Fox News, Fox Business Removed From Dish In Carriage-Rights Spat

Fox News, Fox Business Removed From
Megyn Kelly The Kelly File

Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network are not currently available on satellite-broadcaster Dish Network, the result of an impasse in carriage talks between the two companies.

Dish said in a statement early Sunday morning that 21st Century Fox had blocked access to the two networks after Dish balked when rates for other networks owned by the media conglomerate were made a part of the negotiations. Tim Carry, executive vice president of distribution at Fox News Channel, countered in a statement that  “Dish prematurely ceased distribution of Fox News in an attempt to intimidate and sway our negotiations.  It is unfortunate that the millions of Fox News viewers on Dish were used as pawns by their provider.  Hopefully they will vote with their hard earned money and seek another one of our other valued distributors immediately.”

Dish said it had offered a short-term contract extension that would have kept Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network on the air as the two parties continued to haggle over terms.

“Fox blacked out two of its news channels, using them as leverage to triple rates on sports and entertainment channels that are not in this contract.” said Warren Schlichting, senior vice president of programming for Dish, in a company statement. “It’s like we’re about to close on a house and the realtor is trying to make us buy a new car as well,” he said separately in the company’s release.

Schlichting said talks were continuing despite the sparring over the news channels.

“Dish has had a productive relationship with Fox for many years,” he said. “We regret the service disruption to our customers, and remain committed to reaching an agreement that promptly returns this content to Dish’s programming lineup.”

Fox’s Carry said the company was disappointed by the breakdown in talks and noted Dish’s stance in recent negotiations has resulted in three different blackouts of service in recent weeks, a reference to recent flare-ups between Dish and both Time Warner’s Turner unit and CBS Corp.  Fox News has been transmitted by Dish for nearly two decades without a blackout, Carry said.

“We care deeply about our viewers and hope that they will regain access to the number one cable news channel soon. We will continue to work around the clock to reach an agreement with Dish, as we have done with every other pay-TV provider for 18 years,” said Carry. “This is the third time in as many months that Dish customers have suffered through a blackout due to Dish’s intransigence.”

Dish found itself at odds with both Time Warner’s Turner and CBS Corp., both of which  resulted in brief outages of such popular cable outlets as CNN and Cartoon Network. CBS was briefly off Dish for a matter of hours earlier this month but was back on the system after the two parties came to terms quickly after the broadcast network went dark.

Dish Network’s sat-TV service reaches about 14 million people in the United States. The company is also in the midst of putting together a package of channels to be distributed via broadband. That has led to some tough negotiations with major programmers.

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  1. Ruth says:

    I feel it’s all about greed and you guys know it.

  2. We absolutely agree with Saundra: Within 24 hours of the removal of Fox News we contacted a prestigious Law firm asking for a Class Action Suit. Their response: Thank you for contacting our law firm concerning your contract with Dish. Under normal circumstances, we likely would be interested in your case. However, because your potential claim is governed by a user agreement that contains an arbitration clause, you cannot bring your claim in a court, and you must pursue it in private arbitration. In addition, because of a recent Supreme Court decision called AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, these types of arbitration clauses are not only enforceable, but they also prevent you from pursuing your claim on a class action basis within the arbitration. Given that your claim is for a relatively small sum of money, it is not economical for us to represent you individually in arbitration. We strongly believe that the law that requires you to pursue your claim in arbitration, and which prevents you from pursuing your claim as a class action, is wrong as a matter of law, and unfair in its practical consequences. Fortunately, the Concepcion Supreme Court decision can be changed if Congress passes the law entitled the Arbitration Fairness Act, which would reverse Concepcion. Please contact your congressperson and/or senator via the following websites – or – and encourage them to vote to pass the Arbitration Fairness Act, which would restore your right to pursue a class action to vindicate your legal rights. The passage of the Arbitration Fairness Act will also send a message to corporate America that they will be held accountable for unfair business practices, no matter how small the individual monetary damage may be, in a way that pursuing your small dollar claim by itself simply could not communicate.

    • diane rauth says:

      while I agree with the initial comments from the attorneys..this is a BREACH OF CONTRACT issue, in that we have all paid a month ahead for our programming, and not receiving what we paid soon as money is paid for goods or services the payor has an expectation of delivery of such goods or services.. Easily defended in court

  3. Saundra Dalgleish says:

    Moderate this dish. Go to any major drugstore and buy AS SEEN ON TV that little antenna for $
    15.00 The learn to be content with what you get for free in your area?mcall Dish and if you are in contract CANCEL all but the BASIC package until out can get out of contract. There are things you can tell them to get loose. If not BITE the dam bullet. They get away with this crap because everyone is so complacent about being put out by these big companies. THEy WILL fill the pinch? I wish a good lawyer would read these comments and take us all on in a CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST DISH . BECAUSE THEY ARE MAKING us PAY FOR A CHANNEL THAT we all SIGNED UP FOR BUT ARE. N O T able TO GET….WOULD you go to a store a purchase an item then the store said thank you for your PURCHASE but YOU CANT HAVE YOUR. PURCHASE. YOU would NOT put up with that. So Get T he basic and your $15.00 antenna will get you buy until these THEIVES get their act together? And DONT LET THEM. GET AWAY WITH THIS. We HAVE PURCHASED THE PRODUCT with THE KELLY FILE. SHE SHOULD NOT BE BLOCKED. I want FOX with THE DAM KELLY FILE. LETS BANNED TOGETHER and get this done….

  4. Barnard says:

    Thanks Dish and Fox, I got to watch Anderson Cooper and that kathy Griffen dingbat for about two torturous New Years Eve minutes. I didn’t/wouldn’t even look at MSNBC and went right to Al Jazerra America for a real treat for about 5 minutes watching the Happy Jihad or something in some Arab land…yeah I’m real happy, and yeah Direct TV sucks too and I’d rather go to the dentist with an abscess then go back to Comcast/Infinity. I use Dish’s tailgater satellite at home or when on the road in my motor home for a monthly fee and no contract. You can get a portable dish for Direct TV for about 3-500 dollars and still be locked into a 2 year contract and still pay more monthly,,I want Fox back and would pay the extra couple bucks the SOB’s are extorting from Dish, anything then being stuck with all that other crap..

  5. Debbie Simler says:

    I’ve been watching CNN and they have more on the spot news. For example, Anderson and Chris in Paris. If it was FOX we would have to watch an unknown reporter. since FOX is so greedy I may not go back watching them.

  6. Norbert Ginsel says:

    FWIW: I sent an email to Dish in response to my payment acknowledgement email. They replied by email with a cute form letter, blaming Fox for not wanting to renew the former contract without change, as I read it. They also provide to a link explaining how Dish is “on your side!” in this silly spat. They also referred to me as “valued customer”, even though it’s pretty obvious they are trying to perform a CYA while they “manage” the problem. That does not tell me they’re seriously negotiating with Fox, quite the contrary.

  7. carol says:

    Sonny….I think you’ve been watching “Charlie” the Dish huckster too long. Fox is on top, for a reason. But you can’t have a 24 hour infomercial running, Charlie’s attempt at blaming Fox as not fair and balanced and holding out….the whole time saying the same thing over and over….torture….well, you know, without letting Fox have a fair and balanced response. If anything, I’ll leave Dish….knowing the truth about what’s happening in the world is more important to me than what kind of money they are getting….or asking for……the alternative is to watch a station giving you only one view…..the governments networks….not for me…..I will go elsewhere for Fox if Dish doesn’t do the right thing for it’s customers…..since when have they saved any of us money……what a lame excuse.

  8. sonny campbell says:

    I’ve always loved fox news with all my heart, but I don’t believe it’s the dish network at all!! I believe you think you’re so popular you can’t go down! No one as popular as your channel would take you off their network,that’s why I believe it’s all about money with Fox News. as far as I’m concerned I’ll never watch Fox News again even if they put you back on dish!!!

  9. b says:

    Great, it was all fake information anyway.

  10. diane rauth says:

    Found a note to myself to bundle dish t.v. to my internet service, first of the year LOL they won’t even give an update on the dispute with’s like we don’t exist ! Just tell us where you are in this thing, or in so doing, would it prove you are the problem and not fox? So much for transparency …and I should trust you with my internet service???? WE ARE NOT STUPID The longer you drag this out, the more of bully you become. None of the folks I know will put up with bullies!

  11. Mary Nettle says:

    Dish has made my decision to switch providers since they have removed Fox. We are waiting no longer to be without current events. Dish has made no effort in letting its customers know the status of their negotiations, which leads me to believe there is none.

  12. B.F.Beeding says:

    Return Fox News to dish asap.

  13. Bart Needham says:

    Dish and Fox, two 6 year olds on the play ground. Too bad Fox and DTV play the same game. All three need a good trip to the woodshed. We are all paying far too much for shows we don’t want or watch. How about letting us pick and these clowns can go play somewhere else. They have two weeks and we are drpping Dish and Fox on all fronts. That includes Hughesnet which is owned by the child in chief at Dish.

  14. Rozann says:

    DISH AND FOX need to stop this power play which is probably around MONEY and CONTROL and let the average people watch the programing they want. We watch FOX and rely on it for news. It is sad that the 2 can’t be reasonable and do the RIGHT thing for the people. Americans speak out!

  15. George williamsburgva. says:

    I wish Fox and Dish could get together on agreement so cost would not be so high on the people that watch daily.

  16. dennis says:

    trying to be patient, but, if fox is not back soon, hello direct.

  17. Jennifer DeBorde says:

    I watch Fox News Channel several hours a day. I especially enjoy watching America’s News Headquarters with Bill Hemmer and Martha McCallum. I am extremely upset that I am no longer able to watch one of my favorite channels and the only national news channel I watch on my DISH. I hope you are able to come to an agreement to return Fox News Channel very soon as I DO NOT wish to switch to Directv.

  18. Downwind Dave says:

    I used to have DIRECTV until they refused to honor programming. When I approached DIRECTV I was told they couldn’t do anything for me (special deals for new customers only). So I moved to DISH. 3 months later DIRECTV started calling me wanting my business back. I told them they had my business but didn’t value it. Maybe DISH doesn’t value my business anymore. If DISH wants to keep up this pissing contest with FOX, then maybe I need to consider going back to DIRECTV. I’m long past my contract time.

    • Val R says:

      The exact same thing happened to me. I feel the same way, I wish there was another choice that wasn’t super expensive.

  19. cindy graves says:

    There is only 1 news source that I would ever watch and that would be FOX NEWS!!!! Quit posturing and fix what ever is going on, Get it back on the air.

  20. Melvin Worley says:

    Dish needs to get they head on straight on I going to cancel…………..

  21. paul gill says:

    Last Sunday, I missed the first new episode of CBS’ 60 Minutes in about 30 years because of DISH’s inability to negotiate. Tomorrow, I will miss my alma mater’s 2nd ACC basketball conference game on CBS. I’ve had it–I’ll be switching to DirecTV in a few days. DISH’s satellite connection is crap anyway–I lose service every time there’s a hint of rain; DirecTV doesn’t have that problem. DISH is cheaper, and, you get what you pay for…but only sometimes with DISH

    • Norbert Ginsel says:

      If you enjoy losing your TV programming in bad weather, how would you like to lose your internet the same way? I am on line with by brokerage house 8 hours a day, and when I wish to trade, reliable communications are a Must for me. Typically, a trade takes me about 1/5 of a second to reach the trading floor. Try that during a heavy local thunderstorm and you’ll see that Dish Internet is not ready for prime time.

  22. Kathleen Higgibs says:

    I am giving up on Dish. They blacked out CNN for a month. I understand they have only a temporary agreement in place for CNN. Their inability to negotiate is ridiculous. Other cable/satellite providers manage to negotiate new contracts without service disruptions. Even if Fox News is restored, I plan to abandon Dish. I’m researching other providers in my area now. Dish has established a pattern that does not bode well for future contract negotiations. They are now unreliable and appear unconcerned about the anger their customers are feeling.

  23. Apparently the folks below that are Board of Directors for Dish TV, could care less that their contract with Dish TV for being able to include FOX News during your contract does not matter. Want to cancel? Just pay their designated penalties. Charles W. Ergen, Chairman of the Board
    George R. Brokaw, Director
    Joseph P. Clayton, Director, President and CEO
    James DeFranco, Director and Executive Vice President, Sales & Distribution
    Candy Ergen, Senior Advisor and Director
    Steven R. Goodbarn, Director
    Charles M. Lillis, Director
    Afshin Mohebbi, Director
    David K. Moskowitz, Senior Advisor and Director
    Tom A. Ortolf, Director
    Carl E. Vogel,
    Thanks, Dish, however, we do not appreciate your failure to keep your contractual promises.
    Bill C. French, Atlanta GA a screwed Customer (among many). What is a two year contract?

  24. steve carr says:

    I have been on Dish for over ten years,the reason i went with Dish was because cable did’nt carry it.They do now,Get it fixed or bye bye.Steve NM.

  25. Linda Theis says:

    Anyone know how to switch to DirectTv early without costing $400.00? See no progress in chest thumping match with CEOs on both sides. I just want what I was promised when I signed up with Dish (BIG MISTAKE).

    • Dick Goodman says:

      Sorry, I feel your pain. I will have been with Dish 2 years Feb 15, so my 2 year contract is about up, and I have notified Dish if Fox News is not back on as it was when I contracted 2 years ago that I will cancel service next month and find another provider. Don’t know if you have Charter service in your area but they have offered to pay up to $500.00 to get me to switch back to Charter.

  26. Decisions as to the price of a Channel Line Up should be budgeted by Dish, a provider. Dish CEO Joe Clayton and his Staff had plenty of notice (at least by Oct 31st, 2014), that Fox News pricing was changing. We signed up for 250 Channels and every night Dish knows what most folks watched. We found our most popular choice to be Fox News (which is the most favorite, over all others combined). Yet Dish does not offer a channel line up of interest and value, so we are looking elsewhere for a newsworthy provider. So long Dish!

  27. Evelyn Adams says:

    I am ready to give up FOX!!! They will make our rates go up and they are supposed to be for the American people! They are all about money!

  28. DV Smith says:

    This sucks I will go back to rabbit ears

  29. Malcolm Brawn says:

    If Dish and Fox News don`t close on agreement soon, I will terminate Dish and go to another carrier.
    Fox is my primary and only credible news source. I use Dish only for Fox and some occasional background music.

  30. H. G. Austin says:

    This piracy has gone on long enough! Dish and Fox need to get their negotiations and differences resolved and complete a deal right away. I hate to cancel Dish, but I am looking now for other options of service.

  31. good bye dish if my fox news not on by new year eve I’m gone. I would hate to go to another service., but I paid for my package deal .which included Fox news and business….how dare you hurt us by blacken out my fox news!

  32. cattleman says:

    I have waited about as long as I am going to. Dish if you do not put FOX back on very soon then I will be making other arrangements so I can get FOX and it will not include your company ever again.

  33. Larry Middleton says:

    It’s bad two companies use it’s customers to prolong it’s differences. I understand it’s a money thing just like everything else. What will happen if this blackout goes on much longer Fox will lose viewers and Dish will lose customers. It’s seems to me and I might be wrong that Dish is bad guy here! How many programming blackout has Dish had in the last year or two. Either way we want Fox back on Dish,

    • diane rauth says:

      totally disagree Larry, FOX will never lose viewers , Dish will, however, lose cusomers. Some folks !! now are visiting homes with other satellite providers, just to sit and watch Fox all Day. Now thats loyallty

  34. ray studdard says:

    while you two haggle with one another the customer suffer the consequence.I am thinking about changing to direct service. It is a shame your company is messing so many people and we still pay full price

  35. shane says:

    l want my stations back. I miss cavuto! Bill and Kelly file! Hey I’m very rep and want my staple of scrutiny and fair and balanced point of view. Turn it back on. Thank you.

  36. monarae hobart says:

    I need fox news or dish should pay for for every day I’m without it!

  37. Eddie keeter says:

    We have watched since it came on the air very troubled over this during the Christmas season ! We wil be running in to CNN instead from now on sorry Fox! Great product poor management
    Will watch other channels

  38. Eddie Nettles says:

    Please return Foxnews Channel so I won’t be forced to find another satellite service.
    I have been a loyal patron for years and would hate to have to let you go.
    Thank you for ypur loyalty.

  39. Tena White says:

    My 97 year old dad lives, eats and breathes Fox News and has become depressed over not being able to see what goes in the world daily. He has watched it from daylight to dark for the past ten years. Seeing him just sitting in his lift chair bored is heartbreaking to his daughters. Please hurry!!! I have already begun looking for a cable company that does offer Fox News. Time is running out for not only him but you also.

  40. Jane says:

    Put Fox News back on dish immediately!! Dish does NOT care about its customers!!!!

  41. Dianne says:

    I want Fox back on Dish. I understand it’s about money and Fox is equally to blame. But I will switch to another carrier if I dont get Fox News back. I love my Dish but I HAVE to have my Fox News. It’s the only news source I trust:

  42. Linda Baker says:

    If Dish doesn’t get Fox news back on the air, we will be looking at a cancellation. Let those customers who want the sports package so much pay their part. Why do the rest of us who aren’t into sports have to suffer? Each channel should stand on it’s own, rather than “package deals” where we have to support channels we don’t ever watch!!! Get it together Dish!!!!!

  43. Chuck LaPaglia says:

    Removing Fox news is an example of the greed of this company. To show the decite they use, on the disk channel line up they state that Fox left them, yet on Dish’s web site they say they cancelled Fox. They can’t even lie right. I will give these idiots 30 days then my self and two neighbors will go to direct TV. I really think this is another progressive liberal move. Don’t forget Dish Obama will be gone in two years, you might be also.

  44. Judy Stark says:

    We have enjoyed Dish for several years. Even through storms the inconvenience of no reception but DISH always would come back on. Fox News is very important for DISH to just take it off they made a decision that effects a lot of people. I don’t want to change to another network but will have no choice but to do so. DISH better wise up and very soon and put Fox News back on or come January 1st we will be making a New Year resolution that we can keep and change to another net worth.

  45. JohnFLob says:

    The best course of action regarding this extortion by DISH is to treat them the same way we utilize the porcelain dishes with the flush lever/button. Despite DISH’s ill advised massive censorship there are too many readily available and easily accessible alternatives. DISH’s killing of FOX is more an inconvenience that a critical issue.

  46. John Renner Sr. says:

    If Dish chooses not to return fox news back soon I will change to another provider soon

  47. Henry Holland says:

    I would like the Dish Network to keep Fox News it is the only news that I watch. Take some other No News so called news program off of dish network.

  48. Matt says:

    People must be really deluded to believe what is coming out of Fox’s mouth. Dish has to try and control costs or the consumer will continue to see rate hikes that are way beyond inflation. It is time for the FCC to mandate that all channels be made available on an a-la-carte basis with the cost of each channel being provided to each customer. I think people would be SHOCKED to see what they are paying for channels they NEVER watch.

    That is how programmers (Creators of content like Fox, CBS, etc.) try to manipulate the distributor (Dish, Cable Companies, etc.). They create numerous additional channels that few people watch and then demand that the distributor take them ALL or they can’t have any. They then manipulate the distributor with the type of tactics we see from Fox.

    We dropped cable TV almost a year ago (kept the internet) and just use online sources of contents (Netflix, Amazon, Direct website content) and we don’t miss the cable tv bill one bit. It is surprising how much content is on the websites of the programmers that we really watch. Food Network, HGTV, A&E, CBS, PBS, Etc. They all have most of their content online. If they were SMART, they would let you stream to your TV for free with locally based ads inserted. The pay TV world can go away. We don’t need it anymore.

    The only providers that should be PAID to watch are those that provide commercial free, on-demand content. HBO, Showtime, etc. deserve the monthly fee since they provide content commercial free. Fox news is just regurgitated stuff you can find online for FREE.

  49. carol says:

    I am dropping Dish. Fox is only tv that I view on a regular basis.

  50. boydmiller says:

    Get it back on this week Dish, or kiss my $100 a month goodby!

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