CNN Pulls Anderson Cooper’s ‘AC360 Later’ From Primetime

CNN Pulls Anderson Cooper's 'AC360 Later'

CNN has taken the relatively new ‘AC360 Later,” a second primetime hour for popular anchor Anderson Cooper, off its primetime schedule for the foreseeable future, a spokeswoman for the network confirmed Friday.

Cooper, who recently signed a new deal with the Time Warner-owned cable-news outlet, is entrenched at the network, and is already the anchor of its 8 p.m. hour. Staffers on “AC360 Later,” which debuted in September, are expected to be absorbed into other positions at the network.

Removal of the program from the lineup illustrates the ongoing experimentation at work behind CNN’s primetime schedule, which CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker has indicated is ripe for shakeup due to flailing viewership.  CNN has been running documentaries at 10 p.m. on recent Thursday nights and tested a panel show, “The Point,” featuring ad man and TV personality Donny Deutsch last Spring.

While executives at the network were said to be pleased with the ratings for “AC360 Later,” which featured Cooper and a panel of different talking heads, the program never became a regular feature. It was often preempted during breaking news and in fact was not on the air during recent coverage of the death of statesman Nelson Mandela.

News of the programming decision was reported previously by TVNewser

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  1. Well CNN used to be a new channel. I can’t decide if it has become reality TV or a parody of Fox News. For news I now go to Al jaraza or PBS newshour.

    AC used to be informative then he decided he was entertaining which he is not.

  2. sycodon says:

    A-See Ya Later 360.

  3. Lee says:

    The left wing “news” channels can bob, weave and juggle their propaganda all they want. The ratings will stay low until they can actually report the news instead of being propaganda organs for the left. And to those who do not think they are, a simple examination of your views would undoubtedly show you are a screaming liberal.

  4. Suzanna Kuhnns says:

    Cooper is a sincere man – I would like to see him move to FOX where he could do reporting a “real” stories and not be the right-hand for CNN’s liberal push.

  5. Suzanna Kuhnns says:

    Anderson Cooper does a good job, its the programming that is terrible…Weeks of Sandyhook, Weeks of Zimmerman ….Its CNN that’s bad, not Anderson!

  6. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    intetresting…..getting ready for Jay Leno?????

  7. chris says:

    Even later into the wee morning hours would be best. However, paid programming would be more profitable.

  8. Poor Andy, he took it right in the shorts. Come on lamestream, keep pumping money into this dog, it’s your brand.

  9. WillOfThePeople says:

    How is this guy still on with such low ratings?

  10. jamman says:

    Where are the moderators? This is hate rhetoric.

  11. jamman says:

    Wow! The first time I’ve ever seen the adjective ‘popular’ used to describe Anderson Cooper.

  12. lazybum says:

    I want to know why CNN is on in airports and hotels. Isn’t travel painful enough??

  13. Vince says:

    Yes, and does he Fish on the Fly and does he have an Open Door Policy plus how many rear-end incidents has he encountered. People want to know

  14. Truth is, he sucks! ……well I guess we all knew that already.

  15. Willy Mcgee says:

    Is CNN relevant?
    Yes if boring is relevant!

  16. Elmer Fudd says:

    And you idiots wonder why you’re dead last in ratings!!!!! Elmer Fudd

  17. Ron Lewis says:

    LOL, if he’s so “popular,” why cancel the show. How can this idiot claim anyone on CNN is popular?

  18. Vince says:

    It is called “Viewers Comments”

  19. Vince says:

    That’s one way of clawing your way to the top

  20. Vince says:

    But Anderson only does a 180, a 90 and a 69

  21. knitbeast says:

    BIG MISTAKE – that was about the only interesting show in CNN as of late

  22. Vince says:

    hahaha, so true

  23. no1cares says:

    Hey Zucker, it’s not the line up fool it’s the liberal slant of the content.

  24. DeanO says:

    Boring…no one watches CNN at 5, 6, or 7pm let alone 8 or 9pm…lol Cooper is a talk show journalist and should be at best on during the day time…oh wait that already failed…

  25. Yukiko says:

    The question on everyone’s mind right now is did CNN drop Cooper’s show because the ratings are in the toilet or did they do it in expectation of a racist derogatory remark to be made in the future by the host?

  26. Maureen alberts says:

    Why doesn’t MSNBC get rid of that so annoying Rachael Maddow?

    • jsm1963 says:

      Because her show is one of the highest rated shows on the channel, an in the all important demographic of younger viewers that advertisers love she frequently beats Fox News.

      • jsm1963 says:

        @John Williamson. I disagree of almost every point.

        First, regarding demographics: sure, if the demos were slightly different things could change – but they’re not different.

        I’m also sorry if you find Maddow condescending. Confidence shouldn’t be confused with condescension. I think she treats her audience with respect and doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator. I do often feel that I came away at the end of her show with a greater understanding of issues that she covered. She gets attacked quite a bit by her detractors, but they seldom have issues with the accuracy of her reporting.

        Does she play one note? No more than Kelly, Hannity, O’Reilly, O’Donnell, Sharpton, etc… I like the note. It’s a good note.

        Outside of the few cases that have made headlines recently, I’m not sure what offensive garbage MSNBC is known for. Criticism of the subjects they are reporting on shouldn’t be confused with the offensive comments made about minorities, the disadvantaged or the LGBT community I see coming from the right-wing media on a constant basis.

      • It’s true, Maddow does do well with young hipster types, beating Kelly in the demo by small margins usually about 2 or 3 times a week, although if you increase the age on the demo by a few years, Kelly crushes her every night, and in overall viewers regularly doubles her if not more. Maddow doesn’t really do any of the offensive garbage that MSNBC is known for. She has the condescension and well just general I am better than them, and you, and everyone attitude down pat though. I certainly find her the least objectionable of all their hosts, although she only plays the one note, she plays it well. No doubt the people who watch her show feel even more superior after watching than they did an hour earlier. She has a brand, she’s sticking to it, and she isn’t going to say anything so far out of line it requires an apology. Maddow is certainly a smart woman, I generally don’t agree with her politically and find her delivery hard to watch, but you cannot question her abilities when it comes to performing her job.

    • Willy Mcgee says:

      Because no one watches MSNBC.
      The old saying about a tree falling in an empty forrest. No one around to here the sound.
      Same with MSNBC – No one watches . No one around to notice. . MSNBC is like a tree falling in an empty forrest.

    • cathycarron says:

      It wouldn’t be politically correct to do so (gay diversity, etc) …but she does rant on so, doesn’t she? It’s like being hit on the head with a heavy sponge repeatedly…

  27. Maureen alberts says:

    What the heck does this have to do with FOX or the nasty gay comments?

  28. Maureen alberts says:

    Anderson Cooper is the only reason I watch CNN! Bring back AC360!

  29. John Barnett says:

    ROLMAO, CNN, is that a new failing program

  30. SorrowfulSoros says:

    “CNN has taken the relatively new ‘AC360 Later,” a second primetime hour for popular anchor Anderson Cooper…”

    If he’s so popular, why are his ratings subterranean?

  31. PaulDF says:

    Success can be achieved by looking for what works, learning from it, and trying to do better. For example ~ looking at the #1 cable news show, seeing what makes them successful, and trying some of that. It couldn’t hurt, because being a left-wing lapdog sychophantic mouthpiece of the Obama administration certainly isn’t working!

  32. Fox News gives a conservative slant to the news, MSNBC gives a liberal slant to the news and CNN gives a slightly liberal slant on the news – Folks that watch cable news tend to be in the conservative or liberal camps, thus leaving CNN with no target audience – Folks in the middle tend to care less about political news than those in the conservative or liberal camps

  33. Andrew Clayterman says:

    Vanderbilt.. one of Americas richest families.. but he never mentions that… only what some rich GOPer is doing. Put your own families money up to help people Anderson..

  34. Barb Browning says:

    I guess the same thing could be said about “FOX NEWS”

  35. MsSas says:

    Cooper’s program was formatted only for the “non-cerebral types”…and that gets boring real quick!

  36. sheila lee says:

    So finally here was a prime time cnn show I really enjoyed and of course zucker the duck pulls it…its no wonder even messnbc is beating them in the ratings…

  37. Lisa A. says:

    Guess I’m in the minority here as I read the other comments bit I very much liked the panel version of AC 360. Thought it was a welcome improvement from the “keepin ’em honest” style of reporting from before – and the discussions could get quite interesting. More so if Andrew Sullivan wasn’t there, because his contributions were limited and pompous.
    Very sorry to see this show go.

  38. Melanie L. says:

    Harry Martz if you need women to oggle when watching the news your priorities are, well lacking.

    • TruthInSpending says:

      I’ll admit it. I’d rather watch an attractive newsreader than one who hurts my eyes while reading from the same script.

      It appears that all the networks realize that eye candy has become an important qualification when selecting those who appear on the screen. Not only are there not many butt ugly faces on the networks, there are not many average faces on the networks.

      I submit this as evidence that the priorities of the majority are, well, to put it bluntly, lacking.

  39. Joe says:

    You are also confusing CNN with Fox News.

    • One problem with your comment, who has the ratings? Now try again…

    • Andrew Clayterman says:

      Your records stuck, Mary.. perhaps Anderson can do a show where he goes about distributing some of his families billions to the poor? What’s that?? Not interested? Anderson is related to Gloria Vanderbilt. Hardly a poor soul.

  40. David Liddle says:

    I find it rather sad that what I equate CNN’s Face of integrity and news journalism is being taken off prime time what appears to be a new “Cross Fire” never liked that format and degrades CNN into Blue, Red show down every time. It’s time to bring the U.S. TOGETHER in A continued fracturing in America and doing the public a disservice.

  41. raymond59 says:

    No its called “Ratings!” “Ratings = Money.” If a show’s rations are low, it doesn’t make any Money for the Network. Thought that You would understand that!

  42. Lee McBride says:

    If he is so “popular”, why would they do that?

  43. Nanny Mo says:

    It was a lousy show. At least Jeff is brave enough to shake up things that aren’t working. You have to give him credit for that (although frankly, I’d have fired him a long time ago.)

  44. NVRAT says:

    Later COOP. Glad to see ya gone.

  45. discovega says:

    CNN is a pathetic excuse for a new organization.

  46. JC says:

    “is ripe for shakeup due to flailing viewership.”

    Not surprising, I quit watching CNN because I only got the liberal side of the stories. Fox is better only because their air both sides of issues and let “you decide”.

  47. Citizen Right says:

    Anderson Cooper is one of the few good people CNN has. Figures.

  48. sailordude says:

    How is that fired pregnant with twins woman doing?

  49. Abel Garcia says:

    CNN knows what kinds of shows bring in ratings, but don’t want to try being conservative.

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