Cartoon Network Fires Creator of ‘Clarence’ Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Clarence Cartoon Network

Skyler Page, the creator of Cartoon Network series “Clarence,” has been fired from Cartoon Network Studios amid allegations of sexual assault made by a female co-worker.

In a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday and Wednesday, artist Emily Partridge accused Page of assaulting her, although the details of the alleged incident are not clear. A Cartoon Network rep confirmed that Page had been dismissed as an employee of the Burbank-based animation facility.

“Skyler Page is no longer an employee at Cartoon Network Studios,” a spokesman said.

Cartoon Brew was first to report on the allegations.

“Clarence” bowed in April and has performed well for the cabler. Page wrote the pilot episode and served as the voice of the titular character about an optimistic boy. The show is expected to continue with production of new episodes without Page.

Page could not immediately be reached for comment. Before creating “Clarence,” Page worked on Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.”

It was not clear from Partridge’s comments on Twitter where the alleged incident took place. A Burbank Police Department spokesman said there was no record of a police report having been filed involving Cartoon Network Studios.

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  1. cvnt says:

    I’ve worked for my university on multiple occasions, and each time I’ve undergone training that covers dealing with a situation of someone reporting sexual assault. For all the people equating evidence to a police report, a victim of sexual assault has no legal obligation to report the assault to police, or to take any legal action against the assailant. It is their choice entirely, and they have every right to that choice because of the very people who assume sexual assault didn’t happen if they don’t see a police report and go on to attack the alleged victim, and whatever other personal reasons the victim has.

    So tl;dr, it is entirely asinine to assume that just because there is no police report that the allegations are false, because the victim isn’t required to file a police report. Don’t be insensitive idiots.

  2. tom says:

    Guy got railroaded by feminazi establishment. There is no record of assault, no criminal case. Sounds like a man-hating person who was upset that a guy who created the show was more successful than her. Typical. Destroy someone else, but your low self esteem doesn’t go away…I feel sorry for this “woman’s” boyfriend or husband or “wife”, having to deal with that.

    As for the below “survivor”. We ALL, every single one of us, was abused in some way. Some sexually, some psychologically, some by men, some by women. It’s those that can’t deal with that make themselves into martyrs and create a whole crazy ideology around those experiences.

  3. raladaca says:

    Besides the fact that I just have given you proof, I thought you might want to know you’re yelling (albeit through the Internet) at a fifteen year old sexual assault survivor who was silenced by people like you, because of the small chance my attacker “could be innocent.”

  4. raladaca says:

    Actually, only 2%. Get your facts straight please.

  5. raladaca says:

    Okay, a woman gets sexually assaulted, and all you can do is try to defend the person who did it because of the 2% chance (yes, only 2% of rape accusations have been proven fake), it’s not true? And why on earth would she make a fake accusation considering how it could blow up in her face???

    I am so done with humanity.

    • First off, read.

      “In a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday and Wednesday, artist Emily Partridge accused Page of assaulting her, although the details of the alleged incident are not clear.”


      “A Burbank Police Department spokesman said there was no record of a police report having been filed involving Cartoon Network Studios.”

      So no evidence and no police report? And you say it’s wrong to defend Page?

      With that logic it’s wrong to defend anyone if there’s no evidence or police record of a crime. Ridiculous.

      • Sometimes a corporation won’t publish the entire story because they handled it themselves. Sometimes the accused will make an agreement and you won’t know the details. Did Page file a counter suit or publicly refute the charges? I don’t think anyone here has the information to have an opinion on this one.

    • Did you actually Read this? They are not defending Skyler Page, they fired him as proof of that. So your entire comment is invalid.

    • Dann says:

      I agree that people shouldn’t be defending this person but you are only diminishing the cause when you’re posting false statistics. There’s a strong enough case for feminism without making things up.

    • raladaca says:

      And, in other news, I found something for you (though technically from England).

      “Crown Prosecution Service report (2011–2012)
      A report by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) examined rape allegations in England and Wales over a 17-month period between January 2011 and May 2012. It showed that in 35 cases authorities prosecuted a person for making a false allegation, while they brought 5,651 prosecutions for rape. Keir Starmer, the head of the CPS, said that the “mere fact that someone did not pursue a complaint or retracted it, is not of itself evidence that it was false” and that it is a “misplaced belief” that false accusations of rape are commonplace.[3] He added that the report also showed that a significant number of false allegations of rape (and domestic violence) “involved young, often vulnerable people. About half of the cases involved people aged 21 years old and under, and some involved people with mental health difficulties. In some cases, the person alleged to have made the false report had undoubtedly been the victim of some kind of offence, even if not the one that he or she had reported.]”

    • raladaca says:

      Woah man, take a breather.

      Someone’s obviously having a bad day.

  6. Canadian says:

    Fired over an allegation. No proof. Wow. The American Dream you all live. God bless America and no other country…..because you all really need all the help you can get.

    • The Other Canadian says:

      Please stop sullying our reputation on the internet “Canadian”. My apologies on their behalf, I can only assume that “Canadian” once again put too much Newfoundland Screech in their maple syrup. Its an epidemic here.

      Variety didn’t mention that it was reported that there were a string of issues leading up to his firing and that several employees have mentioned on their own blogs/twitter feeds that Page had a reputation of very inappropriate behavior around women. What happened in this case was likely the final straw (or unfortunately the opportunity) for Cartoon Network to fire Page.

      And I’d be very interested to hear in this “proof” you speak of? Decent people don’t need more than a verbal account. To add, sexual assault cases are under-reported and you can have a gander at the comments below linking you to several sources.

    • Its all about image and public relation. I dont think parents would allow their kids to watch CN if they knew one of the animators was an alleged groper. Less people watching means less ratings which means less money.

    • Joe says:

      You’re right, because if there’s one thing Canada’s known for it’s its right-wing, anti-feminist bent. Americans are a bunch of raving Liberals compared to you folks!

  7. Bob B. says:

    Only 0.6% of sexual assault cases are false. Let that run through your thick skull.

    • And around only 60% of sexual assaults are actually reported. Let that sink in as well.

    • raladaca says:

      Actually (specifically in America, though I’m Canadian so maybe it’s changed?) it’s 2%. However, I doubt this is fake. And it’s pissing me off, not you, but all these people who are trying to defend the assaulter.

      • Thomas Allen says:

        Defending the assaulter? No. There’s a hidden victim here—an individual’s right to due process. While the accusations directed at Skyler Page are serious, they’re just that—accusations. Whatever happened to due process and innocent until proven guilty in this country? The other question that must be asked is this: If this incident did occur as Partridge claims, why didn’t she file a police report? The ‘afraid’ defense certainly doesn’t apply because she had no problem broadcasting it to the world on Twitter. I’m not defending/accusing the Page or Partidge. I’m just disappointed at how people are so quick to try and convict via social media based solely on an accusation. Spin it how you like, but virtual vigilantism is not the way to deal with sensitive issues like this.

        Page is the creative genius behind this series. Without him, I don’t see how it can retain its charm.

    • Reality says:

      I guarantee you can’t provide a credible source for that. Mostly because it’s a flat out lie, but let’s see you flounder to try to find one anyways.

  8. Winsome Henry says:

    You don’t need to introduce victim-blaming into this. The fact of the matter is, Skyler Page has a reputation of doing exactly this, and the victim has no reason to lie about this. This happened.

  9. Blonde, blue-eyed Jesus says:

    Is Skyler Page a man or a woman? One would think that after reading the article three times, that would become clear.

    • Winsome Henry says:

      It would be sexual assault regardless of Skyler Page’s gender. You don’t need that detail.

      • Blonde, blue-eyed Jesus says:

        Yes, I do need that detail because I want a comprehensive, clear article that assumes the reader doesn’t know who this guy is (sorry, I don’t work in TV animation) and answers an obvious question that is going to be on the mind of every reader: Skyler is a woman’s AND man’s name, so what is Skyler’s gender? It makes a big diff; if Skyler were a woman, this would be a hot-button, BIG story (and this comments section would no doubt be replete with people arguing about lesbian issues rather than people arguing about women’s issues).

        Ftr, I wasn’t expecting a literal “Skyler Page is a man” line, just a “he” thrown in there. I suspect the writer didn’t even know, as they seem to have gone out of their way to avoid the pronoun.

    • mejjosJose says:

      Skylar Page is a dude, voice of Clarenece.

  10. Re'Nell Glover says:

    Well, guess “Clarence” is canceled (not that I really watched it anyway, or CN in a while).

    • If you read the article they are planning to continue the show. Although I will admit I wish they didn’t, most of the new Shows they keep making have become more and more… I don’t know how else to say this other then using the word ‘Odd’. Cartoon Network use to have a lot of quality Cartoons, while Adventure Time is new, it still has the wholesome values of friendship and a lot of other life lessons hidden in the episodes. When it comes to Clarence, I didn’t really want to watch it, but forced myself to watch at least 2 episodes and honestly I would not at all be sad to see it go away forever.

    • LessTV says:

      Come on, it’s obviously a dude. He makes the character seem autistic or something.

    • Re'Nell Glover says:

      But now I know new episodes will continue without Page, so I can’t really say it’s canceled just yet.

  11. Stephen says:

    Hollywood was the last holdout of sexual harassment – it’s still rampant on indie sets.

    • mejjos says:

      Page is also the voice of Clarence, so I’d be weird hearing him with another voice if they go that route.

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