CNN Pulls Anderson Cooper’s ‘AC360 Later’ From Primetime

CNN Pulls Anderson Cooper's 'AC360 Later'

CNN has taken the relatively new ‘AC360 Later,” a second primetime hour for popular anchor Anderson Cooper, off its primetime schedule for the foreseeable future, a spokeswoman for the network confirmed Friday.

Cooper, who recently signed a new deal with the Time Warner-owned cable-news outlet, is entrenched at the network, and is already the anchor of its 8 p.m. hour. Staffers on “AC360 Later,” which debuted in September, are expected to be absorbed into other positions at the network.

Removal of the program from the lineup illustrates the ongoing experimentation at work behind CNN’s primetime schedule, which CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker has indicated is ripe for shakeup due to flailing viewership.  CNN has been running documentaries at 10 p.m. on recent Thursday nights and tested a panel show, “The Point,” featuring ad man and TV personality Donny Deutsch last Spring.

While executives at the network were said to be pleased with the ratings for “AC360 Later,” which featured Cooper and a panel of different talking heads, the program never became a regular feature. It was often preempted during breaking news and in fact was not on the air during recent coverage of the death of statesman Nelson Mandela.

News of the programming decision was reported previously by TVNewser

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  1. says:

    Honestly the best anchor, love the way he treats the guests and still bring the main issues to the table.

  2. Claire Flynn says:

    While I am not a fan of homosexuals, believing in the Bible’s words, I have always enjoyed hearing and seeing Anderson Cooper. He is a very talented person and shows respects for his guests and the stories he presents to us. Let’s keep him on television. I always watch him when there is nothing else worth watching.

  3. scottwil says:

    As long as they keep Erin Burnett on I’m happy.

  4. RockDad Rice says:

    When’s Piers getting axed?

  5. Scott Brown says:

    CNN is sinking fast. They might be able to turn it into an entertainment network of some sort. They need to retire Wolf Blitzer ! I watched him INCORRECTLY answer every question on a knowledge based game show a few years ago. I lost all respect for him. He be real stooopid as far as i conserned>

  6. KCEddie says:

    Ted Turner is LAO ?

  7. KCEddie says:

    He should have a 3rd rate comedian strip for his audience ? That could help his ratings ? LMFAO

  8. FranInAtlanta says:

    I did not like the talking heads on that show – so much so that, if it came on, I switched channels. And I think Anderson Cooper is one of the best reporters ever.

  9. Mike Janz says:

    And they wonder why their losing viewers!

  10. Rufus Firefly says:

    How about replacing him with the affable Keith Olbermann?

  11. Rufus Firefly says:

    When CNN comes up a host as gorgeous as Megyn Kelly, then the network will climb out of the ratings toilet bowl.

  12. Rufus Firefly says:

    He should be replaced by an educational show such as “Car 54-Where Are You?”

  13. Herbster says:

    Replacing AC/DC with Danny Deutsch? Ratings for that time slot must have gone all the way up into the “Tens.”

  14. So the rating for AC360 weren’t low enough they had to try another hour called “later” that noone wants?

  15. Don’t think I’ve read many Variety articles before, and am pretty sure this is the first time I’ve read comments regarding one. Am surprised at the highly venomous nature of many of these comments, in what I had thought was an entertainment related publication.

    • macca88 says:

      right-wingers get directed here and the Hollywood Reporter from Drudge etc….gives them a chance to vent about their all-consuming (do any of them work?) hatred of the non-Fox/talk radio media and Hollywood…at the site of the crime :)

  16. Bubchek says:

    Reckon CNN is not done trying to cram this dude down everyone’s throat yet. Sheesh

  17. Bubchek says:

    Follow the moolah

  18. John says:

    Larry King was right when he observed that Piers Morgan’s show is more about him than his guests. Zucker needs to replace Piers as his first move if he is trying to improve programming and ratings.
    (Larry suggested that cartoons would be an improvement.)

  19. Gayle says:

    CNN could at least make a one home run if they would just friggin’ get rid of Piers Morgan! UGH!

  20. CNN, like CBS, can’t figure out why no one wants to watch their shows. Maybe they could get a hint by analyzing what the broadcaster with the most viewers does to be successful. But, maybe not.

  21. Neil says:

    Dang, one more thing cancelled that I never knew existed. No bother.

  22. Bill_a_bob says:

    Anderson, C YA Later!

  23. joe says:

    When the networks start actually covering the real news and start taking editorial stands on things that really matter, viewers will come back. People want the truth, not entertainment.

  24. “for popular anchor Anderson Cooper,” A popular anchor? Since when? ALL of CNN is failing, all of it. Cooper certainly isn’t saving the network. Yeah, popular, in your own minds. Yeah, your minds, the reason the network is going under.

  25. Shit, I guess I should have read the whole, we can make your comments essentially not yours as we see fit disclaimer.

  26. Must be a new definition of the word “popular” of which I was previously unaware.

  27. tankette says:

    CNN blows….

  28. Duude says:

    Popular anchor? When did he become popular?

  29. The “Panel Show” ,what a collection of wierdos, Andy cooper, andrew (fba)sullivan, christianne amanpiour, the white chic w/messy afro hair. I mean where can we find a gathering of “thinkers” like this? Only CNN.

  30. Gigi Berry says:

    Like AC360 and was watching AC Later….but I don’t like when there’s a debate that the guest host talk over other people. Anderson does appear to get BOTH sides of the story. Anderson is my Walter Cronkite. And I prefer my comment NOT be edited. You either use it or not but in whole!!! That’s how things get screwed up! You edit it to read how YOU want!

  31. BillinCA says:

    CNN is in an identity crisis. It wants to be in the center but it doesn’t know how to, making it left leaning a lot more often then not. The difference between CNN and MSNBC is that MSNBC knows it leans way to the left and proud of it, to the extent of loving to spew hatred toward people that have a different opinion.

    If CNN wants to be in the center it needs to have both sides involved all of the time, not just have a conservative here and there, every once awhile. And not just have one show that has debaters from both sides, while rest of the channel’s broadcast time is for left propaganda. Unless the show is an editorial, the reporters, etc should not feel free to voice their opinion. Reporters should be unbiased and let the public form it’s opinion, not the reporter trying to form the public’s opinion.

  32. oaksden says:

    Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

  33. Checkmate King Two says:

    How can this be happening to Anderson?
    He’s a giant of American journalism!
    Just ask “Last Place ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner” Wolf Blitzer.
    After all, didn’t Cooper wade through the flooded streets of Post Katrina-New Orleans for days without a break!

    PS Does this mean we’ll be denied seeing him with his stunningly beautiful cohost again next New Years Eve? Please tell me it isn’t so!!!

  34. Mr. Dol says:

    Turkey neck Piers Morgan should be pull as well. DAMN BRITISH INVASION…

  35. newarkschool says:

    Author refers to the erstwhile program host as the “popular anchor.”

    So popular he’s getting yanked off the air.

    Anyone editing this stuff?

    Any editors on duty?

  36. Rico says:

    Don’t let AC’s 360 near your boy’s primetime.

  37. jackejack says:

    Does this make them homophobes?

  38. crmitchell says:

    Maybe they are finally getting the message that few Americans believe as they do !

    Let the marketplace rule !

  39. Less exposure for the pseudo-everyman Anderson Cooper.

  40. Miles Long says:

    Pooper lovin Cooper is a Homo-Leninist. Can you imagine how high the fecal content level is in his bloodstream..?

  41. maroon says:

    What? Did he say something offensive … again?

  42. terro says:

    So it was a solid show but it’s cancelled. Got it. Quality Journalism.

  43. Rico says:

    If Anderson Copper asks if he can push in our stool, tell him no. And don’t let his AC360 near your boys.

  44. jsm1963 says:

    This is actually better than the first hour! They should run it on weekend mornings.

  45. jsm1963 says:

    24 TV News is dead. We’re a couple of years away from having Nancy Grace scream at us in primetime on CNN.

  46. Charlie G. says:

    Hey Hollywood – thanks for pumping our planet with your trash. Always keeping is foul mouthed and trashy leading the rest of the world to think great things. Special kudos to Ryan Seacrest for giving us the Kardashians and MTV for the reality shows that have taken global opinion to a new low. Sumner Redstone deserves special recognition for his life work in this area.

  47. Jim Bergman says:

    Piers Morgan is the one needing replacing. He is a damn joke. He is so into grand-standing that he doesn’t allow guests to answer the questions he asks. I miss Larry King and I know that there has to be someone better for the slot than the popmpous turd that now is doing it.

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