Chelsea Handler Slams Piers Morgan: ‘You’re a Terrible Interviewer’ (VIDEO)

Chelsea Handler Slams Piers Morgan: 'You're

Talkshow hosts Piers Morgan and Chelsea Handler went toe-to-toe on live TV, and Morgan ended up getting a mouthful — on his own show.

Handler was a guest on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live,” and clearly didn’t appreciate it when Morgan, known for his Twitter presence, decided to tweet during a commercial break.

“I want your viewers to know that in the middle of the commercial break — I mean, you can’t even pay attention for 60 seconds,” she said. “You’re a terrible interviewer.”

Morgan then blamed Handler for not “keeping (his) attention,” and the comedienne fired back by saying that it’s his job to pay attention to the guests.

“Well, maybe that’s why your job is coming to an end,” Handler said, referring to the Morgan show’s recent cancellation.

Watch the full exchange below.

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  1. ebs says:

    How totally rude to your host. I don’t know you and I don’t like you. I find Piers Morgan’s show to be substantive and civil. Mohandas Gandhi at one point, commented precisely on the behavior of the guest -i.e. that he is saddened how some people can feel themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow human beings. Awkward indeed, when a person treats another person rudely and belittles them….

  2. Paul says:

    Wow Piers really put Chelsea in her place. She verbally attacked him and he laughed it off….belittling her on national TV. Good for you Piers, you get full points. Chelsea should crawl back in her hole. She was so sure she could embarrass Piers Morgan and it back fired on her. No wonder she’s alone, who would put up with her?!

  3. jd says:

    …that got awkward

  4. Thomas Ryan says:

    Chelsea Handler is the worst.

  5. cadavra says:

    She’s really a pig. She once went on Leno and did the same thing, insulting him not in a funny Don Rickles way, but in a really mean-spirited Ann Coulter way. I can’t believe Jay just sat there and took it, but he’s a hell of a lot classier than many of the people he welcomed to his show. Especially her.

  6. willhowcoop says:

    Good for Chelsea Handler. Piers Morgan is a worthless douche, and the cancelation of his show proves it. Bye, Piers. A lot of restaurants need busboys.

  7. bsbarnes says:

    BOOM! Chelsea Handler uses the flow of conversation to corner Piers Morgan on his Twitter rudeness, which he tries to deflect and then attempts to laugh off, but she is clearly onto the essence of why his CNN tenure is coming to an end. Chelsea’s show is more ambitious than Piers’ pure interview show and she is better prepared to interview her guests than Piers was to interview her at this time: she was miffed at his being an English slacker and he was unapologetic to her American umbrage, so then she took out her shiv, twisted it, dragged it across his belly button and gave him a Columbian necktie. Bye, bye, bye Piers!

  8. sammyglick says:

    Who cares…two talentless idiots trying to one-up each other. Watching paint dry would be more entertaining.

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