Emmys: The Biggest Snubs and Surprises

Emmy Rule Changes Bring Overdue Order
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Predicting the Emmys is always a crapshoot, but this year’s ceremony was as confusing as ever. On one hand, most of the trophies went to the nominees who were winners from previous years—from “Breaking Bad” to Allison Janney (who reminded the audience she had six Emmys, after picking up her prize for “Mom”), “Modern Family,” Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”). On the other hand, many of the night’s frontrunners, including recent Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey, went home empty-handed.

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Here are the biggest snubs and surprises from Monday night.

SNUB: Matthew McConaughey, “True Detective.” “Even I thought about voting for Matthew,” says winner Bryan Cranston who picked up his fourth acting Emmy for his already iconic performance as Walter White in “Breaking Bad.” But McConaughey — who was widely considered the favorite for his gritty turn in the HBO series — went home empty-handed after his first Oscar win earlier this year. And there goes his chances of inching closer to becoming an EGOT.

SNUB: Netflix. Even with its record 31 Emmy nominations, the streaming service lost the big categories on Monday night for its comedy series “Orange Is the New Black” (which couldn’t beat “Modern Family”) and “House of Cards” for best drama (which went to “Breaking Bad”). Netflix made a stronger show a week ago at the Creative Arts Emmys, with seven wins.

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SNUB: “True Detective.” The HBO series lost lead actor and best series, mostly because of the decision to enter the show in the dramatic series category (where “Breaking Bad” dominated) instead of miniseries, which went to “Fargo.”

SNUB: “The Normal Heart” cast. The HBO TV movie based on the Larry Kramer play was considered a front-runner in several categories, especially Matt Bomer for supporting actor in a TV movie. But not only did Bomer lose the award, so also did his three other co-stars in the category (Joe Mantello, Alfred Molina and Parsons) in favor of Martin Freeman (“Sherlock”). Mark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts also stayed seated.

SNUB: Billy Bob Thornton. “Fargo.” He was the front-runner for actor in a miniseries, but lost to Benedict Cumberbatch for “Sherlock.”

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SURPRISE: The “Sherlock” sweep. After choosing only Emmy winners who had already won Emmys — from Parsons in “The Big Bang Theory” to Janney in “Mom” — the Emmys finally went hip by giving Internet fan favorite Cumberbatch an Emmy for his breakout role as Sherlock Holmes. Sadly, Cumberbatch like his co-star Freeman (also a surprise winner) wasn’t in attendance to accept the award.

SURPRISE: Kathy Bates for “American Horror Story: Coven.” Almost every pundit predicted Allison Tolman would take the gold for “Fargo,” though a few thought Julia Roberts’ star power might help her take the win. But in the end, it was Kathy Bates — one of three “American Horror Story: Coven” actresses nominated in the category — who walked away with the award. Of course, Tolman has gone from an unknown to being nominated opposite three Oscar winners (Roberts, Bates and Ellen Burstyn), so she’s probably not shedding any tears.

SURPRISE: “Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles.” After winning the red carpet with her hilarious red carpet interview where she revealed she’d brought “liquid pot” to the ceremony, Sarah Silverman won again when “Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles” took the award for writing for a variety special. Besting Billy Crystal’s Tony-winning “700 Sundays” and the Tony Awards themselves, Silverman was an surprisingly edgy choice for a category that also included a Beatles special and this year’s Tina Fey/Amy Poehler-hosted Golden Globes.

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  1. Vonn says:

    God, Modern Famile again!!! It’s not that funny. Watching these rich fxxks get richer is nauseating. Like Kurosawa said about Oscars “self congratulatory bullshit!”

  2. Missy Busty says:

    Thank god we were spared the sanctimonious speeches if the cast of Normal Heart had won

  3. Pedro G says:

    The biggest SNUB for the past hour years!!!! Has been no nominations for the big categories is The Walking Dead!!!!!!

  4. Patrick B says:

    As long as Tatiana Maslany remains someone who has no emmy, then this award is lacking in creditability.

    • tv critic says:

      I think she’ll win next year. It takes the academy a little while to catch on, and I could be wrong about this but it matters what season she submitted for in regards to timeline of when a show can qualify. Maybe people are talking about her new season that would be eligible next year? I could be wrong…Also, she might have just submitted the wrong episode. Each actor gets judged on just 1 episode they submit and unfortunately not the entire season or even two episodes. That’s the way it’s always worked, which is why there’s many upsets, like Jeff Daniels winning over Cranston last year.

  5. Denise Kennedy says:

    The biggest snub of the *season* (not just the night) was the total lack of nominations for “Rosemary’s Baby”.

    Yes, it was a TV-remake of a motion picture; however, I feel negative previews contributed to disappointing ratings. This, in turn, denied JASON ISSACS the Emmy he so richly deserved for Mini-Series Supporting Actor.

  6. Jenny says:

    I think folks need to use “snub” differently. First, you get “snubbed” if you don’t get a nomination, now it is getting snubbed if you don’t win. Folks who did not get the award were not snubbed. The other person won. The win was not necessarily the best person in this particular show, but the others were not “snubbed”. They just didn’t win.

  7. TONY says:

    Breaking Bad…really? I mean c’mon Breaking Bad? A meth dealer show?
    True Detective is a much better show.

    • tv critic says:

      Lol, “a method dealer show”. Haha. Another hater who probably never watched it. It’s a stroke of genius comparable to a Shakespearean tragedy about a middle aged underachieving chemistry genius and teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer who realizes as a dad he has nothing to leave his kids financially so after learning how much money he can make from his dea drug busting brother in law he realizes he can make quick amounts of large sums of money to leave his family cooking a batch of meth as he can die any week or month. He gets good at it and cancer goes into remission now and then, and it’s really the story of morals, choices, and consequence, and metastasis those choices can have on everyone around you/him, as well as a black comedy (very lol funny scenes inserted throughout) with some of the finest, if not best acting performances, writing, and cinematography ever seen on tv…ever. also, high suspense, Oscar caliber performances (even though it’s tv), writing, and directing. Even Anthony Hopkins and other top artists claim it’s the best show they ever seen. To say it’s a show about a meth dealer shows you didn’t watch it and if you have, why you aren’t judging at the awards because anyone who knows true art or is an artist or in the business knows it was one of the best tv shows of all time ever made, no questions asked. True Detective was an overrated media hyped, Mcconaughey hyped miniseries that foolishly tried to compete with the greatest television show of all time and lost three valuable Emmy awards as a result in the process (it would’ve won in miniseries, where it belonged and what it was, for actor, miniseries, and writing). Anyone can play a deranged cop spitting out plagiarized clichés, but almost noone can play Walter White in his descent the way Brian Cranston did. Also, not only is TD a miniseries, but after the first 5 episodes, it lost the quality of its story and became a conventional story that’s been told before. Despite a decent ending, the second half of it was widespread agreed not as good as it could’ve been- it didn’t live up to its own advertised expectations and ambitions. Not only that, but it just was not as good as Breaking Bad, and the sweep of the awards combined with the fact it’s the highest rated tv series of all time by viewers, actors, artists, and top critics alike on multiple websites and the guineas book of world records, prove it.

      • tv critic says:

        I respect where you’re coming from. But let’s remember this is tv and entertainment and art. If you’re going to attack it based on “content”, then what do you say about Scarface, the Godfather, and Tony Soprano?, as well as all the other films and shows about cocaine, mafia (organized crime), and drugs? And what about the rape, nudity, and cursing constantly on Game of Thrones? Secondly, he was a method manufacturer, not a dealer, and in the plot there is a big difference because that mattered to the character arc and story. The show doesn’t condone method or drugs- it does the opposite and shows it in a dark light with how it ruins lives and families. As for the ending, hey, yours is definitely good and I wouldn’t or fans wouldn’t have minded that either. I watch art and tv for entertainment so that would have worked too. But if you’re criticizing the show because the show(s) you wanted to win didn’t win, then you have a weak point. Also, if you did not watch the whole thing, even if it wasn’t your genre then you have a weak point. The show is brilliant just like the Godfather. It’s a work of art based on reality, whether you personally like it or not. And it’s ranked one of the greatest if not the greatest show of all time whether you like it or not. I could care less about the meth as I’m sure most fans and critics did. To us it was about the actors and their performances as well as the entertainment, suspense, action, twists and turns, cliffhangers, and surprises, as well as classic one liners. Classic filmmaking. He could have manufactured shoes in a corrupt corporation for all we cared, but I think the reality of the drug business and drug world added to the drama and believability, which it definitely had. And it was set in new Mexico just north of the Mexican cartels which made it believable. Meth is a big problem in the southwest and heartland today and it did not glorify it whatsoever.

      • Bill says:

        Still a show about a meth dealer.

        My ending would have had every penny he ever made seized by the DEA and with his cancer in remission, him tossed in to prison for life without parole.

        How’s that for irony?

  8. Hhdjjdjx says:

    I don’t think Thornton not winning was a “snub”. Have you seen an episode of Sherlock?

  9. Ali Rich says:

    The Emmy voters are like the people who keep electing incumbents in Congress. That is not a compliment.

  10. KEVIN KIRK says:

    I was disappointed Peter D. from
    Game of Thrones got “little”
    Acknowledgement. . . .

  11. Please, please, please stop abusing the word iconic. At least look it up. Photos, performers, characters, it doesn’t matter what – the modifier is always iconic. Stop it.

  12. deepak says:

    Mitchell from modern family not winning was surprising. Matt bomer for Normal heart deserved an Emmy.. He was absolutely flawless.. No doubt about that.. He should’ve won!

  13. wanda lee says:

    I was really surprised Mayim didn’t win Best Supporting Actress n a Comedy, third time being a charm and all. Her “Amy Farrah Fowler” is so brilliant, and a lot of her best scenes are with a 4 time Emmy winner so she has to be playing somewhere up there in his league…. oh well, next time.

  14. Thora says:

    I agree with you that Matt Bomer should have won and much of this you wrote but Benedict Cumberbatch was mostly well deserved. I was screaming finally. BBT was not snubbed he lost, betetr luck next time.

  15. marmeladexxx says:

    And calling Benedict Cumberbatch an “internet fan favorite” is probably supposed to be an insult, but in fact the internet is more real than the real world these days, and all the big internet stars are the REAL stars.
    Cumberbatch is a terrific actor, what does him being an internet favorite have to do with anything?

    • I think they’re just resentful. The BBC doesn’t pay for the awards like terrible shows do (The Good Wife). They just make top drawer entertainment. And the industry making garbage over here resents them for that. Netflix and Hulu are showing us just how strong the quality of television is around the world. And it’s not just an endless reel of killing and torturing women and the good guys constantly infringing – even mocking – public liberty and privacy. I’m not just talking 24, I’m talking about at least a dozen or more major shows that condition us to praising law enforcement for stepping all over us. The networks complain about pay cable sweeping awards, networks mostly make mind control in the form of sensationalistic rubbish in glorious HD.

  16. Daryle says:

    I agree with those who say the Emmys need to be revamped. The categories are so vague now that nothing makes much sense. True Detective and Matthew McConaughey would probably have both won, if they’d have gone in the Miniseries category. Fargo was good, but didn’t hold a candle to True Detective. And as for comedies….half of them don’t feel like comedies…and most of them, in my mind, are not funny. Silicon Valley has potential, but isn’t there yet. If I want to laugh, the only one I’d turn to of those nominated is “The Big Bang Theory.” The two lovely acting wins of the evening for the ladies of American Horror Story: Coven were delightful. And the one for Bates, despite competing against two of her fellow actresses in the show, tells you what a stellar actress she is. Alison Tolman vs. Kathy Bates? I just can’t imagine that.

  17. marmeladexxx says:

    Moffat didn’t won Best Director.

  18. DaniB says:

    85% of the winners are straight, white and Married, your arguement is invalid…

  19. M. Selwyn says:

    Personally I found Seth Meyers to be the least entertaining of all the myriads of award show hosts. He
    was stiff; his smile looked practiced. Although humorous on SNL as the commentator, he seemed way lost when it came to spontenaity…..no Billy Cristal, Neal Patrick Harris, or Hugh Jackman.!!! Jimmy Fallon was way more alive and engaged with the audience.

    • NinaW says:

      I totally agree, M. Selwyn!!!!

    • Yes, Seth needs to change his approach. His “above it all” approach doesn’t suit him as he ages. His constant grinning, his young hairstyle, the voice of his act is like a 20 year old know it all – and it’s just all wrong. His humor and joke style need to change as he ages, not just ask “reallly?” forever. He’s becoming the male Kathy Griffin, he lacks substance but just makes fun of everything.

  20. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    Non Fiction Series, COSMOS loses. American Masters wins!
    Interesting.. by far the most hyped Science Series ever created. A great re-make with fantastic writing and effects. And Neil taking the hosting duties for Dr. Sagan and doing a fine job.
    I think their relationship with FOX was a mess. It was hard to find and watch between horrible commercials. It in effect made a difference in the way not only viewing the programs but how you felt about the content and quality. One minute you are talking about the source of life on earth and the next you are watching a commercial for Dow Chemical. Nat Geo too found problems with a fit.
    Cosmos should have been a PBS Produced & Distributed Series. The FOX connection killed the series.
    But never-the-less of what I think, they still were snubbed!

  21. druxmanworks says:

    Shame on the Academy for not acknowledging the passing of Stanley Rubin during its “In Memoriam” section. Not only did Stanley produce many popular TV series (G,E, THEATER, THE GHOST AND MRS, MUIR, BRACKEN’S WORLD, etc.) and movies (BABE), but he was also a winner at the very first Emmys.

  22. Ana says:

    Steven Moffat won for writing, not directing. Best directing went to Fargo

  23. EdithHK says:

    Internet fan favorite Cumberbatch? Who knew Variety is so out of touch? The overnight viewing figures for the first ep of Sherlock S3 are about 4 millions, while The Normal Heart’s are about 1millions, and Fargo’s are about 2.5 millions. Talking about that 4 million viewers who all living on the internet? And Cumberbatch and Freeman are well deserved winners; they should have won two years ago. It’s only snubs when the winners are not deserving; anyone has eyes can tell how brilliant Cumberbatch is in S3 and how he bravely carried the show. This article is the exact proof of this journalist’s ignorant. The Emmy voters are quite having balls to make the decision.

    • marmeladexxx says:

      Cumberbatch is the best actor who was nominated, Sherlock is the most brainy, innovative show on TV right now. No reason to get bitchy.

      • Judy Turner says:

        It is awful! I have never been able to make it through an entire 1 hour show–it’s boring, it’s not a good show. I love Sherlock Holmes stories and have read them all many times. The show is a dud!

    • H16H_C0MM4ND3R says:


  24. Ian says:

    Dear editors: Steven Moffat won for Best Writing, not as a director.

  25. My opinion says:

    Martin Freeman should have won the Emmy in “lead actor” not “supporting actor”, there were better performances in that category.

  26. HummingBird says:

    Matt Bomer was robbed. 140lb lost, leaving with 300cal a day, rent a theatre for do an exceptional performance, leaving family 4 a month, 2days&1/2 in Tulsa, docs, harm his health
    survivors werent enough? (great tweet by Hilarie74)

    • Martoukian says:

      None of that (losing weight, etc.) have anything to do with whether he should have won the award.

    • Bill S Preston, Esq says:

      I’ve never even heard of this guy. He probably didn’t win because he’s a nobody.

      • Tamara says:

        tt Bomer isn’t a nobody. He’s a very taleneterd actor who was on the critically acclaimed USA series White Collar for six years. His performance in The Normal Heart was outstanding and not because of his physical transformation and 40 lb. weight loss. Before you judge someone and label them as a nobody, you should check out their body of work. Have you even seen The Normal Heart?

    • stu says:

      he lost 140 lbs?? that sounds like quite a lot…

      • Jenny says:

        I think they must have meant he lost “40” pounds. He looks like he might weigh 180 when healthy and if he lost 140, he would only weigh 40 pounds and be dead. Great film though and he deserved the award.

      • kim says:

        Maybe you should watch the movie The Normal Heart before you go on judging Matt Bomer on his diet. He played a young man dying from the AIDS virus. Rude!!!!

      • d says:

        If you haven’t seen the movie “Normal Hearts” go watch it and you will understand how good of an actor he is and by people believe he should have won. It is showing on HBO often. Also, if you are not familiar with Matt Bomer, go to IMD and you can see his credits.

      • Carlos T. Jackal says:

        The award was for best ACTOR, not best dieter.

  27. Jerry says:

    Sarah Silverman and Allison Janney win for their sub par comedy? please you did they have to give sexual favors to to win? Mom is a horrible show…..

  28. Matt Bomer not winning for that incredibly moving and astonishing performance in ‘The Normal Heart’ makes a mockery of the whole thing, frankly. What a joke!

  29. tv critic says:

    Was so happy to see Breaking Bad do so well! It truly deserves it. Every one of them. True Detective was really just stupid for putting it’s miniseries into drama. It is a miniseries and it likely would’ve won at least two top awards if it had. I don’t know if it was hubris or a publicity stunt but it robbed it’s actors and writers emmys that are valuable for careers. Walter White warned them in Ozymandias that he “still has things left to do.” ;-) Congrats Breaking Bad! Best show I ever saw, and in my opinion, the best show ever made in history. True art. Thank you. I’ll miss you!

    • Bill S Preston, Esq says:

      Breaking Bad really wasn’t that great. It was alright. It’s criminally overrated.

      • tv critic says:

        If anything, it was “underrated”. Haters gonna hate!

      • tv critic says:

        It was a work of genius and a masterpiece, and not overrated at all. It’s the highest rated tv show of all time in guineas book world records, highest watched binge show, highest rated on imdb, has the highest rated episode(s) all time, and critics and other actors and artists like it the most. When some things overrated like True Detective, it won’t have the professional acclaim. And anyone can say anything is overrated that is near perfect. I can say Tom Brady overrated and come up with all these reasons like great offensive line, coaching, defense, receivers, etc (I don’t think he is btw) True Detective was a case of media hype and obsession of the media with Mcconaughey. It was good if not great for five episodes, then it mediocred out.

        I really think the people who say Breaking Bad is overrated haven’t really watched it- it’s the perfect cop out to say the greatest show of all time is overrated. Also, it’s not for people who do not have an aptitude for art and originality. If you look at the opinions of some of today’s most respected artists and writers, they all agree to its greatness and almost flawless run- Stephen King, Anthony Hopkins, and many top actors, singers, and critics.

        If you don’t appreciate the greatness of Breaking Bad you either never watched it start to finish, found out the spoilers before you watched it, or have different tastes. By the way, it “swept” the awards last night up against top competition and competitors in every category, and that wasn’t even it’s best season!! Haha overrated.

    • Alex says:

      While it was a pretty good show I found it slightly overrated. While I don’t feel overwhelming stubborn about my opinion on this I think Game of Thrones might be the best show ever. Outside of maybe the Godfather Trilogy it’s the only thing I’ve ever seen that was actually even better the 2nd time.

      • tv critic says:

        Really, nothing even comes close to breaking bad. Maybe the Godfather but that’s a three hour film. There’s nothing that compares to it. It’s what you like. If you’re into fantasy Sci Fi then you’d like GOT better. If you’re not a true drama fan, you’ll miss why it’s so great. Critics and other actors like it the most and academy people…it’s not just the fans. so that says something. How many emmys has GOT won? Sopranos won a lot on HBO….

      • tv critic says:

        I very much respect your opinion and I know Thrones is a great show, I don’t doubt that at all, and it may indeed be the best. The one thing I would say however is it would have to end strong in its final season and episode. That’s a ways away.

        Breaking Bad is not overrated.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      I just read your comment that “Breaking” should also win Oscars because it’s the best ever. Get a grip.

      • tv critic says:

        Meaning if those performances were eligible for Oscars (which they aren’t and can’t be), but if they could be, they very likely would defeat any movie actors performance. Gus Fring too in s4. Way better than movie acting in past decade and the academy recognized it’s greatness too.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Lord have mercy! Best show ever made in history??? You do realize that only time can show that, don’t you? The majority of shows do not hold up over time. That’s the true measure of greatness. VERY FEW shows hold up well and “Breaking” teetered on ridiculous during one if it’s seasons

      “True” is as much a series as “Breaking”. I actually think “Breaking” should have been forced to move when it split the last season.

      • tv critic says:

        Sopranos split its’ final season and won, and so is Mad Men next year.

        True only had 9 episodes I think? But it was advertised as a mini bc it announced its actors would not be returning and it would have entirely new cast and story lines each year. Everyone was surprised when it entered drama and some questioned whether it was eligible.

        Yes, I think BB is the greatest tv show ever made up to date. Anthony Hopkins even agrees and so do a number of top critics.

  30. Michael Anthony says:

    The snubs are a sign that the Emmys need to be restructured. For example, the Academy should decide on which category an entry should go in. They do it for the Tonys, and it works fine. Otherwise, it’s a game. “Fargo” and “True Detective” are both coming back next year, but why is only one of them considered a series?? “Sherlock,” which has been on before, and will be back, is up in acting awards against “The Normal Heart,” a movie. And since “Sherlock comes on every year, why is it a miniseries? The only reason was to make it easier to win awards. If “Breaking Bad” was back next year, you’d see several drama series moving to miniseries or comedy to win awards. Yes, it’s a home. BUT, the Academy would probably let them move! That’s not a joke and that’s why the Academy needs overall.

    • H16H_C0MM4ND3R says:

      Michael Anthony… Sherlock is more of a mini series than a regular sites, the production is only 3 episodes per season, each one an hour and a half long without commercial interruption…
      I’m just going to offer you one correction in your comment it doesn’t return every year. Season 2 came back after 2 years in 2012, and season 3 was another 2 years when it premiered in 2014…. And if I’m not mistaken there won’t be another season until 2016.
      Though I will completely agree that “A Normal Heart” shouldn’t have been entered at all, and True Detective should have been in the mini series category as well considering that the show was created on the premise of it being just the one season, even though they did ultimately decide to renew it… Which is why they are doing a completely different story with a new cast. They had no intention of it going beyond the one season until a couple days before the finale aired.

    • Mitchell says:

      Sherlock does not come on every year. There are only three 1.5 hr episodes per season. Then there are two year or longer breaks between the seasons.

  31. Kristi says:

    Once again the comedy series trophy went to the show with the most NATAS voters instead of the better written , acted and most watched The Big Bang Theory. You talk of snubs and surprises but the biggest one happened back at the nominations and that is the lack of Tatiana Maslany for Orphan Black, anyone of her many characters are far better than the over-awarded Julainna Margulies one.

    • Max Power says:

      To say that The Big Bang Theory is the best written and acted comedy is a funnier quip than anything from that show.

      • patsieber says:

        Perfect response. Of the comedies nominated, Big Bang is hilariously ironically the most brainless. Louie, Silicon Valley, and Veep are brilliant, OITNB is perfectly decent, and Modern Family is a solid show, if a really safe selection at this point. Most watched does not even come close to meaning best. Ask Walking Dead.

    • Alex says:

      You’re right. Masalany is so good on that show. She needs to become a star.

  32. Ann says:

    I’m pretty sure Moffat won writing for “Sherlock”, not directing.

  33. Mike Blunden says:

    I disagree that McConaughey was snubbed. Obviously, great work on True Detective. Bryan Cranston won for Ozymandias though, which is one of the most amazing episodes of any show ever. He deserved it.

    • Chuck Black says:

      To say that Ozymandias is one of the greatest episodes of all time is maybe fair… but to say that it was better than any more than THREE of the True Detective episodes is a gross over statement… True Detective got the worst snubbing of all time in this Emmys and was head and shoulders above BB.

      its really absurd… and the absurdity of the show really comes out when 2 of the 4 Brit winners didn’t even bother to show up.

      the Emmys has become a joke…. and this time is the worst Emmys ever… Cranston over Harrelson or McCoungnaghey ? Cumberbatch over Freeman or Ruffalo?. Margulies over Danes? Breaking Bad over True Detective?… Really?

      It’s one big politiking fest that ignores reality… welcome to Hollywood BS guys.

      • tv critic says:


        Playing a deranged cop spitting out philosophical plagiarism is harder to pull off than a middle aged family man underachieving chemistry genius in his descent while his whole world comes crashing down, and the actor playing him is really a comedic actor, and he pulls it off gloriously? Hahahaha. Have you ever acted professionally?

        An 9 episode miniseries full of pretentiousness and clichés and overhyped by the media that enters itself in the drama category is better than a 62 episode stroke of master genius that many top actors and critics agree is the greatest tv series of all time, which ended it’s final season brilliantly? Hahahaha!

      • Lee says:

        Martin Freeman is on stage in London as Richard III – tickets sold, etc – so, he should ditch a few performances to come to an awards show? Cumberbatch is filming. The awards show is on a Monday in a city about 10 hours away from London on a flight which would mean taking probably at least 2 days from their work. Them having a commitment to their work hardly means they can’t be bothered to show up as you claim.

        Also – watch Cumberbatch’s scenes in that episode; not many actors can pull that combination off – the death/dying scene alone is worth the watch –

        All the nominees were terrific, not everyone can win – griping about who did win smacks of being a tad juvenile. There were hundreds of performances throughout the year and to have been in the handful of people nominated is pretty extraordinary on its own.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      So, Mike Blunden says it wasn’t a snub, so it’s not. And Mike Blunden says Cranstons nominated episode is one of the best ever, so again, it’s not a snub. Lol’……….

      Cranston, Gunn, Paul and the show, are the best drama and best acting in drama series in the past 365 days??? If you read the trades over the past year, you’d realize that it’s not true for all 4 of those categories. But the voters just check the same boxes every year. The winners are so predictable. And at least one of these 4 awards was for over-acting.

      • tv critic says:

        I agree. Ozymandias was the greatest tv episode of all time, BB was the greatest tv show ever made, and the acting on the show should win Oscars too, and not just Emmys. It wasn’t really a snub because Matthew was good, but playing a deranged cop isn’t a hard role to pull off. Any actor can do that. But playing Walter White in his descent is very difficult. I though John Voight deserved it more than Mcconaughey

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