Bill O’Reilly, President Obama To Meet At Super Bowl For Second Time

Dear President Obama: How to Survive

A separate taped segment of interview to appear on "The O'Reilly Factor" a day later

Fox News Channel personality Bill O’Reilly will interview President Barack Obama during the pre-game coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII, the first time the cable-news host has sat down with the Commander-in-Chief since Super Bowl XLV in 2011.

The interview, which will start at approximately 4:30 p.m. Eastern, will be presented live on Fox Broadcasting  leading up to the February 2 match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos telecast from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Both Fox Broadcasting and Fox News Channel are operated by 21st Century Fox.

It has become tradition for the sitting President to grant an interview with a journalist from a news division operated by the media company broadcasting the event. Scott Pelley interviewed President Obama for CBS in 2013 and Matt Lauer interviewed him for NBC in 2012. In 2011, O’Reilly asked President Obama questions about such topics as unrest in Egypt and health-care reform.

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Following the live interview, O’Reilly will conduct an additional segment with the President that will be taped and presented on Monday, February 3 on “The O’Reilly Factor,” broadcast at 8 p.m. Eastern on Fox News Channel.   The entire discussion will be made available online at

O’Reilly also interviewed President Obama during his run for President in 2008.

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  1. drdadv says:

    O’Reilly, I-call-myself-self-reliant, taunts the President for a nanny-state totally oblivious to the fact that he has been supported by government all his life. Brought up in Levittown, the first large-scale government subsidized housing project, O’Reilly is ignorant that government subsidized his own family’s low cost housing, at low cost lending rates, exclusive to white only families because black American World War II veterans might bring down housing values. O’Reilly is typical of so-called self-reliant Americans that could never have made it if government had not provided them with a public education, police and fire safety, national defense, disease control, a national highway system, nation-wide electrical, water, and air controls. O’Reilly is part of the 95% Americans who currently rely on government for 60% of their home equity tax, refunded annually as a home mortgage deduction. It’s the O’Reilly Americans who are the real “takers.” They take government for granted crossing government paved streets, government provided work safety, government instituted worker’s compensation, government set aside parks and recreation, and government pollution control. O’Reilly Americans instigated Bush’s runway government spending, removed government regulations and then condemned government for unemployment insurance to those thrown out of work because of the Great Republican Recession. Self-reliance? In a pig’s eye. O’Reilly is just plain ignorant, serving up baloney fresh every day and raking in millions from the “he says what I want to hear” audience at Fox.

  2. Barbara says:

    Why do we want to listen to the president and bill oreilly talk about healthcare and terror attacks during the middle of the Super Bowl pre game show?

  3. Bob Simmons says:

    Question for Obama. The Constitution of The United States specifically says that one of the requirements of becoming the Presiden for your first is to be a natural born citizen of the country. When running for your first term for President you stated that you would have the most transparent administration in history, yet it took almost your entire first term to present a “birth certificate”, we still have no answers on Benghazi, but your campaign felt the need to hammer Romney on his tax returns during

  4. Renate Pires says:

    Mr. President, when will you make a decision about the keystone pipeline.

  5. Mr. President, if you can so generously reach across seas to those who hate Americans, how on earth can you not reach across the aisle? So many issues need addressed but our leaders are divisive with constant degrading and disrespectful remarks. You played sports Sir, so you know no team divided wins. What will your legacy be; “He couldn’t score with his team” or “he stopped the rhetoric and make halftime adjustments that united our front”?

  6. Dan Cahill says:


  7. Nick says:

    Mr. President:
    You have been in office for 5 years. From the beginning, you constantly blamed President Bush for everything. Now, no matter what fails in your administration, you claim you did not know or you had no idea. The Affordable Care Act is not working. The American people do not want it, the Insurance Companies are telling you it is not working, in fact, Aetna, one of the largest health care insurance companies may be bailing out of Obamacare.. What is it going to take to make you realize this Affordable Care Act, which is not affordable, has to be repealed.

    • Jim says:

      You’re right Nick, let’s leave 45,000,000 Americans without health insurance and have them go to emergency rooms for their primary care – great plan, The American people have not rejected Obama Care – a signifcant # of people have expressed dissatisfaction because it isn’t single payer. Why don’t you guys, just once, offer something constructive. What is your plan Nick.

  8. Don Wiltshire says:

    I would like to know why BHO surrendered his law license in Ill.

  9. Joe says:

    Two of the least-watched people today.

  10. mike marino says:

    Bill ask him why he didn’t till this day hold anyone accountable for Benghazi, and why the divide between middle class and the rich is becoming wider or bigger then ever before. How the middle class still hasn’t seen relief yet. Why isn’t he stopping Marijuana legalization. If it’s because of Jail time, and or the states want revenue, they should fine and double fines like the seat belt laws or DWI. But don’t legalize it. Don’t bring another negative influence into the mix our culture, along with alcoholism etc. Many scientist are saying that pot causes a drop in testosterone in males in their 30’s and causes brain pattern irregularities and memory retention loss. Bahavioral problems in kids that is seen in 10 generations after usage

    • jon pioze says:

      Lol your a liar, and not a good one. 10 generations after usage??? First if you could show me one scientific reviewed piece of material from any where in the world that has followed cannabis in a study for 200 years you wouldn’t sound so made up. Stupid people and misinformed people are worse than any behavioral problems that cannabis can cause. Ps the legalization is happening because smoking should not be and is not a crime. If one can’t control there problem its called substance abuse and they should be treated like a substance abuser not a criminal. We are pumping billions of dollars into a prison system that houses people with who need to be treated and not caged. Educate yourself, and don’t be so closed minded. Just because you don’t do something doesn’t mean its bad it means you missed out on an experience

  11. Beavereater says:

    Oh Boy! Hard hitting questions from Ted Baxter.

  12. Donna says:

    Why can’t America just enjoy the Super Bowl without politics involved? We won’t be watching!

  13. frank says:

    o’reilly needs to do the country a favor.

    • ghl says:

      You’re absolutely right. O’reilly is an absolute hypocrite hiding under the fair & balanced slogan pursuing the ratings game. Obama not a liar with regards to Obamacare.Period. I knew it! He was indeed waiting for another interview with the POTUS. Give it up for Sean Hannity instead. Fox will see the ratings blow over the roof. Imagine a right wing nut interviewing Obama. Let’s see who makes a real fool of himsel???

    • re: frank says:

      what do you mean?

  14. Cindy says:

    Who the he!! cares
    It’s Super Bowl I do not want to see or hear either one of these alleged people.

    • ghl says:

      FYI, all questions to the POTUS are sent in advance for pre-screening! Are you naive to believe that the interview is not a farce???

  15. Golfendude says:

    This Independent Conservative thinks O’Reilly is a blow hard period. He is most definitely stuck on himself. He plays both sides of the fence, surely most of you see this by now.

    I still DVR his show, but that’s for quickly running through all his B S. I decide what I want to listen too.

    I DVR everything for that reason alone.

  16. fableanne says:

    Won’t be watching.

  17. Ed says:

    Two bags of hot air polluting the atmosphere.

  18. Rufusrastasjohnsonbrown says:

    Billie boy won’t be walking the talk.In fact Oreilly will prove that he really is Les Nessman

  19. Homey D.. Clown says:

    I’m gonna download and watch the old “Men on Film skit from In Living Color from 20 years ago.

    Much more truth told in that one, and it will save the tv from having a beer bottle crashing in the screen.

  20. davey crokett says:

    i will not watch it, what is the point, it will be a softball interview or it wouldn’t be happening

  21. Anotherruinedsuperbowl says:

    Two ego maniacs in the same room!!! Should be a hoot. Why ruin the biggest sporting event of the year with this crap.

  22. jsdddd says:

    Lets hope he doesn’t give him softball questions like he did last time.

  23. Pops150 says:

    Axe him what he goan do ’bout Chicago teens be killed, know what ah’m sayin’?

  24. JaneDoe says:

    Fox News Business has the smart, liberty loving independent thinkers.

  25. Robert G says:

    Pompous fool meets pompous fool-check your local listing.

  26. Harry says:

    O’Reilly is done.. when you have to bow down to Barry and throw softballs at him you may as well retire, you’re done. Go write a few farewell books Bill, it’s time. It’s not even worth watching for the laughs… like Noonan says, “No one listens to Barry anymore.”

  27. psadie says:

    It will be a soft ball interview like the last one so WHO CARES. I am not interested in anything that Obama has to say!

  28. ottman roberts says:

    two simple men?

  29. PapaUmMaoMao says:

    Whooptie-doo! The Bill-ster will be just as easy on the Jive-Turkey-in-Chief as Larry King! Let Michael Savage ask the damn questions!

  30. There’s no fool like an old fool and that O’Reilly, a tired old fool with the same old liberal routine.

  31. snafubar says:

    Bill O’Reilly sold his soul to the devil. We’re all waiting with baited breath to hear the pre-approved questions Val Jarrett will allow him to ask.

  32. Dale says:

    Bill has been sucking up to this administration for some time with his constant “I will have to give him the benefit of the doubt” routine. It would be interesting to know the “conditions” set down for this interview. This administration would never allow an un controlled interview. A waste of time except for feeding Bills ego.

  33. joe says:

    Who cares? They’re both a$$holes. Who wants to hear what either one has to say?

  34. Beverly albertson says:

    Puhleese ask Obama some tough questions. In the past interviews, O’Reilly has been too soft.

  35. Mike Nowicki says:

    Boring…O’Reilly is a joke. He acts like he is a great interviewer, but he will fawn all over O’bama like he has done before.

  36. Bill O’Reilly has been kissing up to Obama for over a year. Seems that it has finally paid off. To bad that it isn’t an interviewer that would actually do a real interview instead of this Obama lap dog, O’Reilly. With knowledge that Obama knew about the policy cancellations were coming and a video of him showing his knowledge of the cancellations. Obama’s lapdog, O’Reilly, continues to say there is no proof that Obama knew that there were going to be cancellations. O’Reilly isn’t a pin head he is just a JERK.

  37. Darin G Legore says:

    why can’t FOX send a newsman rather than a commentator/showman This is POTUS and O’Reilly has to be the dominate big dog in the room at all times so he’ll probably be rude, interupt, interject and have at least two zingers pre-planned. Let’s hope he doesn’t “cut his mic” like he does others whose answers don’t conform! If O’Reilly gets stupid or political, all POTUS has to do is say falafel, loofah or Andrea Makris and BillO will freak out on national TV!

  38. steve watson says:

    If his previous interviews of Pres. Obama is any indication, he will not ask him difficult questions and/or, he will allow the Pres. to rant without challenging him …

  39. milestocode says:

    Yawn. O’Reilly won’t throw him anything but softballs so he’ll come back again and Obama knows it.

  40. TomSeetermon says:

    Stupid ‘tradition’.

  41. ploome says:

    Bill Oreilly-blowhard

    another softball interview from the bloviator in chief

  42. Give ’em hell Bill.

  43. a p garcia says:

    I tooo would rather the interview be conducted by Megan. I just feel O’Reilly would ask softball questions.

  44. JimH says:

    Why do you want to make all who watch the super bowl sick O’Reilly? Don’t you think we have a belly full of this crapper of a so called presidink? Let us rest at least one day without having to see his mutt or hear his growl.

  45. Get off Barry’s leg O’Reilly you’re idiotic questions like: “Mr. President, do you use afro-sheen?” or, “What kind of tenny’s do you like when you play hoops?” Just don’t get it. You’re just a paid-shill just like the rest.

    • sluggo says:

      What a moronic statement. O’Reilly is the only person to ever pose fairly hard questions to Obama, which he evades. Nobody in the mainstream media has asked him anything close to the questions O’Reilly has asked.

  46. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    Gosh, a choice between watching a politically correct sporting event or a politically correct pundit interviewing a politically correct politician? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to clean out the old sock drawer.

  47. JackAllen says:

    I would much rather see Judge Napolitano or anyone else, other than Shep, interview this potus. I want to see some substance, I want REAL questions on what this country is going through, I want some real answers on Benghazi, obamacare, unconstitutional appointments, and his past (for starters) from Obama but O’Reilly isn’t the one to get it done. Too much to ask for, even for Fox apparently.

  48. Doesdad says:

    If O’Reilly had actually asked some tough questions last time Obama would not be agreeable to another interview. Seeing as how he softballs his ass for an hour, Obama will come on his show as if it was any other butt kissing network, i.e. NBC, CBS, ABS, etc.

  49. Lou says:

    Oh boy I can’t wait for the O’Reilly self promotion on how hard he was on Obama with his lil submitted softball questions and brown nosing..

  50. Col. Angus says:

    Blowhard and blowharder…..

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