Comic-Con: The New Characters Joining Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’

Marvels Agents of Shield
Image Courtesy of ABC

The second season of Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” will add at least four new characters to the series, including a new villain, the company announced Friday at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Lucy Lawless has been confirmed to play Isabelle Hartley, a tough longtime SHIELD veteran who is good with a knife.

British newcomer Nick Blood will play mercenary Lance Hunter, who will assist the SHIELD agents. The character is best known for being the director of S.T.R.I.K.E., a British intelligence agency that worked with Captain America and Captain Britain to defeat Red Skull.

The newest villain to the show, Daniel Whitehall, will be played by Reed Diamond. The character is a member of Hydra and known by his alias the Kraken, who when wearing his signature helmet, is covered in body armor. In the comicbooks, he spends decades training Hydra agents at a school for orphaned girls to become human weapons.

SHIELD agent Barbara Morse, also known as Mockingbird, will be the next significant comicbook hero to join the series. The character, who gets her name for taunting her opponents in battle, has close ties to Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and the Avengers in the books. No actress was announced.

And Patton Oswalt will return to the series, in which he guest starred as Agent Koenig, only this time, he plays twins, Sam and Billy.

The series started shooting its newest episodes on July 24.

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  1. Agents of Shield is one of the most promising tv shows I think of. The connection with the movies universe, comics characters appearing, the interesting story and lots of other qualities make this one something that can last a long time. Also, it’s great for any person, but perfection to a Marvel fan.

  2. Simosi says:

    They should hint at the idea of the red skull to come back from space in the series then will show up in another captain America movie that would be cool

  3. Very Not Diverse......should be a CBS show says:

    they look a little…..pale.

  4. says:

    I believe Agent Coulson I heard is set to become Director.

  5. brrryce says:

    What about Trip?

  6. Gary Lockley says:

    Why is Ward in the picture? And are we to assume Fitz has recovered for his brain damage? Is there some meaning here or is the blogger just too lazy to get an updated photo?

  7. big daddy D says:

    Love me some Lucy Lawless…anytime!

  8. Fin Alyn says:

    Sweet lord, if they are adding 2 new characters (I’m not counting villains, there will always be new villains), are they going to finally trim out some of the old team? If it becomes an 8 person team, why stop there and just have rotating SHIELD agents every week, kinda like the old Mission Impossible.

  9. James Page says:

    Here all I will say is I hope Marvel can work something out s that either Sam L. Jackson is given a long term contract to play Nick Fury in multiple venues or someone else can play Nick Fury (the original Nick Fury ala the Battle Scars graphic novel). or some version of both. And I wish there would be more respect given to Hawkeye as a member both of SHIELD and the Avengers. While Hawkeye is not a founding member per se he is definitely an anchor for the second team when there was no heavy hitter available. He deserves more. As another commenter observed now that they have the entire season whatever plans they have can unfold at a more even pace. I hope that Agents of SHIELD continues to be a major influence regarding other worldly threats to the earth (even though it is technically a United States agency) and major organized threats to the world. Don’t forget besides Hydra, there is HAMMER, AIM, The Black Hand, and the minions of Fu Man Chu to be dealt with. Those four alone should be more than enough to keep SHIELD busy…not to mention the triumvirate of The Red Skull, Baron Zemo and Baron Strucker.

  10. badaztek says:

    And since they now know they have the whole season, the story line can develop at a more steady pace, and really work up to something very fulfilling. Here is hope that we see some other interesting characters from the movies come on. It will be great to see Bucky show up.
    But I am wondering about the other test subjects that Agent Coulson talked about in his report to Fury, what happened to them, and where are they?

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