Cable’s Pop Unveils Programming Lineup For 2015 Launch

Pop Cable Channel

Pop, the new fan-oriented entertainment cable outlet set to launch in 2015 out of what is currently known as TVGN, said it would launch six new original series when it debuts in 2015, along with live red carpet specials during the awards season, and a curated line-up of television favorites including the old Fox series “Melrose Place” and CBS cult-favorite “Jericho

“Our slate is filled with fun, fan-driven content featuring big stars and rising talent, as well as an optimistic spirit that celebrates audience passion,” said  Brad Schwartz, president of  entertainment and media, at the network, which is owned jointly by CBS Corp. and Lionsgate.

Among the newly announced original series are: “Sing It On,” a singing competition;  “Queens of Drama,:”  a docu-series featuring daytime and primetime soaps stars as they attempt to produce a new primetime serial drama to star in; and “Street Magic,” a series focused on the world of underground street magicians as they perform for fans, including the stars of film and television.

The new series will join Pop’s previously announced original programs premiering in 2015, including: “Rock This Boat: New Kids On The Block,”a show that follows diehard fans at sea with one of the biggest boy bands in history; “The Story Behind,” a series that goes behind the scenes of  popular TV shows; and “Big Brother After Dark.” Pop will also feature live red carpet specials at the Oscars and Grammys with “Entertainment Tonight.:

Pop said it had renewed ” Unusually Thicke,”  a reality sitcom starring Alan Thicke, his family and famous friends. for a second season. The series debuted in April 2014.

Pop’s slate will also feature  older television series including “Jericho,” “Beverly Hills 90210” and its remake, “90210,” “Melrose Place,” “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” and “Big Brother.”

Descriptions of the network’s new programs follow below:

SING IT ON (Working Title)

From the company behind “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” SING IT ON is the real-life “Pitch Perfect” only with steeper competition and higher stakes. This docu-series follows the world of collegiate a cappella groups across the U.S. and their journey as they prepare for and compete in the top a cappella competition in the country, the ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella). SING IT ON is produced by CORE Media Group, with Jennifer O’Connell and Teri Wagner Flynn serving as Executive Producers. Jenny Ramirez, Glenn Stickley and Amanda Newman serve as Co-Executive Producers.

QUEENS OF DRAMA (Working Title)

From the producers of “Hatfields & McCoys” and “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” comes QUEENS OF DRAMA, a new docu-series which follows a group of former daytime and primetime soap stars as they attempt to produce a new primetime serial drama to star in. The cast will need to work in front of and behind the cameras as they develop, pitch, and produce this new steamy series hoping to land a pilot deal by the end of the season. The all-star cast is made up of Lindsay Hartley (“All My Children,” “Days of Our Lives”), Crystal Hunt (“Guiding Light,” “One Life to Live”), Vanessa Marcil (“Beverly Hills, 90210,” “General Hospital”), Chrystee Pharris (“Passions,” “General Hospital”) and Hunter Tylo (“The Bold and The Beautiful”), together with Donna Mills (“Knots Landing,” “Melrose Place”), who will make special appearances on the program. QUEENS OF DRAMA is being produced by Thinkfactory Media, with Adam Reed, Adam Freeman, Aaron Fishman, Tim Laurie, and Leslie Greif, serving as Executive Producers.

STREET MAGIC (Working Title)

STREET MAGIC takes viewers inside the world of underground street magicians as they perform for and mesmerize onlookers, including stars from favorite films and television shows. This docu-series features some of the greatest masters of magic in the world who have expertly crafted the nuanced sleight of hand and understand what it takes to wow their fans. For the first time, these renowned magicians will stun and amaze without the veil of secrecy—uncut and unfiltered. STREET MAGIC is produced in association with Lionsgate Television.


UNUSUALLY THICKE stars a real-life modern family—TV icon Alan Thicke, his beautiful, spicy and much younger wife Tanya, and his dry witted, often opinionated 17-year-old son Carter. The series follows the fun, humor and escapades in their unusual daily lives, including Alan’s career and Tanya’s focus on motherhood and a family of their own. Dozens of celebrity appearances have been featured in the series, including Robin Thicke, David Hasselhoff, Bob Saget, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, John Stamos, Bill Maher, Tom Green, with many more to come. UNUSUALLY THICKE is an original series that blends reality television with situation comedy is produced by Peacock Alley Entertainment.

Die-hard fans take the vacation of a lifetime when they board a cruise with the sole intention of being near the members of their favorite band for just a few days. New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), one of the hottest boy bands in music history with more than 80 million albums sold worldwide, will set sail on the wildly popular, sold out cruise with their most loyal fans for a four-day adventure at sea. The cast includes a whole range of NKOTB devotees from three sisters taking the family cruise they’ve always dreamt about to a group of single moms looking to let their hair down by partying with rock stars. Sail on back to your youth with ROCK THIS BOAT — celebrating fandom like never before. ROCK THIS BOAT is produced by Jarrett Creative Group in association with Executive Producers Donnie Wahlberg, Julie Insogna Jarrett and Seth Jarrett.

THE STORY BEHIND features eight new episodes that go behind-the-scenes of TV’s greatest hits and most iconic shows, and how they got their start. The series reveals stories straight from the set with exclusive on-camera interviews with all the insider players from cast members to producers to television executives. The one-hour episodes will highlight TV’s treasured classics, including “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Will & Grace,” “The Cosby Show,” “Full House,” “Friends,” and “ER.” THE STORY BEHIND is an in-house production.


BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK is the ultimate fan after-show and the live, late night companion show to CBS’s BIG BROTHER, one of television’s most talked-about and socially engaged reality series. Airing exclusively on POP, BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK gives fans of the popular reality series an unfiltered, late night look at life in the “Big Brother House.” The show features a live television feed from inside the house, where nothing is sacred and anything goes.

“LIVE WITH ET” at the Oscars® and the Grammys®
ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, television’s #1 syndicated entertainment show from CBS Television Distribution, will produce a LIVE red carpet show leading up to television’s biggest award shows, the Oscars and the Grammys, to air exclusively on POP.

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  1. He says:

    Please,please bring back Dynasty. Also consider Falcon Crest,Knots Landing,Dallas and NYPD Blue.

  2. Michael Beatleston says:

    Please bring back dynasty I’m 32 years old and never got to see this series and I enjoyed it bring it back please

  3. Dianne harvey says:

    Please bring back dynasty you didn’t finish what you started I was a faithful viewer until you pulled my show. Not nice

  4. Julie says:

    Pleeaaassseee bring back Dynasty! !!!!!!

  5. Sandy says:

    What ever happened to Dynasty? I was hooked on the tv series.

  6. Vicky Rauth says:

    Please bring back Dynasty. Also you may consider: Falcon Crest, Hill Street Blues, Mary Tyler Moore. Thanks for your consideration.

  7. tt says:

    Please bring back Dynasty and add Knots Landing!!!

  8. Please bring dynasty back to your lineup.

  9. Twitt says:

    Please bring back Dynasty and add Knots Landing, Dallas, The Colbys, & Falcon Crest!! We seen enough Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place…the programming can be switched for these two shows. Also, the infomercial programs are a waste of air time. The Parkers don’t belong on this channel, it would better on Nickoloden or ABC Family.

  10. Julie Heckmann says:

    I didn’t get to finish my first comment. I first saw it was on and started to watch it about half-way through the series so I’d really like to see the entire series from beginning to end. Plus you took it off before the conclusion. Really loved it in the 80’s, but I’d forgotten alot of it. So please bring it back!

  11. Julie Heckmann says:

    Please bring back Dynasty!!!

  12. Rachel Paul says:

    I am an advertising executive for Dynasty ,and other hit shows, the ratings were high, the money was flowing in. Profits flourished over this 80s true story opulence nostalgia. The acting was superb, it was a movie, style. Bring it back. Love Days ,BH90210, Melrose Place, etc. Get us back to the Carrington and Colby mansion.

  13. Martysturgis says:

    Why did they stop airing Dynasty??? They ruined the lineup!

  14. Tamara Harris says:

    I agree with everyone that said bring back Dynasty or I want be watching Pop anymore.

  15. David Cardona says:

    Pop, you had a great schedule of fun morning/daytime tv series then you abrubly changed it recently. Please change it back. Especially Dynasty.
    Your new schedule will definitely cause you to lose viewers including me.

  16. Barb Wilson says:


  17. Leon Pate says:

    You need stop fooling around and return Dynasty. I wish these networks stop forcing these reality shows down our throats, they’re nothing but trash.

  18. Rachelle Masog says:

    When will Dynasty be back? Don’t like missing it. Please let me know. thank you

  19. Nancy says:

    When is Dynasty returning?

  20. you took dynasty off the air. i will not watch this channel anymore

  21. Joan DiGaudio says:

    What happened to Dynasty. I love watching the reruns and all of a sudden they stopped. Please do not discontinue this show. I am so hooked!

  22. Tanya G says:

    I’m waiting for the Melrose Place re-runs to air, does anyone know when that will be??

  23. Barbara Naughton says:

    Like to catch all my soaps after work I see Days’s will be on starting next week would like to see GH on pop also.

  24. Barry ELder says:

    I don’t watch the Survivor, Amazing Race, and Big Brother type ho-hum programs as they are only good for ?

  25. Paco says:


  26. MJ says:

    I only watched POP TV for JAG. Now that they’ve quit showing it, I’ll never watch it again. B’bye POP!

  27. margaret says:

    why in the world did you sto showing rerun of the bold and the beautiful in the mornings at 8:30 am,sometimes I miss this soap and the ypung and the restless, I depend on pop reshowing them either later at night or the next morning week days

  28. Tina says:

    Is Alan Thicke’s reality show coming back on? Did I miss it it this year? I really enjoyed it last year, he is so funny & his son, makes the show.

  29. Dianne Whittaker says:

    I have my DVR set up to record the “retro” soaps (Dynasty, 90210) so why do I keep “missing” shows?? Oh, THAT’S right. You don’t PLAY them! Who does that? And for gods sakes, WHY?? I was SO excited about Melrose Place…until I realized you weren’t starting from the beginning. Again, WHY?? Do it in it’s entirety or don’t do it at all. Quit teasing already. Sheesh.

    • Snappypac says:

      Regarding Melrose Place Not only that, they skipped episodes and now they quit airing right in the middle of season five!!! And why stop Dynasty! People invest all that time watching these shows and now they just stopped them!! Not going to be watching this channel again.

  30. Vanessa says:

    Where is 90210??? It’s suddenly GONE!!!

  31. ggilbert says:

    Where is 90210???? We are now hooked finish the series!#

  32. Maria R. says:

    How about a Reality Show about an All American none pretentious Family with NO skeletons in the closets like the Duggers with morals .

  33. Maria R. says:

    Have The Sorrentino’s been cancelled ? haven’t seen any new or cancellation updates

  34. Walt says:

    Great site, however, where is your schedule of shows?.. I’d like to see JAG; what days and time will it be on..

  35. Don Stier says:

    Will POP continue to show Bold and Beautiful for same day episodes?

  36. lora says:

    It would be great to do a where are they now show about the great daytime soap stars from the soaps that are gone now. I would love to see ones on as the world turns, guiding light, and the capital,etc. Love the shows that are on now, Melrose place shouldn’t st in the middle though, let us see the first 20 episodes too! Loving beverly hills 90210, and y&r and b&b! If you’re going to do reality shows give us reruns of the real world!

  37. Charlotte Lloyd says:

    They are already changing the programming. I loved Airwolf, Magnum P.I. and A Team but they did away with them. Now they have JAG (which I love) playing all day when Insp. runs it and sometimes USA. I hope they don’t continue to run reality trash programs, but looks like it. Another good channel lost.

  38. Debbie says:

    Oh Goodie!! Yet another television station selling out to CRAP TV!!! I didn’t watch any of those programs when they were on tv the first time, what on earth makes you think I want to watch reruns of the CRAP shows?? Loved the fact that I could watch the young and the restless after I got home from work and a GOOD Movie (Usually) after that. Sounds like not anymore! If Crap tv is what you are going to be offering…I hope it all lands flat in your lap!!

  39. c. helen says:

    Please keep the soaps, The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Young and the Restless on for those of us who work and can’t watch them in the daytime. I watch them from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every weeknight.

  40. Sylvia says:

    Please keep the reruns of love boat! I have so enjoyed them!

  41. kidkira149 says:

    This might work. For thing, the name is better, if not a bit generic.

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