelling it was *their* thing.”

  43. Janet says:

    OH MY WORD, I really liked this show! What is wrong with the masses?!?

  44. says:

    fox you suck!

  45. SavFem says:

    It REALLY is Firefly all over again since they also aired the episodes out of order thinking “they” know what’s best for audience attention and ONCE AGAIN proving they DON’T. Those ratings for a show they were jacking up in a jumbled ordered TOTALLY deserved to get picked up. I’m done with Fox shows. I was only mildly keeping up with The Following, but I’m out now.

  46. Brad says:

    I try not to watch anything on fox until it goes for a few seasons. Case in point I did watch this show and loved the blade runner feel, and now just like they did with firefly they canceled it. Why do I bother? Why do they even air scifi shows?

    Now I’m to the point I will just wait and watch the DVDs and avoid fox altogether. Why invest time in something that will get canceled? Way to go fox I hope your viewer numbers continue to dwindle.

  47. Brandon says:

    I am not suprised, but you would think with ratings like that the better option for Fox would be to cancel two weaker comedies to free up the time slot or reserve “Almost Human” for the inevitable failure of one of the new programs premiering this fall. Also, with Fox’s new no pilot no season model it would be best to keep what is a highly rated show (for them) in reserve. However that would be using logic, something that has escaped network executives since the 70’s.

  48. Edu says:

    Wans´t a perfect serie, but with a great potential and history. Very, very sad to know. So what now FOX?

  49. Rick says:

    You see, FOX figures if they are not dragging in rating like Game of Thrones. Well. Sorry to say this show does not have that kind of following and it won’t, but what FOX also fails to grasp is that many people are downloading the show to watch it later. Not everyone can sit and watch a show then the network deems it. If they tallied in all of the torrents of this show that was downloaded, the rating would be much higher.

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