‘Cosby Show’ Producers Call Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Beyond ‘Comprehension’

Bill Cosby Tom Werner Marcy Carsey
Getty Images

The producers behind “The Cosby Show” have weighed in on the controversy over the rape allegations levied by multiple women against Bill Cosby.

“The Bill we know was a brilliant and wonderful collaborator on a show that changed the landscape of television. These recent news reports are beyond our knowledge or comprehension,” Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner said in a statement Thursday.

The pair are the first prominent showbiz figures to speak out regarding the allegations from multiple women levied against Cosby.

Carsey and Werner built an independent production powerhouse, the Carsey-Werner Co., in the 1980s and ’90s on the strength of “Cosby Show’s” success on NBC in the 1980s. Werner had been attached to exec produce the NBC family comedy project that Cosby had been developing until the network pulled the plug on Wednesday. Carsey has been retired from the biz since 2005.

As the accusations against Cosby mount, there has been much discussion among industry insiders about how much Cosby associates knew about the alleged incidents, particularly for those in positions of authority. The statement from Carsey and Werner appears to be offering a measure of support to the embattled star as well as to assert that they had no knowledge of such alleged activities.

“The Cosby Show” cemented Cosby’s status as one of America’s best-lived entertainers. A week of nearly non-stop news coverage of three women recounting disturbing allegations of being drugged and raped by the comedian has already taken a huge toll on Cosby’s legacy.

Lawyers for the comedian have denied the charges as “discredited allegations” and in one case “a fabricated lie.” But Cosby himself has remained silent amid the storm.

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  1. Tamu says:

    These privileged white women have had every opportunity to come forward. They thought they were hitching their wagons to a star for an easy climb to the top. They knew what they were doing. And if this had been going on for years, then Bill had a reputation and try would have know about. They had too many opportunities to come forward and many avenues by which to do so and they did not. Women have been sleeping with rich men forever trying to secure their financial futures. This is a bunch of crap and I do not have any sympathy for these gold diggers.
    They are washed up has been now and they smell money. They don’t have any creditability!! It is just a witch hunt.

  2. LG Wolf says:

    Well OFCOURSE his producers are going to issue a perfectly drafted head scractching statement. He is their INVESTMENT. And it always amazes me that people play the ‘Why did it take them so long to come froward ‘ card are mostly other females. For every abuser there are a 10 enablers.

  3. Mari Singh says:

    I really don’t know if Cosby is guilty as charged in these rape allegations, but I do know that I am more than a little suspicious about any woman who waits thirty-forty years to report being attacked and drugged. All of these women, including Beverly Johnson, are at the end of their roads. Whatever accolades and achievements that they were going to receive – they have received them. There will be no more magazine covers, centerfolds, walk-on roles, or wealthy suitors. Their expiration dates are past. The beauty has faded, and it’s time to retire… What better way to feather one’s retirement nest than to go after the VERY RICH Cosby. Even a “nuisance settlement” would add to their nest eggs considerably, making retirement just a tad bit easier. Most of these women (with a few exceptions) are washed up has-beens, looking for a little attention and a little do re mi. JUST SAYING.

  4. Tumak says:

    Coz! You’ve always been my favorite black guy. Oh no!

  5. Dick Delson says:

    When my friend and client Robert Culp did the television series “I Spy”, he refused to do it unless Bill Cosby was his co-star. At the time, no African American had ever had a starring role on a TV series.
    When Culp died of a sudden heart attack in L.A., I organized a tribute to him at the Director’s Guild. At first, Cosby didn’t even want to attend. It took the effort of several people to finally get him there.
    I’ve been in the film business for 44 years and had long been a Cosby fan. I’m not anymore and never will be again

  6. Jim Lively says:

    In an ideal world, Men and Women would be held equally accountable.

    1 coin, 2 sides. On one side, A predator, the other a victim.

    In the case of Rape, If any person accused, proves their accuser false, then the accuser should face the SAME EXACT PENALTY the accused would have faced, had they been found guilty.

    Not only would this be over tomorrow, It would really make people think twice about starting it to begin with.

    But we did not create an ideal world now did we?

  7. Tom says:

    No one wants to air re-runs of the cosby show….producers see their income plummet….we better speak out and defend him in order to keep the money coming in

  8. Wraith says:

    A celebrity like this man doesn’t need to force a woman to do anything. There were — and probably still are — thousands of women willing to do anything with him.

    So he’s crucified in the press without proof? The only thing I believe is that these women are very angry with him, but I don’t believe it’s because he assaulted them. Did he reject them? Did they make up lies and threaten to extort him and he wouldn’t pay? Are they sociopaths or narcissists who want attention, even if it’s by ruining a man’s good name?

    Words mean nothing; any woman can say anything. Where’s the proof?

  9. Tammy Meyer says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe a word of it. It seems that since one said that he did it, there has been many more that has come out and said that he did it to them too. He is no more guilty of it than I am of it. They just want money. He is very popular. He is a wonderful man. I would love to meet him in person and shake his hand and thank him for being such a great man that he is. It sickens me to see how people start making people think that someone has done something to them in order to ruin that persons reputation. I pray that Mr. Cosby shows the world that he is not what these females claim him to be. Mr. Cosby, I respect you with all my heart!

  10. daniel says:

    IF he is guilty-IF IF IF – then HE IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of a TYPE 1 Sociopath – they are everywhere. Type 1 sociopaths are undercover sociopaths who rarely do anything illegal- rarely- but might if they can get away with is- AND they most likely will do something immoral. They can disarm anyone with their charm. In his case, charm, humor, and talent. They love to have power positions such as teachers, coaches, preachers, spiritual gurus, government jobs- where they have control over a small group of people THEY consider powerless, weak and vulnerable. He became a psychologist. He did cheat on his wife (that is a fact and a trait)- Basically- they have a power position where their following or friends see him as wonderful and amazing- Bill is America’s Perfect Father and Husband image! But- in the shadows, he has a small group of vulnerable, weak, powerless people he can play with. This is how the Type 1 Sociopaths work. I urge everyone, especially women, to learn traits of type 1 sociopaths, As for Bill- I hope he is innocent. I hope this is all a set-up! He has been a great influence in my life. May the truth be revealed, and nothing but the truth. However, if he is guilty- wow- what a gifted Type 1 sociopath! He would have done an amazing job at hiding in plain sight. Either way- it’s tragic- tragic to be falsely accused by so many AND tragic if he’s guilty.

    • thesteelgeneral says:

      “they most likely will do something immoral. They can disarm anyone with their charm.”
      Sounds like the Republican party with their poor white trash demographic.
      And with trash I mean those earning between 50k – 100k a year, of course.

  11. Kim says:

    Well my dears he fooled you big time and the rest of America

  12. The allegations are not “beyond comprehension” if you knew him back then. He had a very bad reputation among the workers in the casinos he played in – I remember it very well. I absolutely believe he did it, and, knowing the Democrat tactics, I can understand why these are coming out now. He should never have been protected in the first place.

    • I KNEW him “back then…”

      He, along with Jimmy Caan, Bill Maher, Sonny Rollins myself, and many others were guests at Hef’s mansion, and I can tell you they (we) were all BATHED in women.

      Girls would basically trip you and get under you before you hit the floor…

      Gimme a break with all this idiotic PC nonsense…still going on, just like back then.

      Maybe they expected something more than a quick roll, maybe they were promised something more, who knows???

      The thing is, GET OVER IT fer Chrissakes. NOBODY CARES especially nowadays.

      Happy Trails,


    • Kezia says:

      You were fine until you went off on the Democrat bit. You totally lot credibility by politicizing this.

  13. Kevin Owens says:

    Curious of responses from Lisa Bonet. Is she supporting or not? Comments on their professional relationship might begin to answer questions.

  14. MA Sullivan says:

    I always loved the Cos. I was about 8 years old. When he stared in I Spy. My brother and I watched his show and listened to his records. Two suburban white boys in NY who bearly knew we were white. And my parents loved him too.

    One thing that seems undisputed by Camille his wife was that he could be selfish. He spent a lot of time at the Playboy mansion and had affairs. Hardly behavior for America’s most loveable Dad. that behavior is child abuse. He lead an immoral life. It is a short leap to what he is being accused of. Let’s keep the Cosbys in our prayers but let’s hope justice is sought and found for the young girls he is accused of drugging and/or raping. Otherwise people with his power and place in our culture will forever feel immune from prosecution and children and women that are raped will never come forward. This is just like cases of abusing pastors and teachers being protected from prosecution because of the aura of being beyond reproach.

  15. “Piling-on” accusations are not proof.

    How many of these women used drugs when having sex with less famous men?

    Any of the “victims” being paid for interviews”?

    Any gaining 15 minutes of fame?

    Any getting back at Bill for his not staying only with them “forever and ever”?

    Did they not go to the cops because the latter requires proof?

    Any difference between what Cosby allegedly did and the groupie-antics of Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger?

    This is just another hysterical lynching of a guy who opposed PC leftists.

    • Canada Terrier says:

      And no one said it was proof it’s evidence. Please stick to the talking points of the article – how this relates to the producers claiming they had no idea any of this was going on which seems questionable given that he was involved in a public lawsuit.

      • Judi says:

        Re: Bristol Palin, getting pregnant with your fiance’s child, not a felony either. You are splitting hairs. No questions for BC?

      • Judi says:

        Steel General: The problem is, adultry is not a felony. Drugging people & rape are 2 felonious crimes, right there. What say you? (but did Horsley have sex with horses?.)

      • thesteelgeneral says:

        That’s bullshit. So, you have no proof, no evidence and yet you say it’s okay to drag someone through the mud like that? Would that be okay to do to say, Bristol Palin? She sinned against the pretend rules of Family Values, but SHE was forgiven. Just like all those whore politicians, who are re-elected.
        Double standard: Cosby, no proof, deserves to be smeared, but whore policians who are most definitely have been proven guilty (as in convicted or or confessed on national TV) deserve …. forgiveness and re-election?

        Immoral and un-Christian Repubs keep re-electing whore politicians like:

        David Vitter – adultery (hookers)
        Newt Gingrich – adultery WHILE scapegoating/railroading Clinton on Lewinsky…
        John McCain – adultery and divorce of cancerriden spouse
        Rudy Giuliani – adultery and divorce of cancerriden spouse
        Arnold Schwarzenegger – sexual harassment
        Bob Dole – adultery
        John Ensign – adultery
        Bill O’Reilly – Sexual harassment
        Helen Chenoweth (R – Idaho) – serial adultery (gives special meaning to the phrase ‘I … da ho’,
        Larry “wide stance” Craig,
        Mike “pageboy” Foley
        George “www.rentboy.com” Reker
        Steve Symms – (R- Idaho) – serial adultery
        special mention:
        Neal Horsley (freely admitted to sex with animals on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes.)

  16. “Im not at all suggesting Mr. Cosby is innocent. However what I do know to be true is, people will do just about anything for money.”

  17. Yeah, they are trying to divert attention from how they were complicit in covering up the rapes. Almost 20 women now, decades of rumors coming home to roost.

  18. TonyD says:

    “The saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

    How about fool me 15 times? And selling your daughter’s hidden addiction story to the Enquirer to bury the rape allegations?

    Shame on all of us. There’s enough shame to go around. Unfortunately though, Cosby considers himself above it all.

  19. TRLA22 says:

    The Bill you knew? Surprise, he fooled you too. I believe Bill Cosby is a con artist…more than he ever was a comedian. He fooled a lot of us. The saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. He won’t get a chance to fool many of us ever again. He just isn’t funny anymore…raping women has a way of snuffing out laughter..many of us aren’t laughing….we are sickened by the sight of him.

  20. db says:

    It’s not jus three women, it’s nearly twenty. They’re from all backgrounds and some are now grandmothers.

  21. Judy Scott says:

    I would inky like to point out that these producers are serious profit participants in the ongoing syndication of the Cosby Show. And to reiterate once again, the statute of limitations has long expired on these crimes, there is no chance of monetary damages either.

    • MA Sullivan says:

      a priest was just convicted for raping a boy 30 years ago.let’s see what comes out of the investigations. Let’s hope their investigations.

  22. Here is an article where Mr. Cosby talks about Janice Dickinson and in regards to her allegations – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/bill-cosby-denies-janice-dickinson-rape-allegations-theyre-a-complete-lie-9870652.html

    What I do not get is why everyone is jumping on the lets lynch Bill Cosby bandwagon. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty and why are these coming out 20 and sometimes 37 years later and the media, well, they have already indicted Mr. Cosby without any evidence of these allegations, etc

    • Michael Anthony says:

      These stories have been around for years. As a fellow comedian said, it was known to not be alone with him, unless u wanted to be hit on. He did settle one case years ago. No innocent person will settle acsuit based on these kind of allegations.
      If this was the man down the block, people would be up in arms. But its Bill Cosbyand you have people rushing to His defense. Shameful.

      • > “And folks have the audacity to ask why these women didn’t come out when Cosby was a huge star”

        I thought women were strong, tough, equal to men?

        So when fail to act on feminism’s behalf the came PC crowd will say they understand because, like women, men have “feewings” and might be “askeered” to speak out?

        > “even in the numbers of accusators”

        How many Germans accused Jews of being antiteutonic “vermin”?

        How many in lynch mobs believe their victims guilty?

        Men faced machine-gun fire on Omaha Beach during D-Day.

        Women can’t face being cross-examined when accusing men of rape.

      • db says:

        There were 13 codefendants in 2006 and it was settled out of court. Women don’t come forward 95% of the time because they will be vilified. Most of the women were teenagers at the time. This was no secret in the industry back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Powerful people win court cases or settle.

      • BostonBean says:

        Totally Michael. And folks have the audacity to ask why these women didn’t come out when Cosby was a huge star, and a perfect TV dad no less? Even now, even in the numbers of accusators, people trivialize these women. And so they were absolutely right in their fear, decades ago.

  23. random stuff says:

    Beyond comprehension, or outright lies? All these allegations are scripted and sounded EXACTLY alike, making me think it is actually a copycat situation. One woman came up with a story and many others jumped on the bandwagon. Every single woman who ever had sex with Cosby, or threw herself at him, without getting “a lot” in return, rewrote their experience as “sexual assault/molestation/rape”. Just as it now happens on our campuses today.
    All of these women are liars with their pants on fire.


      I basically agree with you BUT they are NOT exactly the same. No one mentions that many or most allegations self destruct. They all follow the ‘rape’ mantra and then when we read them we find: Bowman pinned to bed, objects and he tells her to leave. No sexual contact at all. Next, Carl Farigno(sic) most amazing I think, no sex, so threats but rather an UNWANTED KISS… and then she leaves. Oh she call the kiss an act of a monster and she had to ‘escape’ i.e. she walked and he let her walk. Others were drugged and have no idea what if anything happened. Others volunteered to take pills. Some had later relationships and consensual sex. Today’s new witness felt drugged, can not recall if he had his pants off. He pushed her head toward his crotch, she objected, went to the bathroom came out and he was GONE. No sexual contact, no threats. I could go on… but really very different stories. The thread is no violence, no threats, when they have said no he let them walk or told them to leave. Ok no saint here, he may have tried wanted to have sex with all but ‘RAPE’ when many had no sexual contact and one unwanted kiss! Oh today’s witness claimed actual rape and she could not fight him off. She is the only one to tell the gal who hooked them up about it at the very time. Her friend said the ‘victim’ told her he TRIED to rape me and I PUSHED HIM AWAY. Try to reconcile those accounts.

      • BostonBean says:

        The silence in support of Cosby is deafening. As silent as the reporting was regardinjg his proclivies to sexually harass/abuse women. These women have nothing to gain. Why didn’t they come forward. Because he was a big star with mega power, and they knew, rightfully so, that they would not be believed, measured against this TV star dad. Just like they aren’t being believed now. Cosby was a predator. No one wants to acknowledge that all? his victims appear to be Caucasian….. Too many accusations, over most of his entire career. IMO he’s gotten off scott free surrounded by enablers.

  24. Eddie says:

    If he did do this to all those women why did each one wait years and for most of them decades to come forward? I strongly believe that money and the potential for a class action lawsuit is the reason. The statue of limitations has run out on each one of their cases. He’s got enough money to tie this up until his untimely death. Good luck to everyone involved. I don’t think that you will get one red cent.

  25. Skip Press says:

    “Smooth” makes me wonder if Cosby is paying Marty Singer to have some of his office help make up names to try and slime people posting here – or maybe Singer’s other client Tom Cruise loaned him some $cientology “Sea Org” slaves to do it?

    • Smooth says:

      You make me wonder how long have you been a loser.

      • Skip Press says:

        Let me guess – yesterday you were “Lucinda” – today you are “Smooth” – always you are actually projecting your own worthless life on others and wishing them what you subconciously want for yourself. Wait! Are you Bill Cosby?

  26. irpo says:

    “beyond our knowledge or comprehension” isn’t exactly “we are shocked and know he would never do such a thing” it is more like “we worked with him for years and we had no idea” which sure sounds like backing away.

  27. bdagirl says:

    When ever a Black man makes it big, they always try to discredit tham. They did it to Michael Jackson.

  28. femonanon says:

    I’m sorry, in what world do we question a 5% to 95% statistic? (Yes, only about 5% of rape allegations are false> SURPRISED?, don’t let the media fool you) How has this even come to this? Oh, I’m sorry, forgot…Patriarchal society….damn, ladies that vote Republican should be ashamed of themselves, look in the mirror.
    This is DISGUSTING and NAUSEATING, what the hell is wrong with this world??

    All of this is absurd

  29. Lucinda Blackletter says:

    Where in the hell is the sense of personal responsibility when you claim that someone has raped you then continue to have a sexual relationship with your rapist for years following your attack? Im sorry society, you have spread the word rape way too thin with this BS and this is what you get for it.


      Right on! Let me add that many who scream ‘rape’ then describe totally consensual conduct, Carla Farigno’s He kissed me and I left…. Bowman …he pinned me to the bed, I objected..he told me to go home which I did. Today’s witness…he actually raped me I could not resist and has an actual contemporaneous witness she told about it except the witness says: she told me he TRIED to rape me and I PUSHED HIM AWAY. Others cried rape and then said they were unconscious and have no idea what if anything happened. Others were drugged and when they awoke groggy he THEN tried to have sex. One said she was groggy, awoke and he was behind her ‘doing it to her. She decided NOT to object, never said stop or no. So very often we see the thread also of consent. Amazing how, as you said, rape is just tossed around willy nilly.

  30. Skip Press says:

    Yo, Lucinda. I consider people defending Cosby at this point to be akin to women who fall in love with Charles Manson. Or I wonder how much Cosby or his idiot lawyer are paying them to try to rein in people on social media. A lot of women make stupid mistakes around powerful men for money. Not as many powerful men with money have a sexual behavior pattern like Bill Cosby. I’ve heard from women who said “everyone” in Vegas knew what he was up to. So stuff if.

    • STEPHEN T says:

      I am not at all defending Cosby. Seems to be a womanizer of the 10th order. The question is whether YOU are defending bare allegations most of which, on their face are NOT rape. Are you saying an unwanted single kiss is rape? Do you agree Cosby did what you would want any guy to do with Bowman…when she said NO he told her to leave and she did (no sexual contact at all). Do you question a woman alleging rape who keeps in contact over years and has a later consensual sex contact. You take a drunk girl date home, put her on the sofa. You take a shower, walk out in a robe and she awakens. DO you really assert she can yell rape and the fact she opened her eyes, sees a man in a bathrobe is proof of date rape? I don’t see how you or anyone call a single unwanted kiss rape? How does being unconscious prove rape? (no med exams, no photos of bruising, no contemporaneous reports to friends etc,)

      And yes, of course he wanted to sleep with all these women and did I assume sleep with hundreds of others.. which all begs the question …. whey anyone alleges rape they must at the very least offer some bit of proof it actually happened. And how about ‘consent.’ Too many commenting ignore the fact that many of those making allegations admit some form of their consent i.e. they did not say NO, did not say STOP. So far the worst I’ve heard are allegations Cosby committed misdemeanor assault i.e. unwanted kiss which has never ever been prosecuted in LA. Same with touching arms i.e. pinning Bowman to the bed till she said no and left. On and on. Oh, I woke up and ‘I think’ he did not have his pants on…. there we go again.

    • Vegemite says:

      Doesn’t take much to convince you, does it? In knee-jerk-offended America, all you have to do to be believed is point the finger first. To hell with trial by jury, innocent until proven guilty; forget the bygone days of habeus corpus and witness credibility. Critical thinking? Gtfo!

      Bill Cosby said something counteractive to the black victimhood agenda, and they knew exactly what they were doing when they found the patsies they wanted to smear him. All of these women, all at once? All at the same time Cosby was coming back to television, amidst voices contrary to his observations of black society? The timing is too perfect, the stories too well-rehearsed, for this to be anything other than a Marxist media blitz used to SILENCE Cosby and keep blacks ignorant of the true peril they’re in.

      • Brochacho says:

        You question the credibility of the people making accusations by pointing the finger at some nebulous conspiracy yet you can’t name a single name you just have a vague feeling that this might be happening so clearly it’s the truth. You gtfo with your incredibly moronic lack of reasoning.

  31. Bianca says:

    How come 7th Heaven isn’t being pulled when Stephen Collins abused some young girls??? While it’s unfortunate that Bill Cosby is on trial because 30 years or so ago he MAY have done some inappropriate things, do we have DNA tests to prove these allegations that are being paraded in front of our eyes or are people EXPECTING the sheep to just follow the script of public opinion? I think that LARGELY Bill may have pissed off some people that are now making him an example when they themselves may have done the horrendous things OR WORSE of what he’s being accused of.

    The Cosby Show sent a good message and SHOULD remain.


  32. nettynette says:

    How come no one talks about Lachele Covington who was the first one to accuse Bill Cosby in 2000 of sexual abuse. She filed a police report and nothing was done about it. Andrea Constand also filed a police report and nothing was done, until she filed a civil lawsuit against him. How come the police never acknowledge police reports by Covington and Constand. Bill Cosby lawyers complains that no one filed police reports but never says anything about these 2 police reports. If the police would have taken Covington police report seriously, back in 2000, then Bill Cosby would have been stopped.

    • STEPHEN T says:

      Amazing how ‘the rest of the story’ makes knee jerk comments fall apart. I googled Constand and easily found the answer: Per the police who you say ‘did nothing’ they say: The lady who was allegedly attacked waited a year before she reported it. As a result of that delay, any possible corroborating physical evidence was unavailable to us. We couldn’t test for hairs, fibers, DNA and drugs in her system that might match those at Mr Cosby’s house. We didn’t have any corroborative evidence.

      Same with Covington: She claims Cosby pushed her hand toward his you know what. No actual sexual contact at all. She pulled her hand away and that, the police say, is why they could not prosecute. They say until she objected by pulling her hand away it was consensual. So again, no actual sex, all had clothes on, no physical touching.

      Now if all I’ve read is untrue then at least tell us where you found the truth, citations etc. so we can decide for ourselves. As of now it seems you ignored all that I easily found and which is contrary to all you complain of.

  33. Grace Gardner Myers says:

    Just saaaaaaddd!!! one only wan’a scream .
    Why the first woman did not report to the police
    who knows maybe ten other woman could have been saved. OMG just unbelievable.

  34. Will Ficek says:

    The court of public opinion will make up it’s own mind about Mr. Cosby.

  35. Jeanne Raby says:

    there gold diggers after money Love u Bill..

    • Pamela Like says:

      7 women publicly telling their stories without any chance of financial gain or legal/criminal avenues. Statute of limitations prevent that & they know it. Finally coming forward to back up each other even tho they are all strangers. Same criminal M.O. over 4 decades. 13 other women who haven’t yet come forward, but ready to testify several years ago until a lawsuit was settled. I loved you, too, Bill, but this is way too much. Speak up for yourself & your family. Silence suggests guilt.

  36. Goswami Dilipgiri says:

    Job od clerk

    • Lucinda Blackletter says:

      Are you really that naive to think that these women are not getting paid to do these exclusive interviews? Do you think that Rolling Stone just interviewed all of the for free?

  37. Dolly says:

    Sorry–typing from a phone.

  38. Dolly says:

    I am in no way diminishing the importance of the allegations–just speculating on whether its importsnce warrants the ridiculous media saturation, to the exclusion of, say the Keystone pipeline story, which has a dar greater impact on all of ys. Of ciurse, that’s exactly how Koch, Murdoch and friends want it.

    • Mari says:

      I wouldn’t be putting this comment in Variety magazine. It is an entertainment industry platform and this type of news falls into their category. Also, this addresses another issue beyond Bill Cosby–why did it take so long for these women to be heard and why are we okay with it?

  39. spinner99 says:

    The only way to save Cosby’s career and legacy would be for him speak out or he sues rape victims in court for defamation. Which I don’t think he will do because of the shame facing his rape victims in court.

    In court he could start by looking at everyone in eyes and saying he did not rape these women. If he is truly innocent that should be very easy for him to do.

    Also his rich smart lawyers could have rape victim testify under oath and poke holes in their stories. If it is shown they are lying and there is this huge conspiracy by all these women to bring down a 77 year old father figure celebrity – that would certainly sway public opinion in favor of Cosby and save Cosby’s career and legacy. Right now by being silent – everything he has is in freefall including his reputation.

    It cannot get any worst by going to court because his silence is tacit admission of guilt and everyone is unplugging him. But if he is truly innocent then he can show his innocence and save his career and legacy.

    It is funny – the cosby fanboys say cosby is innocent until proven guilty in court – but for some odd reason when it is suggested cosby sue for defamation in court where it can be clearly shown if he is innoncent or guilty – the cosby fanboys make up excuses not to go to court like he has no time to go to court or BS like it would be too much money even though he has $350 million. Or real lazy one that going to court would not change anything. A whole lot of BS defending a serial rapist IMHO. It makes me see why rape victims are afraid to come out.

  40. TheBigBangOf20thCenturyPopCulture says:

    Looks like Werner’s beloved TV show star was about as moral and his champ Bosox were juice free.

  41. spinner99 says:

    He is suppose to be man of conviction – a man of morals who admonished the blacks to behave. Now when he is accused of heinous crime violating women – he says nothing. Even after losing MILLIONS in lucrative TV shows and LOSING his reputation which is worth everything in Hollywood.
    But he is silent and acts like he has something to hide. Because he knows it is all true but he cannot understand why people just forget about it like before. The only thing he egrets now is that he got caught in court of public opinion now. He is not the man in power anymore.

    For someone who made his career from talking and being really wise about it – it is strange he just shook his head and was just silent in NPR interview and looked very flustered at Associated Press interview like he had much to hide. He could have easily just denied it and move on.

    He is 77 years old with 350 million dollars. If it was not true you would think he would spend some money to sue some of these women for defamation because it is reputation and business empire at risk. This is prime example of defamation lawsuit – what is worse than being accused of rape? He lost many millions from losing NBC and Netflix shows and TV reruns. Surely suing in court would have cost tiny fraction of that. Celebrities have sued tabloids for less. But strange silence.

    Also when you are that old with that much money I would think you would do everything in your power to save your reputation because that is part of your legacy. Does he want to be known to friends and families and fans as serial rapist if it was not true? These are people that look up to him idolize him as America’s dad and suspiciously he stays silent and let them believe these serious accusations.

    As comedian having reputation and approval by your fans is most valuable thing in world. And to be silent about rape allegations which is clearly killing his career is not what innocent person would do.

    The point is he may never be given a TV or business project ever again because of this. But Cosby stays silent and does not sue these women and prove they are liars. He is rich and powerful and maybe Cosby is also a coward who does not want to face and look in their eyes these women he raped in court. He is doing what guilty rich person does and hide behind his lawyers hoping people will forget.

  42. Julie says:

    Did anyone see the AP interview of Cosby and his wife? The reporter, clearly intimidated by Cosby, apologizes for asking about the allegations, as does an off camera producer. If these men were intimidated by Cosby in 2014, imagine the fear, not to mention the shame and stigma, those women must have felt all those decades ago.

    We need to stop putting TV clowns on a pedestal. It’s ridiculous.

    • Skip Press says:

      Excellent pont, Julie! I’ve been stunned by the loony birds coming up with all sorts of “reasons” why Cosby couldn’t have done it, like it’s some giant conspiracy against him. Obviously, they don’t know what can go on with powerful Hollywood celebrities and their paid liars and fixers. Hasn’t anyone seen “Ray Donovan”? Do they think things like that don’t go on?

      • Smooth says:

        You don’t know what goes on with powerful celebrities either, take your meds.

      • Lucinda Blackletter says:

        SKIP PRESS: You do realize many of these women accepted money from him for years and 2 of his accusers who were named as witnesses in the civil suit maintained sexual relationships with him AFTER they accused him of rape.

  43. Tahe allegations at first seemed credible and as a woman I began to seethe! As I continued to read the deliberate fabrication and lies of these allegations became quite apparent. They told no one about the rapes all because he was ” Bill Cosby”? And people buy into this deliberate and carefully manipulated fabrication? This, like the lies against Michael Jackson is a deliberate intention to smear and tarnish a good man because he has offended someone, somewhere, or a group of powerful someone’s. I know it is a lie and the man is clearly dumb founded. It is so trite. The little pulls. The robe. It is insane. How come the women were all white and he was so clever as to make sure there were never any witnesses and that he knew with a certainty that they would all be ” too ashamed” to turn him in? God has a way of punishing Liars and those out to destroy someone’s life for no reason except hatred and resentment, envy and jealousy at the success of one esteemed of an inferior Race by his Accusers. His beautiful wife would not have stood by him were he guilty. These women have been coached and primed. These allegations smack of fantasies, especially at this time of his life.

    • Judi says:

      Oh please! Are you his friend? “God has a way of……..” Yes, maybe this is his way. Shame the person publicly for the sins, as victims were unable to prosecute in a timely manner.(due to not being believed, couldn’t stop the money train, which says many were complicit in covering up.) The darkness will come to light.

  44. Suze says:

    Rape is always “beyond comprehension”.

    • Callie says:

      Ruth…..you are blind in every way possible….you must have something to gain by supporting him. I believe the fantasy belongs to you. Did you listen to the Lou Ferigno’s wife speak of her encounter with him…she has nothing to gain….nothing! I think it’s wonderful he face the truth before he dies. Absolutely wonderful!

    • H.M. says:

      “His beautiful wife would not have stood by him were he guilty”…You mean like Dottie Sandusky, who still denies the charges against Jerry that even an assistant actually saw him do. Ruth you need less ‘patience’ and more grey matter. Unless Ruth above IS Dottie Sandusky!

  45. jim calocci says:

    any body with any brains and conscience knows you do not get multiple stories about the same
    SO IT BECOMES T-H-E-I-R -S , NOT THE SAME AS THE OTHERS , IT’S CALLED LIFE , which means it is highly likely that the MULTIPLE almost exactly ALIKE STORIES ARE L-I-E-S , MEANT TO
    GET SOMEONE , as in a “comedian” nobody has ever heard of before wanting attention for “GETTING”

  46. Cee-man says:

    “‘These recent news reports are beyond our knowledge or comprehension,’ Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner said in a statement Thursday.”

    A meaningless statement (“…beyond…our comprehension…”) most likely engineered by the incompetent PR team Cosby has working for him.

    Basically Carsey and Warner are saying: “We have nothing to add.” So they really haven’t “weighed in” on the subject in any substantive way at all.

  47. GNI Staff says:

    Reblogged this on Global News Insider.

  48. Dunstan says:

    Vicki, it’s a bit shortsighted to compare the current atmosphere to the era when these alleged rapes occurred. Making blanket statements about reporting rape when it happened is insensitive and at worst, naive.

    When someone in an extraordinary position of power takes advantage of young women in their late teens and twenties, it’s easy for those women to be intimidated. Or if they made an attempt to come forward, to be ignored or dismissed. Look at the recent history of NFL players. Those kinds of events have gone on for years yet it’s only recently that society in general has responded in ways they never did before.

    These women are not out for money or even justice per se as the statute of limitations has expired for every one of them. What they’re doing is speaking out and that can be empowering in and of itself.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them. Cosby is not exactly the picture of marital happiness and probably never has been. I know someone who worked on the original Cosby show pilot. She described Cosby as a major bastard off camera. Fortunately, she never experienced anything else.

    • Lucinda Blackletter says:

      They are not out for money? The one woman sued him for $150,000 when her criminal case was dismissed. Do you not think they arent being paid to do interviews?

  49. You report rape at the time it happened. You don’t jump on a ‘rape bandwagon’ decades later. It smacks of publicity seeking and self service.

    • sunflowerpower says:

      I am a rape survivor and I agree with this. There is no way you can wait decades to report a rape like these women are alleging, and even be in the room with your rapist without vomiting, shaking or your skin crawling. No witnesses. Decade-old allegations. Frankly, I think Cosby is being targeted for silencing because his messages to African-Americans to return to better days and conduct challenges a certain depiction of them that certain ones in power would much rather see continued. In the old days, this was called a witch-hunt. Beside: anyone who really knows Cosby knows the women would be Latina if he wanted them. Bill gets crushes on Latin women – not white: he’s not attracted to white women generally, and I could name names.

      I hope Bill retains Marty Singer then sits back and earns 20 percent watching these coached, horrible gold-diggers get what’s coming to them on the litigation floor.

    • Callie says:

      Yes you do jump on the bandwagon….Why should he get to die peacefully if these accusations are true! BS…..I would absolutely come forward now…no longer scared….no longer young and stupid….Make him face the accusations…..oh..he did……he remained silent as to not infuriate the hundreds of women that might follow! As a beautiful woman that has had crap like this happen I completely understand the silence……you must’ve been homely or very well protected……try and think outside the box.

    • Konrad says:

      It would not be surprising that many of the women who had tried to come forward earlier had been discouraged aka intimidated to do so by the Las Vegas pimps who are very serious about keeping their high roller/high profile customers happy.

    • Dummy Patrol says:

      OR, perhaps it speaks to the way our culture trashes women, especially those who’ve been violated beyond your tiny mind’s comprehension.

      You aren’t a special snowflake. Rape could happen to you.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      There is Nothing in this for these women. NOTHING!

    • Mike says:

      A lot of these women came forward years ago and no one believed them. Do your homework before making such a ridiculous comment.

      • Lucinda Blackletter says:

        There is a big difference between “no one believed them” and THE POLICE FINDING NO EVIDENCE THAT THEIR STORIES WERE TRUE.

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