CW’s Mark Pedowitz Talks ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff, ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ Crossovers

Mark Pedowitz CW TCA

Superhero crossovers, failed pilots and cancelled shows were the main topic of the CW Network President’s Mark Pedowitz’s executive session at the annual Television Critics Assn. press tour.

With “Arrow” as an established hit on the net, “The Flash” was introduced as a planted spinoff last spring, and will debut in the fall. “In the world we live in, ‘Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ share a similar universe,” said Pedowitz. “You will see — organically — characters shifting over, villains shifting over back and forth between ‘Flash’ and ‘Arrow.’ We will be introducing more villains that are part of the DC Comics universe.”
Pedowitz also addressed the “Supernatural: Bloodlines” pilot, which did not get picked up. “Creatively it did not quite get where we wanted it to go,” he said. “We have told (the creators) that we are very open to doing another spinoff. I would love to get a ‘Supernatural’ spinoff done. It’s a great franchise with a lot of legs.” After the panel, Pedowitz also expanded on the upcoming “Supernatural” retrospective special, airing Mon., Oct. 6. “It’s a treat for the fans who’ve supported the show for the prior nine years; it’s taking you back all through the nine years; it’s giving you some commentary from the cast and the creator, Eric Kripke, and the executive producers. It’s fun.”
He also faced several questions about the cancellations of popular shows like “Star Crossed.” “I did receive 90 boxes of pasta this week,” he said. “We appreciate the fans and everything they do. There just weren’t enough of them to keep the show going.” As for “Tomorrow People,” he said, “The show just didn’t generate the audience we hoped to generate” on air or digitally.
The recurrent theme of this week’s tour has been diversity in casting, and Pedowitz said diversity has always been a top priority for him. “I believe our shows need to reflect what America looks like, not just in front of the camera, but behind the camera. We’re an immigrant nation. Without that, we have nothing.”

As for The CW’s target audience, Pedowitz said he wants to expand beyond the 18-to-34 year-olds. “As much as we’re proud of ‘Gossip Girl,’ we set out to change the perception that we’re no longer a teenage-girl audience.” The goal, he said, is to bring in viewers of any age attracted to good programming. “I’m just happy to have viewers.”

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  1. Charlotte says:

    I love the Supernatural.I’ve been watching it since it started and I just love those guys.Thanx

  2. The evolution of Supernatural is what is so cool. Additions sometimes subtractions of characters that we care about deeply,Kevin,Ellen,Jo, the Golem,Bobby we love to re-visit these characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if Crowley with Mark Sheppard was turned into a spin off,can I get a walk on? I will bring the molson golden. Good on you folks.

  3. sharon says:

    I am hoping to see Supernatural continue as long as Jared, and Jensen are willing to do it, I love the show, it’s been my favorite for nine years and I could watch it for a lifetime. I know both are great actors, and probably want to do other jobs, but I pray they decide to keep it going. There is not another show going that makes me laugh and cry, and excited as Supernatural does. I am 66 years old and never have I liked any show as much as Supernatural, and never will again I am sure. Please boys, keep it going, your a golden to me, and my friends who watch you every week. Bedsides us ladies love looking at those two handsome men every week.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Amazing how CW is so mired in its own lack of success that it now routinely wants to spin-off its lesser flops.

      Make good shows, Mr. Pedowitz! Not spin-offs of shows people don’t want to watch!

  4. Chelsea says:

    So many show getting cancel this year.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      So many flops this year. They’re still not cancelling enough of them. And ordering more from the Flop Factory isn’t going to make things better…

  5. Tammy Davis says:

    Mr. Pedowitz has failed to mention the increased fandom of Starcrossed since the cancellation as the series was STILL AIRING in other countries “after” it was canceled. The Facebook page alone had a quarter of a million likes and was increasing. CW made a mistake and just will not admit it or correct it by bringing back a series that deserved a chance because it was placed on the worst night of the week and opposite the olympics. What did they truly expect. What is more appealing…a show dealing with many real-life problems like racism, bullying, acceptance, love, segregation, etc or a show about a virgin who gets accidentally inseminated? I also believe he is “downplaying” the spaghetti delivery from fans. It was not simply 90 boxes…it was over 1,800 pounds and was donated to a food bank shortly after delivery.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Who cares how many frantic fans send boxes of whatever… CW needs actual hits. Most regular people don’t even know it exists.

      Renewing one more flop is not the solution.

      Too bad Mr. {Pedowitz doesn’t have the guts to cancel everything on CW and start fresh.

  6. Ideation20 says:

    I’m just happy to have viewers. And rebroadcast fees?
    Wow, hundreds would have been walking the plank for saying that.
    The CW need a relaunch with no relation to CBS/Warner, I think Moonves can’t let Murdoch buy Time/Warner, he at least needs Warner Brothers and their subordinate brand plates.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      I’m sure Les Moonves would love to sell CW to Fox so it could lose all that money…

      What is surprising to me is that he hasn’t fired everyone there and taken it over so he could make it into a real network.

  7. Anne says:

    Supernatural. Want a spin-off? Then ask the loyal fans to submit their ideas and storylines. You never know, their might be a gem or two out there.

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