Esquire Network to Air Running of the Bulls Live (Exclusive)

Running of the Bulls Esquire Network
Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Spain’s annual Running of the Bulls draws participants from around the globe — and now Americans can watch it live on the Esquire Network.

In the net’s first-ever live original television event, “Running of the Bulls 2014” will feature eight straight nights’ coverage of the run, starting at 2-2:30 a.m. ET (tape-delayed on the West Coast) July 7 through Monday July 14 .

“Running of the Bulls” will be hosted by Guad Venegas, of Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste,” and feature interviews with Joe Distler, the “Iron Man of Pamplona” who has done the run every year from 1967-2012, and John Hemingway, grandson of famed author Ernest Hemingway.

Twenty-five cameras have been placed along the route of the race, which runs along the streets of old town Pamplona through the Santo Domingo Corrals to the Plaza de Toros.

“Running of the Bulls” will be produced by Wilshire Studios, a division of NBCU Cable Entertainment.



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  1. Courtney says:

    Men in Blazers the worst hosts ever!!! Thank goodness for fast forward. Totally classless. Do they always talk over each other? Bad bad bad! Last year was far superior. Please please please lose these foolish guys.

  2. Shirley Wimberley says:

    The running of the bulls is not the killing of the bulls. I agree that bullfighting is not sport, nor should it be used for entertainment or condoned. But, this tradition of the run is not where or how the bulls are killed. It is the crazy humans that participate who put their lives on the line. They do it for a variety of reasons, but most probably do it for the rush – the adrenaline high, just like many other activities people participate in. Let the people and the bulls run. Just don’t celebrate the fights afterward. Is there going to be a repeat showing, or a video? I know someone who did this and would actually like to see what it is really all about.

  3. Toni Nohant says:

    Hi from spain. Attention please Spain is NOT this. Mostly people here is civilizated, despite the’re some ancestral tribus living in deep forests and the like that use to live their ancestral “traditions”.
    Spain is NOT this, we Respect animals and mostly spanish cicitenzs are ashamed about such practices.-

  4. Olga Santoro says:

    Please, Don,t support this cruelty. We are always fighting against this. It hurts sensible people, everyone who love animals.
    Help us to stop it, not to make it bigger!!


    España es el estereotipo del maltrato animal. No le den publicidad. No saben lo que sufren y en qué condiciones terminan estos pobres animales!

  5. Lucia Gonzalez says:

    Por favor dejen de publicitar esta barbarie y respeten a los animales.

  6. Gem Psu says:

    Pamplona and the annual torture is for Spain emblem of shame, it is a struggle of thousands and thousands who want an end to this barbarism, whether this or any other fun consider the blood of bull. Please do not use them, that do not cooperate in such nonsense against the culture and evolution. Thank you

  7. Martin pflüger says:

    All these runners are brainless idiots !!!
    We are in 2014. when will god give these wankers intelligence ?
    I think i should go there and kill dome of them…just for fun. I will call it tradition .

  8. Running of idiots! This is not cool, or manly, or an experience of a lifetime. It is premeditated, canned, and managed sadism. It is vulgar torture. The people (mostly men) who participate are out of touch with the real beauty around them and more and more people find it obscene. Typical deluded male cruelty masked as tradition. Take the blinders off and have a good look at yourselves. Better yet. Do not publicize this event.

  9. Ruth Rabiej says:

    It is very wrong to see this cruelty entertained. Will people actually see the true horrors of this outdated ‘festival’ that has no place or purpose in modern times? Running of the fools more like! People need to get educated as to what really goes on…

  10. Karen mendoza says:

    Disgusting to see that torturing bulls is accepted and promoted by your company!!! Wake up you as media should promote values and help people to see their mistakes, not cash it on this :(

  11. sabrina courteaux says:

    Torture as entertainment… do you want to return to the dark ages?

  12. Laila Jönsson says:

    I am so sorry that you choose to send live for people to watch when animals suffering and beeing abused like it was some kind of game :'(:'(:'( i dont understand this whole shit must STOP!!

  13. Sonia Heller Schulthess says:

    Shame on you for participating to this masquerade and promoting abuse of animals. What’s the interest of showing coward men running in front of scared bulls, tell me? You deserve no audience for that!

  14. Shameme Adams says:

    PLEASE stop your cruelty of innocent animals you wicked people, this isn’t culture-it’s cruelty!. Little bulls should be loved, not this! #BanBullfighting!

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