CeeLo Green’s TBS Reality Show Canceled Prior to Backlash Over Twitter Rape Comments

CeeLo Green's TBS Reality Show Canceled
David Buchan/Getty Images

Public criticism is mounting against singer-actor CeeLo Green, a former judge on NBC’s “The Voice” who was the center of a recent TBS reality series, after controversial statements he made via Twitter during the weekend regarding the nature of rape.

The tweets, now deleted from the account, asserted that women can only be raped if they are conscious, and compared rape to a home invasion. Green faced allegations of sexual assault in 2012, and on Aug. 29 pleaded no contest in Los Angeles to a drug charge.

The outrage stirred by the comments sparked calls for TBS to cancel the reality show “CeeLo Green’s The Good Life.” However, a source said the show was already axed after it completed its first season run earlier this year.

On Aug. 31 Green wrote:

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent.”

“People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!,” he added.

Green had previously been accused of furnishing the drug ecstasy to a woman who alleged that he sexually assaulted her in 2012. The woman told investigators that she woke up naked in bed next to Green, though prosecutors did not pursue a rape charge on the grounds of insufficient evidence. On Aug. 29, Green pleaded no contest to one felony count of furnishing ecstasy to the woman. He was sentenced to serve probation and community service, according to the Associated Press.

Green’s lawyer maintained that relations were consensual, and also filed a special plea that prevents the no-contest plea from being used against Green in civil court, or in criminal court if he faces another drug offense.

On Tuesday, as word of the weekend Twitter comments spread, despite having been deleted from his official account, the women’s rights online org UltraViolet circulated a petition to pressure TBS to cancel “The Good Life.”


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  1. Bobby Dobbs says:

    His show was cancelled BEFORE the rape comments? Sure it was. And was it cancelled before his plead no contest in court to drugging a girl? Or before he made TBS aware that he’d be pleading no contest because, let’s face it: between the charges, his plea and the attitude he shows in the tweets-the guy’s essentially a rapist.

  2. Freedbytruth says:

    But he’s a celeb so his sick comments were scrubbed from the internet pronto. And because he’s a celeb, this will quickly be buried by the MSM (main sewer media). Now if he was someone that the media wanted to assassinate…you know it’s true.

  3. Calvin says:

    That homophobe should have never gotten a TV show, music contract etc

  4. Voodoo says:

    He’s not a rapper but a singer, get ur facts right ppl

  5. Beckstle says:

    Ceelo’s behavior is inexcusable. What’s disturbing is how this article is the choice to use ” furnishing ecstasy to the woman” while most articles on this are clear that he slipped the stuff into her drink. That is what he accused of and pleaded no contest to. Furnishing ecstasy makes it sound like a junkie being provided a fix and puts the blame on the woman. She met him for a drink – that’s it.

    • sharon y hunt says:

      furnish give whatever the case maybe what about her taking the drug. she willfully took a drug. sounds like to me u need to find out what kind of woman she is. by the way im a woman too. i think that this woman like millions of other wanna say they r assualted just cause the man has all this money. ive also been raped before and let me just say if u have been raped the doctors can easily tell. no dnc no case and i agree.i have seen women scream rape win a case destroy a mans whole life put him behind bars then later on get caught confessing to making it up. i for one loved the show the good life. i support a womans right but i dont support her drug use. she did not have a gun put to her head she was not forced to take the drug. ecstsay dose not make u unconsious. matter of fact u might not even sleep for a while. investigate all the facts before u judge. . if u cancel him due to drugs and allegations then u need to investigate everyone else. alot of celebs use drugs. u slap them on the hand but regular folks like me would go to jail no questions asked. i at this point think that tbs has made a mistake on this call to cancel the show. an alegation is just that . that means there is not enough evidence to even prove rape. if she even thought for one moment she had been she should have had a dnc done.

  6. Dunstan says:

    Holy crap. This guy just set new lows for moral reasoning. What a scumbag. I hope he winds up in jail where he belongs.

  7. Debra says:

    I never like “The Voice” too many egos on that show. No one ever goes anywhere once they win, at least on “Idol” some of them become stars. CeeLo Green always creeped me out. Between the cat & I’m an animal lover and his looks, I could not watch him. He reminded of some one you didn’t want to meet on a dark street or in a bar if you were alone. I’m not saying this because of anything that happened now, I felt this way about him the first time I saw him sing. Then I watched “The Voice” and saw him sitting in that chair petting that white cat and I was totally turned off. Then the antics of the other judges just turned me off.

  8. John Mullins says:

    He can’t possibly be trying to say what this looks like. No one could be that stupid. Could they?

  9. Shannygirl says:

    Reblogged this on Shanpagne all around and commented:

  10. It’s sad about Green. He seemed like such a nice guy on The Voice and was my favorite coach. I’m not going to attack him like everyone else. No one is perfect.

    • Bobby Dobbs says:

      Yeah… nobody is perfect… some people work for non profit organizations, some go and fight in wars overseas… and some slip drugs into girls’ drinks and make disturbing comments about rape. That Charles Manson was a charismatic guy on TV so I’m not going to attack him. He’s just misunderstood, not to mention, he was never convicted of murdering anybody. I think the best solution to all of this is to ban that ‘Moves Like Jagger’ song. I know it’s from a different guy on that horrible show, but I really need to never hear that horrible song again.

    • Island Planet says:

      Seemed like a nice guy? I would agree except for the way he treated EVERY young, pretty girl who auditioned. Totally gross, skeeved out perv. Completely Misogynistic pig to every one of them.

  11. Leon says:

    Everything about the entertainment industry blows now. Movies suck music sucks and anyone who is famous now is either a reality tv start or a horrible person. I hate you all!

    • Mook says:

      Leon, there are some good people in the industry, I’ve met some. But they are few and far between, I agree. There are pervs crawling out of the woodwork, and many who crave underage kids. Really sick.

  12. Mook says:

    Who would want to see him on TV anyway?

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